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Music Maestro Please

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 233 - October 2016

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and declared: “One small step for man, one giant leap for humankind.” The first human footprint imprinted on the moon and will forever be a monument to the ingenuity of the human race. That one small step by Mr Armstrong is an exceptional feat of humanity's ingenuity. However, there is one small step backwards that very few human beings will ever experience in their life on earth and it is far more meaningful than walking on the Moon. What is it? Well, let me explain.

Some children become the centre of attraction as soon as they walk into a room, while other children hide behind books or just sit as quietly as a mouse, so nobody will ask them to perform any childlike magic. As children grow into adulthood, it is not always the pushy kids who make a success out of life. I guess success is the hardest commodity for anyone to define per se. It all depends on a person’s standards, goals and inner feeling of prosperity. Certainly, money alone is no criteria for success. Neither is fame, for history has taught how the mighty have fallen.


Levy 233 Music Maestro


When a human being matures into adulthood, they have a self-image which projects throughout their lives. The intellectual image that is set in the mind from childhood becomes the ‘real person'; although it contains many role-plays, the identity image is fixed like a girder in cement. The human mind mistakenly interprets the world it sees by the reference points it has built-up over many years.

The ego/intellect becomes so real that any attempt to dislodge its hold on the mind is met with a fierce conscious defiance. A personal ego/intellect will never willingly give up its ground that has been cemented in place by all the reality that has been absorbed throughout its sight, hearing, touch, taste and feel in a three-dimensional world. This is all it knows...This is all it believes to be correct, moral and principled or vice-versa. A small amount of the input is authentic, but a large percentage is bogus information.

The informed and educated adult intellect/ego feels it has a sound basis for projecting its own input into the human mishmash of opinions, beliefs, notions, perceptions, concepts, thoughts and knowledge. Often this is backed-up by scholastic degrees and awards. How sound are all these beliefs and convictions?

Well, the results of a person’s life will speak for itself. It is not the opinion of others who will determine whether a life on earth was worthwhile and authentic. Rather, it is only the person themselves that can give an honest appraisal as to the richness, fruitfulness, prosperity, comfort, joy and tranquillity of their life.

The question to ask oneself is: Have I truly been the maestro of the orchestrations in my life or have I let other people conduct all my compositions without any of my own legitimate personal input. Indeed, what does it mean being the maestro of one's own life?

To find the answer to that question a person needs to be able to take one small step backwards in time and space, so that they view their own life as an observer, rather than the participant. To be able to get a constructive view of one’s own life the person needs to determine accuracies as an alternative to misrepresentations; that is impossible if we believe we already know the answer by the sole view of our own intellect/ego.

Do you feel a little mystified? Of course, you do and it is a normal reaction when something does not fit into your perspectives ... because, who is it in your mind that is interpreting this essay you are reading? Why lo and behold, it is your very own intellect/ego and it may strongly disapprove of what it is reading. After all, how can it possible admit to being a false participant in your life when everything seems so steadfast and credible from its point of view. This is where the alchemist in you may begin to stir from the slumber.

So, are you the innocent victim of a case of mistaken identity built by your ego/intellect or do you have the potential to become the majestic maestro of your life concert?

Being the conductor of a social orchestra means encompassing the super-vision of every player you meet and greet. With baton in hand, the maestro will generate music that warms the heart and soothes the soul. Of course, conducting great music is to no avail if there is no audience in the theatre to soak up the symphonic ambiance.

There is:

  • A time for sitting in the audience;
  • A time for playing in the orchestra;
  • A time for composing music;
  • A time for becoming the maestro.

Sitting in the arena of life fashions every human being as the audience; no matter how great their position in society, most of the time, they are listening to other people perform their roles. At some point most people will be given a chance to play their instrument, i.e., Get up out of their seat and ‘make their presence felt' through their career, family or other society roles. For instance, even the humblest of shop assistants have the chance to perform to many customers each and every day. That is their audience; they can charm them into enjoying their purchase or bore them into leaving empty handed.

As life progresses and they become more experienced, there will be an opportunity for them to take the baton and become the maestro. It is their turn to take charge and make their purpose in life ring with the harmonious bells of true prosperity...The more they please their audience the better the acclamations and kudos. Monetary wealth accumulates with little or no effort, because that was not the sole purpose of the works... Enjoyment of the job-in-hand and helping other people to enjoy the experience was their primary motivation.

By taking the one small step backwards, you will make a gigantic leap towards the most incredible life on earth you could ever imagine - a life that embraces all things bright and beautiful no matter how much darkness and ugliness they contain.

  • Seeing the good in the people that normally irritate and vex;
  • Extracting positive energy when doing tasks and chores that would normally transfer negative fatigue;
  • Enjoying the disappointments and expectations that did not materialize as anticipated;
  • Loving exploring the unknown challenges that seem so far out of reach at this moment in time;
  • Holding out the mental arms of compassion and grace so that the burdens of depression and worry can be lifted from other people’s lives.

The baton of time is swinging over your head. It is held in place for you by the master maestro of the universe. Before you can accept the baton you need to take that one small step backwards and become directly in-tune with universal intelligence. By serving your authentic purpose of life, you become the instrument of the genius of the soul. Now, the intellect/ego has a true foundation to soak up all the learning and education is has absorbed over the years and put it to good use for the betterment of humanity.

The transformation may not be that apparent to most people, but you will know the difference you feel and the bliss you experience every moment of every day. You may not obtain fame and fortune, but you recognize you hold the wise treasures of the universe in the center of your heart. You possess the wisdom gems of the cosmos in the center of your gut...And you know beyond doubt, you carry the infinite-sacred-divine in the center of your mind...
Music maestro please!


  1. Karen said..

    An inspiring article to help you take a different perspective on your life.

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