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Live an Interesting Life? A Blessing or a Curse?

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 189 - December 2011

Let me begin by asking you a question; "What ingredient is in every movie you have ever seen?" Think about the question for a few moments. Have you ever watched a movie that did not have some sort of conflict in it? If you talk to any film scriptwriter, they will tell you conflict is a necessary ingredient in every movie. If this is the case, what makes it so imperative to include a controversy of some sort? I guess the answer must be that the viewing public demands it. If there is no conflict then the movie will seem flat and boring.

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An old curse originated in ancient China. It is "Have an Interesting Life". You may think that is a strange curse, for don't we all want to find life interesting. Why of course, we think we do. We are trained to seek out interesting books, learn about interesting subjects and we continually seek something interesting to fill our attention span. Many interesting event can be a blessing when the outcome is blissful and peacefully harmonious. However, another word for interesting is intriguing, seeking out mysteries, finding out why things happen. If we just sit quietly for too long we will say, "Life is boring". Some people cannot sit still for thirty seconds without causing some type of rumpus or fidgeting action. Many times, intrigue conveys deceptions and lies and that is when the curses start to formulate themselves into an interesting life...Hence the Chinese curse.
To get a better perspective, let us examine human beings behaviour from an outsider's vantage point. Imagine you are not human. You are an invisible alien reporter from a distant planet.  You are sent to earth to observe human behaviour from their first origins. You are a centred being that never understood what a conflict was until you came to earth.  You are now observing how human conflicts begin. You start to analyze your findings and send the following report back to your home planet... Human beings believe they are the dominant force on planet earth. However, many of them are disconnected from the source of intelligence that is essential to preserve any life form over a long time span. As we know, all life forms materialize into shapes and models ... after a period, they return to the true essence of intelligent, invisible energy. Nature on earth bases itself on the survival of the fittest. The system is formulated so that it builds species that can adapt to climate changes. In addition, many predators feed off different species so that they can flourish and multiply. Basic animals do not possess an intellect, therefore they cannot reason and do not question their roles on earth. Even the weakest species enjoys its existence until a stronger predator may eat it.
We understand that life for all universal nature is one of construction followed by destruction. The existence in the middle is meant to be a time of celebration and enjoyment, with no thought of worry, anxiety, hatred or any form of negative emotion. That factor is known by all species except one ... The unaware chaotic human being. The human species is led to believe they need to live an interesting life. Naturally tranquil, serene nature is not quite enough! Hum ... "Have an interesting Life". It is my conclusion that humanity is cursed with an intellect that firstly separates itself from the rest of all other existence in the universe and secondly separates itself into different social groups that live with dogmatic, self-serving views of life. No don't laugh, it is really very sad and what a waste of universal intelligence. It is a real conflict of interest with the rest of nature. How will it all end? Well, I will be sticking around to find out and reporting to you. I have sent this survey to a few humans for their opinion.

  • What do you think, are you in a joyful state of mind 24 hours a day?
  • Has humanity lost its authentic original direction?
  • If so, what are your suggestions to make a human being more centred and balanced?
  • Does the media help or embarrass human nature?
  • Can your belief system help to unite all people as one, or is it dogmatically dictating ... your way is the only way?
  • Can science help to unite humanity by endorsing authentic meaning that may not only have intellectual mathematical connotation but also embraces sound intelligence?

Is it possible that one day we will be able to go to the cinema to view a movie with no conflicts, but then again, who will be around to view it? On the dark side, maybe only aliens on research projects or looking on the bright side, perhaps a race of spiritual human beings reconnected to nature and the source of all intelligence. What say you? Perhaps after you read this you may become one of the candles that can light up the world?


  1. Shashi said..

    What a great article! Am trying to 'live' consciously ie thought wise and behaviour wise and sadly failing on a daily basis, to an extent. Am definitely growing as a person, millimetre by millimetre!

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