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Enlightenment? - Not Just Now Thank You!

by Mike Webster (Deceased)(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 161 - August 2009

We are told by the 'great ones', the Roshis, the Lamas, masters of many routes to Enlightenment that we are already 'Enlightened' but most of us don't know it. That it is merely a case of being totally 'present' and fully aware, fully 'awake' to make this change in perception. This opportunity, we are told we can take at any moment in time, even right now!

Why is it, that with so much of the world seeking union with God, Enlightenment etc. that so few gain that intuitive understanding and profound realization, that in Buddhist terms is known as Enlightenment?

Paradoxically, when the greater majority of those who have conscientiously sought enlightenment for most of their lives die without having this profound realization, many leaps in awareness and changes in perception of life unexpectedly arise during times of trauma and mental chaos.

Mike contemplating
Mike contemplating

From my own experience, I believe that we are all presented with a number of opportunities in life to make this realization, and are not aware enough to recognize them as such.

Michael, a friend and colleague, told me recently about his experience with a Buddhist Roshi who was advising a group that they could be 'enlightened' within a year, a month, a week, an hour or right now, if that was what they really wanted. Michael said that there was silence, and a lot of 'shuffling of feet'. So what was the problem; where were the willing volunteers?

Michael's story reminded me of my own experiences.

At least twice in my life I have known without doubt what life was about, and lost it all in a flash as my analytical mind kicked in.

More recently however, sitting quietly in my garden, on two different occasions, I experienced the door of realization opening, and I had only had to take a step forward to experience and understand what I had searched for all of my life.

I pulled back, and the 'door' closed again.

Why did I pull back; in front of me was what I had wanted in life for as long as I could remember?   

The answer was – fear! Fear of what?

After some searching, my subconscious provided the answers.
  • Fear of the unknown;
  • Fear of changing what I was happy and content with;
  • Fear of how I may change;
  • Fear of what the change may do to my relationship with my wife Stella;
  • Fear of losing what I already had and was happy with;
  • Fear of change itself; what it may bring with it; how it may affect those I love, and who love me.
Once the step had been taken there would be no going back. If I didn't like the responsibility that came with enlightenment, I would be stuck with it.

It seemed to me that I had reached the end of my lifelong search for understanding, and the Universe had said, 'Here is what you keep asking for, are you ready for it?'

I realized that my answer was, No!

All was not lost however; I gained a great deal in realizing that I am happy and content with what 'is'. I already have a priceless gift, and I have further insight into the answer to the question, "Why is it that, with so much of the world seeking union with God, Enlightenment etc. that so few achieve that intuitive profound understanding?"

My feeling is that there are two main requisites for Enlightenment: Awareness and Readiness.

What Inhibits Awareness?
  • Searching for enlightenment, as if it is hidden somewhere;
  • Analysing information- how, why?;
  • Holding onto 'tools', like ceremony and dogma which have become the focus of attention, instead of being just stepping stones to direct personal realization;
  • The belief that enlightenment can only be found in the future, not in the present;
  • Mind chattering – being elsewhere, not being fully PRESENT;
  • Following someone else's path, and not your own.
What Inhibits Readiness?
  • Fear of loss of what one is, and what one has;
  • Fear of unknown;
  • Fear of change;
  • Realization that one is happy and content where one is, and with what one has.
'Poverty' is one of the vows taken by many living in monastic communities; however to be open and fully aware, 'poverty' has to be a state of mind, as well as a material condition, which is only the outward sign of poverty.

The terms, 'surrendering' and 'letting go' become more relevant when they are seen as unconditional requirements to enter a new chosen state of perception.

On a subconscious level there is a full appraisal of the consequences of enlightenment, and the consequences may not be apparent to the conscious mind.

When there is trauma or mental chaos there is nothing for the mind to hold on to. When you perceive that you have nothing, have lost everything; there is nothing to lose, nothing to hold on to, a space is cleared, and the way to a new perception of life is open to you.

In physical life, many have drawn back from taking the step they have claimed to have wanted so badly, when faced with what changes may take place as a result of taking that step: the new job in a different town, promotion with a higher wage and greater responsibility. There is the fear of losing what you already have and are happy with, in exchange for an unknown quantity, and you would be taking a step from which there is no turning back.

Once you know, YOU KNOW.  Thought provoking indeed!

There is, however, the satisfaction that you had that opportunity to accept the 'Holy Grail' and chose not to take it.

In one sense this is also a realization of accepting contentment with the present – it is also an opportunity to realize that you alone, for whatever reason, decided not to take that step.

Here is the gift of knowing what is important to you in life at this moment in time, but life is always changing. Next time you recognize that the Universe is showing you the door of realization (and you have to be fully 'present' to recognize this), you may be willing to step through, and make that journey to a new perception of life from which there is no return.

One asks the Universe for many things, and whether you recognize it or not, the Universe provides. Whether you choose to accept what it offers, what you have asked for, is for you alone to decide. The realization that you have choice, is, however of the greatest value and opens the doors to contentment. Receive this with gratitude, because this realization is also a step along the path to enlightenment.


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In the early 1980s whilst farming on a small island in the Orkneys, Mike became apprenticed to a unique spiritual training group. The training he received completely changed the course of his life. Nine years after his return to Scotland Mike had a profound realization which became known as Waveform which he now teaches. Mike was a columnist for a Complementary Health Magazine and published articles on Shiatsu, health, energy, and the path of spirituality in a number of periodicals.

He was the author of A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe available from or directly Mike and his wife Stella lived beside Loch Lomond in Scotland and provided Waveform and Remote Viewing workshops which held annually in the UK . They can be contacted via

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