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An Holistic Nutritional Programme for Hepatitis

by Dr Sandra Cabot(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 38 - March 1999

What causes Hepatitis?

It can be caused by excessive alcohol, toxic chemicals, some drugs, auto-immune diseases, some gall bladder diseases and viral infections. Viruses, which attack liver cells, are known as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

Hepatitis C

Infection with this virus is common and at least 4 million Americans have contracted hepatitis C. This gives a prevalence of around 1.6% of the population, which means that approximately one in every 63 people carry the hepatitis C virus.

Do you need a test for Hepatitis C?

If you received a blood transfusion or blood products before routine screening of donor blood was introduced (before February 1990), or if you have ever shared equipment (needles, spoons, swabs, torniquets, etc.) for injecting any drugs, it is important that you ask your doctor for a blood test for hepatitis C. If you have been tattooed, had body piercing or needle-stick injuries you should also consider being tested for hepatitis C.

Sandra Cabot - Hepatitus

How can you catch the Hepatitis C virus?

The virus is nearly always transmitted via blood to blood contact.

This occurs through the sharing of equipment to inject drugs, needle-stick injuries to nurses, dentists and doctors, and unsafe techniques of body piercing and tattooing.

It is possible that the virus may be transmitted to a baby from an infected mother, although this occurs in only around 6% of such cases. Infection of the baby through breast-feeding from an infected mother is very uncommon, however, great care should be taken to avoid nipple trauma.

Razor blades and tooth-brushes can become contaminated with blood, so it is important not to share these things. Always wear gloves when wiping up blood spills, using paper towels and good quality bleach.

Nowadays the risk of catching hepatitis C from a blood transfusion is extremely low, because blood banks now screen all donated blood.

Sexual transmission of the virus is very unlikely, although it is important to practise safe sexual techniques to avoid blood to blood contact.

Initial effects of infection with Hepatitis C virus

People are generally completely unaware that they have contracted this virus because it does not produce any symptoms in the early or acute stages of the infection. During the first 3 to 6 months after infection the virus replicates itself rapidly and the immune system tries to fight it by producing antibodies against it. Unfortunately in 80 to 85 percent of infected people, the virus is not eliminated and becomes a long-term inhabitant of the body. In other words the infection becomes chronic. In a significant percentage of people with chronic infection there are no signs or symptoms of disease and many are unaware that they are carrying an infection that can be transmitted to others through contact with their blood.

Long term effects of the Hepatitis C virus

The amount of long term liver damage caused by the hepatitis C virus varies from person to person, and those with a strong immune system and a healthy diet and lifestyle will have a much better outcome.

In those who become infected with this virus we find the following approximate outcomes:

* 15 to 20 percent of people will eliminate the virus from their bodies within 3-6 months (much like we overcome the flu virus).
* 60 percent of people will develop a long term (chronic) infection that may not cause any problems or may go on to varying degrees of liver damage.
* 20 to 25 percent of people will suffer serious liver damage, although this takes around 20 years to develop. In this group, 10 to 15 percent will remain stable and be able to survive with their disease, while 10 percent will go on to develop liver failure and/or liver cancer. Chronic infection may also cause severe loss of liver cells and extensive scarring of the liver which is called cirrhosis.

How to prevent viruses such as Hepatitis C and B from damaging your liver

Although it is impossible to eradicate these viruses from the body it is possible to prevent these viruses from damaging the liver by using nutritional medicine. This approach is very successful and can keep these viruses in a dormant or harmless state so that they do not damage liver cells.

To achieve this we must help the immune system by doing the following:

Follow the Liver Cleansing Diet as found in my book called The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot, M.D. which gives a complete and easy to follow program to use every day to repair and rejuvenate the liver.

It is vital to eat foods rich in natural sulphur containing compounds such as onions, garlic, free range eggs and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage).

Drink raw fresh vegetable and fruit juices made daily with a juice extracting machine.

Increase consumption of essential fatty acids found in foods such as freshly ground flaxseed, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, cold pressed vegetable and seed oils and oily fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna. Essential fatty acids will repair the membranes surrounding the liver cells and reduce inflammation. Capsules of evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil and blackcurrant seed oil can also be taken daily.

Livatone liver tonic is vital to support the detoxification pathways in the liver thereby helping the liver to break down toxic chemicals which would otherwise get past the liver and find their way deeper into the body. It helps to repair liver damage and renew the growth of new and healthy liver cells. It repairs the filter inside the liver, which removes micro-organisms, dead cells and toxins from the blood stream, thus keeping your blood stream clean and free of dangerous toxins and micro-organisms. This is a powerful multi-action synergistic natural liver formula developed by doctors, herbalists, biochemists and naturopaths and is the leading liver tonic all over the world today. A natural dietary supplement free of chemicals and drugs, it is very safe to take on a long-term basis and does not interact with medications or drugs. It contains the most important liver herbs Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Globe Artichoke combined with the amino acid Taurine and natural sources of chlorophyll, carotenoids, lecithin and fiber.

Selenomune Energy powder is a natural dietary supplement that can help all those with a viral infection of the liver, liver inflammation or a weakened immune system. Selenomune is also helpful for those with auto-immune diseases. The ingredients will support the immune system and reduce the ability of the liver viruses to replicate themselves. This is vitally important because the amount of liver damage caused by the hepatitis viruses is directly related to the ability of the viruses to multiply inside the liver cells.

It has been categorically proven that patients who are deficient in trace minerals such as selenium and zinc will have more severe viral infections resulting in more severe tissue damage. See references. Selenium has been called the "viral birth control pill" as it reduces viral replication and load. Selenomune is an excellent and highly bio-available form of selenium combined with its synergistic cofactors such as zinc, boron, molybdenum, manganese, anti-oxidants and amino acids. It is vital for all those with viral infections of the liver, chronic systemic viral infections, a weakened immune system and inflammatory diseases.

Vitamin C should also be taken in a dose of 1000 mg twice daily to reduce viral replication and inflammation. Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for the liver and reduces liver damage inflicted by viruses and toxic chemicals. Good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, strawberries and red and green capsicums. Organically grown produce is best to reduce exposure of the liver to pesticides and petro-chemicals.

Olive Leaf Extract should also be taken in a dose of 1000mg twice daily to reduce viral replication. Extensive research has shown that olive leaf extract can reduce replication of all viruses and indeed is an effective natural anti-biotic.

In summary

Excellent results have been achieved by using the above holistic nutritional program in many patients with chronic viral infections of the liver. This program can also reduce damage caused by any long-term systemic viral infection, including the AIDS virus. The most important strategy is to begin such a program as early as possible and to stay on it long-term. We have been able to restore normal liver function in over 60% of chronic viral hepatitis sufferers and at the very least a significant improvement in liver function and well-being will always be achieved, provided you do not wait until end-stage liver disease has set in.


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Further Information

Livatone and Selenomune are available from The Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent, London WIN 3HE. For information call 0171-436 5122.


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