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Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy for Migraine Sufferers - Case Study

by Pippa-Jane Thomas(more info)

listed in neuroskeletal, originally published in issue 179 - February 2011

Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy (NSRT) is a non-manipulative technique designed to treat the body very gently through the central nervous system in order for it to achieve re-alignment and balance. Only the middle fingers are lightly placed on specific points mapped out on the body so it cannot make anyone worse nor cause any further damage. It is a pain-free and relaxing therapy suitable for a wide range of acute and chronic muscular-skeletal or neurological conditions. This therapy has been used in the UK since 1997 when Carole Preen Founder BNSRTA FAAPA  FANM Hon MIFA AC brought it back from Australia and developed it further, linking it with meridian therapy and the effects of the human energy field.


Extensive work has been used on thousands of clients over the years, many of which have already been published in case studies and can be read on the Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy Association website This case study, like all the others published so far, is anecdotal, but once again demonstrates the effectiveness of this amazing therapy. The therapist and author of this case was originally taught by Carole Preen.

Presenting Problems

This female client presented with chronic headaches and migraines which she had suffered for about thirty years. These were exacerbated by a car whiplash injury in 2007 on the left side, and unfortunately another one the following year on the right side. She suffered headaches on a regular basis, almost permanently in pain. The client also showed that her neck had poor overall mobility and was constantly very stiff and sore, with shortening of the Sternocleidomastoid, Scalenes and the Trapezius muscles on the left side.

As a result she held a lot of tension in her shoulders, which in turn lead to stress and muscle spasm in her back, causing backache. This affected the Trapezius, the Levator Scapulae, the Rhomboid Minor and Major going on into the Supraspinatus, the Infraspinatus and the Teres Major. There was also a referred pain leading on down the back into Latissimus Dorsi and the Erector Spinae. She also suffered sciatic symptoms, although this may have been another referred pain pattern, with the Quadratus Lumborum being affected, leading on to pain in the right buttock area radiating down her right leg.

Through NSRT treatments, we hoped to relieve the tension in the neck by re-aligning it and thus reducing the frequency of the headaches. Also for the pelvic region we wanted to help ease the sciatic symptoms and allow for a decent night of sleep. It was agreed that we would book in six treatments following the initial consultation, where a full postural analysis was undertaken as well as a full medical history. The treatment was explained to the client, that it is extremely relaxing and that she might feel sensations in her body whilst it was being carried out. We also always advise after the session that the client goes home and rests and has a hot bath before bed to help the muscles relax and to get a really good night's sleep. Indeed, most clients report sleeping really deeply on the night of their treatments.

Treatment One

She was a bit stressed before the first treatment as she had been rushing around. She did have a bit of headache before I started to treat her, or as she said it felt "fuzzy".

During the first treatment, the client reported feeling sensations of tingling in her left arm radiating into the hand and this continued after the treatment for 24 hours. Also her eyes started to stream after the treatment; that only lasted a few minutes. The client did feel very relaxed both during and after the treatment, which is important as it allows the therapy to take its fullest effect. She also found that the 'fuzzy' feeling she had before the treatment had now gone and her head felt "easier", as she put it. She felt really well for the next few days remaining relaxed. She also had a few body "judders" a few days after treatment in the neck on the left side and in the left shoulder.

Treatment Two

During the follow-up consultation preceding the second treatment, the client reported that she had experienced some more body "judders", again on the left side of her neck and left shoulder. It was explained that any sensation such as this is a good indication that the therapy is having a positive effect. She had slept very well and felt very relaxed after her initial treatment. Her neck didn't feel as stiff and she felt quite comfortable after doing some gardening (which normally she would not be able to do without periodic breaks). She also reported that she had not had as many headaches and the ones she had experienced were not as severe nor as long lasting as previously.

Treatment Three

By the third session, the client stated that her neck was feeling fabulous! This was so exciting after only two treatments, so she knew it was really working for her. She said that it felt free and that she could rotate her neck without any discomfort. More importantly, she had experienced no headaches since the last appointment. Her lumbar back pain had also eased off, she had also noticed that with the treatment and the exercises for the sciatic symptoms that her sciatica had also eased off and she was sleeping very well. Generally she was feeling much more relaxed. Since the last treatment she had just broken her little toe after dropping a box on it, so this was treated with additional joint points that stopped the toe from throbbing. Once the treatment was over she stated that she was already looking forward to the next one!

Treatment Four

Again she felt very deeply relaxed after the treatment and very peaceful. She had still had no further headaches. Her neck still felt free and had good mobility. She stated that she is free from back pain and has better movement in the lumbar region. She reported that the symptoms of sciatica had also abated. She just keeps saying "my neck feels so free!!!"

Treatment Five

Before the fifth NSRT treatment, the client had received a deep tissue massage with the use of trigger point therapy by Pippa-Jane. This is also taught on the NSRT diploma course. At the consultation, the client said she was very, very relaxed and her lower back felt really good, as did her shoulders. Although her neck still felt good, she had had a headache earlier that day, but it had gone by the time of the treatment.

Treatment Six

At the consultation she reported feeling relaxed after the treatment, really calm and her body felt like a dead weight. She felt her right shoulder shifting around, like it rotated in a complete circle. She also said her neck was the best it had been for years and the mobility she has gained was wonderful, both in her neck and shoulders. She is so pleased because her headaches had eased off quite dramatically, and as a result was able to take substantially fewer painkillers.

The client has written a testimonial on her treatment and has agreed to have it published it along with this article. The client to this day is still pain free and, if on the rare occasion she does have a headache, she will only take one pain killer and the headache eases off. She is so happy to have her quality of life back.

Feedback from NSRT Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy

by Dawne Thomas - Migraine Headache, Neck and Back Pain Sufferer
A little doubtful after first treatment, because although I felt very relaxed I did not appear to feel any other benefits. After the 2nd and 3rd treatment I began to notice:
  • Reduced pain neck area;
  • Reduced headaches;
  • Reduced back pain.
Further treatments have resulted in continuous pain relief from my neck, leading to less muscle tension, cricking of the neck muscles and headaches. This in turn has reduced my intake of pain-killers. I also have pain relief from my lower back area, which has reduced the overall feeling of muscle stiffness I get from driving long distances.

Generally I feel 100% better for having this course of treatment and look forward to continued relief. No more severe headaches, neck or back pain. And my neck feels so free!!!!!
Miss Dawne Thomas 2008.

Comment from Therapist: This lady is still for the most part headache and pain free, she had been doing a lot of driving in the bad weather, and she had a five hour flight, so she did have a little lower back pain with some sciatic symptoms. So over Christmas I gave her one treatment and that was all she needed she is pain free again.

She also has said and I quote: Thank you so much for bringing us Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy NSRT. I don't now what I would have done without it.
Thank you.
Miss Dawne Thomas 2010.

Further Information

Pippa-Jane Thomas MBNSRTSA Chair MAAPA. MBCA GRCCT registered also now teaches NSRT in London at Morley College on Westminster Bridge Road. The course runs over eight week-ends and full details can be found on the BNSRTA website as can a list of practitioners and the areas they work from.


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Pippa-Jane Thomas MBNSRTSA Chair MAAPA. MBCA GRCCT registered is a back pain specialist and complementary therapist, specializing in Neuroskeletal re-alignment therapy and specialized massage therapies including remedial massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. She also offers a full range of other treatments. She has a very successful private practice in Northamptonshire, and with nearly 10years experience she has recently become the Chair for the British Neuroskeletal re-alignment therapy association BNSRTA. Pippa-Jane may be contacted on Tel 01604 513112; Mob: 07789 465880;

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