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Choosing to Listen

by Dr Nirvana Tehranian(more info)

listed in meditation, originally published in issue 130 - December 2006

We as humans often desire changes in our lives through prayers, meditations, requests, etc.

We as humans often desire changes in our lives
through prayers, meditations, requests, etc.

How or when do we choose to listen, and to what are we listening?

Listening, to many of us means different things. It can be the foundation of a brewing argument between a couple. Or it can be the way that we choose to hear what we want. The difference between these two thoughts is that of simplicity. For most of us, this means a life without aggravation and turmoil. It presumes a state of peace within and around us. Needless to say, this state of tranquility remains at a distance. How is it that we are surrounded with myriads of opportunities to just be, yet we chase our tails trying to look for what is already in front of our eyes?

In this world the exact opposite is present within everything. If something is hot, then it was cold at one time. If a child cries, it was happy before. Awareness of what is at the present moment denotes an obvious existence of another moment, of its polar opposite. So if we are constantly in a state of discontent, dissatisfaction, remorse or sadness, why is it so hard to turn it around?

The Journey to Change

Change requires awareness. Awareness demands desire, and desire summons a need. With one step, another is needed to reach the goal. Often times some journeys may be more taxing on our minds and bodies than anticipated. Some give up and surrender to the gruelling path of life. However, this is where I strongly recommend a long pause for reflection. For it is in this moment, that change is being born.

Prior to a mother giving birth to her unborn child, she experiences many changes within her own body. The unborn child continues to grow and feed off the mother’s body until finally, it has reached its optimum capacity. During the process of birth, the mother experiences excruciating pain, which tests her strength and determination. The mother cannot stop in the midst of her gruelling pain and just give up. No, it is absolutely necessary for her to continue forward for a birth, a growth, or a change to take place. Stopping is not an option.

When life demands change, then so it is. We as humans often desire changes in our lives through prayers, meditations, requests, etc. As bold as we humans are, the Universe is subtle. Our questions are always answered, even though the answer may not be in the form in which we asked for. However, we are constantly being communicated with to bring forth the simplicity of life that we so crave. Honouring the subtlety of the Universe is necessary to allow for the flow and strength of the communication.

Communication Voices

It is in the moments when tactful messages pop into our minds, hearts, or vision that we are being given answers. Everyone has experienced moments like these. Some call it second guessing themselves, while I call it Universal Messages. Think back to a time when you thought, “I should have gone with my first thought.” Or “If only I….” These thoughts are no mistakes. They occur to delicately guide us in our daily lives, to make our lives simpler and less chaotic. As we allow our ‘inner voices’ or Universal Messages through more often, it will become more obvious as to what the communication is trying to convey, and what our own doubts and fears are that may be causing the difficulty in our lives.

I often wonder, “Why don’t I just listen, why do I discredit this little voice that is trying to tell me something?” So I began to take note of when ‘simple’ thoughts would become evident in my mind. With each thought I listened, and sure enough, the thought turned into a path of least resistance. For example, I was driving down the road looking for a parking spot in a very busy part of town. Suddenly a thought came about that said, “You should turn here,” so I willingly listened. Sure enough, there was a lovely parking spot just waiting for me. An example like this is very minute. Listening to the guidance within begins like this, and then flourishes into a much stronger and more obvious translation. However, it is assuming a state of faith and confidence with your inner voice that truly enhances the growth. Why not try this for at least one day? What is the disadvantage to trying something new?

The Voice Within

It is usually at this point in time when someone inevitably asks me, “How can I tell the difference between a ‘Universal Message’ or my ego?” The answer to this is simple, practise. Universal Messages do not judge, punish, shame or hurt. They are merely soft hints that ever so subtly make their presence known. As you choose to listen more so, the inner voice will become stronger and clearer, and it will encourage you in the same way a true confidant would. Truth be told, you will know the difference once you truly choose to listen.

Listening to the voice within is step one to a change resulting in simplicity. The second step is taking action to carry forth the message. As mentioned before, even the smallest messages are significant. For it is in these small messages that confidence is built. This confidence is referred to as faith, and this faith is the foundation of the relationship between your heart and mind. The mind carries forth the desires of the heart; however, doubt, fear and insecurity threaten this bond. So remembering to listen, and then choosing to act on the Universal Messages, is fundamental to the growth and success of the simple life and listening.

Clarity of Mind

Keep in mind that as you demand more for yourself, the conversation within grows greatly as well. This is where step three comes into action. A clear mind is mandatory in order to receive the inspirational guidance. Fear, doubt, anger, and overall negativity resemble a static noise that prevents the messages from coming forward. The greater the interference, the more trouble you will have in receiving and hearing or knowing what is trying to be conveyed to you. Some tactics that help to dissolve the distractions include meditation, prayer, exercise or anything that brings peace within your mind. Maybe this peace for you exists by the ocean, or in a book. Possibly a movie or just enjoying your favourite meal. Whatever it is that brings serenity to your mind is essential for the clarity in the communication between you and your answers.

I encourage you to remember that being dedicated to yourself and this process is important. Just as your muscles need to be trained repeatedly to grow stronger, so does your mind. Attempting exercises as often as possible to gain a deeper understanding of the potential within is of great value. This process will soon evolve into a constructive pattern of manifestations that will unceasingly surprise you. Bear in mind the powerful being that you are, with the power to create whatever is your true heart’s desire. You have been given everything that you need to achieve your goals and wishes.

Pursuit of a Peaceful Existance

As the three steps bring about the clarity and confidence to pursue a path to living the ‘simple life’, more rewards will follow. These rewards will show up in ways that instill true confidence in the dedicated pursuit of a peaceful existence in this lifetime. Not only will these measures help you to develop a better relationship with yourself and others in your life, but it will also help you to understand that the static in your life is but a tool to help you gain a further understanding about making choices to live the simple life. The static can very easily overwhelm us to an extent that we lose ourselves in the friction of it all. Therefore, being cognizant of the true meaning of the disarray in our lives is valuable to us. The consciousness helps bring a less threatening idea of the mannerism of the discomfort that it may cause.

This brings us back to the idea of change, awareness, desire and need. Need is usually born from a state of incredible discontent. Things generally have to be bad enough in order for us to seek some sort of an awakening to bring about a transformation. By following the Universal Messages that are at first gracefully shown to us, we can dissolve the status of great despair to a less intrusive feeling of dissatisfaction. Through practice and time, you will clearly start to notice that a lesser degree of discontentment is required to bring about the need for change. Soon it will merely take an awareness, or even an inner knowing, of that feeling of discomfort that is about to arise. Therefore, in essence, you will be able to prevent feelings of aggravation altogether, or at least to a lesser degree, and then the simple life will surely be a state which can most surely be in your grasp. Remember that the chaos that exists around us is just a tool to help us achieve the so-called unattainable, uncomplicated yet glorious life we all so desire.


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About Dr Nirvana Tehranian

Nirvana Tehranian is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who recently graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, USA. She is planning to begin her practice in Southern California. In her 29 years, she has encountered many blessings, with people, places, and situations that have fed her Mind and Spirit with an abundance of knowledge on the significance of life. Since childhood, she has been gifted with the inner knowingness of the desire and love for life, and has been able to share her knowledge and experiences with others through her writings. She aspires to feed all those who long for more understanding and clarity on the purpose and meaning of life, while using her knowingness and knowledge from her medical training to heal from the inside out. She may be contacted via

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