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Hawaiian Huna Massage

by Rosalie Samet(more info)

listed in massage, originally published in issue 20 - May 1997

Recapturing the long-forgotten wisdom of the ancient people of Hawaii, this type of bodywork has been practised in the healing temples by Kahuna Priests as a sacred rite of passage for thousands of years.

Honoured as the keepers of this lost and secret knowledge of self and creation, they helped elevate sincere seekers into the transcendent state of God-realisation. Acquainted with the deepest truths about human nature and the universe, the Kahunas thoroughly prepared youths and adults to become responsible individuals and leaders of their tribes and culture, which celebrated the ideals of paradise in everyday living.

A Huna session

In more recent history, the heritage of these enlightened people was gathered together, as best as possible, with some of the Healing traditions of later generations, into a philosophy called Huna. The promise of Huna is to empower and liberate and to clearly provide the means for this. Ageless and universal, its basic principles transcend time and culture. Free from the debilitating influence of civilisation, intellectualism, materialism and false persona that now separate mankind from his/her true Self-identity and power, the ancient people lived peacefully and lovingly with each other and nature.

Encompassing existence as a unified field of conscious intelligence, the Kahunas perfected the ability to attune and harmonise themselves equally to any and all aspects of the microcosm and macrocosm. Knowing that everything is related and that everything extends itself to communicate fully with everything else, they realised that ideas, or vibrations broadcast outward from the mind, return back to self as experience. Working with the Huna principle of Family to explain the basis for relationships and the phenomenon of cause and effect, the Kahunas were able to gain mastery over the diverse and sometimes awesome forces of nature.

Receiving a Hawaiian Massage offers the individual a new dimension of reality as well as a new paradigm for evaluating life experience. Placing the individual at the centre of creation, or cause, it has the potential of activating an inner state of Self-realisation similar to that attained in deep meditation. The action of simultaneously heightening and relaxing the innate functions and faculties of the entire Mind Body Spirit satisfies a fundamental directive for multi-level integration and wholeness.

According to Huna wisdom the human being is composed of four bodies, three minds, Mana life force energy and five elements. The four bodies are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The three minds, or selves, are the unconscious Bodymind, the conscious mind of intelligence, will and ego and the higher mind of self-knowing.

The animating principle of vitality and life force energy is called Mana and each of the three minds has its own frequency, or Mana vibration, for specific activities. These work together synergistically throughout the entire Mind Body Spirit to generate, store, distribute and transmute energy for growth and healing.

Intense energy is generated when Mana is united with the conscious intent of love and transformation, breathing techniques and other disciplines. Increasing amounts of Mana empower the individual to deal effectively with life challenges and thereby initiate profound self-healing and lasting change.

A Huna session

The practitioner of Hawaiian Huna Massage is aware of these aspects within one's Self and also honours these in the body to be massaged. By consciously working with these forces, the practitioner creates a space in which both giver and receiver become one Mind Body Spirit. Into this space, Innate Intelligence is invited to become manifest, and healing takes place to meet with the individual needs of the client.

Huna wisdom recognises that the cosmic body and Bodymind are one body – one vast consciousness of Self in which every cell in the human body is a representation of the cosmos and inversely, the wisdom of universal cosmic Intelligence is present in every cell.

Because of the extraordinary purity and passion released through the flowing rhythms of the Hawaiian Huna massage process, Intelligence spontaneously and holographically releases deep insight into the very nature of Self and existence.

There is a sublime awareness that every cell of the body and aspect of consciousness suddenly becomes totally and completely filled with the presence of life force Intelligence, in an ever-vibrant stream of love, beauty, delight and goodness. Intelligence offers conclusive knowing that "I Am This Life" and "I Am One Being, Complete and Whole." The contrivances and facades of self-image become transparent and unimportant. In its place, a wonderful and triumphant remembrance of true Self-identity emerges and fills one's entire universe.

It is the ability of Hawaiian Massage to go right to the core of cause and effect, and in return offer Self-knowing on all levels of Being simultaneously, that places this healing art in a class of its own and unlike any holistic therapy. Hawaiian Huna Massage is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant yet deeply relaxing all-body massage. The practitioner uses hands and forearms in long fluid strokes of varying intensity and rhythm up and down and all around the body. In accordance with Kahuna practices, the energising effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear Healing Intent and Invocations for constructive change on all levels.

One of the distinguishing skills of this type of Massage is the radiant quality of touch that communicates love, stillness, centredness, understanding and anticipation of the unknown. Essentially, it is the awakening touch that one has been longing for. Holding the promise of liberation from the alienating and suffocating stress of modern life, it confirms the Bodymind's most cherished expectations of what unconditional, loving touch really is.

Having forgotten, or never having known this perfect physical feeling, a deep inner comfort overwhelms the body as it is embraced by the loving arms of Truth. Wave after wave of beauty washes through one's life experiences, purifying and transmuting the residue of tension left by unhappy memory.

The objective of this Massage is to work with intent, rather than intention. As an actor reads a script, the practitioner reads the body's subtle vibrations and frequencies. The Massage unfolds in a spontaneous, co-creative manner rather than a premeditated, prescriptive method of treatment. Universal in its approach, it deals effectively with a wide range of situations, from the specific to the general, and on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of experience.

It is especially helpful for treating conditions in which there is any sense of a lack or need, doubt or distrust, hurt or abuse, confusion, conflict, shock; or any of the debilitating effects of the negative emotions of fear, anger, grief, jealousy and guilt; any limiting beliefs, concepts and memories, the inability to love or be expressive, problems with gender and sexuality, body-image and confidence, or indeed, any difficulty which hinders fulfilment of life's potential.

In working with clients over many years, I now precede the Massage with a thorough consultation in regard to the client's most pressing personal issues. This serves to highlight causative factors and entrenched habits that keep one fixed to unwanted influences of the past. By revealing the fabric of one's current reality through consultation, the Whole Being is prepared to meet the new Reality of Self that can manifest in the Massage.

The breadth and depth possible in the performance of Hawaiian Massage requires its practitioner to be capable of meeting any situation or intensity that may arise. Traditionally, training in this skill was by indentured apprenticeship with a Kahuna Priest for many, many years. Learning was primarily solitary and experiential, slowly absorbing the Wisdom of Creation through arduous personal challenges, trial and error and self-reflection. Considered to be a sacred vocation, students dedicated their lives to this work of bringing freedom and empowerment both to themselves and everyone who asked for help.

In this modern era of human evolution, students of Kahuna Massage/ bodywork require a training that is both intensive and accelerated, in order to evoke rapid learning, self-development and spiritual competence.

In the training programme that I offer, I combine aspects of the Ancient, Traditional and Modern methods of teaching. These help to fulfil all the basic requirements for sensitive and effective integration of the wisdom of Huna into the performance of Hawaiian Huna Massage, client and consultation skills and professional practice.

The primary focus of the course is upon clarifying personal and spiritual awareness. Learning to create an honest, vibrant and loving relationship within all aspects of one's self is to bring this empowerment into all activities and interactions with others. The long term goal is to attain Mastery in one's own life. That is, to have knowledge of Self as the rhythm of Creation continuously expressing itself through harmony and love in every moment. Ultimately, one's life becomes a living Paradise in motion.

As much of the healing that transpires between Practitioner and Client is by observation, instruction and direct but subtle transmission, the Kahuna Practitioner teaches through example the Philosophy of Huna in everyday life.


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About Rosalie Samet

Rosalie Samet (SRN) is a Healer, Therapist and Performer of the Sacred Art of Hawaiian Huna Massage. Since coming to England after training as a State Registered Nurse in the U.S.A., she has studied the Spiritual Teachings of East and West, as well as numerous alternative therapies and approaches to health, healing and personal development. In 1990 she trained in Hawaii with Kahuna Masters of Huna Wisdom, specialising in Hawaiian Shamanism and Kahuna Bodywork. Rosalie Samet gives Private Sessions, Workshops and Trainings in Hawaiian Huna Massage and related Huna topics. She is also a Master Practitioner of N.L.P®., Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Reiki. Rosalie Samet can be contacted at: Huna House Healing Sanctuary, 51 Benedict Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9NB. Tel. 01458 834451.

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