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Colour Light Therapy

by Charaka Satyam(more info)

listed in light and colour, originally published in issue 99 - May 2004

Sunshine raises our spirits and quite literally lights up our lives. But perhaps we take light too much for granted; people are often surprised that it contains a direct and powerful healing agency. That wasn't always so. Throughout history, many cultures have used colour as a healing modality. The Ancient Egyptians used rooms lighted with specific colours in the treatment of disease, as well as coloured gemstones placed on specific points on the body. The Tibetans to this day use medicine made up of different coloured gemstones. In India, water is charged with particular colours known to affect certain organs and then drunk to bring about healing.

Colour Light Therapy is largely inspired by research, originally created by naturopath, Peter Mandel, from Germany. Sarita Newman worked closely alongside Peter Mandel for many years and is responsible for the integration of emotional release, hypnosis dialoguing, and dream work into the colour work. Dialoguing opens up a path from the subconscious to the conscious and can bring about a spontaneous healing in many cases.

Colour Light Therapy torch with a selection of coloured glass rods
Colour Light Therapy torch with a selection of coloured glass rods

What is Colour Light Therapy?

It is a method quite similar to acupuncture. Instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of chi, a light pen with a choice of 11 slim glass rods of different colours is used. The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points, similar to the points on the acupuncture meridians. Recent scientific research has demonstrated that the cells of the body naturally communicate through the frequency of light.

Each coloured light carries a particular frequency message, which the cells throughout the body can easily absorb and transmit to facilitate balance and health. As the healing message is received, whatever the cause of the disharmony is released. In this way the person begins remembering and resonating with their natural capacity or health and well-being. It is a method, which is gentle, profoundly effective and easy to learn.

Client receiving a Colour Light Therapy treatment
Client receiving a Colour Light Therapy treatment


It can be used to treat physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues, such as fear, sadness, hormonal imbalance, general daily health care, detoxification and stress reduction. A person can receive a specific series covering an area, for example prenatal treatments, male/female balancing, cleansing and balancing of the body's organs, sexual healing, clearing traumas, holographic healing for cancer and many more. It releases negativity and disharmony and brings balance and health. Charaka says: "Healing happens when memories of past traumas, held in our cells, influencing the way we respond, physically and psychologically to events in the present, are cleaned. People begin to return to their original nature and start living in tune with their light essence". This healing method can also be successfully combined with other therapies such as hands on healing, massage, shiatsu and can even work alongside allopathic medicine.

Methods of Diagnosis

There are many methods of diagnosis used in Colour Light Therapy, from finger testing to the person's history or main issue in their life right now. One method that can be used is Kirlian photography, which is a picture of the energetic emission of the individual in that moment. Developed towards the end of the 19th century, Kirlian photography is a technique of capturing on film the otherwise invisible energy emissions radiated by all living things. The resulting photograph is a unique 'snapshot' of the energetic state of that person.

Pictures can be taken before and after the treatment. Changes seen in a person's picture after a treatment indicate how they have responded to the treatment as to where to go next in the next session.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Male/Female Balance Series: 9 sessions

This works on removing the negative imprints from mother and father, leaving only their light essence. It harmonizes the right and left sides of the brain by reuniting the inner man and inner woman in a balanced way.

Mary, 36, is a single mother with one child, not working, and with previous strong addictions to alcohol and violent relationships. With no relationship for 7 years, she has a lot of fear around relating.

She had very difficult early childhood and is still distanced and estranged from her parents. Mary had some emotional release during the sessions, which took 3 weeks to complete. Shortly afterwards, she found her relationship with her child had profoundly changed. She was no longer clinging to and hiding behind her child.

Both of them are now able to follow their own interests. Five months on, she now feels ready for a relationship again and is planning to join an alternative dating Internet scheme. She has joined a band and is playing music.

Case Study 2 – Prenatal Series: 9 sessions

This series of sessions cleanses trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the 9 months in the womb and birth. It also enters into the dimension of the 'Bardo', or time in between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, which repeat over and over. This series is recommended for any addictive tendencies, deep insecurity issues, or if it is known that the birth has been difficult. It can be done on babies, children or adults.

When 8-year-old Matthew came to see me, he felt unwanted at school by his friends and also by his newly acquired grandmother.

This resulted in him feeling very low in self-esteem at times and doing anything he could to be loved by others, but encountering constant rejection. His mother got pregnant with him when she was 16 years old. The father of the child did not want to have anything to do with the pregnancy whatsoever and she felt very unsupported.

Bringing up Matthew was not easy and she started noticing strong mood swings in him. I decided that the Prenatals would be the series for Matthew.

Session No. 3: All Mathew's issues seemed intensified through his outer world, namely at school. No one wanted to play or sit next to him. It took a lot of encouragement from his mother to convince him to come to the session. (Sometimes as the healing takes place, issues can intensify).

Session No 5: He felt OK to play on his own and not to give much notice to his friends.

Session No 7: He came running into the session room, very excited and happy. Everybody at school was almost fighting to be sitting and playing with him.

Session No 8: A completely different boy was here in the session room – great self-confidence and strength.

Case Study 3 – Transmitter Relays Series: 12 sessions

This series is designed to bring about transformation in many areas of life at once. It works on clearing trauma from the following areas: the time in the womb and birth, past lives, and future possibilities. It also releases the causes of physical pain or imbalance and helps to bring healing to the organs and emotions.

The series involves emotional release and dream work as well as hypnosis to tap into your hidden potential. When you are cleansed of trauma on such a deep level it becomes much easier to discover your light essence.

Fiona, aged 42, office manager and Colour Light Therapy trainee, writes her story:

"I released a lot of emotions – anger, laughter, sadness, and numbness – and went through a strong physical cleansing too. I understood clearly the lessons that were being learned in my failing marriage and the need to move on. I came to realize how a past life involving opium addiction was affecting my current life struggles with food addiction. At a certain point in the series I faced a deep well of grief and sadness and was encouraged to dive right into it. I did so and found that I didn't drown in grief, as I had feared. Instead I found that there was light on the other side – a profound experience of Maya, the illusion of pain and suffering and an understanding that light is at the centre of everything in existence. As we went on with the series it became obvious that I needed to continue my spiritual journey by travelling to India. After the series it was as though my old mental habits and thought routines had lost their traditional pathways in my brain. I would start to go into a reaction to something and it was as though coming to the edge of a field where there used to be a well-worn footpath and finding the field had been ploughed up – no path any more. I would simply shrug and smile to myself and drop whatever it was that previously would have led to a big mental drama or emotional upset. When I returned home I found that the struggles within my marriage had melted away – there was just love and friendship between us and we could part easily and amicably. Within a few months I had left my husband, left my office job, sold the house and furniture, re-homed the cats and booked my ticket to India. I gave more and more sessions and began living the life I had dreamed of – doing healing work and feeling that anything was possible. Shortly before I left for India, I met someone else who also planned to go there. I found myself living happily in India with a new lover and having the kind of relationship I'd always wanted. I went through a spiritual and emotional rebirth with parts of myself that had been buried for a long time, re-emerging softly in the shelter of an Indian garden cottage. Three years later, the relationship is still going strong – and I'm happier than ever."

Case Studies: Daily Health Care

Julia, 42-year-old accounts assistant had a bad case of conjunctivitis and thought a trip to her GP would be needed. She received a Colour Light eye treatment (Creation Impulse) and a cellular detox treatment (Anti-Toxin Rescue Remedy) and woke up the next day with her eyes completely cleared – no prescription needed.

Baby Sophie, at only a few weeks old, was screaming and crying with colic. Her frazzled parents called upon a friend who had a Colour Light torch desperate for help. Twenty minutes after a simple 3-point colic treatment in green in and around Sophie's navel she was 'sleeping like a baby' and never had colic again.

John, 36, a musician and composer, suffered from insomnia. He came on a Colour Light Therapy introductory course for three days of learning and receiving treatments. He came back after the first day and told of his relief at being able to sleep all night for the first time in two years.

Kevin age 30 was constantly ill with one cold, flu, and illness after another. His immune system was not working functioning efficiently and he was very toxic. He decided to come for some regular toxic and immune treatments. After a short time he began to feel much better. Kevin was also advised to look at his diet, which was not very balanced. He decided to buy his own light set and started to treat himself regularly and soon began to feel his strength returning. It is now over 3 months without an illness and he is planning a trip aboard, with his light set, of course.


Allanach J. Colour Me Healing. Harper Collins. 1998. School of Awakening Colour Light Therapy Information Pack.

Further Information

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About Charaka Satyam

Charaka Satyam is a Colour Light Practitioner and teacher. She has practised extensively for 20 years. She has spent many years as an apprentice to Sarita Newman who learned directly from Peter Mandel. She is also a Reiki Master, Holistic Body Worker, Tachyon and Thermie practitioner. She can be contacted on

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