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Letters to the Editor Issue 36

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 36 - January 1999

Breast Cancer and the Bra Connection

As always Positive Health is improving rapidly. Good luck to all of you. Issue No. 33 of Positive Health dealt with the subject of Breast Cancer. Very good idea.

If I am not mistaken nothing was mentioned about the link between Breast Cancer and bras. Bras are, to my knowledge, one of the main (but not discussed) factors in Breast Cancer.

May I highly recommend the book Dressed to Kill by S. R. Singer and S Grismayer. Published in 1995 by Avery Publishing Group. In this book the link between Breast Cancer and bras is comprehensively discussed.

Prof. Avshalom Mizrahi
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Baby with Squint: Can anybody help?

I am writing in the hope that you may be able to point me in the right direction to find someone/thing who may be able to help my 71/2 month old son.

He is due to have an operation on the 12th December 1998 to correct a squint in his right eye and poor muscle control in the left. The actual operation is cosmetic but it may allow the brain to use neurological pathways to enable Patrick to develop binocular vision. According to his consultant he either has these pathways or he doesn't and gives the operation a 40% chance of success. (Standard odds for squint operations so I understand!)

Now, I don't see why the brain cannot develop new routes for the information to travel. So has any member of your team come across anybody who may be able to help, i.e. healers who specialise in eye problems, etc.?

Whilst I realise that this is not a life threatening problem for Patrick, being a parent I want to be able to give my son the best chance for his sight.

Thank you.
Suzanne Kyle-Milward (Mrs)
Gwindra Cottage, Gwindra Road,
St Stephen, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 7LD

Genetic Determination

At last I have found time to give your article (The Bogey of Genetic Determination by Doris Grant, Issue 32) the time it deserves and congratulate you on a clear and well considered argument. There is little therein that most medical generalists would disagree with.

For most of us Hay's original dictum still holds true. A family history of heart disease or hip fracture may double our risk of Ischaemic heart disease or osteoporosis but many other factors, particularly the way in which we abuse our bodies, have much more profound influences. We do take note of our patients' heredity but tend to concentrate on the other factors because these are modifiable whereas our heredity is not.

Genetic counselling is a difficult area. A family history of Huntingdon's inevitability has an influence on a parent's willingness to procreate and a very strong family history of breast cancer at an early age can rarely, in highly selected individuals, merit mastectomy (living with the sword of Damocles can be more than some can bear).

I am delighted to hear that in recent days the insurance industry has had its wings clipped on the issue of genetic testing.

Life is getting far too complex.

A great article. I enjoyed it very much.

Alan Fisher

Electrodermal Screening: Evidence, please!

There is a great deal of scepticism about computerised electro dermal allergy testing and the article in issue 31 does not do much to allay it.

The suggestion that the application of 5 volts to an acupuncture point elicits the waveform in fig 2. is, if true, an astounding scientific discovery. It is even more astounding that different foods in the mouth would cause different waveforms to be generated.

Could the author give the references to the research papers in which these results are published please? They are of important scientific interest.

One of the difficulties that anyone who knows anything about electronics has with almost all of these instruments is that the explanations are either incomplete or plain wrong. If the procedures are to have any credibility, much more detail of their operation and underlying bio phenomena is needed.

Very often suppliers plead commercial secrecy but I would have thought that the behaviour of acupuncture points is neither patentable nor should be kept a secret.

Eric Spain
Hong Kong

Anne Smithells Replies to Eric Spain...

The writer seems to have missed my point. The process I was attempting to explain is as follows:

Every substance has its own specific frequency, or electrical coding. The body uses this coding to recognise the substance, for example, a particular food.

LISTEN System developers have designed a technique which enables them to identify these codes, digitise them, and then introduce them to the body in their original form (their electrical coding).

The body reacts as if the food is about to be consumed and it is this reaction that is measured with the LISTEN system.

In fact, since publication of the article in Positive Health, the LISTEN System has been superseded by the BEST System which can reproduce the electrical codings even more accurately.

If the writer would like to contact me, I will be only too pleased to provide him with relevant research papers. I agree that the behaviour of acupuncture points is not patentable. However, the technology for identifying, recording and reproducing the codings, is.

Anne Smithells


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