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Letters to the Editor Issue 31

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 31 - August 1998

Can you help us find a healer?

I am in Italy now but I live in London. A dear friend is suffering from hiatus hernia. Some years ago, a brilliant healer, Harry Haws, who then practised in Harley House in London, manipulated her & cured for a while this horrible condition. He has since moved somewhere in the North of England, possibly West Hartlepool.

I wondered if your magazine could help me to trace him as I would like to get my friend to see him for the treatment he gave her then so brilliantly.

If you know of other healers, osteopaths etc. who also perform this kind of manipulation for hiatus hernia I would be grateful.

Miriam Margolyes

Editor's Note: Please reply to Miriam's email address

What is Radionics and what is not Radionics?

The exchange in your June edition between Chrissie Mason and Zena Maddison prompts me to attempt a clarification of the ever-old/ever-young contentious question of What Is Radionics?

Radionics is normally defined as a therapy which can bring to optimum health and keep that state in people, animals, plants and the soil by sending correcting and/or balancing subtle energy patterns to the subject. Treatment can be given through physical contact or at a distance by using specially-designed instruments.

In the early part of this century Dr. Albert Abrams am,lld,md, an eminent Californian physician was researching unexplained phenomena which arose in the physical examination of his patients. He started to formulate principles designed to bring the biological and medical thinking in line with that in physics and spiritual psychology.

From the work initiated by Albert Abrams systems such as vega, mora, eva, biocom, psymatics, various colour therapies, and perhaps the most potentially powerful system of all – radionics have been developed.

Radionics seeks to bring into balance all elements of the human patient physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It also works in these dimensions with animals, plants and the soil itself, treating all aspects of the physical and non-physical world. The effectiveness of radionics is limited only by our current understanding of the make-up of structures and mechanism of health and healing and the extent of the vision of those who practise or promote it.

Radionics is practised in most countries of the world but with significant differences. However, most practitioners use some form of instrument. Instruments are based on pattern, shape, form, magnetism, quasi-electronic wiring, or the recently computerised treatment systems which have the advantage of providing the operator with built-in parameters that obviate the need to take the training normally required by radionic practitioners. However, this situation does not prevent individuals or organisations from laying down What Is and What Is Not Radionics?

Personally, having been questioned by a number of members of our organisations on the subject of the Pimat, I have been able to state that while it is obviously not part of the classical concept of radionics today, it does owe its invention to the study of subtle energies and must therefore be closely connected.

What then is classical radionics? Since systems throughout the world vary so greatly I hope that the overseas members of our Confederation will forgive me for restricting my answer to what is happening in the British Isles where, with the great benefits enjoyed under common law, we have been free to research and expand the system that we inherited from the great American initiators Drs. Albert Abrams and Ruth Drown. Here many notable physicians researched and expanded the concepts obtained from Albert Abrams and research by George De La Warr, Aubrey Westlake, Guyon Richards, David Tansley, Malcolm Rae, Charles Elliott and many others have added to a greater understanding of what we in radionics practise.

Basically, classical radionics in the British Isles uses Extra Sensory Perception to analyse the level of health and establish a blueprint of the state of the subject in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. It goes into great detail and can establish the causes for any dysfunction and the progression towards clinically identifiable states of major diseases. Then, using a system known as a Critical Path Analysis for Treatment, it determines and gives balancing amounts of the essence of such treatments as might be required by the subject. It has many thousands of possibilities including many psychological and physiological treatments, the essences of acupuncture treatment, of homoeopathy, herbal, gem and flower remedies, of vitamins, supplements, minerals, amino acids, of colour, light, sound and many other forms of treatment, which helps to explain why the results have to be seen to be believed. By combining all these things with treatments for the side-effects of drugs, the latest automatic computerised self-help systems provide over half a million treatments so that the successes achieved seem quite logical.

Radionics is designed to get people well and to keep them healthy. Most practitioners have patients in many parts of the world who depend on them for just this. Radionics can work at a distance or in contact with the subject. Radionics can bring to optimum health people, animals, crops and the soil. There is not room in this short review of clarification to go into the details of how it works, which have been accepted these days by a number of advanced scientists, but introductory days covering this are held two or three times a year at the Trust's home in Somerset.

It is felt important, however, that some clarification is needed on the structure of radionics in these Isles. Originally the practice of radionics was restricted to medically-qualified doctors, but after 1925 when the Royal Society of Medicine, although agreeing that radionics worked, declined to teach the techniques because, at that stage, nobody would say how radionics worked, the practice of radionics moved into what we now call alternative and complementary medicine.

During the second world war the Radionic Association was born with a mixture of medically-qualified and lay people as practitioners. However, the ever-present contention of What Is Radionics? and how it should be handled led some of the early founders of the Association to form their own organisations, notably the Delawarr Laboratories and Keys College. Other reputable systems developed, notably that of White Light Radionics, but regrettably so also did organisations which provide anyone with an instrument, a book of instructions and, if you have enough money, make you a doctor of radionics on the spot.

Some ten years ago, as we approached membership of the Common Market, it became apparent that the harmonising policy of the European Commission could threaten the freedom of choice in medicine that we enjoy in the British Isles. A Confederation was formed to bring together the diverse organisations in the radionic and radiesthesia sector. However, the White Light practitioners, although keen to join, could not provide a sufficiently stable administrative platform, and later, one of the founding members, The Radionic Association, decided to reduce their training to three years and produce radionic healers. The remaining organisations, however, lengthened their licentiate training to three years, making a total of five years part-time in all. There is so much to learn and the budding practitioners, while practising professionally during their three licentiate years, require support from their more established fellows.

The first step in the Critical Path Analysis for Treatment with radionics is to determine which therapy the subject should have, either through the radionic practitioner or by referral to, say, a medical herbalist. It is therefore very important that the practitioner is well-informed of the options open, the specialities and the track records of the many therapies, and receives comprehensive instruction on aspects like counselling, nutrition, and physical therapies and activities. Many highly qualified, multi-disciplinary practitioners are also qualified acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors and naturopaths.

Unfortunately, What Is and What Is Not Radionics? still raises its head and it will be noted that neither of the practitioners who entered into discussion in your June issue are members of one of the leading organisations, which have strict codes of conduct and demand a high level of ethics in practice. However, all this does not mean that the situation in the radionic world is in disarray, and in fact does seem to mirror the situation in homoeopathy which has the Faculty, the Society for Homoeopathy, and many other organisations teaching and practising aspects of homoeopathy plus, of course, the many home medicine chests which include such remedies as arnica and calendula, etc. which are so helpful in the treatment of individuals, animals and the plants in the garden.

In a similar fashion radionics has many established organisations: the Psionic Medical Association for registered medical practitioners, the Confederation of Radionics for radionic practitioners, the Radionic Association for radionic healers, and a very large number of other people who are using the techniques – some, if I may use the term, legally, being Associate Members of our organisations, but not calling themselves practitioners – and others who are not connected with any of the main organisations. I am not saying that these people outside the main organisations should not use radionic techniques – many of them are doing a great deal of good for humanity, animals, plants and our planet, but they work within their own concepts, their own ethics, not bound by the rules of the formed organisations.

Earlier in this letter I mentioned self-help radionics and the three entirely automatic systems which we have produced over the last fifteen years research can be and are being used by all levels from mothers in the home to the registered medical practitioners in their clinics. However, in order to avoid any possible unethical use they are programmed to work only within the very high standard of ethical parameters which are part of the Confederation's Code of Professional Conduct. These systems are entirely automatic, produce a choice of over half a million treatments, and could we feel, give a dramatic boost to grass roots healthcare.

With its great diversity of applications, its lack of side effects, its ability to see a disease forming, its alignment with the modern consensus in physics and philosophy, it does seem that radionics is likely to be a major force in healthcare in the next century.

Major Gordon Smith
Maperton Stud

Vitamin B12 and the Vegan Diet

In Issue 29 Dr David Smallbone says "I have as yet not found any of these companies that will GUARANTEE their source of vitamin B12 to be non animal". May I take up this challenge from him and state that from the inception of this company (i.e. May 1965 when we pioneered British made soya milk) we incorporated B12 from a non animal source.

Dr Smallbone refers to vegans and vegetarians being "at risk from vitamin B12 deficiency". Over the years I have (a) seen many statistics showing that many meat eaters are deficient in B12 and (b) that over the 54 years I have myself been vegan, I have either through the Vegan Society or through this company been in daily touch with more vegans than anyone and that in all these years I have only known two vegans to have been deficient in B12 (one in 1945 and the other – an ex-boxer – in 1989).

I note from Amanda Clemens' letter to which Dr Smallbone replied that seemingly there was a previous article on the B12 subject, Issue 27. I have not seen the article but sense it may have been based on a misnomer that a vegan diet is not adequate nutritionally. Among the hundreds of vegan children and adults with whom I have been in touch over 5 decades including marathon runners, (for Great Britain), professional footballers, channel swimmers etc., and from my own experience I would say that a vegan diet is not only adequate nutritionally, but is the soundest of all diets.

Incidentally all our products are non-dairy, and free from gluten and importantly free from any genetically engineered ingredients.

CA Ling
Plamil Foods Ltd, Folkestone Kent

Dr Smallbone Replies…

Thank you for your letter via Positive Health. I must say that you are the only company to respond to my statements.

It is my belief that vitamin B12 is a basic animal product and is only found manufactured normally and naturally by animals and bacteria. I would therefore be interested to know the source of your non-animal vitamin B12 which you put into Plamil foods.

I myself have been a vegetarian for many years and verging on the vegan on occasions. I think your paragraph concerning my statement about vegan diet not being adequate nutritionally has probably been taken out of context. I do not necessarily consider a vegan diet is nutritionally inadequate, although many vegans and vegetarians do not eat well. I think the vitamin B12 subject is one that can present as a problem. Much of our B12 now comes from bacterial conversion in our own guts. This obviously is dramatically affected by the number of antibiotics which people are using and the number which are present in ordinary food-stuffs. However, here I do believe that the vegan has a better chance because they are less likely to have used antibiotics or consumed them inadvertently in animal produce. They may, therefore, still have some bacteria in their gut that are capable of manufacturing vitamin B12.

I do of course know your company and your products. I will therefore be very pleased to be informed of the source of your B12.

Dr D.F. Smallbone


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