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Letters to the Editor Issue 30

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 30 - July 1998

Water Fluoridation: A Holistic Dentist speaks

I read the correspondence between Dr Yan and Sheila Gibson on water fluoridation (Positive Health Issue 29, June 1998) and thought a comment from an holistic dentist may be of interest. Tooth decay is directly related to the frequency of eating sugar. You cannot prevent tooth decay by brushing your teeth, because the acid attack is too fast and too short acting. However, the application of fluoride in toothpaste on a daily basis is considered by the dental profession to be the single most important reason for the considerable reduction in tooth decay throughout the Western population in the past two decades.

Ms Gibson quotes a rise in dentists in Birmingham between 1964 and 1992. She will find that there has been a decrease in the last decade. Five dental schools have closed in Britain over the last 15 years due primarily to fluoride in toothpaste. This must be a good thing. Fluoridated toothpaste means that water fluoridation is no longer necessary. The big difference is that toothpaste is a topical application and not ingested and can be elective. Great care must be taken not to ingest fluoridated toothpaste, especially in children where they have been known to eat a whole tube in one sitting.

I agree with Ms Gibson that a special type of decay occurs in areas of water fluoridation (ie. fluoride is ingested from birth) that is hard to detect; however, the incidence is still reduced. Fluoride does not stop dental decay, but does reduce it by 50%. Fluoride in toothpaste does not cause the same altered decay but equally reduces the incidence.

The probable reason why fluoride levels were reduced in Hong Kong from 8ppm to 5ppm is because the weather there is hotter than Europe and more water is drunk. Another reason could be the ingestion of fluoride toothpaste increasing the levels. One reason for opposing water fluoridation or any other form of mass medication is because of the mistakes that can be made with dosage.

I have a large number of homoeopathic patients in my practice. Many of them seek out non-fluoridated toothpaste. The result is sometimes a remarkable increase in decay. I often do tests for mercury toxicity on these patients. We also do fluoride toxicity tests at the same time. Sometimes the fluoride toxicity is higher than the mercury. This creates a dilemma.

In summary the answer is to eliminate or greatly reduce the frequency of sugar. Then there is no need for fluoride. If one does not have the power to do this, then use fluoride toothpaste topically and rinse out. Avoid ingestion of fluoride in water or tablet form.

Chairman, British Homoeopathic
Dental Association

Cancer and Tamoxifen: an untested solution?

There's been a lot of talk recently about the increase in breast cancer and the focus on Tamoxifen as the solution. At the same time, some medical experts are equally clear that the benefits of this drug have yet to be proven and neither has the possible association with an increase in cervical cancer among users been clearly monitored.

Are we in danger of grasping at a solution that has yet to be fully tried and tested, rather than asking why the problem exists in the first place?

Anyone who considers an holistic approach to health and has an appreciation of the Chinese meridian system, will know that the breasts and the reproductive system are linked. Also they know that for cancer to exist there needs to be a "promoter" and an "instigator". In fact, a person can go through life carrying a promoter without anything happening. Only if an instigator reaches "critical mass" will the combination trigger the cancer itself.

Through my experience in my clinic, the nylon and dyes that are used to cover and protect various parts of a woman's reproductive system, provide a perfect promoter/instigator formula for breast cancer. This is particularly emphasised as the body heats up and toxic vapour gases from these substances are absorbed/released into the body. My advice to women attending my clinic is to avoid the following whenever possible: tampons and sanitary towels containing dyes (Dioxin) and bleached version; nylon pants and bras, pants and bras containing synthesised rubber.

Jack Temple
Homoeopathic Dowser/Healer

Stop Vitamin Restriction!

There were scare articles in the press about vitamin C regarding a small study of just 30 people.

There is a battle going on. Moves are underway by powerful vested interests to destroy natural medicines even though vitamin supplements are over a thousand times safer than prescribed medicines and many over the counter drugs. Vitamins cannot be patented and make comparatively little profit.

Dr Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winner, took high doses of vitamin C and he lived and worked into his nineties!

To fight these restrictions ring Consumers for Health Choice on 020-7222 4182

C.D. Wells


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