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Letters to the Editor Issue 210

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 210 - November 2013

Surviving Cancer

by Dr Mark Sircus Ac OMD DM(P)

The following story gives the reader an idea of Natural Allopathic Medicine in practice. It talks about miracles. Water certainly is a miracle, and when we know what to do with water we can make some miracles of our own. I write this story on the same day I finish my Water Based Medicine book and it will become the first official case study for my Surviving Cancer compendium, which should launch at the end of 2013 with an expected length of 2,500 pages.

The phrase "medical miracle" means a situation in which a person makes an unexpected recovery despite great odds or a pessimistic prognosis. Yet often the phrase is used broadly to describe a seemingly supernatural or paranormal healing or curing event such as faith healing. Many people believe in miracle cures. When modern medicine fails to heal, many people turn to unproven or "alternative" healers and some do find what they are looking for.

Whether a scientific explanation can be found for a medical miracle is not as important as the result achieved. Not all medical miracles are equal but some perhaps we might explain. Recently a middle-aged woman, an old friend of my wife, called and then quickly arrived in desperation at our Sanctuary in Brazil (our official opening will be next year), because she had just been diagnosed with gastric adenocarcinoma.

The doctors were phoning her to make sure she arrived at their treatment facility for the first step in her treatment and that was to remove her stomach, spleen and surrounding lymph tissues. Upon first glance at her face I thought the doctors must be correct in their diagnosis as she indeed looked that bad.

She had great difficulty eating for a while and was already wasting away. Four days later she looked perfectly fine and was eating well again! I offered her my one month and three month clinic programs but also offered her an optional permanent plan, which she decided to accept. This means she is moving into Sanctuary to join with us to set up this marvellous retreat centre at the far ends of the earth where you can still drink water right out of the river.

She jumped right into the Natural Allopathic protocol in earnest and when I told her to not let me see her without her Russian designed breathing device, even at the dinner table, she took me seriously. I suggested enough sodium bicarbonate to get her urinary pH up to eight 8 though her saliva remained at very acidic pH of 5. I also informed her of the benefits of taking a special liposomal selenium at ten milligrams a day, a high dose. She was also taking iodine every two hours orally at very high dosages.

Every sip of water she drank was laced with magnesium bicarbonate and sulfur and we had her by the river while we applied magnesium oil to her skin for transdermal penetration of even more magnesium. Of course we had her sleeping and doing afternoon treatments on a BioMat, which is known to rapidly increase immune system strength.

Honeymoon of Love

It was a momentous occasion in that not only was my wife’s friend our first visitor to Sanctuary but we also gave up our own retreat (honeymoon) to devote ourselves to her needs. Miracles are signs of God or truth and they certainly seem to happen at very special times under special circumstances. Being selfless does not come easily to anyone but usually it is an attitude that pays off with big dividends.

When we align ourselves with truth we align ourselves with God and this often happens in response to prayer or a desire to connect with God. The Biblical definition of a miracle is a sign; a wonder; something that shows us how amazing God is and how much he loves us. Some miracles of course are ‘ordinary’ events with incredible timing.

I could hardly believe how fast the changes came but by day four I was already having a Lazarus experience. By day seven I was unsure that she even had cancer to begin with for I was looking at a wonderful, beautiful and healthy woman who would avoid the surgeons like the plague. I will be writing more about this in the future.

The healing did not seem to rise only from the Natural Allopathic protocol, which was self-administered by the patient from concentrated nutritional agents taken right out of the kitchen at emergency room and intensive care levels.

Medical Intuition

I am a medical intuitive type and an empath and through the years and six children, even my wife trusts my medical perception. I am like the old time physicians. I never use tests though I do register the diagnosis of doctors and laboratories, even though they are often wrong. In oriental medicine doctors are trained to use their eyes, nose and hands to feel what is going on inside of a patient and it is uncanny how doctors trained in this can read the life of a person through their pulse. I trained with pendulums and studied radionics for decades until the answers would arrive before the questions, developing my six sense to a high degree.

I really do not think it is that hard to tell if a person is dying compared to being in glorious radiant health. I do not need a blood test or a CT scan or a biopsy to tell me the difference. I was angry for a few days with my wife’s friend’s doctors, who continued to leave messages on her cell phone. How could they have been right if she was having such a dramatic turnaround?

One of the things we use our medical intuition for is to probe into deeper issues, which often remains a mystery to regular doctors who see people only on a physical level. Within the first 24 hours I mirrored to our friend that obviously if she followed the doctors’ suggested path of treatment she would be tortured into spending the rest of her life in misery, not just from the mutilation of her inner organs but also from the chemotherapy that her doctors had planned for her. She was, in the terms as I see them, faced with losing her life, and her family was desperate for her.

It is not so easy to explain what I saw but in learning much from my wife Luciana about her friend it became clear that she, as they say in the bible, needed to lose her life to find it. The miracle, in my eyes, was that she took that option and finally decided to do today what she had wanted to do for years. That was to leave her life completely behind and do something new and different!

Yesterday I sent her out for five days back to her life but she will return soon. When she accepted my permanent plan to join with us the smiles flew around the house and even the staff and building crew saw the changes as they happened practically in real time in front of all our faces.

Though the Bible might be full of errors in code there are some universal principles that bear paying attention to. Letting go of old patterns to the point of the willingness to change, for to let everything go is the hallmark of death and birth. To consciously be willing to die to one’s life without losing our incarnation in a body is the miracle I saw happening.

I have no doubt that it makes sense to support such changes with common sense medicine that do no further harm, thus I am not a faith healer. Faith can and does move mountains but it’s good to grease the foundational stones (basic physiology) with concentrated nutritional medicinals as well as with medically approved therapies like breathing retraining and far-infrared treatments. It always makes sense, no matter what treatment plan we have for patients, to pay attention to basic medical principles like hydration, toxicity issues and the feelings and emotions of patients as outlined in my Natural Allopathic Treatment Protocol.

I will wait a month before suggesting optional further tests but it is clear that if the doctors were correct in their diagnosis then the miracle should not sustain itself and the patient’s pain, discomfort and loss of appetite should return soon. Seeing the new life and clarity in this woman’s face leads me to doubt that this will happen. It is so easy to see her already thriving in her new and future life.

It is extremely helpful that the concentrated dosages of Natural Allopathic Medicine work well for problems in the stomach because all of the medicines are taken orally so they go to work in the stomach first.

I find it interesting that in this case the patient did not even have to bring in the heavy guns provided by medical marijuana and particularly the new concentrated CBD products that are proving to be effective in cancer treatment. New information comes forth frequently now showing the positive effects of CBD in cancer treatments[1]. In the cancer compendium, we talk about catching cancer cells in a brutal crossfire. Military personnel understand war tactics and how to best capture the enemy in a trap from which there is no escape.

Natural Allopathic Medicine is introducing to the world an aggressive nontoxic method of winning the war against cancer, offering new tactics and combining them with some very successful old ones. The exciting part of this method is that it is easy to learn and practise at home. Anyone can start implementing it even while being treated by other approaches. The best part is that every part of the protocol is legal and much safer than aspirin. This is all covered in my Treatment Essentials book.

More Miracles

One of the clients of our online clinic went to the hospital this past week after a nightmarish tooth infection spiralled out of control. The recommended treatment, after a CT scan that revealed a mass in the brain, was exploratory neurosurgery to see if the mass was tumour or infection. The patient checked out of the hospital against doctor’s orders. His fever is down and all is well. To me it makes sense to always apply basic emergency room and intensive care medicines of the nutritional type to see if appropriate dosages will do the job that the surgeon’s knife was ready to do.

I have read and heard about many interesting cases through the years. This morning I was reading about a young man in dire need of a heart transplant who shocked doctors and loved ones alike when his failing heart mended itself. Michael Crowe, 23, was admitted to a Nebraska hospital with a life-threatening heart problem. Suffering from acute myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart muscle), Crowe’s heart was functioning at only 10 percent efficiency, and his other organs were starting to fail when his heart healed itself leaving doctors scratching their heads.

I do believe in miracles but I like even better creating the conditions for miracles to happen. Intentional miracles are no stranger to people in Brazil, whose traditions in spiritual healings run deep. Many from around the world come to our region in Goias to visit John of God.

Personally, as this story I hope tells, my plan for healing is grounded in medicine and heart oriented psychology, which I have created from the ground up. I have done the impossible - changing the face of medicine and how it is practised by many around the globe - this itself has been a miracle coming quickly after I published my Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book and then my books on Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodine and Selenium.

At very low dosages, selenium already has a great effect on our immune system and thus on cancer and its outcome. At very high dosages we hope to find a therapeutic sweet spot that will help many more cancer patients survive their cancer.

I could not have received a clearer sign from heaven about our intentions here at Sanctuary. The natives would look at the good omen of this first healing experience. I am publishing this story in my Water Medicine book because here at Sanctuary we are surrounded by pure water, which we are putting our medicines into.

Besides the latest and best in health and medical science, living in a pristine environment is another miracle that we have going for our future visitors. In addition, it helps that our intentions are to channel the heavens down to earth creating a Garden of Eden. A place where miracles happen and turn into routine is when you do everything right. When everything lines up perfectly for a person what can we expect except miracles?

I am not the first to witness such dramatic turnabouts; many practitioners have spoken of such experiences. Dr Leonard Coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks. He recommends using natural cancer cures as opposed to traditional cancer treatments.

Some doctors feel that cancer can be beaten quite quickly. I agree with Dr Coldwell that if a person does everything intensely enough and correctly with high dosages of the key elements of the protocol, he can be cured of cancer very quickly, unless this person has been devastated by chemo and radiation therapies.

The principle, though, does not usually translate into practice so even though I present some dramatic testimonials from people using only fractions of the full protocol, cancer is often a long war - many battles must be won and they are not all on the physical level. In fact, when one really learns to understand cancer then one begins to appreciate that there will never again be such a thing as relaxing - meaning remission does not mean letting down one’s guard.

Battling with one’s inner self becomes a major part of cancer and its treatment, so great care and caution is called for in making clearheaded decisions. That is of course not easy right after a doctor has given you a death sentence.

Treating cancer is a serious business and if you go downtown to your mainstream oncologist’s office you are going to be offered some very serious treatment programs from which you might not survive. But you could also be hit by a bus tomorrow, so you might as well take some deep breaths if you have recently been handed a cancer diagnosis, and take the time to think straight about what you are going to do.

Concentrated Nutrition is Medicine for the Cells

Scientists have known for a long time that animals fed near-starvation diets in laboratories see dramatic boosts in their lifespan. A lack of nutrients seems to spur the activity of cellular repair mechanisms, which help to slow the gradual accumulation of cellular damage that is one identified cause of ageing. In 2008 a group led by Valter Longo, a biologist at the University of Southern California (USC), published a paper suggesting that a short, sharp course of fasting - not eating at all for a few days, as opposed to months of eating much less than normal - could make ordinary, non-cancerous cells more resistant.[2]

You will see considerable attention given in the protocol to going as liquid as possible and using superfoods like spirulina and seawater. Even seawater can be used as medicine and is wonderful when trying to learn how to be more liquid. I personally use great-tasting superfood formulas because they provide an easy way to consume a lot of high-octane nutrition without requiring any energy for digestion.


Natural Allopathic Medicine offers intelligent forms of both chemotherapy and radiation. I have carefully chosen medicinals and radiation forms that create hostile environments for cancer while simultaneously creating a friendly supportive environment for healthy cells and tissues. When the right type of radiation is combined with the right form of natural chemotherapy we increase people’s chances survive and outlive their cancer.

When we engage our patient’s souls in their quest for cancer-free existence we do them a service that too few are equipped to do. It is not just the right medicinals and health practices, but our attitudes and our willingness to listen to what life is saying to us. A doctor of the soul knows where to place his attention if he wants his patients to engage on the most important areas of change needed to turn healing energy toward more miraculous outcomes.

[1] Non-Hallucinogenic Cannabinoids Are Effective Anti-Cancer Drugs
Katherine Ann Scott, Sini Shah, Angus George Dalgleish And Wai Man Liu. Enhancing the Activity of Cannabidiol and Other Cannabinoids In Vitro Through Modifications to Drug Combinations and Treatment SchedulesAnticancer Research, October 2013;

[2] Starvation-dependent differential stress resistance protects normal but not cancer cells against high-dose chemotherapy; Raffaghello L, Lee C, Safdie FM, Wei M, Madia F, Bianchi G, Longo VD; Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2008 Jun 17;105(24):8215-20. Epub 2008 Mar 31.

Dr Mark Sircus Ac OMD DM(P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine


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