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Medical Intuition - Interview with Lori Wilson BA MSW

by Caroline Barrow(more info)

listed in interviews, originally published in issue 110 - April 2005


On a recent visit to Canada I had the opportunity to watch the film What the bleep do we know? – a low budget film with an extraordinary content. A group of scientists, biochemists and theologians discussed their subjects and the key questions of life – Who am I? why am I here? – with passion and enthusiasm. With a (nearly) understandable explanation of quantum physics, the point was made that this incredible branch of science is now proving that we are basically made of very little substance, since the atoms we are made up of are mostly made up of space, yet there is also some kind of energy that holds these tiny particles of atoms together.

This energy field, scientists offered, could be described as 'thought'. And thought creates. And so this universal creative force could conceivably be termed the 'god-force'; Lynne McTaggart called it the field; Larry Dossey called it non-local mind; all descriptions suggest that the 'thought' we perceive as being our mind is not in fact confined to the brain or body but spreads infinitely throughout space and time. So if we are inherently thought and this thought exists as energetic vibrations and these vibrations extend way out into the non-local mind, then perhaps it is not such a an inconceivable leap to wonder if we are somehow also hardwired to read and interpret this information – even if we have forgotten how to start the programme…

While the practice and study of 'gifts' such as medical intuition have been around in one form or another for centuries, the current understanding and use of the term was brought into general awareness by the work of Norm Shealy MD and Caroline Myss in the 1980s. However, a variety of other people also work with the concepts and have developed unique ways of working that suit their own styles and backgrounds. Lori Wilson is a Canadian who has honed the fine art of 'paying attention' to a medically intuitive degree! She has been providing and teaching Medical Intuition for over eight years. I asked her to describe her style of Medical Intuition when I met her last December in Toronto.

What is your Understanding of the Process of Medical Intuition?

I do believe that the energy fields that surround the body are real and in time will be measured and measurable by science and scientific methods. Whatever our approaches, we are all getting closer and closer to understanding and refining how we work with this field. I work with Medical Intuition, a process that involves scanning the body's energy field for information relating (primarily) to a person's physical condition.

Medical intuition can often pinpoint pre-clinical information, imbalances or weaknesses in specific areas, subtle issues, as well as the strengths in a person's energy field. This offers a potential to avoid conditions that have not yet manifested or to reach the true source of conditions that have so far been elusive to treatment – through either orthodox or alternative approaches. What is wonderful is that most bodies are very willing to communicate and divulge a large amount of very specific information if we learn to pay attention. The technique I have developed and teach gives a framework to help people to learn to appreciate the wisdom stored in the energy field of the body and report it, uncensored and without analysis.

What is Specific about your Medical Intuition method?

First of all this method does not treat, nor do I teach any methods of treating. We frequently carry out scans for individuals who take the information gleaned to other health care providers. These extra and very specific observations often prove very helpful for the healing team members. The students who train in my scanning style are already very capable professionals from a variety of healing fields. Scanning can indeed be used to help their clients in their own existing practices. However, I strongly suggest that these two approaches are done at different times.

Secondly, since it is usually the physical body that people are asking about, I work almost exclusively from the physical body when I go and request information. While wisdom can come from a variety of other sources (i.e. guides, spirit, higher wisdom, etc.,) I am keen to pinpoint exactly what the body is saying. I hold no preconceptions about what a particular problem may stem from or relate to. Many times over the years, I have seen similar symptoms caused by completely different underlying problems and similar traumas present completely different symptoms. This only reinforces the importance of having no presumptions or expectations when doing this work. A motto we reinforce with our students is "to be prepared to be surprised at every observation". Then you really know you are attending and reporting in an open 'scientific' way.

Another reason I find it important to communicate with the body itself is because the body doesn't label and the body doesn't lie. If you get 'attitude' from an area this is not the body talking, it is an aspect of somebody's mind. If you pick up the 'name' of an illness or disease from the body cells then you need to check again who provided the label. The body simply does not communicate in labels. It may be a belief system, someone else's label or even fears from outside sources, but it is unlikely to be the body itself.

Case Study

Charlotte was going in for her third exploratory surgery in the last two years, for deep abdominal, kidney and ovarian pain. Ultrasound and exploratory results were inconclusive. Her doctor agreed to hear the findings of a Medical Intuition (MI) Practitioner before surgery once again. Please bear in mind that in these case studies, the MI practitioner has absolutely no information regarding the client prior to doing the scan except for their name on the consent form. The scan observation relating to Charlotte's area of concern was as follows:

"Ureter – Right side. Feel pulled down by internal structure. Radiating pain on occasion up to right kidney, but mostly a chronic ache into right ovary and even into right groin area. Low grade ache deep inside tissue and mesentery. Right ovarian artery is looped around right ureter and pulling down, causing pain. Worse in morning and late at night. Structural, from birth".

As it turns out, this information was extremely helpful to the client's team and they were able to repair the artery that was pulling on the ureter as well as the ovary itself. Charlotte remains pain free two years after her last surgery.

How do you Scan?

The style I developed has three distinct steps. Broadcast, Head to Toe and Organs and Systems. The first portion of the scan I carry out I call the broadcast scan. First, it is important to allow my energy to meet with the person I am scanning. As I put my energy field forward it needs to adjust to theirs as their energy field adjusts to mine. This also lets the other 'body' know that I am attending and listening to it. My intention is to pick whatever the body chooses to share first. This often gives random first impressions and may include information about immediate health concerns, current emotional state and spiritual issues.

After noting the information from the general broadcast scan, I do a more specific 'head-to-toe' scan.

What is the Head-to-Toe Scan?

It is a more systematic process. I literally start at the top of the head and work my way down, observing the information that may be available at any point as I go from head to toe. If I am called to stop, I look at where I have stopped: the physical place, the physiological processes, any psychological, emotional, environmental influences… The body may take a few moments to share this information, so I wait and allow it the time it needs. As it begins to share the relevant information it is a bit like opening an options bar on a computer. By focusing into the place that has called me, additional information or 'options' come up to be looked at or attended to and I follow this as far as the body wants to show me. Taking an isolated area, I can go into the depth of what it has to say, going through the layers to the essence. I will usually find where the condition originated, what its purpose may be, when it started, any images connected with it, perhaps of the place or trauma that set it off, and whatever other information is relevant and important.

I also may get links from the area I am looking into, to other places in the body. We call this a circuit, areas that are connected energetically. Sometimes I experience a brief tingling sensation in another area of my body or my vision, or awareness is drawn to another part of their body. When this other information appears, I have found it is important to follow it, while maintaining contact with the original stop point. It's a bit like opening a new document on the computer but not shutting the first one! The 'calling' to the second (or further) body area may be because both areas were initially affected at the outset, or it may be an area of the body that is suffering from the attempts to compensate for the original incident. It may be linked in an emotional, psychological, physiological way… our bodies are incredibly creative and inventive with the ways they store injuries that they have been unable to deal with! Sometimes this 'following' process feels like an unravelling of a knot in an extensive ball of yarn. All details are relevant.

As I scan, I simply note all the places I follow to, and then come back to the starting point of that thread and carry on with the head to toe scan. Interestingly, I have found that if I don't follow a 'call' from the original injury or stop point I may miss an important secondary piece of information as it won't always show up on its own.

What about the More Systemic Conditions?

From the head to toe scan I pick up a fair amount of what is going on; however, there are other aspects of the body that may be missed by this, for example the blood supply and cardiovascular system, lymphatics, neural circuits of the body or emotional stuff that may not have been housed in a particular part of the body. To complete, I do an 'organs and systems' scan. This includes addressing body-wide systems in an overall fashion and also the opportunity to ask the body if there is 'anything else' the body would like to communicate. I have found that a variety of different things can surface here and bodies are often grateful for the opportunity to add anything else and finish their side of the conversation.

Case Study

Henry B, age 51, has suffered from asthma like symptoms his entire life. Despite traditional assessments and even treatments, they have not subsided. While no tests can prove asthma or even lung weakness, he suffers from shortness of breath, especially in the month of October. After many years of struggle, Henry seeks out the services of a Medical Intuition Practitioner. The practitioner has never met Henry and works long-distance, having only his name on the consent form. The scan takes approximately one hour. The information that relates to his lung condition actually presented in his sinuses. The scan details are as follows:

"Sinuses/Nasal passages: Heavy residue of petrochemical airborne gas. Oil base with some diesel fuel. Tracks back to age seven, cold temperature, close surroundings, fear, anxiety, awareness of father. Father is working hard and does not understand what is being asked of him. Seven year-old made promise "I will never let myself be taken away from home, I will always understand what others are saying and doing." This still resides in nasal tissue, radiating all the way down through lung mucosa, as does the petrochemical heavy metal residue. Low grade pneumonia virus, exposed age seven, re-triggers ages 27 and 51".

Of course there was plenty more to the scan, but this observation was what reflected most on Henry's so-called asthma condition. When given the Medical Intuition scan information Henry could not relate to any petrochemical exposure at age seven. Upon further reflection he recalled that at age seven his family came over on a ship with several hundred other immigrants on a ten week journey to America. His father worked on the ship in the boiler room as a labourer and was terribly afraid what would happen to his family when he was not with them. None of them spoke English at the time. His mother did have pneumonia on the ship and his father died of pneumonia when Henry was 27. His recent bout of 'asthma' symptoms came about a few weeks earlier when viewing a movie about immigrant crossings, although he had not made any connection with his condition and the movie. Interestingly… Henry teaches languages at a community college.

Do you have to be 'Gifted' to Do It?

No! Medical Intuition is a skill that can be developed by every one of us. When we have caring for others and training in how to structure our attention, we will be able to listen. There are untold benefits in developing our intuition, increasing our ability to focus and ultimately listen to ourselves and others.

If we are indeed all part of the 'non-local' mind and contributing to 'the field' all we need to learn to do is open our innate abilities to 'speak this energetic language'. From this perspective, Medical Intuition is not new at all, simply a 21st century label for a forgotten ability.

About Lori Wilson

Lori Wilson has been teaching Medical Intuition, Channelling, Regression and Counselling for over 20 years. Her passion to spread this work and help others develop their own inner trust. She can be contacted via

Further Information

Lori Wilson will be in the UK presenting all the components of her course Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson's Total Body IntuitionTM from April 8-13 and September 23-28, 2005. If you are interested in attending the course and learning how to work with your own medical intuition, you can contact the College of Body Science, who are hosting Lori's workshop on the above dates, on Tel: 0845 108 1088


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