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Entropy is Required to Enable Us Humans to Live a Life with Fewer Health Disorders

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 269 - March 2021


Entropy in the philosophical and much wider sense, in which it is generally understood, has much to do with loss and deterioration but with an added bonus!  With any new project, very soon after its initiation, its progress tends to falter.  That is, resistance or difficulties rear their unwelcome heads to slow down or even stop the project that has just been embarked-upon.  In esoteric terms this resistance is embodied in the Law of Three.  The Law of Three requires an explanation in itself, and may be decoded in another article. 

It may have been noticed that when we initiate something in a particular direction as with a project - for example the changing of our diet food-wise, after awhile, we lose that original enthusiasm and we fall back to the way we were with the old habits of eating - this is a form of Entropy, in that a constructive idea is put into motion - put into action, but inertia and loss of enthusiasm breaks-down that initiative.

By the way, Entropy is a law inherent within the subject of thermodynamics. (i.e. inevitable loss of heat). Without heat-chi there is no life!

My point being that with our body physiology, entropy usually manifests in the way of internal deterioration of organic structures as with the passage of time, and/or physical derangement from external attack by pathogens and others organisms and microorganisms.  In this way, a daily struggle is suffered; it becomes laborious to try to maintain a good physiological balance with our health issues. Heat, which  sustains life, and is life, diminishes when under attack from pathogens and more, but also it does so with organ and tissue degeneration.



If we imagine an outward but plane trajectory extended from the horizontal pelvis, it parallels perfectly with the Visible Horizon of the spherical Mother Earth. (This is the dividing line engendered when the sky meets the earth).


It is a daily battle trying to keep ourselves on an even keel, so to speak.  Of course the body/mind is inherently fighting with its interior weaponised resources to help us maintain from within us a modicum of poise and stability. It requires much labour on our part, to keep ourselves sane mentally, and stable emotionally as well.  

Entropy as such, is never really taken into consideration health-wise.  This strange subject [ENTROPY] happens to be controversial when applied to medicine, which is why few people would understand the need to engage with some of entropy’s purposes within creation, and its curious function within the scheme of things.

Without our bodies being attacked daily by internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous) factors, we could not survive or endure life as general.  This is because by surviving these daily, weekly and monthly attacks, we are made stronger and more able to endure the internal and the external insults that will always befall and harass us.

We cannot generate the vitality required to live normally without our physiology being ‘pitted against’ and challenged by factors that by their very nature damage us and even attempt to destroy us.  This is also true with non-medical ordinary and, extraordinary events (much can be written about that - for instance: Man makes his greatest achievements when he was/is faced with rigour - his back against the wall!).

Altogether, this is why wholesale vaccination forced on us when we are helpless children has to be a controversial action of the State.*  

This way by vaccinating, with few exceptions, is robbing us human-beings the essential process of the strengthening of our immune systems as infants; childhood illnesses that prime and challenge us at that epoch, ensures a reasonably robust and a healthy life to come. Such is the value of Entropy, in the sense that natural childhood illnesses are a benefit to life, right at the beginning of it - this is the valuable aspect of Entropy.

With this in mind, the COVID-19 virus in my view should be allowed to do its job - its effects will strengthen us and make us think more about looking to making our own health more durable instead of relying on the chemico-therapies as prescribed by the National Health Systems that are State Sponsored.  Chemico-therapies (drugs) that are inimical to life both physically and psychologically do not heal, but merely suppress, and a Condition being suppressed will burst-out eventually into a worse form of illness later-on. Ugh!

This present Pandemic Covid19, is being wrongly emphasized by the authorities as being catastrophic, because erroneously, they are associating it with the Black Death of the Middle Ages - it is not the same; the vast majority of us are still alive! 

Mostly it affects detrimentally those people who have been previously vaccinated, not only as innocent children, but also as adults who would not now enjoy the vigour that people possessed as in past generations who were not vaccinated and not injected with Heavy Metals and other dire substances?  Young people and infants are being diagnosed with COVID-19 that would normally be contested by a good immune system that counteracts the development and the sufferance of such a virus. In reality this COVID-19 virus in my view is a bonus to life and not a curse as is made out to be by those who cannot see the universal panoramic view. Many scientists are giving absurd advice to government, and in this way destroying more important matters of state, such as with the Economy.

Since we cannot turn the clock back, we must do our best during our lifetime to exercise properly and to eat sensibly and to enjoy activities that improve our way of thinking and feeling, but also to open our spiritual and the ethereal sides of our nature.


Male and Female Pelvis

Male (Top) and Female (Below) Pelvis. Courtesy Wikipedia


We may start by establishing re-alignment of our spines and our pelvises.  Without spinal alignment, we will never reach that quality or quantity of health on all the pre-requisite levels expected in a normal balanced life.  An aligned spinal construct is essential for a healthy life with a robust immune system that follows-on.


Skeletal Distortions + Pelvic Corrector

Skeletal Distortions from The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction Issue 172 – July 2010

The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device from The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction Issue 172 – July 2010


Without our backbones enjoying uprightness, whatever we do to improve our Immune Systems, unless our spines and our pelvises are aligned, we just cannot reach that optimum state of health we should like to attain and which is our birthright to enjoy.

It is not only back-pain and all other musculoskeletal-skeletal aches and pains we suffer, but the more subtle aspects of our physiology not producing what we want and what we need that matters also.  All those pesky Conditions/Ailments that beset our lives, many are due to the misalignment of the pelvis and skeletal frame.  Note also, that leg length discrepancy, that is, one of your legs longer than its partner leg is a feature of this commonplace discombobulation.

The pelvis is: The Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and it determines to a large extent the health of the whole of the human spine when integrated and aligned so that its horizontality parallels to the Visible Horizon. (This visible horizontal line is engendered when the sky meets the circumference of the earth).  When the horizontality of the pelvis is projected outwards,  plane-wise to meet the horizon-line of the visible horizon, there is balance and poise - This is one of the unseen connections to Mother Earth.   Not to mention again that, the healthy spine assists us to suffer fewer illnesses as well as to give us flexibility of movement - movement on all levels; essential to us homo-sapiens.


* Of course, there are exceptions to this.  There are situations where vaccination is necessary to preserve life if there are no better forms of intervention available..


  1. Tom said..

    Marvelous article. I am in full agreement with vaccinations robbing us (or our children) of the needed exposure to germs (viruses) and the subsequent strengthening of the immune system. This is in alignment with nature, I believe. Nature will out-survive the stupidity of arrogant mankind.

    I think excessive vaccine dosage and many pharma drugs destroy nutrients and thus weaken the body. Furthermore, one may conclude that giving children dozens and dozens of injections by the age of 18 is setting them up for insidious diseases, including many auto-immune diseases, down the road as they age.

    That may be the purpose of all these vaccinations in that an supremely over-vaccinated child in adulthood will then require even more pharma drugs to treat diseases their weakened immune systems cannot fight off. This assure the entire pharma/medical complex a steady diet of patients and profits. Especially since so few of these synthetic drugs actually create a diseased free patient after their extended usage.

  2. Alexander Barrie said..

    Kind of you Tom to respond to my article but positively. In the present epoch we are experiencing an unhappy era whereby the England you and I once knew is no more! Even so, this may be part of God’s Plan and not the plan, as the hidden cabal thinks it has organised for the Reset, pre-organised to change the world!

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