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Effective Lymphatic Function Part I

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 218 - November 2014

All body tissues are nourished by tissue fluid. Most of this fluid returns to the blood via the lymphatic system. The lymph starts in tiny lymph capillaries and passes through larger lymph vessels and lymph nodes before being returned to the blood (subclavian veins) near the collar bones. The thymus gland, spleen, tonsils, appendix, lymph nodes under arms, in the abdomen and in groins etc. are all part of the lymphatic system. There is no ‘heart’ to pump the lymph but, like veins, the larger vessels have one way valves which prevent backflow after the contraction of deep muscle tissue propels lymph ‘onwards and upwards’.

Lymphatic System
The Lymphatic System [1]

Deep breathing and adequate tissue hydration[2] are essential for the proper circulation of lymph. Imagine trying to flush the toilet with little water in the cistern - well, it is a similar to anticipating adequate lymphatic circulation without sufficient water. Proper hydration is not possible without adequate unrefined sea salt[3] to balance osmotic pressures and water movement.

Lymph diag.

The pumping action of muscles helps to push the lymph back to the subclavian veins. Wearing high-heeled shoes impedes this important function in the leg muscles, (especially the calf muscles). For this reason, high heels should be thought of as a decorative accessory for short term wear (for example on a night out taxi to door with little walking) rather than functional shoe wear. Wearing tight and/or ill-filling clothing, especially bras, girdles and jeans can also impede lymphatic movement.

Bio-energy from our body electrics, or vital energy is required to energize lymph flow. This electrical energy is also dependent upon adequate water and unrefined salt in the connective tissue, in much the same way that a car battery (electrical energy) is generated in a fluid medium. This bio-energy is the source of all physiological function and enables tests like electrocardiographs (ECG) and electroencephalographs (EEG). Bio-electrical energizing of the lymphatic system is enhanced by lymphasizing as described in Samuel West’s book The Golden Seven Plus One.[4]

The effects of bio-energy can clearly be seen in everyday examples. When feeling down, defeated or upset, there is a noticeable lack of energy but upon opening a letter with good news, money, good test results etc. there is a sparkle and energy lift. The state of every cell and overall connective tissue is intimately tied to lymphatic function and energy status. Toxicity, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and emotional stress all manifest in connective tissue status. Health is not an isolated issue but much like a jigsaw; all the pieces contribute to the overall picture. This is especially so in the 21st Century with the complex poisons we imbibe through the atmosphere: radiation, foods, drinks, vaccinations, drugs (especially anti-biotics), negative mind-set programming and other social factors. However, we can do things for ourselves on an individual basis. Information and awareness are two great allies to finding our way to the health we desire rather than diminished energy and sickness by default.

Emotional stress, when not handled properly, or allowed to become chronic (long term) has a detrimental effect on vital body energy and can lead to chronically blocked lymphatics because the energy to the physical lymphatic system gets ‘switched-off’. These ‘switched off’ lymphatic reflex points become painful and they are easy to locate by feeling round the ribs, arms, legs etc. Once located, gentle massage can re-set these points to efficiency, although some points may take a while to normalize whilst other points will not return to normal because something else is negatively affecting them, such as sleeping in adverse radiation. Once the painful reflex points are located, anything other than gentle massage will probably prevent correction. If whatever affected them is not corrected though, the return to ‘switched-off’ will resume sooner or later.

Two aspects of lymphatic drainage need to be considered, one being the physical lymphatic system and surrounding structures (muscles, facia) and the other being the ‘bio-electrical’ reflex points which provide the energy for lymphatic movement.

When tissue is kept ‘clear’ by unhindered lymph drainage, it is able to be balanced but when the day’s toxins are not carried away, then loss of energy will result. This is compounded when there are too many toxins for the body to handle on a daily basis, for example:

  • Insufficient daily intake of pure water - min. 5-6 pints daily;
  • Electrolyte imbalance (lack of unrefined sea salt);
  • constant imbibing of physical toxins, e.g. toxic dental materials, drugs (and notably anti-biotics) food  additives,  chemicals,  pesticides,  heavy  metals, water toxins, fluoride etc.
  • Interference with natural electro-magnetic status, e.g. mobile ‘phones (especially when used by those with amalgam dental fillings), close proximity to power lines, negative earth radiation etc;
  • Chronic emotional stresses, e.g. unresolved conflicts, mishandling of emotions, inappropriate reactions, detrimental belief systems carried over from childhood;
  • Lack of sleep quantity or quality - vital for sodium/potassium pump which is maximized from about 11 pm and under the pull of the moon. This is somewhat like the pull of the moon on the minerals in the sea creating daily tides, so the pull of the moon on the minerals in cells creating daily cellular tides of detoxification and nutritional intake.
  • Not washing off the night’s toxic output through the skin in the morning (i.e. morning bath or shower). The morning bath/shower is the most important one in any day;
  • Lack of activity, fresh air, correct breathing, bad posture;
  • Deficient nutrition - lack of intake, lack of uptake;
  • Intake of bad/non-foods e.g. toxic fats, meats unfit for human consumption, processed and/or synthetic fats, chemicals masquerading as foods, genetically modified foods, foods rendered toxic by chemical processing.

Should the above become a way of life, ill health and chronic fatigue will eventually result and the pH balance will become acidic causing loss of alkaline minerals, which are stored in bones and withdrawn to buffer (neutralize) the acidity. This can lead to numerous health complications and even to premature ageing and osteoporosis.

Keeping the lymphatic system active is an important aspect of daily health. One of the best ways to do this is to lymphasize (not the same as exercise). This means gently bouncing into the electromagnetic atmosphere which surrounds us everywhere (on a rebounder) and picking up its energy which has a positive effect on lymph movement and the lymph vessel valve structures. If you become stressed during this bouncing, the effect will be diminished. So bounce until you feel a bit stressed by bouncing, then gently pull back to a position of comfort. The entry and exit into and out of lymphasizing must be gentle and gradual (i.e. warm up at the beginning and slow down at end); otherwise it will cause stress and defeat the object. This can be done sitting on, or standing on, the rebounder, but feet should barely leave the rebounder and enter the aerobic exercise level. This is explained in Samuel West’s book, The Golden Seven plus One and other works on the body energetics.[4]

Lymphasizing is not the same activity as using a rebounder for aerobic exercise which is beneficial in that it stimulates muscles to contract and squeeze the lymph and venous blood upwards but its overall effect on the lymphatic system is not the same as lymphasizing which works energetically directly on the lymphatics.

Blocked lymphatics can lead to chronic muscle spasm, and exercising tight muscles can be detrimental to overall state of health.  Exercise should only be done on balanced musculature. Tight musculature has many causes and this should be investigated - heavy metal toxicity mainly from amalgam dental fillings being a common one resulting in acidity and tight muscles, emotional stress being another. A thorough history will usually detect several combined causes which can be identified and remedied. Tight muscles can be gently stretched and worked upon, but exercise is best done where muscles are already in reasonable balance.[5]

In Part Two the detrimental effects of emotional stress on the lymphatic drainage system and the part played by the lymphatic system during detoxification will be considered.


1. Lymphatic diagram

2. Kinesiology testing at ICHC courses resulted in distilled water and unrefined sea salt being the most bio-compatible form of hydration (tests used tap water, bottled water, distilled water).

3. The Right Salt Diet, Positive Health, Issue 108 February 2005.

4. Samuel West. Golden Seven Plus One, Samuel Publishing Co., ASIN B0006E57V2. 1981.
Robert Becker and Gary Selden. The Body Electric. William Morrow Paperbacks. ISBN-13: 978-0688069711.

5. Exercise and Nutrition. Positive Health, Issue 141 November 2007.  



  1. Harry Howell, DSc said..

    Dear Editor,
    Good to see a well-written article on the much-ignored lymph system.Information takes a long time to filter through, as seems to be the case in which I presented a paper in the John Ellis Theatre at The Royal London Hospital in May, 1992, entitled: 'Lymph and the Immune System'.In the presentation, I discussed the existence of a lymphatic pump, discovered during pathology at the Royal Marsden Hospital, under the direction of Dr Cyril Fisher, then head of the Department of Pathology at that hospital.
    I am much looking forward to reading Part Two of this article. I am particularly encouraged to see the linkage between the lymph system and energy systems, another much-ignored aspect of human health.Very good work. I hope it will encourage more practitioners to take an interest in the lymph because it has wide-ranging effects on health and needs constant research to increase our knowledge. A lot of exciting work has been carried out in a government hospital (Kalubowila) in Sri Lanka, especially on elephantiasis.

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