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Regenerative Homeopathy© To Whole Health Satisfaction

by Leah Dumbrava(more info)

listed in homeopathy, originally published in issue 200 - November 2012


“Necessity is the mother of invention”.

From Plato, The Republic Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC - 347 BC)


The necessity of meeting a need stimulates the creation of new concepts and new techniques.

I have always been fascinated with the wonders of the body in which we live. My education began by taking a variety of courses in Natural Healing Arts, which lasted several years on extensive travels and studies.

By continuing my passion for Natural Healing Arts, I eventually developed Holistic Skin Care. When practising Holistic Skin Care, I realized that the process of healing was too slow; I started to research ways of finding how to speed up the process.

Finding Homeopathy

My journey eventually led to Homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicine is a highly developed science of healing, which nowadays is practised in two forms: Classical Homeopathy and Complex Homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann founded classical homeopathy in the eighteen century. Both forms of homeopathy obtain excellent results and cause no harmful side effects.

A great book to introduce the novice to Homeopathy and its history is written by Rima Handley called, A Homeopathic Love Story – The Story of Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann. (Handley, 1997).

How it all Began for Me

I started to practise Classical Homeopathy in 1993, which uses only one remedy at the time to take over the causes that created a specific health concern. To my expectation, the healing process was too slow, so, I started to practise the advanced homeopathic approach, the Complex Homeopathy. Complex Homeopathy uses more than one remedy at the time and did eventually improve the healing process.

Over the years my love for homeopathy deepened. It is a magic medicine that works wonders beyond the microscope.  I eventually took the concept of Holistic Skin Care, as a basic concept, to develop Regenerative Homeopathy©, focusing on the person’s  dis-ease and not on the disease.

Homeopathic Approach

In 2002, the idea of holistic homeopathic approach, from head to toe, started to take wings. I have designed a chain of remedies in affinity with each other. The treatments are divided in three stages of healing, starting with low potencies, and going up through the chain. Each stage is made of 32 treatments that are taken over a 16- week

Regenerative Homeopathy© is a Trade Secret, thus the strategy and remedies name cannot be revealed. Eventually it will be revealed in a book, that I hope, will one day be published.

To back up the remedies action, I have also developed and integrated, in my programs, the Regenerative Eating Style©.

Regenerative Homeopathy© backed by Regenerative Eating Style©, can take many health concerns into remission. This can be done, without the need for abrasive approaches; such as radiations and chemotherapies.

In spite of ‘incurable’ skin disorders, such as Rosacea Acne or Psoriasis; or Neurological related diagnosis: such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Autism or Immune Deficiency disorders such as Diabetes or Prostate related problems, Cancers or HIV, the chain of homeopathic remedies, with their holistic actions, would take over by breathing new life into the cells, renewing, restoring, rejuvenating, healing, promoting longevity and give a sense of rebirth from head to toe.

The recoveries are according to how long the disease has been set in. When the treatments start, with an early set in of the disease, the recovery should be around 80%, and this should occur, towards the end of the stage three, regardless of a hazardous diagnosis.  

Here is the backbone theory that stands behind the Regenerative Homeopathy©:

“Health is a state of harmony between all organs working in a synchronized and interdependent manner. There is no one part of the whole anatomical and physiological system that works on its own.  A disturbance in one part is going to affect other parts sooner or later”

This means that when we approach a health concern holistically, there is more of a chance towards remission than when we approach health concern specifically. There are signs, in advance, when hazardous health problems are in their way of development. It would show on the skin, through the scalp and hair, nails, bowel movements, urine colour, moods, sleep deprivation, lack of energy, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, memory deficiency, irritability, uncontrolled anger, and many other symptoms.  A symptom is just a manifestation of a serious problem that is in its way to develop.

When a person suffers from headache he or she may also have digestive problems-respiratory problems-skin problem, and so on…

Many make the mistake of treating natural medicine like a cult science, expecting immediate results that traditional or scientific medicine provides. Natural medicine always works more slowly than traditional solutions.  What we damage all our lives cannot be recovered in a short period of time. Today we are moving closer to mass acceptance of the holistic approach.

Regenerative Homeopathy© could be a consideration not only when we have a health concern but also when we choose to prevent it. I went through the regenerative process twice, and it was a gratifying experience, to me and to others as well.

Our lifespan is not determined by chronological age, but by the biological state of our organs. As our biological state of organs regenerates, we become healthier, and younger. We are as old as our organs are - and this is a fact.

Future Goals

I am hoping for the opportunity to produce a Testimonial Documentary Series on The Wonders of Regenerative Homeopathy© backed up by Regenerative Eating Style©. By showing facts of recoveries from a variety of health concerns is the only way to bring hope to lives of millions viewers and update the experts, and crystallize the sceptic mind into absolute faith. My goal is to inspire the novice with courageous and high moral ideas and with unwavering reflections of contemporary society.

Quotes by worldwide famous people:

  1. “Homeopathy.... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. It is beyond doubt safe, economical and the most complete medical science" by Mahatama Gandhi;
  2. “There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy” by Dizzy Gillespie, great jazz musician;
  3. "Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years" by  Yehudi Menuhin, world famous violinist;
  4. "Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine." by Dr. Charles Menninger MD.


Handley, Rima. A Homeopathic Love Story: The Story of Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann. Berkley, California: North Atlantic Books.1997.

Plato, The Republic Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC – 347).


  1. Mia said..

    Thank you so much Dr Dumbrava for this extremely lovely advise. Please continue to write from the heart.
    I have done this myself and recommend for perfect health.

    “The most important thing to remember about fighting and preventing aging and disease through nutritional cellular support is that it should be done consistently, every day, and we must have a clean system to support our health"
    “It is an undisputed scientific fact that disease prevention, health, healing, beauty, and anti-aging all begin at the cellular level. The health of your cells dictates the health of your body, and our mind. WE ARE CELLS! Trillions of cells make up our bodies. Every tissue, organ, gland, cartilage, bone, muscle, and nerve, which amounts to every single part of our bodies, are made up of cells.”

    Looking forward to your next article!

  2. Bob Pike D.C. said..

    Thank you Leah for sharing your insightful enthusiasm for the body's incredible interconnected nature. From reflexology to wholistic skin care, right nutrition and now "The Wonders of Regenerative Homeopathy", your journey continues...
    Our actual age has a lot less to do with our genetics than it does with what we do with it by choices made daily...The wonders of Epigenetics + the inherent magic of the Life Force Impulses to which our cells are designed to entrain adapt, grow, develop, transform and evolve.

  3. Farshad fahim said..

    Very very helpful
    Thank you

  4. G. scientist said..


    Health is often taken for granted and it is not appreciated until is lost.I found your calling for holistic concept of healing, intrinsically fulfilling. It is enlightening. Thank you for sharing your passion for the field of homeopathy. Best wishes as you explore expansion of the concept with others.

  5. Leah said..

    Here is a powerful and challenging opportunity for a neuroscientist to explore and see what Regenerative Homeopathy© To Whole Health Satisfaction can do. Regenerative Homeopathy©, uses homeopathic remedies, made of diluted natural sources, that resonate and integrate very well with brain chemistry, brain plasticity. By improving the Brain chemistry, the Brain creates a New Mind. The New Mind change the Believes. The Believes change the Attitudes. The Attitudes change the Feelings. The Feelings change the Actions. The Actions change the Results and…the Results turn the Suffering into Happiness. The holistic action of each remedy has the ability to stimulate and regenerate the brain, region by region, towards whole health satisfaction. When Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s symptoms were treated with Regenerative Homeopathy© in the early stages, the drug-free recoveries were indisputable. I have a firm belief that a neuroscientist inspired and intrigued by the whole idea of Regenerative Homeopathy© could reach new understandings and better strategies to rehabilitate people suffering from devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s or cognitive declines that come with old age.

  6. Valery said..

    I really enjoyed the article.  It focused on the great benefits of homeopathy in helping all conditions in one holistic approach. Every week in the newspaper and on the news a drug is being taken off the market due to serious side effects. Chemo and radiation kills more people than helps. A serious look needs to happen with conventional medicine. I would say 50% needs to be changed. I believe homeopathy is one of the best healing tools. Conventional medicine need to educated about the miracle work of homeopathy. You helped me a lot.

  7. Seema said..

    Great article and very well written.  Will you be writing for this journal on a regular basis? It is written with clarity and is very informative for someone who is not too familiar with homeopathy and how it works.  It explains it very well and it is easily understood.  Thank you

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About Leah Dumbrava

Leah Dumbrava HD (Homeopathic  Doctor) completed the Advance Studies in Homeopathic Medicine at The British Institute of Homeopathy and received the distinction of the title Fellow in 1996. She is the Founder of Regenerative Homeopathy© To Whole Health Satisfaction Toronto, Ontario, Canada Her passion in turning people’s health for better makes it the best job in the world.  

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