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How Homeopathy can help to Promote Healing of Sports/Dance Injuries

by June Sayer(more info)

listed in homeopathy, originally published in issue 231 - July 2016

One of my favourite hobbies is salsa dancing.  My husband and I took up salsa dancing 7 years ago and it has changed the course of our life by introducing us to a great way of keeping fit and having a wonderful social life. 

Of course dancing is only one of a number of ways that people undertake exercise, whether it is at the gym, cycling, roller skating, ice skating, running etc., but as one would expect with any sport there is the inevitable risk of injuries that could range from general bumps, bruises, strained muscles and ligaments through to broken bones. With a homeopathic kit to hand you could find yourself surprised at the speed of recovery from any injuries that may have been sustained during exercise.

Those of you who have watched the Olympics and other sports may already be aware that a number of celebrities advocate the use of this gentle form of healing since it is a natural product without any ill effects and does not cause drowsiness or have any effect on performance. The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has been a fan of homeopathy since the age of 16 and regularly visits his sports doctor in Munich every time he experiences problems. David Beckham is another fan of homeopathy; it has been publicized that in 2002 he was using homeopathy alongside conventional medicine to speed up the healing of his injured foot, and many European teams use a range of homeopathic medicines to treat their players’ injuries.

Sayer 231b Homeopathy for Sports Injuries

At the recent NTA (National Television Awards), Strictly Come Dancing star Arlene Philips wore a ‘living’ dress decorated with real flowers that are used for homeopathic remedies.  Arlene has also been quoted as saying “I’ve regularly found Arnica cream to be so helpful with healing bruises and dancing related injuries!” 

The homeopathic remedies that I would suggest as being included in your homeopathic first aid kit are as follows:

Where the pain comes on suddenly particularly after sitting in an air-conditioned room or being exposed to cold, dry winds.  Anxiety and restlessness accompany the pain.

Probably one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies.   It helps to relieve the pain and shock associated with any physical injury.  This remedy certainly works wonders on aches and pains associated with over exertion of the muscles where the limbs feel as if they have been beaten and are heavy and even when laying down to rest they will complain that the bed feels too hard.  Arnica can help speed up the healing of bruises.  Arnica cream can be applied to bruises, but please DO NOT apply the cream if the skin is broken.

Very helpful for injuries to the back where there is stiffness in the lumbar region and where the pains are sharp and are worse for movement. Even though the pains are worse for touch there is relief when firm pressure is applied to the part that is affected. Also useful for joints that are red, hot and swollen and when are better for warmth. Bryonia has an affinity for injuries to the right hand side of the body. The pains can make the person feel easily irritated.

This remedy will be helpful for anyone suffering from ‘growing pains’ and from Osgood-Schlatter disease. It is also beneficial for helping to speed up the healing process of broken bones.

This remedy in tincture form can be applied locally to cuts and grazes, lacerations as a hot compress and acts like an antiseptic.   As a remedy it can be used for torn tendons and muscles.

When there are injuries to parts that are rich in nerve endings, so for example toes and fingers or falls on the coccyx where pain radiates up the spine.

Backache and muscular weakness and joints tend to give way and there is the need to want to lean on something for support.  There are sharp aching pains in the joints and tendons and the pains are worse at night and from the cold weather.

The remedy to have in the first aid box for injuries to the head or for headaches since a head injury.

I have personally found this to be a wonderful remedy when I obtained a muscular injury during dance training. The muscles are stiff and sore, inflammation of the tendons and ailments that are the result of straining or over-lifting.  The pains are tearing, shooting, stitching and worse at night meaning that the person requiring this remedy will find it difficult to rest in any position and therefore appear to be very restless.   Gently motion as in limbering up helps to relieve the stiffness.

Backache from either injury or strain that feels better for pressure and lying on the back and a bruised feeling in the coccyx. The muscles feel stiff and the hamstrings feel shortened and the tendons feel sore and inflamed particularly after straining the muscles and the Achilles can feel sore. Ankles can be swollen from strain or injury and the knees may give way when going up or coming down from stairs.

A remedy from the herb Comfrey; also known as Knit-bone. Useful when there are injuries to the eyes (black eyes) or where there are injuries or bruises from blunt instruments or back pain following a fall. Symphytum can be used after Arnica to speed up the healing process.

Of course for any serious injury or broken bones you are advised to visit your GP who is likely to suggest anti-inflammatories to reduce any swelling and who following an examination of the injured part might refer you on to another department for further course of action.

When selecting a remedy try not to handle the tablet and take two tablets for adults and one for a child.   The remedy can be repeated three times a day but I would reiterate that for the chronic conditions mentioned it is wise to seek the advice from a qualified homeopath.   Homeopathic remedies are not known to interfere with any prescribed medication and please do not stop taking any prescribed medication as this should only be done with the support of a medically qualified doctor. If you are in any doubt it is always wise to consult your GP


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