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How Children on the Autistic Spectrum are Helped with Homeopathy

by June Sayer(more info)

listed in homeopathy, originally published in issue 239 - July 2017

Over 23 years ago when I first qualified as a homeopath I began writing small informative articles that were published in a newspaper known as The Commuter.  One of the articles that amassed a great deal of interest was one where I mentioned Desert Storm syndrome[1] since it was thought that it was the result of a multiple assault occurring to the body’s immune system. The diverse and debilitating symptoms that manifested included neurological and respiratory disorders as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, skin complaints and gastrointestinal issues.[2] Various possible causes were examined that included post-traumatic stress disorder, infection, prophylactic medication and experimental vaccines; it is not my intention to give an opinion of whether this particular disease does or does not exist.

Sayer 239 Autism and Homeopathy

Within a few hours of the article being published a lady contacted me convinced that the irritating skin condition she was suffering with was the result of a tetanus vaccine she had received and that no conventional medication had been able to offer her relief. This was a relatively easy case for me at the time since she outlined such a clear link to the administering of a vaccine and when her presenting symptoms had begun. After taking a detailed case history I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Thuja Occidentalis [3,4] with the result that her skin symptoms were completely resolved and her general health improved.

The subject of vaccination is an extremely emotive subject and is a choice you must make for yourself if you are of an age of consent;  if you are a parent it is a decision you will make on your child’s behalf.  The schedule of childhood immunization begins when the child is eight weeks of age.[5,6,7] The BCG vaccine is not currently part of the routine childhood schedule in the UK; it is offered to those babies who are deemed to be at a higher risk of TB, those who live in certain parts of London or have a parent or grandparent born in a country where there is a high rate of TB. When the baby matches the criteria the vaccine is administered very soon after birth.  

Where does homeopathy fit into all this?  Back in 1790 Samuel Hahnemann a German physician had begun experimenting with Cinchona Bark proving the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur - let like be treated with like.  Edward Jenner proposed the use of cowpox (a disease in cows) as the vaccinating agent against smallpox (a disease similar in humans). Jenner had noted that milkmaids were generally immune to smallpox if they had been exposed to cowpox.  Hufeland’s Medical Journal published an article by Samuel Hahnemann entitled Essay on a New Principle for Ascertaining Curative Power of Drugs[8] in 1796; this was the foundation of a new system of medicine that Hahnemann termed homeopathy, the same year as Edward Jenner was experimenting with the smallpox vaccine.

It is interesting to note that both Jenner and Hahnemann were using the principle of ‘similars’.  The smallpox vaccine became compulsory in 1853 and continued to be administered until it was stopped in 1971.[9]   Homeopathy continues to use similars whereas vaccinations now contain the exact microbe.[10]  Hahnemann warned against using an exact agent rather than a similar one and this could be one reason why people experience adverse reactions. 

In the years that followed a range of vaccinations against various diseases were introduced. My research on the subject has shown me that in 1980 children received just seven vaccines, five shots at the age of two and two shots at a single visit. By 2014 children received 14 vaccines, twenty-six shots by the age of two with five shots at a single visit. One notable fact is that if all vaccines were administered separately, a child would receive a large number of injections so combination vaccines have been developed to reduce the number of injections the child receives example the DTaP/IPV/Hib.

As a practitioner I repeatedly see the various after effects of immunization as described by the parents of young children. These effects range from skin complaints such as eczema, conjunctivitis, respiratory conditions and depressed immune systems resulting in recurring coughs and colds and autistic spectrum expressions.  It is heart-breaking to listen to the parents and hear the anguish in their voices when they tell me that they noticed the differences in their child within hours of receiving scheduled vaccines and who can doubt them when they are the ones that live with the child and are aware of the smallest differences in their behaviour. These may include regression of verbal progress or lack of, reduced eye-to-eye contact or appearing vacant as if they have withdrawn into their own world.  I understand that parents are advised to give a product such a Calpol to children before and after the vaccine is administered to counter the feverish effects the child may have. In respect of adverse reactions, some vaccines are manufactured using yeast cells, egg proteins, or antibiotics and aluminium salts are added to increase the responsiveness or gelatin or human serum albumin that act as preservatives or stabilizers.   The website gives more detailed information on vaccine ingredients.

You could easily think well the ‘terrible twos or the troublesome threes’ are what you should expect from a child when it is learning much more about boundaries and the child is trying to assert his/her own authority, but when verbalizing ceases and does not progress and other behavioural issues occur such as stimming[11] this is the time to act.  Stimming is short for self-stimulatory behaviour - something that a person does to give themself sensory input; common areas of stimming include visual (repetitive blinking), auditory (listening to the same song or making vocal sounds, snapping fingers), tactile (rubbing the skin with hands, scratching), taste/smell (sniffing or licking objects), verbal (repeating sounds) or proprioception (the body’s ability to feel where it is/what it is doing). 

I have always worked with children and adults with a wide range of issues both physical and emotional but there has certainly been an increase in enquiries from parents who believe their child has been affected by vaccinations and are displaying autistic spectrum tendencies and adults who have experienced reactions from their annual flu injection.

The children I have seen in my practice present with a variety of issues listed above and it is for this reason that each child is given the most appropriate homeopathic remedy to suit their presenting symptoms. One child in particular spent part of the appointment time turning around in circles in the room (walks in a circle in room)[3,4] and responded well to the remedy Thuja which is also a remedy that I use for the ill effects of vaccination. I am not suggesting that vaccinations are to blame for every child with learning difficulties or exhibiting an expression of autism and I do not suggest that every child who has reacted to a vaccine should receive the remedy Thuja when it could be the remedy Silica as there are many factor to take into account. 

I use a method known as the CEASE[12] therapy to help children who are showing signs of autism expression. This method encompasses homeopathic remedies to gently detoxify the body and help the child recover and may include nutritional supplements as an adjunct. It is not a fast, quick-fix method as once again each child is individual and the remedies chosen must match the presenting symptoms; however the response is very encouraging. Children under the umbrella of autistic expression can be very loving but their clinging behaviour can be tiring for the parents especially if they are unable to verbalize. Fears are often apparent meaning that if they wake during the night they will seek comfort and this disturbance during sleep doesn’t help their general behaviour.  They have a strong desire for and respond well to routine, but should that routine be disturbed by the smallest of changes, emotional response can be challenging with temper tantrums that take a long time to settle and this again upsets them. Depending upon the level of autistic expression, some children can happily attend school where they can keep their emotions under control, while others will need the services of a teaching assistant or specialist helper.

Homeopathy is gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive and can safely be used by all ages and does not interfere with any prescribed medication.




3.         Murphy, Robin ND, Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, 3rd Edition

4.         Murphy, Robin ND, Nature’s Materia Medica 3rd Edition










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