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Life Coaching for Emotional Health

by Anthony Aurelius(more info)

listed in health and life coaching, originally published in issue 100 - June 2004

Stop for a moment, relax and calm your thoughts… how fulfilling is your life, right now? Is it satisfying and exciting? Listen to your heart and get with your emotions for a moment. Does your life make your heart sing?

Today, the words emotional and emotional health, are fast becoming the 'buzz words' in the world of personal development. So what is the difference between mental and emotional health? With mental health becoming an ever-increasing problem, with over 450 million people in the world currently suffering from a mental heath problem or issue, it is so important to remember that the mind and the body simply are one whole, and are in no way separate from each other. Emotional health and mental health are also inter-connected, you cannot have one without the other, but it is so important to remember: how we think, dictates how we feel! Coaching works with this ethos.

Determine whether YOU would benefit from working with a Professional Life Coach:

1. Do you believe you can perform at a level greater than you FEEL you are currently doing?
2. Do you spend your day solving problems rather than building for the future?
3. Do you FEEL unsatisfied or unfulfilled with any area of your life or business?
4. Do you FEEL you work all the time and allow your personal life to suffer?
5. Are you unsure in anyway about what you REALLY want out of your life, or your business?

If you have answered YES to even one of these questions, you will profit and derive real personal benefit from working with a Professional Life Coach.

Any negative feeling is related to you not reaching your potential, and is unnecessary stress on your body and mind!

If you are feeling frustrated, tired, or stressed out, it is all about you not reaching your full potential in life. It is your heart pointing you in the right direction.

Let's become clearer about how Life Coaching can assist you to grow as a person and to reach your full potential in life. Firstly, as human beings we all really need someone who REALLY listens to us, for us to fully understand ourselves, and our lives! The support that you will receive from working with a Professional Life Coach cannot be compared to the support that your friends, work colleagues, or your family can offer you, as these people have their own wishes and issues, and are not emotionally detached from your life. A Life Coach's sole aim is to support and assist you to create the grandest version of the greatest personal vision you have of yourself! Furthermore, most Life Coaches want their clients to achieve their goals even more than their clients do! A Life Coaching relationship is a unique and wonderful partnership. It is also, very powerful.

Working with a Life Coach is not another 'how to' book, or course. Life Coaching works with you, and exactly where you are in your life, to assist you to reach your full potential.

Almost all people can afford to work with a Professional Life Coach, as most Life Coaches offer packages to suit everyone, whether they want to work once a week, twice a week, or once a month. Life Coaching is not about dictating, but honouring the client's needs.

Some Life Coaches also use sliding scales of fees, to suite different people, from the general public to entrepreneurs, as Life Coaches are caring by nature.

As human-beings we all need STIMULATION for us to feel alive and full of life, and a Life Coach will stimulate and guide you to keep on growing. Also, with a great deal of Life Coaching being done over the telephone, it is easy and convenient for you to speak to a Life Coach from the comfort of your own home or office, or from your hotel room in Paris, before your important presentation!

STRUCTURE in life is essential for understanding ourselves, which is why in Life Coaching we use Values. Sadly a lack of structure in people's lives is very stressful and can be as damaging as malnutrition. Life Coaching uses many exercises to assist people to use structure in their lives better. Structure is essential for emotional and mental health.

The need for EXCITEMENT in our lives is also essential for emotional and mental health, which is why in Life Coaching we are goal/results orientated. Excitement is something we all need.

SPIRITUALITY is also important to many people, to understand and to learn about ourselves, both inside and out. To work with a Life Coach is an invaluable opportunity for you to define your own sense of Spirituality.

Life Coaching is the 21st century tool for personal development. For 21st Century Integrated Medicine: What is more important than listening and allowing your own Heart to grow and develop, or than YOU living a happy, fulfilling and exciting stress-free life?




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About Anthony Aurelius

Anthony Aurelius works as a Professional Life Coach and assists people internationally from all walks of life to fulfil their life potential! Professional Life Coaching is convenient for the client as it is done over the telephone, so you can work with a Coach from the comfort of your own home, from your desk at work or even from your hotel room before your meeting in Dubai! It does not deal with emotional trauma or past issues and is clearly very different from counselling. Professional Life Coaching is about fulfilling your life potential! Anthony Aurelius can be reached on Tel: 020 8889 3262;

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