Where are you in your life, right now? Are you feeling something is missing in your life or are you feeling excited, satisfied or indeed balanced?

Our lives certainly do require balance and variety for us to feel satisfied. As human-beings we are multi-faceted creatures, we need to obtain a feeling of wholeness in ALL of the areas that are important to us to feel fulfilled. Internally, we all have a sense of an innate intelligence that is always there, guiding us towards more fulfilment.

Circle chart

More practically in the modern world, we really can get a sense of where we are in our lives by using simple exercises and grounding our thoughts and feelings.

Simple exercises like the 'Wheel of Life' below can assist clients to become more satisfied and fulfilled in their lives. Exercises like this one will raise your self-awareness and with the new-found clarity that you will gain you will be able to take better action to achieve more balance and satisfaction in your life!

Regard the centre of the wheel as a 0 and the outer circle of the wheel as a 10. Now, rank your level of satisfaction within each area, by drawing a straight line across the spoke.

Join the lines together to create a new outer edge. This new perimeter of the circle represents your Wheel of Life.

We all need balance in our lives in one way or another. Indeed, to get what we want and desire in our lives we must learn to balance power and intelligence and also to be practical in the modern world.

The 21st century now requires new skills for 21st century living; skills such as time management, organization and productivity have never been more important than they are now, but with this new, fast-paced way of living also comes the other end of the spectrum: we also need to play and rest.

Achieving balance requires being 'mindful' of balance until you have actually achieved it, as in reality we always get what we focus on. If you want to achieve more wealth, focus on wealth. If you want to achieve better health, focus on your health. If you want a better relationship with your partner, focus on your relationship. Of course if you want to achieve more balance in your life, focus on Balance!

Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy and is only for people who really want to achieve more in their lives for themselves. Accomplishment and achievement are important but not to the detriment of your health, your relationship, your marriage or your children: balance in your life is essential!


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