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Working as a Pharmacist and a Healer

by Dr Ann Harris(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 91 - August 2003

For over twenty years now, I have been on a path of learning about relieving suffering in its various forms. My initial training as a pharmacist gave me a nuts and bolts understanding of people and their diseases. It was only when I started practising in a community environment that I began to understand the complexities of the human condition and the possibilities for healing.

My journey took me into research for anticancer agents derived from plants. There has been traditional use of plant remedies to treat illness since time began, so the idea of finding a 'Magic Bullet' to target cancer was very appealing. The isolation and testing of the active ingredients was a painstaking process that took several years to achieve. In hindsight, I believe that, in trying to isolate a magical set of healing agents, I had only succeeded in destroying the very thing I had hoped to capture. This was another big lesson in thinking about the whole and not the individual parts.

My next exploration took me to the Department of Health, where my learning about medicinal products and their powerful nature continued. Adverse reactions to drugs was, and still is, a common occurrence, with some rare reactions actually proving fatal. In my practice from then on, I started to recommend preventative medicine and holistic approaches to health.

The next huge learning experience for me occurred when I developed tinnitus (a high-pitch ringing in the ears), which was immediately followed by the death of my mother. A few weeks later, I was also involved in a car accident, which left me with a whiplash injury. Life for me then changed dramatically. Orthodox methods did not work to relieve my suffering and it was at this time that I first experienced Reiki healing. Despite the predictions of the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, my tinnitus began to improve. This major set of experiences were key to me exploring various complementary therapies and to my awakening to the spiritual or 'energy' nature of all things. I also started to look at my own healing process and began to use meditation on a regular basis to 'tap into' my own inner wisdom and healing.

After experiencing some profound shifts in my own health and wellbeing, I decided to receive Reiki attunements myself so that I could share this gift with others. The workshop left me in a profound state of wonder at the subtlety and simplicity of this healing approach. Further profound healing took place for me when simply meditating on a flower helped me release a huge amount of grief that I had been feeling over my bereavement. This all sounds very tame when in cold black and white on a page, but I can honestly say that I came to an understanding which gave me a great feeling of peace.

I then realized the profound nature of vibrational healing remedies and enjoyed exploring some of the vast array of essences on offer. From here on, I decided, in true scientific principle, to keep an open-mind and just observe what I was experiencing. As I have dedicated to my own spiritual attunement and growth I have found myself connecting with some of the most renowned healers in this country. I have also met many people with academic backgrounds who had experienced profound healing for themselves and who were having to accept that some experiences go beyond analysis and the understanding of the rational mind.

Another milestone in my understanding of subtle energies occurred when our daughter developed an allergy to peanuts. Eliminating this food from her diet was my initial approach, but trying to read all the food labels was a nightmare. It was at this time that I learned to dowse for foods that were good for her to eat. Over time, I grew in confidence and realized that, indeed, I was successfully eliminating peanuts from her diet. Over the years, I have continued developing my skills as a dowser to detect all kinds of subtle energies within our own energy systems and the surrounding environment that are crucial to the maintenance of good health.

Thoughts do indeed create form on subtle as well as physical levels. The effects of stagnant 'denser' energies within people's homes and working environments should not be underestimated. By developing my sensitivity to energy fields, I have come to understand that energy is indeed holographic in nature and is not bound to time in linear ways. So it is quite possible to heal presenting symptoms which have occurred due to traumas in times past. In my view, the use of vibrations to bring balance and flow to aspects of the human energy system is fundamental to health, well-being and can effect profound change.

In the last couple of years, our own daughters' need for holistic dentistry has also widened my understanding of the essential nature of sacred geometry. For a case study of the benefits of this treatment, see the June 2003 issue of Positive Health.

As I continue to practise my skills as a pharmacist and a healer, I see myself as a bridge between conventional and complementary medicine. I use meditation and visualization as a key part of my holistic healing work, using a wide variety of vibrational methods. My most recent work has involved the development of essences which attune to new sets of chakra energy centres. I love to share my experiences and understanding with people, as I truly believe that to be positive in outlook and open-minded can bring the most amazing changes into all aspects of one's life.

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About Dr Ann Harris

Dr Ann Harris has an anticancer research and medical information background. She has worked as a pharmacist for the Department of Health on various projects including adverse reactions to drugs. Her focus in the past nine years has been on all forms of preventative medicine and holistic healing. She is a Reiki Master Healer and a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the British Society of Dowsers. She works as a counsellor and teacher using vibrational medicine as part of a holistic framework at her practice in Hertfordshire. She can be contacted on Tel: 01992 503784;

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