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Starving Amidst the Oceans of Energy

by Silvia Hartmann PhD(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 85 - February 2003


It is common knowledge by now that we are not just made of flesh, bone and blood but that we also have an 'energy body' - a total system of complex organs, pathways, lines of communication and exchange which is essential to our well being.

For over 5000 years, healers in every community around the world have been making changes to the energy body which result in healing to the physical body. One of the most widely known methods to do this is acupuncture, which has even been accepted by the western scientific establishments as having incontrovertible benefits. Today, the fields of Energy Psychology and Meridian Energy Therapies have been developing other and more user-friendly approaches to stimulating, repairing and rebalancing the energy body, resulting in wonderful improvements for mind, body and spirit.

So, there we have an 'energy body' which can be damaged by circumstance and trauma, re-aligned by the practise of chi kung and yoga, healed with reiki and acupuncture.

Yet beyond repair and healing there is a further dimension.

Ananga Sivyer, author of The Meridian Journey says: "If we were to cultivate our meridian system, it would actually bring about amazing qualities. The meridians can bestow wonderful things upon us and so you can begin to see the significance and the possibilities of keeping your energy system in good health. Such things as creativity, intelligence, wisdom, spiritual understanding. These things could all be cultivated and developed further by taking care of the energy body."[1]

Now, we must ask a very important question, namely: "What does this energy body need in order to function fully, function successfully, to have a fully active immune system which it needs to have just as well as the physical body?"

And the first answer to this central question which goes beyond healing and into prevention, is that the energy body needs a balanced flow of 'energy nutrients' throughout all its many systems as the first requirement to be able to support us at all.

What Is Energy Nutrition?

There are all manners of energies coming in to the energy body at all times. We live in a veritable 'Ocean of Energy' which is generated by literally 'everything' - from the ground beneath to the radiation from the sun, the moon and the stars; every living being exudes vast quantities of energies all the time on a very wide bandwidth, and this includes people, animals, plants, insects.

Human beings are probably the only species on this planet who have the ability to actively and consciously 'shield' themselves from certain types of energy, and actually are able to reject energies that exist which may very well be most beneficial to them.

This is specifically achieved by the mechanism of 'thought' or 'intention'.

Intention and Energy

A very common saying is: "Where intention goes, energy flows."

Although we cannot move a rock by staring at it, we can indeed influence energetic realities with intention because intention and thought and energy are 'of the same realm' and are structurally designed to work with one another.

This process is natural and in action at all times; humans sometimes turn deliberately to trying to shape energetic realities with their intention - for example in the act of prayer, spell casting, making a wish, or the more modern versions of affirmations, goal setting, visualization and so forth.

What has been forgotten, and this is proving to be perhaps one of the most major causes for ill health and unhappiness amidst a well-fed, well-sheltered and well-supported population in the First World today, is that our intention is interfering with energy exchanges all the time.

This is entirely unconscious; 'energy awareness' is restricted to the few in our societies who make an effort to find out more about energy healing, come into contact with the powers of the energy system because of ill health or perhaps because they are studying martial arts.

Energy Reversals or 'Saying No To Healing'

In Energy Therapies, there exists the concept of a 'reversal'. Simply put, it means that a part of the energy system has gone into reverse and works 'against' the rest of the system, much like an engine that has been switched over to run backwards instead of forwards.

Most often, this becomes apparent when is a major trauma which causes such an occurrence. On the simplest level, it could be said that any time we say 'No!' to something, this is a command - a direct command! - to a part of the energy system to stop and go into reverse.

These reversals in the energy system always express themselves in something seemingly being stuck and unmovable - an injury that simply will not heal, no matter how much ointment and how many bandages are applied; a psychological reaction that simply won't recede, no matter how much therapy and healing is given.

The Energy Therapists talk about 'specific' and 'massive' reversals, for indeed there are people who show in their bodies that they have said, 'no' to healing.

Many more people show in their behaviours, their bodies, their real lives absolute evidence that they must have said, 'no' to prosperity, to happiness, to success, to loosing weight, to living without an addictive substance - these are the people who endlessly and desperately try 'everything' to overcome their problems. But their problems remain, no matter what the treatment, no matter if it is successful with everyone else who has undergone it, no matter how precarious or even life threatening their situation is becoming.

The power of intention and decision over the behaviour and activities in the energy body is simply extraordinary.

A simple decision, once it has occurred as a by-product of trauma or experience, will remain untouchable and out of view for an entire lifetime, causing endless suffering and misery - in the quantum spaces of energy, time is no healer at all and something that happened perhaps 75 years ago is as red raw and as 'now' as it ever was.

However, in the quantum spaces of energy, there also resides the possibility of even the most extensive trauma being healed right now, in an instant, but for the asking. Please note that this does not mean instant healing on the 'physical' because we are talking about the energy body here; yet it is clear that when the energy body functions as it should, the physical body will be supported in its own self-healing endeavours from the ground up and true healing has a chance to take place.

Particularly the 'reversals' are of prime importance in energy nutrition, because it is in the simple act of saying 'no' to an incoming energy, a barrier is created to that energy which keeps it out of the system. When this happens a malnutrition situation cannot help but ensue.

All You Need Is Love ...?

It has been said by every great prophet, every great religious leader, across the time and space of humanity, that love is the greatest healer and that the energy of love creates healing miracles.

There are indeed, hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific studies conducted all around the First World which attest to the profound effects of human attention - which is a precursor for human love - on healing, well-being and symptom alleviation.

Attention energy measurably relieves the symptoms of every disease, every illness. It 'makes people more intelligent', calmer, more sociable, more resourceful. It helps them live longer, even if this attention energy is provided by non-human species such as dogs, cats and monkeys, even birds, as studies conducted with the effects of having pet animals in old people's homes and geriatric wards attest to.

Attention energy is an 'essential nutrient' for the energy body and when people don't get this energy, they fade away, go mad and they may even die.

With the population density of the First World, how can it be that this vital life energy seems in such short supply?

The answer is simple and profoundly sad. This energy is not in short supply; rather the problem lies in the fact that individual humans do not receive and process it correctly. Indeed, the ability to receive and process attention energy from other humans is probably the most likely and directly related factor that decides on any given person's health and happiness throughout their lifetimes.

Shields To Joy and Ecstasy

When a man goes up to a woman in a bar, looks her in the eye and says, "You are very beautiful", what kind of response on the energetic level would you expect to see if energy exchanges could be made visible by a special video camera?

Would this energy travel across to the woman, be openly received, taken into her many systems, moving through these systems as the energetic equivalent of a digestion takes place, powering and re-charging all manner of sub-systems in its travel, and then smoothly flow out to leave the lady in question vibrant, happy and glowing?

Clearly, the answer to this is a resounding no.

Indeed, the lady in the bar may have put her shields up before the man even got close enough to send his message to her. Her reaction to the energetic wave travelling towards her would most likely be more shields still, as she thinks, "he only wants X from me, he doesn't know me, he's lying, I don't like him, he looks ugly, etc." ... and many more thoughts of the same kind, all of which create an impenetrable barrier to what could otherwise have been a highly nourishing energy exchange.

This strong example was chosen to illustrate a basic point about energy exchanges in humans. It also brings up the most common objections to 'taking energies into the system' - would this not be a disaster? Would the lady not be in grave danger from the man 'if' she did not have all her invisible yet powerful shields to keep these energies at bay?

The answer to this is that such considerations are clearly coming from a very different place and not from considering the energy body and its requirements.

Allowing the energy from the compliment to pass into her system, through and out and as a result, feeling better, more nourished, more powerful, more 'energized' does not lead to our lady in the bar becoming stupid all of a sudden - quite the contrary. Someone with a balanced, energized system tends to experience great mental clarity, not to mention 'emotional stability', which, clearly, is a good place to make decisions about what courses of action might be for the best.

Human and Other Energies

One of the reasons that people in the First World often turn to pets as energy suppliers is that the barriers against love, affection and attention from other people are not in place and the energies can flow freely. There is, of course, the other side of the coin. Animals do not have barriers as a rule to incoming energies and they will actually accept attention from humans who are bursting to give these, but cannot find any fellow human recipients for their energies, only barriers upon barriers where their contributions bounce out flatly too. With no recipient for the energy, it has nowhere to go and becomes stale, dense and depressed, giving the misleading impression that a person is suffering from too little energy when indeed the opposite is the case.

Of course, there are other energies that are not received besides attention energies - to which we have said, 'no!' at some point and which are no longer available for the essential nutrition and widely varied energy diets our energy bodies require for full functioning.

Weather is a good example of this. Storms, rainy weather and cold weathers are 'tremendous' energy providers - if one would open up to this. Current group consensus in the First World however, is that anything other than a sunny, warm day with a cloudless sky is 'bad weather' and must be avoided, bemoaned and shielded against in every way possible.

The very act of saying 'no!' to 'bad weather' in and of itself reverses and disables parts of the energy system. This leads to people who hold these views becoming more acutely affected by cold or rainy weather in return - with mental depression or psychosomatic flare-ups, for example.

There are many other naturally existing energies that are blocked by individuals. Many people have strong colour preferences - someone might say, "orange is not my colour" or, "I don't like the colour orange" which is the equivalent of saying 'no!' to orange.

Thus instructed, the energy body deflects that particular vibration and we might find ourselves, very literally, in scurvy conditions.

For example, it is impossible to repair the self esteem of a person who holds it to be the truth that they are worthless by telling them, showing them, demonstrating to them that this is a false decision, if this person is incapable of receiving the energies associated with these sentimensts.

Thus it is possible that the most beautiful model on Earth is in tears because she is convinced that she is ugly; the most beloved person who has innumerable family members and friends who all care deeply about them is entirely convinced that "nobody loves me"; and the most talented and gifted people can state with absolute conviction that "I am worthless".

It needs to be clearly understood that it is not the 'meanings' of such words or phrases which will heal and put a great many things to rights, but the 'energies' these words and phrases contain and carry.

These energies go to the energy body and there, fulfill tasks of repair, of healing, of renewal. In doing so, they correct, at the underlying energetic level, what is wrong, which then becomes reflected in psychological and physiological changes too.

In the case of psychological changes, as a person 'takes readings' of their internal energetic landscapes, this translates directly into self concepts of understandings and realities. Disturbances become sensations and emotions - and these are a result of injuries of the energy body and not an end in and of themselves.

The Essential Flow Of Energies

If we go back to the example of the lady in the bar who was told "You are beautiful", we will also remember the resistance we have to letting such energies into our system for fear that they might be believed, and thus become a reality.

Many of the human energy exchanges suffer from this false understanding, namely that if one was to open oneself and accept such incoming energy or information, one would necessarily 'become' that in turn.

This is the fear and misunderstanding about energy exchanges of the "You are beautiful" kind, just as much as about energy exchanges of the "You are ugly" kind - either way, it must not be 'believed' because that would be a very bad thing.

It is of the essence to really understand that energy exchanges have absolutely nothing to do with believing something, thinking oneself to be something or another as a result.

Indeed, a catastrophe for many people is that at one point, someone might have said something positive which on that occasion actually 'did' enter the energy system. It felt so good that they attempted to 'hold on' to the energy involved to keep feeling like that for longer.

This causes the most severe forms of disturbances in the energy body as it instantly blocks the channels designed to transport this kind of information - no further energy can come in from other sources in the future.

Also, as the energy is not passing through the system as it should, behind the blockage lie veritable wastelands of empty channels and the energy organs they were meant to supply, causing severe disturbances which will firstly manifest in emotions and if they go on for long enough, physiological sensations, pain and then actual illness.

This process is also in action with forms of energy that were stopped halfway through the system as they were being perceived as damaging, and energies that never get to enter the system at all because they are being blocked off before they get into the central energy body at all.

Re-Learning To Process Energy Correctly

We are indeed, energy beings amidst the Oceans of Energy.

All we find in the universe, all life on Earth, and that includes human beings, is 'structurally designed' to process the flow of energies and to take part in the vast, vast cycles of life.

Energy needs to flow to be naturally correct and doing as it is designed to do. What we need to do in order to move closer to what is called 'the even flow' of natural balance, is not to learn something new, but to re-learn to use the systems we were given correctly.

We all have the ability to block energy through the mechanism of thought and intention and we have used this to our own disadvantage as a species for many thousands of years at least.

By definition, we all also have the ability to remove these blockages that are simply a side effect of living in a culture that seems blind to the Oceans of Energy.

We all have energy bodies, and within these energy bodies the channels and systems exist to truly feast in the Oceans of Energy.

What it takes to make this happen successfully, and easily, is firstly and foremostly to pay attention to how energy exchanges work and manifest 'in the real world'.

Energy manifestations are simply everywhere and once we start to open our awareness of such straightforward examples as energy exchanges which exist between humans, and between a single human and their environment, a great many things become very clear and obvious that never made any sense at all.

Energy nutrition, i.e. the understanding and realization that our energy bodies have absolutely nutritional needs, is one of the aspects of this.

Further, even a base insight into this extraordinary realm will very quickly reveal which kinds of energies are missing, sorely needed, in desperately short supply in a person's body.

It is simply amazing how many previously insoluble problems become not only understood as to how they structurally function, but also how easy it is to find 'energetic solutions' to what were in essence, always 'energetic problems' in the first place - and thus could not be solved from other places or with physical/mental approaches at all.

Addictions, weight problems, identity problems and replacement activities of all kinds begin to make sense at last when viewed from the energy perspective - here are people trying to use physical means to compensate for an injury, deficiency, disturbance in their energy systems, an approach which is absolutely and structurally doomed to failure.

In Conclusion

A wider understanding and experientially based exploration of the human energy body is of the essence if we wish to solve human mind/body problems that we have been unable to resolve for as many as 2000 years or more.

It is not suggested that caring for the energy body take precedence over care for the physical body. What is suggested, however, is that there are many aspects of human health and well-being that simply cannot be solved at all from any other place or using any other means.

The human energy body exists. It is real and many hold it to be the very foundation of 'all' physiological functioning in the long term.

The topic of 'energy nutrition' is one of the most exciting avenues of exploration leading to true, lasting changes in any individual's health, happiness and levels of satisfaction and achievement in their lifetime, that has been discovered in many years.

We might just find that, after all, we really do live in a universe of total abundance that really does supply everything we need and more besides, and that's it there for everyone - simply for the taking.

An Exercise In Energy Nutrition

Greeting The Day, Greeting The Night

1. Step outside as soon as you have risen and open yourself to the world. Take a moment to breathe deeply and then say: "Day, I greet you."

Allow this day - rainy or bright, cold or hot, no matter what - to come to you, to bring you its totally unique properties (for not one day is ever quite the same as the day before, nor all the days to follow).

State your intention to receive this unique energy into all your systems, and now pay attention to any physical responses you might be having to this enterprise. Any emotions, where they localized? Place your hand there and soften the sensation, until the energy there runs clearly in all ways. Any sensations of pressure, discomfort, nervousness, any sensations of rejecting this day at all, localize them and make them run smoothly.

One more time, re-state the words: "Day, I greet you."

Remain with this for just a few moments, then thank the day for its unique lessons on this occasion and step back inside and into your ordinary life.

2. When the night has fallen, step outside.

Take a moment to look around, look up towards the sky, to get into rapport with the night and become a little more still and a little more observant, and then say: "Night, I greet you."

As before, check yourself for any physiological sensations or emotions which might denote an underlying energy blockage that stops a true exchange of energies between you and the night on this occasion.

Especially, look for any 'stuck' energy that might have accumulated during the day in your dealings in The Hard and soften this, allowing the night to take away whatever is no longer needed, drawing all this up and into its endless self.

Allow this process to complete - it can be as swift as a thought, that is entirely up to you.

Give a sincere "thank you" to the night for its assistance and its lessons and then return to your normal activities at this time.

These exercises take just a few moments of your time each day but in energetic terms, they are truly profound and most balancing, soothing, healing and energizing.

You will notice that with even two or three repetitions, your ability to channel energy from the day and night increases dramatically as your systems and their pathways become clearer and more efficient.

To begin with, you might strongly 'take from the day' and 'release to the night' but as time goes by you will find that indeed, for both the day and the night, what is happening is a true circular exchange for you as each have their own unique lessons and energies to give, as well as assisting you in taking what is no longer needed.

It is a beautiful and very moving exercise that benefits you in many more ways than you might suspect just yet. Do these two greetings for a week and you will begin to know just how much support and sustenance there is for us - simply by virtue of being here.

A Case Story

The Energy Of A Father's Love

This is an excerpt from the journal of a 38-year-old lady, in her own words and shared with permission.

"My aim was to have a loving, connected, affectionate relationship with my Dad. The problem was that in thinking of that, his energy coming towards me, I felt a hard lump in the solar plexus and a big barrier in front of me to my right. I felt the barrier to be about the awkwardness of physical expression with a male family member, due to rejecting some kind of sexual aspect, and something else about my Dad's personality that made me cringe.

"We worked on softening and clearing the solar plexus. It was a very hard energy, which took a lot of softening. Then we went to the energy barrier. It was all I could do to allow a tiny pinprick of a hole in the barrier to allow a tiny thread of this energy through and into me and through me. But it felt good. I opened the hole a bit more and allowed a flow into my right shoulder and down my arm and right side of the body. Oh, did it feel good.

"I finally dropped the barrier and very gently allowed more and more of this beautiful energy to flow into me until every part of me was full to the brim. I felt warm, I felt complete, I felt full, oh it was so good. I was moved to tears at the experience that I never felt ever in my life before. The energy of my father's love filling me.

"I basked in the fullness of this beautiful gentle energy for some time, as it flowed in to me and through me, before a soft gentle misty rainfall started to cool and refresh me. When I came round, all I could feel was this fullness and completeness and had a big satisfied smile on my face.

"I think about my Father now with a new warmth and loving feelings. There's no barrier now. No coldness. I still feel the fullness now as I write. I look forward to our new relationship building.

"I actually feel love for my Father."


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