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Sai Shakti Healing - An Interview with Dr. Nityaananda

by Katyayani Chowdhry(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 243 - January 2018


Dr Clint Thomson MD known as Nityaananda, is an alternative healer.



He got his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University in 1983; and then his MD from the Texas Medical Center (1983-’87). He did his internship, residency and chief resident training at the University of California, San Francisco in Internal Medicine. He first practised in academic medicine, then in an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and later at the Long Valley Health Center for underserved rural communities. He was making an effort to find more methods of pure healing when a friend invited him to Los Angeles in July 1997. A 24-year old healer from India was performing miraculous healings.

Sri Keleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar

That was Sri Kaleshwar, meeting whom changed the doctor’s life, and name to Nityaananda. Sri Kaleshwar went on to become his Guru. Dr Nityaananda remained with his Guru till the latter took Samadhi in 2012, learning under his aegis for a good fifteen years. Here, he reminisces about his Guru, the lineage he follows, and shares his experiential healing- its techniques, modalities, and effects. Dr. Nityaananda and his team of healers can be reached at  and

1. What do you mean by true healing?

Healing that is lasting- that makes a difference not only in the short term quality of life but in the ability for a person to do what they want in their life; to feel satisfied. Any multitude of chronic auto immune diseases, these kinds of things, are all related to underlying causes- stress, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, lack of happiness, satisfaction. Those are the real causes of what we call disease. Living the longest life possible is not the goal- it’s having the most highly functional and satisfying life possible. That’s what we came on this planet to do.

That is what true healing reflects.

2. So was there a lacuna in allopathic applications that drew you into this?

That’s right! My first introduction to healing modalities was through allopathic medicine, and I really respect and have a great appreciation for allopathic modalities. However, it is limited.

For the majority of people coming into the doctor’s office in my experience, the allopathic approach could not provide the healing that they were looking for. They have pneumonia, they have serious chronic disease, some have acute conditions and acute trauma, here allopathic medicine is the right way to go, there’s no doubt about it. If I’m in a car accident, I’m definitely going to want to go to an allopathic hospital for treatment.

Allopathic medicine can provide a temporary band aid, but does not provide in my experience long- lasting, permanent relief. And so, it was a circle that was continuing to cycle people in and out as patients. And that is a routine practice in Allopathy. Medical doctors make a living with these kinds of problems. And many of the problems are additionally caused by the allopathic treatment itself!  Allopathic medicine often creates iatrogenic disease; where is the remedy for the traumas caused by the treatment?

So really, it was the sum of all that that led me to finally meet my Guru and the greatest Master Healer by a long shot I’ve ever heard of or encountered personally, Sri Kaleshwar. My practice now, fundamentally is based on what I learned in the fifteen years I studied with Sri Kaleshwar- both here (USA) and in India.

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

3. What was your relationship with your Guru like, who was an arch disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba?

Well, my relationship with my Guru Sri Kaleshwar was very traditional. It quickly became a Guru-Shishya[1] relationship. I really did witness and accept him as my Guru, as my teacher, and as my guide. In India, in the East, the word used is Master.[2] It’s a pejorative word in the West, but it does make sense in the lineage and guru/disciple relationship.

And in the course of fifteen years as his personal physician, I was blessed with the opportunity to assist him in several different yogic processes which involved, in some cases, him leaving his body, in what we call yoga Samadhi.[3] In yoga Samadhi, the body is physically dead!

So the first time that I took care of his body while he was in yoga Samadhi, while he was soul traveling and demonstrating his miraculous energy, was really one of the major turning points of my life as a doctor, to see his body was dead.

He allowed me to use a stethoscope and otherwise verify that there were no vital signs of life in his body. When that body stood back up 28 hours later and was normal again, inhabited by the personality that I knew as Sri Kaleshwar, previously as well, it was a big switch -  a big experience for my mind to understand that there was way more than I understood in this world. And it helped me regain a beginners mind[4] as a student!

But my relationship with Sri Kaleshwar took a lot of different angles, in addition to being his physician; I really focused to be his student.

4. What modalities did your Guru use? Are you using the same to perform alternative healing?

The healing techniques or philosophy of healing Sri Kaleshwar shared with me and with all his students is based on the 5-Elements[5] philosophy of creation- how creation is composed, how it runs, what the mechanisms working here are - how the soul comes in this new body in physical form for a new lifetime, how karmas play through the lifetime to give the experiences that are often seen as suffering, illness or disease; addressing those experiences of people suffering with disease, pain, heartbreak, fear, and anxiety. Those really core things.

The technique is to address these disorders at the level of karma itself: that is Soul Healing. As Sri Kaleshwar often liked to say- “The only Real Medicine is Soul Medicine!”

This includes the 5-Elements philosophy, techniques using sacred vibrations and prayers (we call mantras in this tradition), and using a formula to access the physical body through specific chakras which can receive healing energy very easily. (Sri Kaleshwar called these places on the physical body ‘ healers’ treasure spots ’ when connecting through the 5-Elements).

Through the sacred vibration formulas, we can access the source of all energy in this creation, what we refer to as cosmic energy, and deliver that energy to the soul through Shaktipat[6] or transmission of that energy, either by touch or through sight, or working directly with the soul of the recipient. Then that soul is really taken care of in healing.

Another definition I would give now for soul healing is Karmic Healing.[7]

5. But technically, ones karma can’t just be taken away! We believe in the East that it has to be accounted for…

Yes, that’s right! In the Karma Siddhanta, there’s a balance - nothing is for free. We have to have that balance always paid for. So, all our karmas are results of past actions, either in this life or a previous lifetime.

However, the formulas and techniques of the ancient knowledge and the source of the knowledge Sri Kaleshwar taught and we continue to practise after his Samadhi in his name, are ancient palm leaf manuscripts. These have been protected and passed through these lineages, primarily in India, but also in Nepal and Tibet, and throughout that whole part of the world. Some of these manuscripts are thousands of years old. The formulas in them describe and tell how the grace of a lineage through the grace of a divine master manifests, and how karma can be pretty much eliminated or removed through the right application of prayers.

There is some karma that has to be paid, but in most cases, the people suffering in these situations have already paid for karmas; and these formulas are able to really wash out those residual layers of karma. That doesn’t mean you’re free of karma- as long as you’re in a body, you’re always subject to the rules of kala and your karma- the rules of time and the rules of action- that create the personal experience of your life as a result.

But karmas can be worked through very quickly in this way. One of the underlying beliefs in this practice is that this is a special time on the planet. This is a transition time from a dark age – an age of materialism and darkness called the Kali Yuga, (and we’re in the midst of a transformation of that age), to an age of light – the Satya Yuga or the Consciousness Yuga. In this transition time is a great opportunity to become free of lifetimes of negative karmas from past actions.

6. Could you demarcate - if any- differences between distance healing and healing in person? Does the healing modality or efficacy change in any way?

Essentially, the 5-elements are one of the unifying factors in this creation. The earth element that I’m touching here, you’re touching there, literally on the other side of the world in Nepal! So this whole transmission, healing through Shaktipat, either by touching with hand or by looking or sending energies through the eyes, is something our minds can easily understand if we’re able to get past the boundary of what this energy is and see how this vibration itself is a healing modality.

But once we master that, once we get around that, we have our consciousness, our focus attuned to the reality of that possibility, and then we can develop what’s called Sankalpam[8] or divine intention, which is to send energy over any distance, in the same way, using the same elements. In this case, the most common element utilized in distance healing is the fire element. This is also the source of the power of fire pujas or sacred fire ceremonies – the fire element channel. But any element can be used; in particular we use the sky element to send energy to another (sky), in sleep healing or in a shared meditation over the distance. And in this way, not only is the energy received, appreciated and incorporated, but the reality of the illusion of separation or the reality of the unity we share through this philosophy is experienced.

That’s the most important thing for us right now, actually globe-wide. Not only individual healing, but community healing, national healing; healing between nations; we’re a global community. This concept of the unity of experience of all things, which is really found in the basis of the 5-Elements philosophy, is what the world needs to recognize right now. There’s no 1 person or 1 community or 1 nation which can heal outside or be separate from the rest of the planet today. We are in this boat together. So it seems to me that Sri Kaleshwar’s incarnation and sharing of this philosophy with us, is part of a global healing process which we are all part of and we are all witnessing the beginning and early stages of.

7. What are the treatments you get requested for mostly? What is the success rate?

Well, I can say one reason I was so taken with and so dedicated to the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar was the results that I saw when I first met him. I was practising as a general internist and as a family practitioner in a rural health center, and I’d already been practising for many years and had already implemented and instituted different alternative, what we call in America, Complimentary Healing techniques, Western and Eastern Herbology, Chinese medicine- TCM. I got trained in that and in using that as well. What I found when I started using the techniques which Sri Kaleshwar taught were that the results were astounding! As an internist, my specialization is in dealing with chronic or very serious illnesses, and I’m comfortable in that setting.

When I first met Sri Kaleshwar, he asked me about my practices. He said, “You should specialize in hopeless cases.” So, I didn’t actually set out to do that, but those cases found a way to me! It was a great opportunity for me to see the possibilities. The truth is ANYTHING CAN BE HEALED! Any Karma can be transformed, any suffering can be alleviated. Every heartbreak can be washed out and replaced with hope and inspiration. So to list the different cases I’ve seen, I could go on for a long time.

The first significant case where I used the 5-Elements technique was with a man with terminal metastatic colon cancer. It had filled his body, it was everywhere. And he came to me looking for a doctor’s support for his indwelling port. He had an internal line he needed to flush with heparin ever so often, so the blood in that line would not clot off. He was using that line to go to Mexico and receive a treatment which is illegal in America, no doctor that he could find in America was comfortable with maintaining that line for him because he was using it in this way.

So he came to me; that’s how I met him. He was at the end of his life, I had never seen him before and I was happy to help him keep his line open with the prescription, heparin and some syringes, and I offered him a healing. I had never done healing with this technique before, using the earth element technique. I had him come to my home on a weekend and did two sessions with him on two consecutive weekends. He had a remarkable recovery, then died five years later tragically in a car accident. But he was cancer free! That’s one example.

Another that really comes to mind as a good general description of what’s possible is a treatment of Autism. Autism is something that is very amenable to treatments through this cosmic energy, through Shaktipat, the 5-Elements channels, directly to the soul.

I’ve personally seen 3 cases of pretty severe autism in children who were very, very disabled, and then became mainstreamed (entering a normal classroom setting) in a short time by implementing these healing techniques. In conjunction, also teaching their parents, in particular, their mother, about healing techniques and how they can channel healing while their child sleeps.

So those are a couple, but I can say I can talk all day about examples of the healing potential of this knowledge.

8. How do you suggest people transform their karma consciously, especially those going through terminal illness?

Well, the karmic transformation that I’m talking about is self-healing ultimately. All healing is self-healing. We need the source - cosmic energy, we need an open heart, and we need to have an open mind. We need to have an acceptance, an openness to something happening that we can’t quite understand. It’s called a beginner’s mind. We need the source of that energy. We need a channel to connect to that energy source, which in this tradition is called the Nada Bindu[9]- the source of the energy- where all the energy comes into this creation and all the energy goes out from the form to the formless. We need the source of that so people can transform, through the techniques of meditation, mantra, and yantra.

But also a healer or an intermediary can come in and be a channel for that energy and affect the karmic changes. Those would be the two ways you can transform karmas very quickly.

You need a source of energy, you need a connection to the cosmic, to the pure potential of the formless, that’s called Shiva in India, also Krishna, depending on the tradition. But the point is that there is this infinite void of infinity. It’s not a void actually, it’s full of everything.

The other side of the Nada Bindu is the form, creation, which today we also call infinite, but it’s actually quite small when it’s compared with the source.

This philosophy is about making a channel and connecting from inside the form to the formless so that we can receive that blessing energy, and that energy can work inside our lives to create new karmic experiences.

9. Briefly, could you describe what you do?

Womb Chakra Healing

The womb chakra[10] is one of the main chakras of the body. It is the key. This creation is an example of the Divine Mother’s womb and Her capacity. Everything here is created in Her womb and each of us is created in the womb of a physical woman- our mothers. Nothing can be born into this creation without coming through a womb mechanism. This ancient knowledge I’m touching briefly is largely about how to access the womb energy. Through the womb, the cosmic energy is very easily accessible. Through that knowledge, women who are getting pregnant, who are pregnant or who have babies, both mothers and fathers of young children, have the ability to channel the most amazing energy and act as the most supernatural healers for their children.

Sai Shakti Healing is the general title that describes the entire field of healing I’m describing.

Sai refers to Father, and Shakti refers to Mother. So this is basically using the energy of the combination of the Divine Father/Mother to create the experience of healing. I’m a Sai Shakti Healer, that’s how I would describe myself!

Baby Blessings

When the soul is being created in a new lifetime inside the mother’s womb, the possibility of accessing and blessing that soul is literally inconceivable to our human minds!

There are many techniques to bless your own child, your own baby, so that the baby comes into this life free of as many karmas as possible and with protection circles, soul resistance power - meaning stamina, and the kind of energies necessary for success and happiness. SSH (Sai Shakti Healing) techniques are applied to a woman who is creating a baby during pregnancy.

This is how Jesus was created by Mary. Mary studied and practised this knowledge in her creation of the soul we call Jesus. It is the prophecy of Sri Kaleshwar and of many saints in India that one of the ways this planet will be changing dramatically in the next generation is that many, many children will be born to affect the karmic Siddhanta[11] on this planet in a divine way. These children will be a quantum jump ahead in terms of peace, harmony, collaboration, and the mutual understanding they will bring together for humanity. This is what humanity needs so desperately right now.

10. How long are Sai Shakti Healers trained basically before they can actually start practising?

To begin practising as a SSH, the fundamentals are:

The first step is to learn about and practise the 5-Elements channels yourself.

The 5-Elements system is a system of 8 mantras and 1 yantra, and it takes about 6 months to purify, to charge or open the channels to the cosmic energy. There is a period of initial instruction, and then different cycles of meditation using specific mantra formula vibrations which really awaken the soul’s capacity. This also awakens the soul to its own dharma.

As the 5-Elements channels are all charged, initiation is received and knowledge is practised. The mantras are charged under the Diksha or the rules of that process, which is generally repeating the mantra a certain number of times for a certain number of days in a row.

Essentially, anybody is capable of starting to practise these healing techniques in a short time. Now beyond that, I’m a lifelong student I can say. Every real healer would say that we continuously learn, so there’s no end to education. As a SSH, it takes an initiation, transmission of knowledge, and about 6 months of personal practice before you can start. Once learned, you can combine it, you can integrate it into any existing healing practice as long as you strictly follow the Dikshas (rules and guidelines) in regard to the 5 Elements.

For practising healers, SSH is a godsend!  We’re already working with people, but this is a whole new set of tools that we can use immediately in our practice. If you’re not a healer already, once you’ve done this first initiation and entry into the 5-Elements healing system, you can give Shaktipat to your friends and family. You can start that way. And you can start using these healing techniques however it fits in your life. Try!

11. Your Guru is not in his embodied form anymore, does the lineage still continue?

Yes, this lineage is quite alive and well. We call this the lineage of Dattatreya Energy, the Divine Father in the Indian Vedic tradition. The most full, complete form of the father’s energy in one form would be called Dattatreya. Shirdi Sai Baba is the divine soul who holds the Dattatreya Energy as the lineage holder for this planet right now. Jesus held that for the last 2 thousand years, and then that’s been shifted. And in terms of a living lineage holder, Sri Kaleshwar’s mission was not to create a single student or master (which is the tradition with most lineages continuing today), but instead to create a lineage where through his incarnation, many, many people can become masters. And each of those masters will carry the energy on and pass that energy to at least one other.

And that is what we’re in the midst of right now. He’s only been in Samadhi for five years, but Sri Kaleshwar had thousands of students worldwide. His focus was primarily on bringing this knowledge to the West. And there’s hundreds and hundreds of practising students of this knowledge in Europe, America, and Japan. And that’s where this lineage is alive and well, through these students. This is not one to one, this is one to as many that can hold this energy and spread it across the globe.

12. What was the pivotal teaching of your Guru?

I would say that both love and power exist and are necessary in our lives. Power without love is destruction and only brings more negativity. Love without power is useless in creating lasting change. We must discriminate and use the right combination of love and power, as Sri Kaleshwar put it.

Jesus was a symbol of forgiveness, of love, but also, Jesus is the symbol of power. And that would be for me the quintessential thing, that perfect balance between love and power. That is the life of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary. We need power to change the world, but we need love to do it in a beautiful and divine way.

13. Is there any simple method to reach Shirdi Sai Baba in times of need, personally?

Shirdi Sai Baba gave a mantra at the time of his Samadhi, on October 15, 1918, to connect with his soul and divine consciousness and receive any blessing. He gave eleven assurances,[12] and gave all these prophecies about what will happen after his Samadhi, and what his involvement with this planet will be.

The mantra is:

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

That is available for anybody, with no initiation, no previous contact or anything at all! Try that mantra/prayer and see how the energy responds, the nature around you responds to that mantra.

Notes and References

1. Shishya - Spiritual student; disciple;

2. Master - Guru, spiritual preceptor and guide, who takes you across the ocean of the world of illusion into Reality;

3. Yoga Samadhi - An advanced state of consciousness;

4. Beginner’s Mind - Experiencing life without the mind’s habitual patterns and attachments;

5. Five Elements - The essential divine energy channels from which all of Creation is made: earth, fire, sky, water and air. Any soul in physical form is under their influence. Avadhuts, such as Shirdi Baba, are one with the five elements and are able to command upon them;

6. Shaktipat - Descent of grace; transmission of Shakti, from one soul to another, as one candle can light another. A powerful mechanism of healing and enlightenment;

7. Karmic Healing - Becoming free of lifetimes of negative karmas from past actions;

8. Sankalpam - Setting one’s intention and willpower for a specific goal, outcome or purpose;

9. Nada Bindu - Literally, ‘sound (nada) drop (Bindu).’ The Creation point, where the Divine Mother balances all of Creation, the point where cosmic energy en- ters and exits this Creation, where all form and formless potential meet. A mechanism in the Sri Kaleshwar Mahalakshmi Sri Chakra energy system;

10. Womb Chakra - A chakra in the body that connects through the physical mother's womb to the Divine Mother's womb, the place where the soul was originally created. Purifying this chakra enables a soul to command on the nature, to transfer cosmic energy from one aspect of the Creation to another, to demonstrate miracles, to discharge negative energy, and to soul travel;

11 Karma Siddhanta - Body of knowledge that describes the laws, formulas, and mechanisms that govern the creation, experience, and dissolution of karma;

12. 11 Assurances of Shirdi Sai Baba

  1.  Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil, his sufferings will come to an end;

  2.  The heartbroken and miserable will rise in abundance and joy as soon as they climb the steps of Dwarkamai;

  3.  I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body;

  4.  My tomb shall bless and look after the needs of my devotees;

  5.  I shall be active and vigorous from the tomb;

  6.  My mortal remains will speak from the tomb;

  7.  I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and seek refuge in me;

  8.  If you look to me, I look to you;

  9.  If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it;

10.  If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once;

11.  There shall be no want in the house of my devotees.

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