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Personal Transformation to Healing

by Kim Hutchison(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 72 - January 2002

In orthodox medical practice, healing and cure have two different meanings. In traditional healing practice there is a tendency to gloss over the cure, or full remission, or complete absence of dis-ease, and focus on what can definitely be delivered – which is healing.

Most practitioners agree that all forms of 'traditional healing' (e.g. acupuncture, aromatherapy, flower essences, homeopathy and energy healing) bring about healing, that is they make the patient feel better, some or all symptoms disappear, and a change in attitude, often quite subtle, manifests itself. Yet can these forms of traditional healing effect cure, 100% or even 80% of the time?

Whilst it is true that traditional forms of healing do not have 'side effects' and for the most part are non-toxic and are therefore, I believe, always a safer and more viable form of healing than conventional drugs or surgery, if curative (or transformative) healing isn't regularly being effected, then we need to transform our understanding of how all forms of traditional healing actually work, beyond the mechanical and biochemical.

This artist was experiencing a series of life changing events over which they had ‘no control’, which is exactly the description the student used of how these colours were chosen.
This artist was experiencing a series of life changing events over which they had ‘no control’, which is exactly the description the student used of how these colours were chosen. With no prior knowledge of chakras, the red sky, blue leaves, green tree roots and purple cloak were all amongst colours this student would not normally use; this student reported feeling that something else was choosing the colours.

Body, Mind and Soul

We know, for instance, that the human form comprises three aspects: the body (the physical carrier), the mind (the motor or engine) and the soul (the driver). Yet all too often healing focuses on the body (orthodox view or reductionism) or the mind, the emotions (traditional view or wholism).

The soul aspect (that part of us that transcends physical and mental limitations) is either largely forgotten or mistakenly placed under the guise of emotion - which I believe is an aspect of the mind only. That which is contained within the soul are FEELINGS, subtly and yet hugely different from emotions both in their cause and their effect.

So traditional forms of healing are, I believe, not taking fully into account the most crucial part of how we heal, the most integral aspect of the human form, the bit that actually makes all the health or disease decisions - the driver - the soul or as I call it expansionism.

My experience and understanding of how the energy between the mind, body and soul interplays is as power; my understanding of how we interrelate with each other is also as a form of power exchange. This energy that some can see, some can know, some can hear, yet all of us can FEEL is power, the power to create wellness, the power to create dis-ease. We all have this power, and I spend my life guiding others to harnessing their power to bring themselves into healing - curative, effective and as long lasting as they choose. This is my understanding, my experience of how this transformative healing power works.

Emotions Versus Feelings

When we are very small we learn how to behave (be-have). We are told and shown by our parents/carers how it is appropriate to react, for instance, to receiving a present (gratitude and pleasure), returning home (joy), going or doing anything new for the first time (trepidation), death of a family member or pet (grief) and a whole host of other, complex interweavings of various emotions, each representing a facet of 'appropriate expression'. In other words, we are taught and shown how to emote rather than feel.

Let me explain that further. I believe that emotions are an expression of our feelings that mask the truth of what we are experiencing. Emotions are our reaction to a situation or experience; feelings are our response. What's the difference? Your lover is leaving for a two-day conference, without having given you forewarning. Your reaction is outrage - why have you not been asked about this? Why are you being given a fait accompli? Is he really going to a conference? Now, at the back of your mind is the knowledge that he told you about this last year when he signed up for it, that he will be meeting old friends and likeminded souls and will come back full of joy and delight to see and be with you. Nonetheless, the emotion takes precedence and thus masks the truth of your experience, which is that it has triggered a long-held memory of abandonment which is making you feel sad and small and not worthy of notice.

It is now well known and becoming widely accepted in traditional healing, that each of the recognized emotions has a corresponding biochemical effect in the physical body, with the principal emotions residing in a principal organ (e.g. anger - liver, grief - lungs, etc.) (widely documented by Louise Hay, Caroline Myss and Candace Pert - see Bibliography).

There is also a widely held belief (and practice) that the expression of these emotions is 'healing', and will 'release' the toxic effect that the storing of these emotions has in our organs. Indeed, the number of workshops named for emotional release is ever increasing. Whilst I am of the opinion that if this works for you, then do it, my experience in healing myself and helping others bring THEMSELVES into healing is that 'working through', or wading in, or focusing on, the emotions does not bring about transformative healing; it may help you feel better for a moment or a month, but sooner or later the emotion will reassert itself because the FEELING, the CAUSE has not been addressed and brought into healing.

Accessing Our Soul

For me there is no positive or negative, right or wrong, or any of the other oft quoted 'opposites'; there is simply healing or division, healing or separation, connection or disconnection. And the challenge of healing is to bring these aspects into knowing, into awareness, so that we can CHOOSE to respond (healing) or react (division).

And to do this we must access the very core of our being, our driver, our soul to uncover the nature, the source of our feelings. Nothing illustrates the importance, the necessity of this, better than the following example of a healing I engaged in with a 'patient' when I first started consciously to use my healing energy. Her lower three vertebrae were crumbling to the point where she was not able to walk. After the energy healing she was walking and without pain. Two weeks later I was called back. She had spent the last 24 hours flat on her back.

I realized after talking with her that she had no interest in 'returning to the world'; she wasn't angry or sad, she was confused and lost. At that time I had no understanding of how to address effectively the FEELINGS of confusion and being lost, and I think that was the moment that led me to the work I do now.

Had I known then what I do now, I would have guided her to uncovering the blocks she had placed in front of her ability to heal, and helped her to reveal to herself her immense power, and thus brought her soul into healing, at which point her mind and body would have spontaneously harmonized and healed.

I appreciate that this may sound simplistic. Although I believe the truth is always simple - it's our understanding of it that makes it complex. I believe, and witness almost every day of my life, that physical and mental healing is effected by the 'patient' themselves when the conceptions they have stored in their soul, their consciousness, are brought into truth, into healing.

In other words, when we integrate that which is within our soul, our consciousness, when we accept that we are three elements not two, that our bodies and minds are responding to the 'instructions' received by our souls, that our minds and bodies are not the drivers, then we can effect transformative healing.

When we accept that traditional healing can and does alter the nature of the energy interchange between our mind and body yet cannot, on its own, affect the nature of the energy coming from the driver, the soul, then we will come to the knowledge of how to create transformative healing.

And the ironic thing is that everybody knows this, it's not rocket science, it's actually self-evident. When I take people through the process designed to access their soul's conceptions, they 'get it' very quickly (invariably much quicker than therapists who, perhaps because they know more, seem to have a more rigid 'mind set' or belief system).

The power that is released when the conceptions stored in our souls are brought into healing can, if we choose, change the way we think and thus change our physical experience (our body) completely. In this way we can effect curative, transformative healing.

The Body's Power Centres

Before I outline a couple of case histories, I would like to run through my understanding and experience of working with the body's energy/power centres. These are commonly referred to by their Sanskrit name of chakras, and there is, I believe, a lot of nonsense written about them.

The power centres are important because they are the principal access points of our forms, our being. They reflect every thought, feeling, belief and knowing that you have or have ever had. And what you say and do is also reflected in your power centres.

The vast majority of the people who first come to see me have very little energy flow or interaction through these centres, though all of them have had one or more of their power centres 'leaking' power/energy outwards in a torrent or a more 'controlled' outpouring. Many energy healers focus on power centres into which to direct their healing energy. I also use them as a source of diagnosis and reference for how the transformative healing is progressing.

And again, this is knowledge that we all have, deep within us, within our souls. When I diagnose the energy status of these power centres, I ask the person what colours they can see as I run my hand above their body and hold it above their chakra centres. They have their eyes closed and invariably have no idea what a power centre is, let alone any idea of their corresponding colours. I have yet to see someone who does not see these colours.

I hope the following case histories will demonstrate the nature and effects of harnessing our power, to bring into being transformative healing.

Painting produced at time of great sadness and uncertainty about the future. The artist’s husband was gravely ill and about to die.
Painting produced at time of great sadness and uncertainty about the future. The artist’s husband was gravely ill and about to die. The artist stated that she never normally used these colours, and certainly not in this context. She had started to paint a mangrove swamp ( interesting in itself from a Jungian point of view) and found that “my brush chose these colours, whenever I moved my hand to the palette the brush just went to these pinks, purples and reds.” Again this artist had no knowledge of chakras and their corresponding colours.

Case Study 1

When I arrived, this person was sporting a sling; the left arm was strapped up to help relieve the severe pain running around the site of the shoulder blade. The person assumed that the injury had occurred because of the extended period of lifting and carrying heavy materials in the last week.

After taking the case history, it became apparent that this was a recurrent 'injury', and I began to see clearly the connection between the 'injury' and the site of the pain.

After diagnosing the power centre status, I used energy healing to activate the power centres and prepare the energy and physical body for rapid and transformative change.

I utilize energy healing whether healing an individual or in workshop groups and courses, as it is spectacularly effective in relaxing the recipient(s), helping them to 'let go and be' and 'think' from their heart centre rather than their head. The mind is a fabulously powerful tool, yet it rarely contributes truth when we are uncovering our soul conceptions. I find the mind is most powerfully employed as an implementer, a creator, rather than a conceiver - the function of the soul.

We then worked through the transformation healing process. This uncovered the person's self-judgement of "not good enough", through a lifetime experience of lack of connection with their mother. Other key salient aspects of this person's relationship with their body were also revealed.

Throughout the process the person 'sees' what is happening to their power, where and when it is given away and where and when it is magnified, extended and retained.

The healing process is completed as the person comes to a profound understanding that it is their soul's conceptions that have created the experience, the separation, the disconnection, the dis-ease, and are guided to their profound 'knowing' and understanding of the truth of who they truly are; their power.

At this point, I witness an entire body energy shift, sometimes very subtle, sometimes very not! And, in this particular case, the person removed the sling. The pain had gone; the shoulder was no longer sore and in need of support.

I often think I must have one of the best jobs in the world, because I frequently experience the universal joy, peace and power that the people I work with experience as they reconnect and learn of their unlimited and profound power.

I then address the life concerns of the person, relationships, careers, life's purpose, and am heartened by how this profound understanding of the self-creation of the physical experience changes their life's perceptions from those of 'difficult', 'impossible' or 'victim' to those of 'I can do anything, any time, any place, anywhere!' - Of course everyone is unique; where some are ready to try out their wings after a couple of sessions, others prefer to work through more soul conceptions before they are ready to fly.

Case Study 2

This person had just three transformation healing sessions over the course of four weeks. The self-judgements that were revealed for healing included worthlessness and weakness and were all centred around the parenting experience.

This person was particularly 'open' and together we travelled (and brought into healing) several key past life experiences. This type of revelatory experience is actually very common. I believe that we carry with us the aspects of past life experiences that are mirrored in our present life experience so that, if we become conscious of our soul aspect, these past lives are brought into healing as we bring into healing our current life.

The results were evident to the person's friends and family. The friends noticed a radical change in the appearance of the face and the way of walking and holding the body. They also noticed a behavioural change from very reactive to affable and good-humoured. The spousal and children's relationships shifted and improved. The person reported feeling very much more empowered and light, and delighted in the physical changes.

The energy centre changes were also extensive. The lower three chakras began to function effectively, the 'third eye' began to open, as did the heart centre chakra - commonly the most 'difficult' to open.

This particular case illustrates how quickly powerful healing can be brought into effect if the person is willing to 'allow' the healing experience.


And if a person is not ready to own their creation of their current experience then they are not ready to experience this transformative healing. They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink - I believe you can't even do that. You can only tell them that there is water, and they tell you when they are ready to drink it.

I believe transformative healing occurs when the implicit understanding that it is the soul aspect that powers the aspects of the mind and body is owned; and when the deep knowing that it is the conceptions we hold in our soul that produce the type of energy that affects what we hold in our mind, which in turn produces the biochemicals that affect our bodies, is achieved.

Until this acknowledgement is FELT, we are without the profound understanding of who we truly are, of what our power can do, that creates and maintains curative or transformative healing.


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