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Natural Born Healer

by Jennifer Pride(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 40 - May 1999

The discovery – hands on healing

Four years ago, at 53, Burges Stace, a Sussex gardener found by chance that he was able to take away pain from his partner just by placing his hands on the affected area. At first believed to be simply large and warming, these hands were soon feeling the pain complained of, and Burges found that he could readily detect the location of the pain.

Picking up the pain from back and hip

Picking up the pain from back and hip

The couple made increasing use of these hands-on sessions, lasting a few minutes. A variety of sensations became usual – Burges would feel tingling, prickling, heat and/or pain, and sometimes movement under the skin. His partner would feel warmth, a dulling of the pain, and a wave of general relaxation: in most cases her internal soreness and discomfort disappeared completely after a maximum of 15 minutes of healing, directly on the skin.

Burges would feel the pain in direct proportion to its lessening in his partner, and would be left with pain at the end of the session, as if it had travelled into himself. This apparently 'absorbed pain' would last for several minutes longer, then dissipate.

Soon a new sensation developed – during the healing itself the 'absorbed pain' began to travel up Burges' wrist and forearm from the hand placed on the painful area. When the pain started to reach his inner elbow Burges felt that it was time to protect himself, and taught himself to will the pain to remain in his hand(s). It was at this point that he and his partner read widely about the nature of healing.

They wanted to learn about its known potential, to understand their experiences of it, and to come to terms with these. The discovery had come about unexpectedly, and Burges had been unnerved by the inexplicable and indefinable phenomena he seemed able to effect. Several books were of particular help, as were two established healers contacted through Positive Health magazine.

Born on the Land – A way with Animals

Burges was born on the Crabbet Park Estate, West Sussex, close to Crawley. Here the first great Arabian horse stud in England was established in the late 1800s, continuing until the 1970s. The area was then very agricultural and Burges grew up, a country boy among the animals, carrying out farm and estate work as he became able, under the orders of his father who was the head stallion man (groom), and general factotum.

One day about twenty-five years ago, a pregnant mare from an adjoining stud farm would not get up on its legs despite much urging. It had been lying down for several hours and the vet and owners were worried for its safety. Burges' father, by then retired, and another groom were called for help but neither were able to attend. Finally Burges was brought to the scene, as he still lived locally.

Burges reached the horse and coaxed and whispered to the mare: she raised herself up readily and remained standing. The son was glad to have his early special rapport with animals confirmed: his father had been well-known for his ability to lead and train animals, and win their co-operation. Had this been inherited?

Somatic healing for friends, family and clients

During his work as a gardener, Burges began to offer complimentary healing for pain relief to his clients, friends and family, when any of these appeared to be suffering. Each person seen reported short and long-term pain relief, and over a two year period it became clear that many of the people seen had experienced unusual healing of their condition after an average of three 'hands on' sessions.

In each case the sufferer was recommended to consult his/her GP, if not already doing so. Most people came to Burges as a last resort, at a psychological low, caused by their chronic ailment/pain, and with fading hopes of any respite or further improvement. See Table 1.

Table 1: Somatic Healing

Help was given to the following:





degenerating hip joint
chronic, un-diagnosed arm and neck, and back pain
trapped nerves
rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis
old trauma: bone breaks, sprains

Raynaud’s Syndrome, arthritis, headaches, migraines

septic gum abscess

sluggish bowels, migraines

Multiple Sclerosis – short term mobility and pain relief.
Motor Neurone Disease – temporary partial relief of myalgia

A sort of pattern of healing soon emerged. On the first occasion the sufferer would feel his/her pain either diminish or disappear completely. This was true for acute and chronic conditions, and occurred with both minor and major cases of pain. In some instances the pain gave the person no further obvious distress after the first healing. (See Case Histories)

In the case of a severe, untreated infection the person's immune system appeared to have been given a large boost to clear the problem in very short order, without the need for other medical intervention. (See Case Histories)

With chronic musculo-skeletal lesions, sufferers more typically experienced full, immediate relief which would last for a day to a day and a half. A second healing would be arranged for two or three days after the first: often some symptoms remained or had returned by that time. At this session Burges would often 'pick up' sensations of pain in the same place, but to a lesser degree.

For these 'clients' a third and final healing would then be scheduled at a greater interval of between one to two weeks, to mutual convenience.

Clients would be offered further healings if necessary after the third one. In very few instances was a further session requested. As the clients were all known to Burges he was able to monitor their progress personally afterwards and verify that there had been no significant recurrences of the problems treated. Some clients have returned periodically for a one-off session, when they felt the need.

Case Histories

     This 70 year old woman had a chronic trapped nerve in her neck which had given her great pain for a week, and she could not turn her head. She had frail health generally and was prevented from driving, therefore making her housebound.
     Burges put hands on, first the unaffected (R) side of the neck, then on the painful (L) side, each time for 10 minutes. He picked up pain in both sides. Patricia declared that she felt much more comfortable afterward, and within another 10 minutes put on coat and hat to back the car down the 100 metre drive, looking over her shoulder.
     She returned one hour later, carrying a number of shopping bags, and said she felt fine. The pain did not return, and she had no further healings nor medical treatment to the neck.

     This 69 year old man had osteo-arthritis diagnosed in both knees. These had become septic and had been cleaned out during an operation seven years previously. When Burges saw him, Donald had been having physiotherapy regularly for six months after a fall in which he had hurt his right knee and right shoulder.
     The knee was very swollen and a repeat of the above operation was due. This went ahead and Donald was told that he would probably not regain complete use of his knee and leg . He was also warned that the right leg would probably be stiff for up to two years minimum. Donald was depressed over this prognosis as it would curtail his usual golf-centred activities completely, and so narrow his life and routines.
     Burges treated both knees to a 15/20 minute session, alternating his hands as the pain became too much to bear. There were four sessions in total, all within a two week period. Donald only felt the sensation of heat during the first healing.
     Donald was given a full healing and hands-on treatment to his shoulders and knees in each session. The knee remained swollen throughout but was much less so by the fourth session, when it was much more mobile. Burges picked up pain at each place, and Donald felt rested and calmed, remaining so for three weeks after the last healing.
     The physiotherapist treating Donald during the period said that Donald’s healing was remarkable. Donald soon started walking without the aid of his stick, and started mowing the lawn again. Within two months he was back playing golf, to his delight.

     This 25 year old woman had a septic abscess in her gum, three days before Christmas.
     The whole left side of her face was badly swollen, she was having a lot of pain, and her breath was bad from the sepsis. Being afraid of the dentist, she had not consulted one, but was clearly suffering and miserable. The pain was also reaching her left ear.
     Burges laid his hands on Julie’s right cheek and jaw, feeling tingling and heat by so doing. Julie also felt the same. The ‘hands on’ lasted some 10 minutes.
     The following day Julie was feeling better and her husband said that the swelling seemed to be going down. By Christmas Day no sign of swelling remained, and Julie had no other symptoms of infection in her body. The pain in the ear had gone and Julie felt and looked normal.

The profile of a healing session

There is no need for a client to have any belief for the healing to work.

Burges works independently of any school of healing, following his own instincts.

Initially there is a fact finding about the person and condition complained of, including details of medical diagnosis and treatments. Next, the client's expectations of the session are addressed and their possible sensations from the session are explained. The sensations felt can range widely, within any combination of: nothing, heat, tingling, pain (minor or acute), physical and mental relaxation.

Once the client is in a relaxed position, hands are placed on his/her shoulders to accustom the client to the invasion of their private body 'space', and to Burges' touch in particular. The painful area is covered lightly with the hands; then the hands are laid over neighbouring areas, to register the spot projecting the most irritation.

This is not necessarily the part complained about: intuitive feelings, and sometimes sensations similar to buzzing lead Burges to the appropriate area(s). The healing can produce pain in the area reported to be problematic, or it can be in another part of the body. Often the origin of the pain is sensed at the same level, but across the spine from the reported pain.

At the start, the client is asked to communicate any sensations felt during the session and is told that she/he has a choice to continue conversation if they so wish. Burges himself experiences any combination of; heat, tingling, numbness, stiffness, pain (minor and/or acute, static or travelling). He talks through all sensations with the client as they arise.

Some clients like to remain quiet, while others like to talk throughout the healing. Burges usually finishes with a general healing, to realign the person's natural rhythms: he lays hands on at the neck and shoulders, or cervical spine and forehead.

Clients are encouraged to take a few minutes to return to a feeling of normality: they often feel light-headed or sleepy afterwards. Some clients have felt overcome with drowsiness and have remained to have a short sleep. Sometimes a client will nod off during the treatment itself. A feeling of great relaxation and contentment is often reported by the client at the end of the healing.

Psychological/emotional/stress relief

Individuals unburdened themselves spontaneously during healing sessions. In order to respond helpfully Burges studied for and obtained an accredited certificate in counselling skills, which proved very useful. With further study and practice he began to move further into bodywork, in order to offer release from emotional blocks in the mind, and emotional blockages held in the body.

The deep relaxation clients experience during healings appears to be partly a result of the pain relief, but also seems to benefit their psychological state for days or weeks afterward. Many people have reported feeling much less worried and self-obsessed from day to day, and better able to cope.

The combination of healing, counselling and bodywork has proved effective in the following:

* Stress relief from chronic mental health problems
* Relief from acute anxiety/stress symptoms
* Mental/emotional release
* Spiritual/Emotional release through the Chakras

The unknown process

Burges cannot claim understanding of the healing process, and simply considers himself to be a conduit of some type of electro-magnetism, and a catalyst for the clients' own natural healing processes. No control nor acceleration of the healing has proved possible, indeed over-concentration by Burges appears to disturb or arrest it. Nor has he been able to follow up the case histories with the medically recorded physiological changes occurring after the healings.

Once clients are freed of restricting pain, they like to resume their full, normal lives and put their past difficulties behind them. This means that often they like to forget about doctors and healers alike, so the chance for systematic monitoring, documentation and prognosis is unfortunately lost.

'Physician Heal Thyself' is an often heard cry – Burges is able to reduce or remove his own pains if he can easily put his hands on the source. When he broke the little toe of his left foot at work, he removed his boot, held the toe for a few minutes and the pain went and stayed away, in spite of the ensuing swelling. The toe healed well with no further treatment.

Burges can heal others when in pain himself, as long as his body is relaxed. As long as he is infection-free, and has a positive mental attitude, there appears to be no reason to abstain at these times. There have been no reports of any adverse effects from the healings done, and no evidence of any 'exported' pain from Burges to a client.


Vibrational Medicine – New Choices for Healing Ourselves. Richard Gerber, M.D. Bear & Company. Santa Fe, New Mexico. ISBN 0-939680-46-7. 1988
Your Healing Power – A Comprehensive Guide to Channelling Your Healing Energies. Jack Angelo. Piatkus. London. ISBN 0-7499-1326-6 pb. 1994


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