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Intention to Heal

by Victoria Sprigg(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 217 - October 2014

This is what we all want to do. Heal. When we decide to enter into this marvellous business of healing we begin a lifetime vocation. We want to help. Pure and simple. So here we are, on our beautiful journey to the discovery of ourselves and our possibilities. Dictionaries define “heal” as “to make better”, “to cure”, “to make well or healthy”, “to treat successfully”, “to restore to health”, “to repair’. As therapists we’re constantly looking to improve the way we work, the knowledge we hold and therefore how we treat. This is intention.

Buddha Figure

Intention marks a strong desire for action. A yearning to physically help others along with a sound knowledge base wrapped in your spiritual passion to treat.  Interestingly, as therapists we have to be careful mentioning the words “heal”, “cure” or make claims of clearing illnesses or injuries. Yet that’s what we’re all working towards.

The beautiful goal of intention was first brought to my attention some years ago. Trudy Styler, the yoga teacher and wife to Sting, radiated from her yoga mat sitting next to a yoga guru who spoke about ‘the duvet of intention’ which surrounds us. It’s almost tangible, it shows within our eyes, our hearts and our actions and is revealed through our vocations, our volunteering, our compassion, our ability to forgive and our calm spirits. I utterly understand and embrace this duvet. I undertake to pull the duvet around me so that people see my duvet and know that it applies to them too. Yes, I extend my intention to absolutely everyone who needs and wants some healing. I want to shout from the rooftops that my intention for healing is all around me and available to all. In fact, each and every one of us has intention within us. I mean the sort of intention that sends out good messages, messages that reach others deeply to show that care is available.  We all have that compassion within us. Perhaps in some it’s buried a little further down than others.

17 years ago I used to present life and health statistics for a reinsurance company where I learnt about illnesses that affect our ability to work. My interest was in human anatomy, how we work and why things go wrong. Most of us find ourselves changing career having become demotivated by a lack of compassion and meaning. I was no exception. My new company ‘Health Intended’ was born where I undertook to help as many people as possible. Little did I know this was going to challenge me in new ways and spread my healing message much further afield. After two years, I was approached by a film company asking me to make three films about holistic therapies for the public. They were to be sold as a box set in high street stores in time for Christmas.

The videos were titled Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Swiss Reflex and sold prolifically. I was paid a fee and a few videos. I loved making them, especially as the film company had no requirements on the content and I was able to use clinic situations treating my clients. The setting was clinical and professional yet with relaxing to watch. Each technique was explained in detail and hence appealed to both non-therapists and therapists. Nine years later it was brought to my attention that someone in America had placed many ten minute extracts from all three films onto YouTube. Viewings reached one million hits at the time. I was amazed that people wanted to follow massage techniques to treat stress and tension mainly from homes as opposed to therapy clinics. I was receiving messages from people all over the world who told me how they’d used the techniques on family and friends and managed to help all sorts of issues. Although the extracts were uploaded illegally by an unknown person, I could not be upset about someone wanting to spread the healing message and that people embraced it so fully. The clips now reach seven million.

Aromatherapy Massagev

It dawned on me that there is a need for a good quality and easily accessible therapy documentary, so I set upon a project to manage, produce and distribute my own new film. I really wanted to bring accessibility to therapy so that everyone can learn and spread a little healing. Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils is now available to order via Amazon UK or US for worldwide distribution. It conveys a complete back, neck, shoulders and scalp massage with essential oils and plenty of advice on how to set up a professional clinic. I demonstrate each technique in wide and close up shots, each one explained fully, including what pressure to apply. Towel management is shown accurately so that clients are covered, kept warm and feel secure at every step. The DVD has scene selection so that sections can be repeated enabling therapists to study close up techniques.

Furthermore, there is an additional section filmed in my garden, where I show a client how to choose and mix essential oils. Six oils are reviewed and blended into different bases such as aloe gel, cream and oil. For therapists wanting to improve the running of their clinic, I share my Top Ten Tips for giving the best treatment. My intention is for you all to embrace your healing capabilities, show your intention like a duvet and watch for signs that those around you observe your aura and want some of it. Give and enjoy.

“For anyone wishing to understand the complex nature of massage and aromatherapy then this DVD is a must. It shows all the actions you need plus a full review of why each action is necessary and the effect it has on the body. Victoria's presentation is excellent with clear vocals allowing you to understand every massage stroke. It also goes into which essential oils to use which is something most other DVD's fail to provide. In general if you are serious about studying massage and aromatherapy then this DVD is a must… Overall an excellent product worth every penny - this DVD is at the forefront of understanding massage techniques.” - Amazon Review.

Further Information or stock Victoria Sprigg’s DVD Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils. The DVD is 95 minutes long, presented on a DVD10 which is playable in Regions 1 and 2 ie UK, Europe, Japan, Middle East, South Africa, US and Canada. It is £14.99 or $29.99. To see a four minute extract of Victoria’s latest DVD, see

YouTube -  Victoria Sprigg, Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils

Acknowledgement Citation

An abridged version of Victoria's Intention to Heal article was printed in Choice Magazine published Summer 2014.


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About Victoria Sprigg

Victoria Sprigg CIBTAC IIHHT SPA MISPA ITEC Reiki Master works from her Northamptonshire clinic as a Clinical Aromatherapist, incl Nutrition, Swiss Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Reiki Master and student KORE practitioner. Victoria’s blog on her therapies and hospice work can be followed via her website below. She is a member of the professional aromatherapy organisation IFPA, including a regional group in which she is a regular speaker. She can be contacted on Tel: 07889 495800;  via Facebook - Victoria Sprigg,  or Linkedin  or Twitter @VictoriaSprigg

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