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Golden Re - Healing, Development and Awareness Programme

by Steve Gamble MGCP(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 42 - July 1999

Since childhood, Ray has been able to see energies and energy fields in and around people and nature. He can perceive the natural way in which these energies move, ebb and flow, in all their gloriously wonderful colours. Having worked with and observed nature for over 25 years, Ray has built up a wealth of understanding of how and why humans, animals, plants and their respective, but interconnected energies work, and how Nature works in total harmony and complete balance when left to its own devices. As a result of his insights into the mysteries and workings of Nature, he has put together one of the simplest, yet most comprehensive and effective methods of healing and inner development that it is possible to encounter in our present lifetime, based wholly upon how Nature, Mother Earth and the Universe work: together, in balance and total harmony.

Working on the Solar Plexus Chakra

Working on the Solar Plexus Chakra

The science of biophysics has shown us so much over the last 20-30 years, which has helped to remove some of the mystery and myth from our present day Western perception of Eastern Philosophy, and esoteric material. In the western world biophysics has provided us with a better understanding of the intrinsic workings of the human body, and has confirmed much of what our Eastern partners have been advocating for thousands of years. Biophysics has established that the physical body is not designed to become ill at all. We only become ill when the defence mechanism of the body is weakened![1] The defence mechanism of the body is the energy fields of the body, consisting of, but not limited to, the Vortex Energy Centres (chakras), the Auric Field and the Electro-Magnetic Fields around and within each individual cell of the body. Biophysics has done much to show how continual damage to our energy fields will result in illness and disease. Almost all illness and disease originates from an imbalance in our energy fields.[1]

This is science, not myth or Eastern esoteric philosophy, but hard scientific evidence on how and why we exist and can and do become ill. By concentrating on areas where illness and disease originate, we can produce tremendous healing effects within the physical body. It is a two-way connection, a connection between our energy bodies and our physical body. If we abuse the physical body we affect our energy fields, and vice versa. It is important that we know how to address both areas. Golden Rè addresses both areas, and is the Re-discovery of how to use and implement nature's most simple and safe methods of healing with natural energies, with important additions relevant to our present day environmental situation.

Working on the Earth Chakra

Working on the Earth Chakra

Golden Rè is a direct connection with the energies of the Sun and is based upon balancing our energy fields and enhancing our defence mechanism. It enables us to balance our female and male energies, Yin and Yang, and release negative patterning we have built up over the years by clearing mental and emotional blockages. This allows new, higher vibrational energies to come through thus raising our whole vibrational being – further strengthening our defence mechanism. In this way we can evolve with the ever-changing energies of Nature and Mother Earth. We are, in essence, taken back to our original blueprint, which is pure, clear and perfect – just as Nature is when left alone.

Most energy systems, such as Reiki, work on what I term a 'closed' energy field, and a closed chakra system; in short, therefore, a 'totally closed' energy system. If we take, for example, a drainpipe blocked with straw top to bottom, and imagine it is a blocked chakra. Most energy systems of healing would work by channelling energy into the top and the bottom of the drainpipe. This would have the effect of clearing some of the blockage from the top and the bottom of the pipe, and eventually clear the whole blockage. In the Rè System we pull the chakras out from the physical body and – if we refer back to our model of the drainpipe – we can literally open up the drainpipe from top to bottom and scoop out all the straw in one go! The entire negative emotional and mental energy removed in one fell swoop, safely and securely. We then close the drainpipe, the blockage having been totally removed. Thus, we remove the negative energy from each chakra, including the minor ones and then close the chakras down again by pushing and closing them back within the physical body. The Reiki Masters and Practitioners, as well as those people using other modalities of healing that we have trained to date will readily testify to this: simple, but extremely effective. This way we avoid the days, weeks and sometimes months of emotional and mental release, and the physical discomforts that often result from these releases. Part One of the Training covers this full treatment protocol. Golden Rè creates more space in our energy fields, which allows the flow of energy to increase, improving circulation on all levels and increasing the flow of chi (energy) throughout the whole body. This process improves the electrical connection and electrical communication between all of the systems of the physical body, and has a deeply detoxifying affect upon our bodies.

Part One also teaches us how to safely increase the vibrations of ourselves and those of others. We are taught how to safely increase the vibrations of each of our chakras in sequence, as well as being taught how to expand the auric field and increase its peripheral protection by thickening and expanding our normal level of protection. This is particularly useful for very ill people, because it provides the physical body with more time to repair itself – providing of course that the physical body is being treated correctly to start with. Our Assemblage Point is put back into place, realigned and balanced, connecting us back with our source. In Part Two we are taught how to correct and balance the Assemblage Point, quickly, simply and safely. We are also provided with information on the contributory factors into illness and disease on a physical level and what measures we can take to protect ourselves and to redress imbalances in our physical system. We can achieve so much more, so much quicker, if we work on both the energy body and the physical body at the same time.

Additionally, in Part One we are taught how to comprehensively scan the whole aura for any blockages or negative energies, and how to scan the individual layers of energy within the auric field for tears or holes. We are also taught how to repair these tears and holes and how we can create temporary chakras anywhere within these energy fields to facilitate the removal of negative energies and blockages. These temporary chakras are cleansed in exactly the same way we cleanse all the other chakras, then closed and returned back to their original form. This is an important procedure for cleansing difficult and stubborn blockages and their resulting problems manifested on a physical level.

Both Parts Two and Three give us further development and advancement techniques, which begin the process of allowing us to literally walk into our Higher Selves. We achieve this by bringing the Higher Self and the main Vortex Energy Centres (chakras) from above the head, down, and over the remaining nine main chakras. Thus, instead of our energy bodies being outside of us, like our Higher Selves above our heads, open to the negative energies that are flying about and emitted by other people, our energy bodies and our energy fields, however, are gradually drawn into us, back into our physical body. Ultimately, we react less to the negativity around us. If our emotional and mental bodies are within us, as they used to be, then we will react less to what is going on around us. We are still aware of, but are less affected by, outside negative energies, and we develop even further, personally. This process makes it virtually impossible for the Assemblage Point to become out of alignment or out of balance ever again. This process enables us to safely and securely channel new, higher energies that are now available, for the benefit of all. Advanced protection techniques, which we can use in our treatments and advanced treatment techniques to further help our clients, as well as ourselves are taught in Parts Two and Three.

It has taken me seven years of research to discover my path towards truth. Thanks to Ray Abraham, the Rè System of Healing, Development and Awareness allows us all to rediscover our own path towards truth. By being able to remove negative and disruptive entities from the aura, clearing out all other forms of negative energies, and having the ability to increase levels of protection leaves us in a position where we are much more able to discern and understand what is the truth and move forward confidently and safely in the knowledge that we are truly helping other people and ourselves at the same time. Remember: the faster our energy bodies spin (vibrate) the less we attract and hold onto negative energies that can remain with us, with the potential to cause damage in our energy fields. The quicker we raise our vibration and protection the faster our energy fields spin. Ray has spent many years developing this safe system to enable us to achieve what others have taken a lifetime to achieve, because we do not now have a lifetime left in which to learn. We need to learn fast.

As we develop our spirituality and consciousness and grow and evolve naturally, changes will take place in our lives. Our physical bodies will evolve in harmony with our spiritual growth. Because we are all different physically and the physical body cannot assimilate changes as quickly as our spiritual body, in the Rè System, we are also taught that we should not deny ourselves by imposing strange diets, fads, fasts or weird regimes which only serve to bring additional stress into our physical being. Our physical body will evolve naturally if we allow it to do so, and when our physical body is ready to make changes to our eating, drinking and lifestyle, then it will do so naturally and it will also feel right.

In short, the Golden Rè System of Healing, Personal Development and Awareness Programme is what is needed at this time to help us to heal ourselves and others and raise our consciousness quickly and safely, enabling us to move forward in tandem with Mother Earth and Her changes into a better environment and better future for all living things.

Whilst it would appear to be an advantage to be able to see, feel or even to be able to sense these energy fields, within and around the human body, it is not a pre-requisite for training in Golden Re. Sometimes, it can be an advantage when we have had no previous experience, or conditioning in the healing arts. It is more to do with where we are at the moment as an individual, than where we perceive we are, with our preconceived ideas and conditioning. See Case Study 2.

Although we do not use Energy Symbols in the Golden Rè System of Healing, we are, however, introduced to them through Ancient Sacred Geometry and New Geometry aligned to the new energies open to us all at this time. Symbols represent different vibrations, different energies, and are akin to having access to a great Universal Library of Ancient Wisdom and Teachings. They are like having a Cosmic Alphabet, an alphabet of energies, to be used and accessed for information, healing, wisdom and knowledge of the history and workings of the Universe. There are Energy Symbols for building and radiating Unconditional Love, removing negative energies from food and water and re-energising water, to symbols for relaxation, meditation for knowledge and wisdom. Symbols for the Plant and Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms, for the Self, for protection from negative energies, such as electromagnetic and electrical fields, Geopathic stress, and microwaves. Symbols for expanding, strengthening and protecting our energy fields, and so much more.


1. Steve Gamble, The Dangers of EMF Radiation, published by the author. 1998.

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Lynne
     Lynne aged 42, is a Holistic Therapist and Teacher. Lynne was going through a very acrimonious divorce and a period of great financial and emotional uncertainty when she was introduced to Golden Rè. Her stress levels were, naturally, very high. After the first treatment she said she felt much better – as if a weight had been removed – and felt more grounded. She felt a little happier about coping with her situation as she was now able to think more clearly.
     After a couple of sessions Lynne became even more emotionally balanced and her physical well-being improved outwardly and inwardly despite the continuing stress and financial uncertainty imposed upon her. Lynne now says she is much more centred and her intuitive side has opened up dramatically, allowing her to work more effectively with her clients. Her physical health has also improved tremendously, and Lynne says the treatments helped to give her the strength to work through what she described as ‘the darkest period of my life’.

Case Study 2: Hilary
     Hilary is 52, a housewife and was a student studying clinical reflexology when she first came to see me. Hilary came to see me to see if I could help with her energy levels. She was constantly tired, trying to balance being a housewife and a student at the same time, with her final exams almost upon her. She was also naturally anxious about setting up her forthcoming practice. During the first treatment, Hilary felt very strongly that she was releasing ‘a lot of baggage, unfinished business’, as she put it. She felt an overall cleansing with a feeling of being lighter and having more space.     Towards the end of the treatment she was finally able to acknowledge the death of her parents and was able to willingly and lovingly let them go. Hilary was also aware of very bright colours, both around and within her. Hilary also commented that she suddenly felt a lot calmer and was starting to look forward to her coming holiday, which she had previously been dreading.
     During the second treatment Hilary expressed her feeling and awareness of having more energy. She could feel the energy spinning in her chakras and was very aware of the energy flowing more freely within her. I knew at this point that Hilary was destined to become a healer. After the treatment, Hilary said she felt ‘a lot lighter’ and more content and happy with life and was even looking forward to setting up her business. During this period, Hilary’s husband became quite ill and Hilary found she had an inner strength to cope with his illness. So much so that Hilary went on to do her training in Golden Rè, which she now uses to help her husband deal with his illness. Finally, Hilary says she has now found her true path in life – healing – something she had never considered before.

Case Study 3: Jane
     Jane, aged 49, is qualified in Clinical Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and is a Reiki Practitioner. Jane has been unable to practice her therapies due to long standing hip and back problems. Jane is currently waiting for a hip replacement operation. Jane came for treatment to see if I could help her with her physical and emotional problems. Jane had lost her daughter some 8 years previously and has been unable to come to terms with her death ever since – and the anniversary of her death was approaching.
     Surprisingly, Jane relaxed very quickly and became immediately aware of the areas I had been working on. Jane had quite a few blockages and during the treatment, the main blockage caused by the death of her daughter, came to the surface. Jane had a tremendous emotional release and emotional experience, and was finally able to release suppressed emotions regarding her daughter. Jane was able to accept and come to terms with her daughter’s death and she could finally say her goodbyes. This emotional experience was a beautiful moment for both of us. Jane says she can now talk openly and freely about her daughter’s death without bursting into tears and her life has changed for the better ever since. Jane is now much happier and feels more alive and is doing more mentally and physically in a more positive way – she feels life now has a purpose. Jane has even started doing treatments on her clients and whilst some of her hip and back problems remain, they are not presented in the same debilitating way as they used to be.
     Jane has recently informed me, that for the first time in over 10 years she has been able to visit a dentist for treatment. Before, Jane had a phobia about dentists and would not go anywhere near one through fear.


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About Steve Gamble MGCP

Steve Gamble is a Healer and Complementary Medicine Practitioner, qualified in Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Sports Therapy, Bio-energy healing, and is a Reiki Practitioner, a Pulsor® Practitioner and is qualified in both Golden Rè Healing and Golden Rè Teaching. Steve has been researching contributory factors into illness and disease for a number of years, and has focussed upon the factors which cause disease within humans. Steve's research has been incorporated into Golden Rè's comprehensive Training Manual. He can be contacted by telephone: 01642 872610, or Fax: 01642 361220, or E-mail:


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