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Beyond Healing - The Form: Love and Truth in Reflection

by Suzanne Johnson(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 85 - February 2003


'The Form: Love and Truth in Reflection' is a series of energy movements that acts as a gateway for both practitioner and recipient to experience the profound depth, beauty and unity of our source. It reveals humanity's real potential and allows for true healing to take place on every level of existence. To the onlooker, 'The Form' appears very much like a slow dance, a moving meditation – the practitioner moving in stillness around a seated recipient.

Roger and Fiona Tyrelle, Australian teachers demonstrating The Form
Roger and Fiona Tyrelle, Australian
teachers demonstrating The Form

The Evolution of 'The Form'

'The Form' evolved through the realized consciousness of Bernie Prior, a spiritual teacher who now travels internationally holding talks and retreats.

In 1989, Bernie directly experienced the enlightened state of consciousness. He experienced the truth of who we are as humanity. Bernie now lives from his direct knowledge and is devoted to serving humanity through his teaching.

Soon after his realization, Bernie discovered that holding certain positions around the body acted like portholes to the source, and he found himself naturally moving in sequence around the body. The energy continually deepening and 'cosmic healing', (now more aptly named The Form: Love and Truth in Reflection) was born.

Bernie knew that The Form was a gift of his enlightenment to be shared with humanity. He was moved to travel around the UK to different health exhibitions and healing festivals for several years, sharing The Form with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Many people connected with the depths of 'being' (our source) for the first time.

The first course for people to learn The Form was held in London six years ago and I myself was drawn to take part in the course.

I laugh now at my ignorance at the time – I thought I was embarking on a course that would give me a nice certificate saying I was a healer and the knowledge to practise as one. I had no idea of the power, the potential, the surrender and the awesome beauty of being that I was opening myself up to – that would literally transform my entire life. My concepts of everything, including my ideas of healing were blown wide apart and I began to consciously glimpse reality for the first time. Since then I continually experience an unravelling of the unreal to reveal the real within myself – i.e. the shedding of the veils of illusion I had created through my protection, projection and conditioning, making way for my true nature to shine through.

It has been truly inspiring to experience and observe The Form teaching deepen and evolve into an internationally recognized course and practice. The Form is now taught in New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland, currently by Bernie. Further opportunities for teaching are opening up in Europe and the USA. Within the next year, The Form will be taught worldwide by devoted teachers who have worked closely with Bernie for several years – their lives obviously deeply touched and transformed by the profound truth within The Form.

Beyond Healing

The Form is not a healing technique as such. It is a true reflection of life itself i.e. it reflects our true state – that we as humanity have covered over through our egoistic ideas and conditioned patterns. Most of us have little recall of our being, yet buried deep within us is the knowledge that 'I am'.

The Form is a tool of transformation that allows people to tap into the source, their true potential until there is sufficient grounding within that source to have no need of any tool to experience that sublime peace and aliveness in each moment.

Using The Form as an ongoing part of life brings greater softness, honesty and love as our awareness of our source deepens – transforming old patterns to allow the vibrant radiance of the new.

The Form teaching states that the mental, emotional and physical bodies are all vehicles of expression for our being and not for our self concern through conditioning. It is our essence that brings vitality to every level of our human life. Only through the flow of essence entering the cells of our human body can healing of the mind, emotions and physical body take place. As we consciously deepen our awareness of source, there arises a vibrant vitality within the body. Destructive patterns to the health of the body naturally slip away – the purity of source starts to be reflected within the physical body.

I discovered through the teaching and subsequently in my own experience that real healing isn't about 'fixing' someone, or something, but simply assisting in the opening of an individual to be in acceptance of 'what is' – the divine will. The individual is then in true alignment with their source, beyond conditioning and control, whether that means healing of the physical, mental or emotional body – or not. Through this total acceptance, however life is appearing, an incredible peace and rest arises. This is where the deepest transformation can take place, untainted and pure. For the practitioner, true compassion is known, emanating with such love, not clouded with emotion or the need to make things 'better'.

Bernie Prior describes how The Form works:

"Humanity at the present time (indeed in all times up to the present) has been living from a mistaken identity. We've been living from our thoughts and feelings – yet in reality we are the consciousness behind the mind, behind the body and created forms.

"We have been plagued for centuries with endless mind chatter and the corresponding negative feelings that are a direct result. Most people yearn for true peace – the sweetness and simplicity of true feeling. This cannot be born of the chattering mind that is stuck in time and past identification. We must go beyond the personal mind, the personal moment that has been created through our ego identity's personal wants and needs to sink into the new impersonal 'moment' that has never been born before. Within this new moment lies the energy of presence – that connects us with our being.

"The beauty and joy of our being can only be known when we as individuals learn how to reconnect with our essence and live from the presence of this reconnection. Because everybody lives out of thought (that is purely past and future projections – never fully in the presence of now), we lack the power – the higher frequency of energy to engage our being in our daily lives.

"Our old 'stories' and self-concern are the patterns that endlessly rule our lives. And so we remain in a conditioned existence, living a life tainted with anxiety, tension and doubt. We are constantly pulled into past and future scenarios – the old patterns playing out yet again in the way we interact with each other in all areas of life.

"It is these old patterns of stuck energy that bring disease to the body and mind. The solution to disease doesn't lie in the future – it lies in the present, the presence of this moment – the eternal now. This is where true healing flows from, the true nectar of all life in the universe. Only through presence and the purification of the human psyche (through the unravelling of these distortions) can the mind, body and emotions be free of ill health.

"The Form demonstrates the simplicity and power available to anyone who simply consistently focuses their full attention into their body – the vehicle for the expression of being.

"The Form practitioner is directed to place their awareness into their entire body, the mind being stilled through this pure action. To the practitioner's surprise, a softer, deeper energy starts to reveal itself – the practitioner's true presence that is untainted with past conditioning and radiates from beyond the time sphere. A flow of full aliveness starts to permeate the body. As this starts to take place more and more, through the practitioner's softening in this presence, deeper peace and beautiful fullness of being is known – our true identity revealing itself. It is this energy that is the resonance of being. This resonance can transform not only the practitioner but also the recipient.

"The practitioner is shown through a sequence of movements (whilst holding attention fully in the body) how to move around the recipient, sharing this presence – a transmission occurring into the recipient's psyche, awakening their own true potential and connection with being.

"The practitioner is taught how to live and identify only with this presence of the Self – as their true identity. The more the practitioner is living devotedly to holding this space in their daily lives, the old grip of unconsciousness is loosened and finally let go of as their consciousness takes a profound leap into its true essence – into being.

"The movements of The Form mirror our everyday movements in daily life – reflecting how we can live each moment with the same pure attentiveness, aliveness and depth of being. Life becomes an effortless flow, as our unity with source starts to rise in our consciousness as a direct result of placing attention within the body.

"As I do this, it is not the physical body I connect with, still entrapped with resistance – it is my inner body – my true self that brings life to all things, transforming my outer life to reflect my new inner state of presence."

The Truth Within The Form

As you can see, practising The Form isn't at all about mastering a technique. It is about living from the knowledge of truth that the Form unfolds. For me the following tenets of truth have been paramount in my own awakening and in my sharing as a practitioner.

Living Now

It is so easy to get caught up in the subtle games of the mind – "Life will be better tomorrow when 'this' happens, when 'that' happens – if only 'that' hadn't happened..."

We use up the energy of the present moment by jumping into the past and projecting into the future, missing the point – the vibrancy of this moment – entirely. This moment is impersonal, wondrously full and is the doorway into being.


Surrender is simply full acceptance of however life is manifesting. In my own experience I am blessed with more trust, humility and appreciation for all that life brings when I trust in life. Whatever the circumstances, life is always giving me an opportunity to transform my old patterns and conditioned beliefs – dissolving the pain within my emotions and torment of my mind.

Living as One

Just a mere glimpse of our true source shines the light of truth on the illusions of separation and division. The more we express from unity in our daily lives, the more wholeness and wonder is experienced, everywhere.

Taking Responsibility

Each individual taking responsibility for his or her own actions and emotions is the only way we can rid ourselves of our distortion and destructive patterns. This is also the only way that the outer reflection of our world will find balance and harmony.

As a Practitioner

Many people from all walks of life and varying ages attend the course to use it as a tool for themselves and friends/family. Others like myself practise The Form professionally, often alongside various complementary therapies, bringing an immense depth and wholeness to their practice.

In my direct experience, a massage, reflexology or manual lymph drainage session is no longer just a physical or even an energetic happening. It is also a tool of life that provides an opportunity for two people to commune in 'being' – a communion that is so beautifully rich and soft, yet impersonal, unemotional. Real communion is not common in our society – being totally with another, fully present and open, giving everything to this moment. Yet it is such an honour to share with another in this way, where there is no practitioner or recipient – just a flow of the one – with a wonderful sense of giving and receiving at the same time.

The Form can be practised on anybody, with only a few precautions necessary when working with those with severe mental health disorders.

I have used The Form on a diverse range of people ranging from hyperactive children, pregnant mums, those suffering from depression, to people living with life-threatening illnesses.

The Form not only provides a heightened connection with being in my practice, but to my initial surprise, I found that through this deepened connection the results of the treatment are often also enhanced. It is not something that I can turn on or off with intention – just through stillness and presence it flows through in my work and in every aspect of my life.

Case Examples


I was asked by a mutual close friend to give Val a 'healing' at a time when she was having her last possible sessions of combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I gave her several sessions of 'The Form', the profundity continually deepening each time. Val amazed me with her insights, and her courage to live from what she knew to be real. The time that I spent with Val was deeply healing for both of us, her body freer from pain, more vitality shining through from her being and a beautiful softening in her expression. In her words:" I wish this was available to everybody on the NHS – I know I am very ill and yet I feel so alive!"

A few weeks later she died, suddenly and unexpectedly. She had received what she wanted more than anything else – to really live until the moment she died.

I was deeply touched and humbled by the transformation that took place during our time together. There was no 'fixing', just a profound healing on every level. There was no therapist, no recipient, just a true sharing and reflection full of joy, release, wonder and stillness.


Colin suffered from 'burn out' in 1996 when he worked in merchant banking, and subsequently suffers from depression. During his breakdown I had worked with him frequently using reflexology and massage.

After training in The Form I had the opportunity to work with him weekly for several weeks and now, only occasionally. The initial effects on his moods were tangible – after an initial feeling of heaviness as he described it, his family noticed that he we was much lighter, with his sense of humour resurfacing and confidence returning. Within a couple of months he had the confidence to take several leaps into the unknown – a new job, new partner and new home. He was able to reduce his medication and is generally less anxious. He continues to have a greater awareness and acceptance of the happenings in his life and gratitude for all that his illness taught him.

To Conclude

Beyond our limiting concepts, there is such potential for 'real healing' to take place, in hospitals, hospices and clinics – in truth, within every individual on this planet and for the planet itself. By reconnecting with the knowledge of who we are as humanity, we can move through and beyond the illusions and obstacles we have created. In so doing, we can free ourselves of emotional pain, physical holding on and mental torment to come to rest in peace whilst still alive in this body – enabling us to live with greater clarity, vitality, health and well-being in our everyday lives.

Further Information

For further information regarding a practitioner listing of The Form and for forthcoming day workshops & residential retreats contact the Bernie Prior Foundation on Tel: 01886 853051;;


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About Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson is a natural health therapist and lecturer. She is based in Worcestershire and travels internationally sharing her knowledge from her nine years experience of complementary therapies in both private practice and the NHS. She holds various workshops for women, and educates nurses and midwives on complementary therapies and the principles behind 'The Form'. Suzanne can be contacted on Tel: 07766 673210;

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