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Coffee Lovers: Just How Much Coffee is Good for You?

by Ava Jones(more info)

listed in food, originally published in issue 253 - April 2019


Coffee plays a different role in every different person’s life. Coffee is a religion for some coffee lovers. For some, coffee is just a kick-starter or a day starter, while for some it’s like medicine, some just cannot exist without a mug in their hand all day. Not only is coffee pursued differently by every person, but it is also consumed differently. There are various ways in which people prefer their coffees.

But exactly how much coffee should you ideally have in a day? According to the Dietary Guidelines of America, you should have not more than 400 milligrams of caffeine every day. This takes us to the coffee choices one has.



Type of Coffees the Lovers Choose

1. Only Coffee, No-Nonsense

These are hardcore coffee lovers who like to have coffee in practically everything. Be it beverages or food, they will always choose the coffee flavor. They are borderline addicts. These are the people who prefer an Espresso or an Americano. They prefer their coffee black.

2. Good Old Coffee

These people would prefer to have a regular cuppa with milk or creamer. They have coffee as a part of their culture or regular day to day routine. They usually tend to have coffee to kick start their day. These are also people who choose coffees like Mochas or Flat whites to make their coffee strong.

3. The Flavour Lovers

These people usually tend to have more milk, added whipped cream and very little coffee. You would find them having a latte or a cappuccino with added flavors like Irish, Hazelnut, Rose, and so on. For them, coffee is more like a refreshing beverage.

4. Fancy Coffee Lovers

For these people, coffee is generally just a style statement. No matter what type of coffee you give them, they will have it irrespective of whether they like it or not. These are the likes who prefer cold frappes and coffee with whipped cream or even ice-cream.

Now, depending on the type of coffee, coffee lover type 1 and 2 tend to overdo their coffees as the amount of caffeine intake is high. They also don’t stop at just one cup per day. Type 3 and type 4 coffee lovers usually tend to have coffee occasionally. Even if they do have it regularly, they tend to have it in a small amount.

The type 1 and 2 coffee lovers take their coffee very seriously. They take it to the next level by using appliances and tools to make their coffees taste perfect. They make use of coffee makers, French press, Espresso machines and so on. Not just that, they also excel their coffee grinding skills. They take a lot of efforts in ensuring their first cup of coffee of the day is perfect to make their day start perfectly. The likes of Coffee Dorks help these people find the right tools and machines to serve their purpose. Like they say, “Coffee making is an art”.




Benefits of Coffee

The biggest benefit and the most known fact about coffee is that, no matter how sleepy you are, it will ensure you jerk up to alertness. 

If you are a black coffee lover, you just earned yourself some perks. An important benefit of coffee, especially for black coffee lovers, is that coffee increases your metabolism at least by 11%. Because of this reason, it also helps you in losing weight. In fact, the latest trend called “Green Coffee” has hit the market which helps you lose weight faster. It is a similar concept to Green Tea, but it has an acquired taste. Well, not that Green Tea is any tastier. The green coffee beans need to be ground without roasting them. Though it is claimed to have a lesser amount of caffeine, it still works the same way.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee helps you stay away from many chronic diseases like type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and a few other neural diseases. All these, if you are a black coffee drinker.

Having coffee helps you with a sharper mind and attentiveness. You would hardly miss anything. It increases your body temperatures, ensuring you keep warm in the cold days.

Disadvantages of Caffeine Consumption

With a lot of benefits, coffee comes with a lot of disadvantages too. One of the most important drawbacks is sleeplessness. If not controlled, this could lead to insomnia. This is caused because of the high caffeine levels added up as a result of multiple coffees throughout the day. Coffee also shoots acid levels in your body. Sometimes, some coffee lovers tend to have coffee in order to skip lunch or dinner. 

This obviously kills the hunger pangs but increases the acid levels. Being addicted to coffee, especially for Type 1 coffee lovers, is like being in a vicious cycle. You have coffee to ensure you don’t feel sleepy or hungry. However, as soon as the effect of coffee wears off, you tend to feel sleepy or hungry more intensely than you did before you had coffee. Now, to overcome it again, you have another cup of coffee. This again leads to the same feeling. This obviously works in the favor of people trying to lose weight, but is it healthy?

Coffee tends to soak the water content in your body. Hence, this results in dry skin, hair fall and dehydration. However, if you have it with milk and cream, you tend to reduce the level of dehydration.

So, how much is Really Enough?

The best way to counter the side effects of coffee is by having coffee in moderate amount. This goes with everything. If you overdo anything, it will have its side effects. To ensure you benefit from coffee and not have any side effects because of over intake, treat coffee as a part of your routine instead of obsessing over it. You need to eat appropriately as well as drink adequate amount of water to ensure your coffee habits are healthy.

Also, everyone’s threshold of caffeine sustenance is different. So, you need to understand your body type, your lifestyle and choose your coffee accordingly. It is important to understand your routine, your lifestyle and alter or adjust your overall habits accordingly, your coffee included. Help your coffee help you.


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