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Flowers - the Essence of Consciousness

by Peter Tadd(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 66 - July 2001

During my first trip to visit the avatar Mother Meera, three years ago, I was sequestered by an old friend, Don Dennis, in a very tidy German B&B. Don, the director of the International Flower Essence Repertoire (IFER), presented me with a number of bottles of flower essences to analyse. Flower essences are not like essential oils; they are 'merely' energetic patterns of flowers held in water and alcohol. I instantly discovered that I could align myself to the vibrational frequencies of flower essences made by various people from around the world. Like many individuals who choose alternative medicine as a primary protocol, my wife, family and I had used the Bach flower remedies for years, but this was the first time that I had used my clairvoyant abilities to 'read' an essence directly. I and my 'third eye' have become a 'quality control department, analysing essence line consistency and assessing new candidate flower essence lines.

Phragmipedium Don Wimbur
Phragmipedium Don Wimbur

Radiant Strength - Phrag. kessae

Radiant Strength - Phrag. kessae

My profession as a healer and therapist centres around my clairvoyant skills. I can see the aura and chakra system of humans, animals, plants, and even standing stones. This innate ability has been refined from childhood over the years. It also applies to my experiences in nature. On the subtle or etheric levels, I see beings in the landscape, in trees and in the smallest flowers. Without getting into a complex description of nature's hierarchy, one can simply imagine that we are surrounded by the constant presence of etheric intelligences. The more natural and undisturbed the spot, the 'higher the energy', the greater the number and the more complex the orchestration of these luminous beings. Some of the most powerful places are in England, which reflects a culture in love with plants and the land. Yet most of us are veiled from this perception due to our overly rational minds, which are occupied with the limits of the world of physical sense. The fact that invisible beings cohabit with us is no less real than the fact that we are constantly being bombarded by images of and information in invisible wavelengths from television, radio and microwave frequencies that we do not perceive directly. The etheric realm can be contacted by our peripheral vision and our own etheric bodies.

Sensitive people have expanded etheric fields. They unintentionally receive information from their environment. The experience of nature reaching out to us is a central theme in the lives of many of the flower essence makers. Ian White, developer of the Australian Bush Flower Essences, for example, while on a walk was stopped dead in his tracks two years ago by a plant of Sydney Rose, which demanded that an essence be made of it immediately. Sandra Epstein, of the Araretama Rainforest Essences of Brazil was informed by a type of lichen, which produced an essence called Moara; Tanmaya of the Himalayan Flower Enhancers had never heard of the Bach remedies, and thought he had 'lost it' while trekking in the Himalayas as flowers began to 'speak', instructing him how to make flower essences. What I have discovered in my teaching is that one very real way to learn how to 're-attune to the invisible intelligences in nature', who are constantly reaching out to us, is by taking flower essences. Turn off the cell phone, shut down the laptop and tune in to the real ethernet.


In order to understand the way flower essences interact with us we have to define what is ether – what are its properties and functions. Ether is the bridge between the physical world and all other dimensions of the self – emotional, mental and spiritual. The etheric body appears as a self-luminous, holographic, three-dimensional, monochromatic, laser-like silhouette of light. Ether is harmonious, interactive and equi-polarized. It can appear as any colour of the light spectrum, but primarily appears as whitish yellow or whitish blue. Yellow colour tones indicate set patterns and are a means to access memories, and bluish colours reveal our new or future potentials. These etheric spatial forms are alive and intelligent. In humans, physical ether is found just under skin and highly concentrated in the iris of the eyes and the palms of the hands. It is the energetic structural basis of the acupuncture meridian system and the seven major embodied chakras, as well as numerous minor chakras.

Physical ethers support cellular structure in every kingdom from the mineral, plant and animal to ourselves. For example, 'an etheric leaf', which can be captured by Kirlian photography, provides the blueprint for the actual leaf as it develops each spring. If you mark the branch of that leaf and save the leaf, you will discover that an identical one will appear each year. The physical etheric leaf holds its pattern. Ether substrates our physical reality. These etheric forces can be labelled evolutionary, meaning that they maintain the pattern of biological history. It is the etheric forces that make herbal remedies more effective than their pharmaceutically-synthesized counterparts. What remains of a high potency homeopathic remedy when all of the actual material has been diluted beyond any trace? Simply ether.

Ether can be damaged by radiation, as found in cases of leukaemia in children living downstream from nuclear power plants, electro-magnetism again creating leukaemia in children living too close to electrical power lines, and industrial chemicals, drugs and tobacco smoke extract the vital prana from the etheric field. Ether is distorted or even destroyed by microwave ovens, thus wrecking the immune system of those who ingest microwaved food, and is also inexorably altered by genetic engineering. In my opinion, ether is the sole medium for epigenetic programming. (see New Scientist for an amazing article on the unseen forces in genome methylation.)[1]

What I see is that there are two etheric grids, one on the surface of the earth and the other in the sky. The earth grid is more closely related to David Bohm's explicate order and the sky grid is the transformer of the deep implicate order. The earth's etheric energies flow through the 'ley lines' and sacred sites. This is mirrored in the blue sky by a grid, which is suspended at an altitude of 2.5 miles. This complementary dimension of etheric energies to the physical etheric is termed 'involutionary', as they are an absolute state of potential realities. These 'sky-like' forces infuse our time-space three-dimensional reality with 'spiritual intensity and expansiveness'. These ethers are activated when we meditate or pray. One function of the throat chakra is to integrate these two etheric grids. This is one reason why flower essences and homeopathics are placed just under the tongue, sublingually. The termination of the conceptual vessel meridian 'downloads' the information of the flower essence directly into our etheric bodies. Blue is a colour that can appear to the mind's eye and indicates an 'up-link' to the higher self. Swami Muktanada often wrote about the blue pearl.

Some flower essences are 'designed' to connect to the higher self through spiritual ethers to make contact to the transcendental chakras, which are a second and third set of sevens chakras stacked up over the head, looking very southeast Asian pagoda-like. One essence line, Dancing Light Orchid Essences, does just that by "bringing us back to our original blueprint", according to the developer Shabd-sangeet Kalsa. Shabd-sangeet Kalsa's silver diamond- like outer aura infuses her essences with a presence that augments the already transcendental frequencies of the orchid range. Orchids are considered to be at the pinnacle of plant evolution. The expansive silver of Shabd-sangeet Kalsa's aura or the golden radiance of Ian White's aura indicate a very powerful alignment with the devas. At IFER all of the 23 lines, a combined total of over 2,500 unique flower essences, maintain various devic attunements.

What a Difference a Deva Makes

The devic aspect of the flower essence is the key to a successful range of essences. The energetic imprint of a flower or plant is simple enough to make; anyone can do it. But to reach into the 'spiritual waters' to invite the devic realm requires an evolved human soul and devic guidance. Whereas yellow white physical ether correlates to the past and the spiritual blue ether to the future, devic ether (which is gold or silver or diamond colour) has no relationship to time whatsoever. Devic presence is all pervasive and overlighting. It is very much like the Taoist immortals, who have attained the wisdom of the ages. Yet for the devas to manifest into our bodies or into trees or in animals they have to work through physical and spiritual ethers. These ethers are utilized as carrier wave forms, which are properly aligned to the earth and to the sky. Carrier waves are any baseline directed forces that can transport a second set of wave frequencies. The devic manifests through these two primary etheric wave forms of the past and the potential. In doing so, the devas 'want us to see the bigger picture', which has to do with our own deeper spiritual identity and the essential involvement of that awareness in everyday life. In fact the devic resides in an interior aspect of the heart chakra. The Tibetan Buddhists refer to this as "the undefilable self".[2] Swami Sri Yukteswar, the mentor of Parmahansa Yogananda, termed it Devata.[3] Deva is the Sanskrit root of divine. Deva is divine presence.

The Quality Control Department

In my procedure in analysing flower essences, I hold a bottle and then look at its aura. This allows me to feel the developer's state of mind and at times the method of making. Then I take that dropper or pipette out. It is here that I make a deeper connection to the actual flower essence. What appear to my mind's eye are often very bright intense colours of blues, whites, pinks, golds and purples. In some instances there are actually miniaturized spirit beings even within the dropper itself or just surrounding it. Sometimes there are explosions of colour like a huge firework display, reduced to a cubic centimetre. Then the intelligence of this essence will inform me as to the use and the purpose of the essence. This is the procedure that I have created to analyse essences for some of the major developers in the world. While employed by Ian White of the Australian Bush Flower Essences range I discovered that one of his 62 essences, Yellow Cowslip Orchid did not contain his personal signature. Ian's essence line is very powerful due to a number of factors, which include his own connection to the devic realm as well as the pristine environment of Australia. When I received feedback from Ian, he mentioned that indeed this was the one essence that he did not personally create due to the fact that it was created by a group of 60 students on a workshop with him in Australia. He has since remade that mother tincture on his own.

One of my discoveries in the German B&B was an essence that displayed musical tones. Each time I lifted the dropper out of the bottle there was not only light but sound. Don later informed me that indeed Lila Devi who created the Master Flower Essence line sings to the essences while they are forming. A year later whilst analysing the Dancing Light Flower Essence line I was immediately brought to a newer state of awareness, that of a direct relationship to the higher or transcendental chakras. Initially, I felt that these essences should only be used by those who seriously followed a spiritual path. And in fact they are marvellous for those who have developed strong intuitive or clairvoyant abilities and for those needing higher attunement or clearing.

In each essence there are a number of influences which are recorded at the time of its preparation: the flower, the location, the time of day and of year, and the intention and state of mind of the developer. Even after an essence is made the developer remains mysteriously connected to his or her essences. Should their ability to commune with the devic realm become confused or weakened due to personal circumstances, this change in the developer affects the quality of all the essences they have made, no matter where their bottles are.

The greater the devic presence, the more in-depth and profound the essence. There are some essences made from plants which themselves are devic beings. Unfortunately, like in all industries, there are those who seek to influence the market by trying to 'enhance' their product lines. Under this guise, essences are activated by pyramids or electronic machines or aligned to other cosmic sources of energy to give them a 'buzz'. This rarely works for long-term solutions. Do you like your espresso with two or four spoons of sugar?

The Delicate Intricacy of Being

Flower essences are made from flowers that are at their peak of bloom. (Occasionally essences are created when the plant is in bud.) The traditional manner to create what is called the mother essence was established by Dr Edward Bach. He floated flower petals in water under a full sun whose rays infused the water with the essence of that plant's flowers. This practice has been abandoned by some developers who pour water over the blossoms into a bowl. In this way the flowers remain on the plant, and the devas are said to remain happy. Both procedures work; the significant element is respect. The flower essence ranges that I have analysed vary greatly as to the strengths and effectiveness. Strength doesn't always mean effectiveness. We could say some flower essence lines are more masculine or 'yang' while others are more feminine and refined or 'yin'. In choosing essences for my clients I will sometimes create combinations of different lines with yin and yang or essences from both southern and northern hemispheres. What is obviously true is that flowers from different parts of the world and some species are very powerful. And when flowers are in bloom they are at the peak of the plant's life cycle. For orchids the experience of being in bloom is like an orgasm that goes on non-stop for as long as two months. (If you want to know more about orchids please read Orchid Fever by Eric Hansen.)[4]

Without wanting to create a picture that is too complicated or convoluted, flower essence making simply requires a growing sensitivity. One needs to pay attention to the subtleties that provide a level of interaction from the developmental stages to its use. It is almost as if mother nature is having fun with us, demanding our full attention to the moment and to the delicate yet essential forces within nature. There are no formula approaches to this process. It is very difficult for the educated Westerner not to want to formulate an on-demand response to better ourselves and our health and personal lives. This rational approach often oversimplifies and even skeletonizes our relationship with life. All flower essences are Taoist by nature.

The Importance of Being Cheeky

As an example of the intricacy and uniqueness of the moment and attunement involved in this process I offer an example of making a flower essences with Don Dennis. One evening after a lecture Don introduced me to an orchid known as Phragmipedium Hanne Popow. He was excited because he had actually heard this flower 'speak' to him, requesting that an essence be made. He resisted this idea feeling that he was in the business of distributing essences and not making them. But it was Don's heartfelt connection with the plant that had given rise to the request. When I was shown the plant I got the clear impression it wanted the essence to be made that very evening. Making an essence at night, of course, goes against the standard procedure. I felt that the early morning rays of the summer sun through an eastern exposure would somehow be more than adequate. We proceeded by placing a glass bowl of water underneath the long spike full of buds and one opened flower. In the morning, at about 9.00 am, we discovered that a new bud had opened and this new blossom was now touching, as it were, cheek to cheek with the first flower. This gesture of opening and making contact became the central theme of this flower essence, which we named 'Unveiling Affection'. When taking this flower essence people feel the emotional aspect of the heart chakra opening, a sense of being nurtured and at home with oneself, and open to others at the same time – a great salve for those suffering from a history of unhappy intimate relationships and fearing only 'more of the same' and lost in a sense of personal unworthiness.

Unveiling affection - Phrag. Hanne Popow
Unveiling affection - Phrag. Hanne Popow

The Nature of Intelligence

Don and I poured water from the glass bowl over the two orchid blossoms. The etheric energy of these blooms, which appeared as an amber-coloured mist floating above the bowl, folded into the water. The water was then infused with this energetic presence. Water will hold this encoded template for a month or so. If cognac/brandy is added, the alcohol will preserve the pattern for many years. Water has an ability to absorb and be transformed by ether. The fact that water can hold healing vibrations was known in America in the early 19th century and utilized by a New Englander, Phineus Parkhurst Quimby, who transmitted spiritual healing into water, which he bottled and then posted to clients. In the 1980s The Mobius of Society in Santa Monica, California, ran a number of trials of an experiment using nine different healers. These unrelated individuals transmitted healing 'vibrations' into sealed bottles of water, which were then sent to a laboratory for spectrographic analysis. In this double-blind study, there was a consistency in the degree of change in the spatial relationship of the water molecules. The greater the healing force, the greater the 'space' in between the water molecules. This space is the etheric space, which is the very sense of expansiveness that one has after a good meditation. We 'feel' lighter and, indeed, the water in our bodies is.

Genies in a Bottle

Etheric and devic forces which have an enormous range of application are all contained in wee bottles, like miniaturized genies ready to serve our needs. Their very presence creates an effect. Here is an example. Since I have become more familiar with flower essences, they appear more and more often in the auras of my clients. Now that a few essence lines are in stock in a Swiss clinic in which I work, they are even more present. They make themselves known in a big silent way. Flower essences enter the body/mind, unlike homeopathic remedies. A homeopathic will calibrate one's etheric body to its frequency, whereas flower essences will accommodate to the individual needs by tailoring their interactions. The devic intelligence of the flower essence knows exactly what to do. If you pay attention you can feel just where the essence is travelling. This sensation lasts for 30-60 seconds. Here are some examples.

Radiant Strength; Dancing Light Flower Essences; by SSK Alaska

For 80% of my clients and students an essence will perform in the same way. For example, when taking Radiant Strength one feels a warmth in the centre of the chest. The essence will move directly into the heart chakra at the level of divine presence. One feels confident and centred in self. But if there is a severe blockage in the throat chakra, maintaining deep issues about personal self-esteem, it will focus there. Initially, I was surprised – shocked – by the degree of awareness or consciousness of the flower essences.

Chiton; Pacific Essences; by Sabina Pettitt, Canada

This essence is not from a flower but a sea creature and creates 'gentleness which serves to break up and to dissolve blockages and tension'. A quadriplegic sixteen-year-old immediately began to open her left hand, which was held in a tight fist. Her hand slowly opened over a five-minute period to be completely tension free. This treatment has had to be repeated many times and this hand is improving. This essence stays in the throat and expands the throat chakra to attune to the vastness of the causal field.

Fringed Violet Australian Bush Flower Essence; by Ian White

The best psychic protection around. There is an envelope of the aura, which is made of ether. This is normally underdeveloped, torn, flabby or hardly formed at all. Fringed Violet sends a devic shock wave to reconstruct this essential level of the aura. Great for kids with nightmares, or when very sensitive personality types get overwhelmed by high street shopping, or for those who are generally overly emotionally sensitive.

Fringed Violet
Fringed Violet

Golden Radiance; IFER; by Don Dennis and Heather Decam, England

What a honey of an orchid essence. Everyone feels the mind's eye clear and a gentleness pass over the sides of the head. I see an amber coloured etheric ring appear on the forehead of everyone who has tried it. A wonderful way to clear the mind to receive higher instruction.

Golden Radiance - Phrag. St. Owen

Golden Radiance - Phrag. St. Owen


My work at IFER continues with Don in ongoing research into flower essence combinations and his passion for orchids and their etheric healing qualities. There are many avenues for exploration and research of these essences. I am very grateful for all the flower essence developers and practitioners whose energy and talents have created an opportunity for all of us to experience and realign to the purity of nature.


1. Vines Gail. Hidden Inheritance. New Scientist. 28 Nov 1998.
2. Rinpoche Sogyal. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Rider. 1994.
3. Sri Yukteswar Swami. The Holy Science. Self Realization Fellowship. 1949.
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Further Reading

Tompkins Peter. The Secret Life of Nature: Living in Harmony with the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks. HarperCollins. London. 1997.
Hall Allan. Water, Electricity and Health: Protecting Yourself from Electro Stress at Home and Work. Hawthorn Press. Gloucestershire. 1997.

Further Information

The above flower essences are available from the International Flower Essence Repertoire, The Living Tree, Milland, nr Liphook, Hants, England, GU30 7JS; Tel: 01428 741 572; Fax: 01428 741 679; e-mail:


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