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Flower Essences in Naturopathic Paediatric Care

by Tania Rodríguez-Arias(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 204 - March 2013

Flower essences are the subtle form of energy healing from flowers. The essence incorporates the awareness of the more subtle spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of life and the ways these can become disturbed, resulting in physical illness. So we find flower essences not only dealing with emotions but with physical conditions, since modern quantum physics has shown evidence that thought and emotion generate matter. Children’s energy systems are very attuned and sensitive to the subtle frequency of energy, and their illnesses are often, though not always, a reflection of their environment in their efforts to cope with stress.

Flower Essences in Naturopathic Care

Flower essences stem from herbalism, moving into the more refined healing power of a flower beyond its dense form. Whereas herbal tea might infuse your body with dense forms of energy such as chemicals and nutrients, its essence taps into the lighter form of energy many ancient eastern medical systems take into account, and Dr Bach simply called soul.

From a natural healthcare educational point of view, we would like families to trust the body’s ability to maintain and restore balance and health; learning about flower essences is a simple, cheap and safe way that helps to maintain health and see unbalance as an opportunity to be in charge of our health care, rather than feeling vulnerable or victimized when medical assistance is required. The use of flower essences instils a deep appreciation for Mother Earth and knowledge of natural healing and wellbeing. It would be great to teach children early this love of the Earth, the respect for flowers and nature. Flower essences do not upset the delicate ecological balance of children’s small bodies, but rather work in harmony with the young child’s system. The essences can be used with confidence for simple ailments such as colic, colds and teething, as well as the many common childhood illnesses that children often contract. They can be used as a supplement to herbalism or allopathic medicine. We have to bear in mind modern pharmaceutical medicine is a fairly new development, while herbal remedies, that is medicinal plants and flower essences, date to the beginning of time; anthropological evidence shows that herbal medicine was used during the new stone age (8000-5000 BCE).

Most recent works from Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto show how frozen water crystals looked under a microscope; they adopted the most beautiful shape depending on what word labelled the bowl of water. Whatever was put on that water in terms of energy, changed the pattern of the water crystals. He put a label on a small bowl of water which said thank you, and the crystals had made the most harmonious and beautiful shape. A different bowl of water with a label saying some low vibration word, would make the crystals look ugly and unbalanced.

Water is a powerful energy vehicle; we have to remember 80% of our body is made out of water. Therefore, flowers placed in bowls of water under the sun make the molecules of such water organize around the flower’s vibration. That vibration will definitely interact with the water molecules within our organism.

Many different flower systems have flourished around the world, Australian Bush, California FES, Pacific, Mediterranean, Alaska…since Bach’s flower remedies were created in the early years of the twentieth century in England. Each flower has its own energy pattern and they have a unique healing quality, but looking at the flower signature, colour and vibration, there will always be the one or combination of a few essences, perfect for raising the child’s vibration at any given moment.

From the Australian Bush flower essences, Bush fuchsia is so beautiful for learning purposes, dyslexia and speech difficulties, because in many cases, underneath these cognitive unbalances we find children with evolved souls that resist a left brain approach to their development and therefore manifest struggle. The essence will allow all their inner holistic knowledge to connect with their logical and analytic psychological processes, making it easier for them to respond within a verbal structure.

Paw-paw flower essence will enable them not only to digest whatever is going on in their lives, when they are often too small to understand and accept certain circumstances in their lives, but it will help their digestive system to assimilate the nutrients and accept new kinds of foods.

When children have a fever it is a good sign as a natural mechanism to rid the body of infection, but if it reaches 102.F or lasts for several days, it is imperative to contact your doctor immediately. Having said that, if we are talking about a mild fever, she oak flower essence and pink mulla mulla flower essence, besides lots of liquid intakes like juices and herbal teas, will definitely help the child body to balance the inner temperature better and prevent dehydration.

Red Grevillia will work hand in hand with antibiotics to get rid of an infection and on an emotional level will help the child to find inner devices to move on from an uncomfortable situation or the feeling of being trapped.

The Bach flowers offer a wide range of essences such as Cerato, which will help children constantly seeking for approval, asking if it right for them to do this and the other, although they may appear abiding but highly insecure.

Larch it is also for insecurity problems but its vibration is quite different. Larch is a lovely and vibrant red flower, while Cerato is of a deep blue colour addressed to inner knowing, located in the sixth chakra or third eye. Larch will aid the first chakra, when our insecurities stem from not being rooted in who we are, and then we think anybody else will do better than us or we simply refuse to try anything affirming we don’t know how to do it.

Children about to engage in a new task will say things like I don’t know how to do it, you do it, they will think they are not able or not even worth it. When developing on a motor level, this flower essence is good when the muscle tone is not strong enough and will definitely kick up the natural tendency for toddlers to discover the world around them.

Mimulus is great for overcoming specific fears such as fear to go to a party, or to the doctor, soothing any excessive nervousness and shyness.

California has wonderful flowers in its system like Saint John’s Wort or Hypericum, highly recommended for attention disorders, light sensitivities and night terrors since it seals the child’s aura.

Echinacea flower essence will help to boost the immune system while defining the child’s own identity to be able to cope with challenges, a virus or a new situation.

Calendula is on a physical level extremely good for sensitive skin, but it does balance any aggressive behaviour improving the child’s communication when expressing needs.

Yellow star tulip is very beneficial when the child shows selfishness and insensitivity as a way of shutting down vulnerability and self-esteem as a response to any given difficult situation.

Lavender is excellent when children have trouble unwinding at bed time, not so much that they wake up in the middle of the night, but when is very hard for them to relax, and actually react with great irritability as bed time approaches. This essence will soothe and relax the child’s attitude, it can also be added to the bath tub with a few drops of lavender essential oil for greater benefit.  

We all respond according to an illness or a situation in a unique manner and children aren’t any different. Raising one’s vibration in alignment with the natural frequency resonating within each soul is the task of every healer. Being able to listen to the song that each soul sings, and allowing the flowers to release it to the world, is a stunning process and very nourishing. In the case of children who have trouble in expressing or identifying their needs because of their young age, it is recommended to see a specialized naturopathic practitioner in the field of paediatrics.

All flower essences can be acquired from online or local health stores, although therapeutic advice is recommended. The flower essences are totally harmless and have no side effects, but if a flower that doesn’t adjust properly to the energetic pattern of the child, it won’t have any effect whatsoever neither for good let alone bad, because it won’t interact on an energy level, having to bear in mind that on a physical level, that is on a chemical level, flower essences are water with a few drops of brandy for its conservation.

Since flower essences are blended with some brandy for preservation, the way to get rid of the alcohol when given to children is to add a few drops in boiling water and allow a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. Then give the boiled water or you can also make a herbal tea to the child and administrate at room temperature.

The flower essences can just blend with the energy and shift it in an organic, not chemically imposed way manner so the child might naturally recapture balance.


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About Tania Rodríguez-Arias

Tania Rodríguez-Arias is a Naturopath specialized in paediatric care and a children’s books author. In her healing practice she integrates the knowledge on herbal medicine, flower essences, nutrition and conscious parenting with her intuitive skills. She has just released The Blue and Green Book, an inspirational book for children with parents that would like to explain more about spirituality to their children She may be contacted via  English page available.


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