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Flower Essences for Personal Transformation

by Debbie Sellwood(more info)

listed in flower essences, originally published in issue 161 - August 2009

We are living through a period of deep transition, a turning point in human development. As the pace of life accelerates and the energy around us intensifies, we are in a process of transformation. This signals a profound escalation in the progression towards mankind's anticipated global expansion of consciousness. As humanity's vibration is raised, our planet is evolving spiritually. We not only feel these shifts in our own lives but in the breakdown of certain traditions and institutions, and the changing face of many economic, political and social elements of our society.


With a great deal demanded of us right now, many people are finding life difficult. It seems that we are challenged daily to assimilate and cope with events that leave us with no time to recover, before something else requires our attention. Existing, and indeed surviving at present demands that we become accustomed to this intensity. To be able to integrate this level of energy we seem to have no choice but to look at ourselves and our lives. We need to face our personal truths, address any outstanding issues that we may have and above all, understand who we really are. Ignoring this means that life is likely to get tougher as we receive frequent reminders, until we see what needs our attention and take some action.

Buffeted by difficulties and traumas can leave us reeling, and it is in our best interest to find techniques, therapies or aids that help keep us robust and coping. As we adapt to this influx of energy, we must remember that we are energy beings ourselves, and a perfect choice for supporting people through this process are also therapies of an energetic nature. Vibrational essences (better known as flower essences) are one such modality. They not only assist us to cope, they also help us over a period of time to become more aware and spiritually evolved. Essences complement our own multi dimensional energetic systems and address the whole person. When the vibratory frequency of an (ingested) essence resonates with an area of imbalance (at any level) in a person, a 'frequency' tuning takes place, bringing back into alignment, any areas of imbalance. This can be mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically. Used, not only for healing (on many levels), essences can assist in many situations, such as resolving and clearing emotions and issues. They help to empower, to lift spirits or bring inner guidance, provide inner strength and motivation or expand consciousness. Rescue Remedy is the most well known flower essence but there are many more, some from countries all over the world which can help in specific ways. Following are some areas in which we may currently need support or need to attend to, and suggestions for appropriate flower essences.

Adapting to Change

The old order is shifting and many of us will find that we cannot sit comfortably in our own comfort zones anymore. Structures upon which we had previously relied upon are crumbling, and traditional ways in which we perceived to provide security may not exist in the future. This is scary stuff, and coming to terms with these changes requires not only strength, but a flexible attitude which enables us to be open enough to see other options.

Inner programming: The beauty of essences is that they help you to change your inner programming, enabling you to see other choices and to question or actually change your beliefs, thoughts or ways of looking at things. Of course essences never change you from who you are, but they enable you to reach your highest potential. In this case it may be just in opening your mind to embrace thinking that you may have previously rejected or never even considered. Freshwater Mangrove (AB) opens you to new opportunities and ideas, and releases any intolerance or prejudice and Wild Rhubarb (ASK) breaks up stagnant mental patterns, introducing you to new plans and solutions. If indoctrinated to behave or think in a certain way, then Boab (AB) can be instrumental in erasing unhelpful family conditioning and breaking through any inherited habits or belief-patterns that are not serving your best interests or may be inhibiting further growth. It can also help if you have been taught to keep feelings inside and not express them.

Adjusting to new circumstances: Bottlebrush (AB) eases all life changes, adjustments and transitions. It not only helps you cope more easily with new situations and experiences, it also assists in enabling you in letting go of the past. Walnut essence (B), known as the 'link breaker' has similar qualities, but in addition it is helpful when you need to resist the influence of others in order to change or move on.

Know Who You Are

Ideally we are working toward expanding our awareness, becoming balanced and 'whole'. In doing so, this means understanding and accepting who you really are at a deep level, knowing your potential and what you are here to do. This means healing, re-gaining or reinstating parts of you that have been hurt, fragmented or given away to others. It is not always easy to look at oneself or face issues from the past; many people avoid doing this at all costs. Keeping oneself occupied with work or family issues takes one away from thinking too much about oneself. This is no longer an option. Learn to fine tune your perceptions, develop the ability to listen and see with greater clarity and learn to read the symbolism in life. This will help you to become more aware of things generally and to understand who you are and what is really best for you. 

Look at yourself: It is essential we look at ourselves, clear anything that holds us back, before we can move on and become empowered. All essences are tools for growth and awareness, and they help in the continuing journey of self-understanding. Opening you to greater levels of awareness, Anemone (PAC) facilitates self acceptance and understanding of why things happen to you.  Bog Rosemary (ASK) implants trust, whilst processing new inner experiences that may cause blocks or fear. This essence assists in helping you take risks in order to grow.

Where am I going? Paper Birch (ASK) connects you to an understanding of which path is in the best interests of whom you really are and Silver Princess (AB) supplies inner strength to keep going and guidance when your direction maybe aimless.

Heal and Move On

Your level of awareness determines how you respond to life; this is particularly crucial when you encounter life's traumas and challenges. The more you understand why things happen to you, the more you are then able to respond appropriately with wisdom and fore-sight. We all have painful issues residing in our psyches; most often they are tied up with relationships. Perhaps living in isolation may be the only way we can avoid misunderstandings, abuse, betrayal, regret , guilt etc; but this is an option for very few. We grow and develop through relating with others. Most probably we are drawn to others specifically to work out matters that may have had their origin in some other life time. If we have been hurt in a relationship, this often requires a heightened perspective in understanding whether we may have been instrumental ourselves at some point (past life) in regards to our present circumstances. Alternatively, we may have encountered just the right person to help us learn whatever was needed on some level at that point of time. 

Rise above painful emotions: As humans, it is important to feel and assimilate emotions; we cannot avoid them. What we are learning is not to react from a conditioned response and elevate our emotions to a higher level where we can rise above painful feelings. Whilst I am not trivialising the difficulty in doing this, the times in which we live in demand quick resolution from emotional pains; otherwise they not only become more uncomfortable to live with, but they will more than likely express physically. Menzies Banksia's (AL) regenerating energy helps you to move through emotional pain into a position of optimism without the expectation of repetition. Sturt Desert Pea (AB) encourages you to let go of any old unresolved or bottled up hurts and sadness, and River Beauty (ASK) soothes traumatic events and washes away the hold of painful emotions. If you avoid feelings and block out emotions then Bluebell (AB) frees up closed, rigid or denied feelings and assists you to more easily to share your feelings with others. Remember by changing your attitude and expectation toward a painful experience, you can dramatically change your situation.

Don't Let Fear Overwhelm You

We live in a society riddled with fear; fear of personal safety, insecurity in jobs, uncertainty in our financial affairs and trepidation due to the environmental situation. We are controlled by fear and fear only re-enforces more fear; it is difficult to get out of this loop. If worries like these get the better of you, then Mimulas (B) helps to tackle fears and anxieties regarding known things, whereas Aspen (B) copes with those times we feel apprehensive and nervous but we don't know why.

If your head is full of constant worrying mental chatter then White Chestnut (B) enables you to let go of these thoughts and reinstate calm and perspective.

White Chestnut
White Chestnut

Coping with life: If you feel life is making you more serious, or you are going through a stressful period, then Yellow Flag Flower (AL) can instil a more carefree attitude. We can all do with the support of Tomato (Spirit-in-Nature Essence) which provides faith in oneself, and the inner strength and tenacity to cope with the many challenges right now. However, if you are in complete despair, then Waratah (AB) deals with hopelessness, and provides the courage to keep going through periods of crisis.

Tomato Flowers
Tomato Flowers


Clean Up Your Act

The world we are moving into means that duality will no longer be an option; lies, illusion, deceit and trickery will not be on the agenda. The spiritually minded individual, possessing responsibility and awareness of a greater reality, operates with truth and reliability. The accelerated energy is now such that those acting out of alignment with truth will notice events coming back to them far quicker than before. They will either be exposed, their actions transpiring against them in some way, or untruths creating physical ills for them to deal with. If there are things in your past which you regret and you are able to do something about, then it is worth attending to them. If you are plagued by shame or guilt over a past action, then Sturt Desert Rose (AB) helps to resolve these feelings.

Integrity: Fuschsia Grevillea (AL) promotes honesty both inwardly and in our outward actions, so that we act straightforwardly both in what we think, say, and do. Easter Lily (PAC) assists if we find it necessary to create a mask or play a role to make ourselves more attractive to others.

True to oneself:
Sometimes it can be easy to be talked into things that are not serving our best interests, in which case Catttail Pollen (ASK) empowers, enabling one to stand up for one's own truth, whereas Bladderwort's (ASK) discriminating energy helps us to see the truth in a situation and discern what is right for us.

Responsibility: Many-Headed Dryandra (AL) encourages dependability and the ability to commit to others, and Illawarra Flame Tree (AB) tackles fear of responsibility because of the commitment involved. Teaching the connection between one's thoughts and external events, Willow (B) enhances personal responsibility.

Act with honour in all your dealings and keep your spiritual report card squeaky clean – it really does matter!

You Create

Despite your circumstances or whatever has happened to you in life, it helps if you have an ongoing gratitude for life and belief in abundance. Helping to promote universal trust, belief in plenty and joy in sharing with others is enhanced with the essence Bluebell (AB). Forget too, if focussing on negativity, Blackberry (SN) helps you see life with optimism and humour.

Regenerate: Develop the knack of being able to pick yourself up from setbacks or adversity, without becoming demoralised or powerless. Learn to look at obstacles as learning experiences, and understand their purpose in the context of your life. These are your opportunities for growth and increased spiritual awareness. Prickly Wild Rose (ASK) infuses a renewed interest in the face of adversity and hope, when disinterest and apathy abound.

Changing reality: The essence Southern Cross (AB) teaches that we each create our own reality by the way we think and act. It confirms and implants the message that the universe always gives you exactly what you expect; so if you continually regard life as affirmative, abundant and joyous, then this is the sort of energy that you draw towards yourself. It pulls you out of victim mentality by instilling the sense of responsibility for your own actions.

Expect things to work out: Camellia (PAC) is a catalyst for opening to new attitudes, possibilities and all life experiences. 

Focus with intention: Supplying clarity and the ability to live more in the moment, Avocado (SN) also brings a sense of purpose in all your endeavours.

Visualize and use your imagination to create whatever you want in life; train the mind to believe and reaffirm this every day. Obviously, it is important to think only with the highest intent and good of all.

Flower essences are not instant magic. Although quick results are often seen, issues that are long standing can take a while to clear. Essences provide an excellent self-help therapy and for simple issues, self administering is ideal but if you attempt to address profound or complex issues, it can be difficult to know just where to start. In these cases you are advised to book an appointment with a qualified practitioner where you can benefit from an objective view of your situation and their expertise in flower essences. The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association has a practitioner directory (

Raising your own consciousness in turn raises the consciousness of everyone around you.

Key to Essences

Al= Australian Living, ASK=Alaskan, B=Bach (Healing Herbs), AB=Australian Bush, PAC = Pacific, SN=Spirit-in-Nature.

Picture Credits

Mimulus and White Chestnut photos are courtesy of the Bach 'Healing Herbs' company. The Tomato Flower photo is courtesy of Spirit-in-Nature.

Further Information

The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association has a practitioner directory
Distributors of the essences mentioned in this article include  and

Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose


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About Debbie Sellwood

Debbie Sellwood, after a career in IT, has worked with energy for over 20 years. She is an advanced practitioner with the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (Home - BFVEA).  This modality recognizes that humans comprise of a complex spectrum of electromagnetic energy frequencies which are related to our emotions and thinking. When vibrational essences are taken, out of balance emotions or negative thoughts are transmuted resulting in bringing equilibrium to the human condition. For most of her adult life she has been interested in natural ways of healing and using the force of consciousness as a tool for empowerment, emotionally, mentally and in a health sense. For over 25 years she has been a professional Astrologer (APAI – Association of Professional Astrologers International). She is passionate about helping people understand who they really are so they can become their true authentic selves and make decisions that are in their best interests. She is the author of ‘You are a Frequency’ - How personal vibration influences health, wellbeing and development and ‘Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces’ - A guide to selecting flower essences by astrological sign. Both books are available on Amazon - : debbie sellwood  Facebook

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