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Say Goodbye To The Gym

by James Smith(more info)

listed in exercise and fitness, originally published in issue 238 - May 2017

In this fast-paced world and economically distressed time, trying to budget out a portion of your income for a hefty gym fee is certainly not the best option. However, serious health concerns have been raised; America’s obesity epidemic is a pressing issue with two-thirds of American adults overweight or obese with the next generation following the lead. Fitness experts believe that a well-rounded fitness routine can do wonders to your physical and mental health without taking a toll on your pockets. So go healthy and make it fun, rather than it being a cumbersome task.

Identify your Triggers

Identifying the problem statement is the first step towards working out a practical solution. You need to precisely ascertain the areas you lack in and go about addressing the issues in a systematic manner. You’ve got to come to terms with your personal drawbacks and gear yourself up to eliminate them in the near future. Without further procrastination, you should start immediately. In this scenario, a number of factors could be contributing to your unhealthy self.

  • Genetic issue, an unavoidable tendency to gain body weight without any specific unhealthy eating habits;
  • Impulsive or mindless eating while watching television;
  • Eating out of boredom or depression;
  • Irregular and inconsistent eating and sleeping patterns;
  • Lack of self-control.

Once you know where your weakness lies, you can make a conscious effort to avoid it. All you need is a strong will power and the determination to achieve a fit and healthy body.


Smith 238 Say Goodbye to the Gym


Keep Your Body Ready

Being active is the single most important factor in keeping you fit and healthy. Don’t be a couch potato and make it a point to always maintain a certain level of mobility. It keeps your metabolism working just fine, preventing accumulation of toxic substances that may inadvertently harm your body. It goes unsaid, that you need to exercise daily without fail. A recent study by the American College of Sport Medicine which says that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of mortality three times as compared to healthy, fit adults, will give you all the more reason to work out.  Also you wouldn’t want to develop an undesirable movement disorder such as Parkinson’s, whose symptoms can likely worsen with lack of movement. You could perhaps take your dog for a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator and take frequent walks if you work at the desk for long hours.

Make your Workout Fun

Anything which is fun will never seem a burden and fall effortlessly into place with all that’s going on in your life. For some, going to the gym seems to be the best possible option at hand, as it invigorates you to achieve the impossible. However there are a dozen other options that may give you equally likely results. It’s not necessary to do what others are doing, do what suits your body and what is convenient for you. Nobody knows your body better than yourself. If you have the will power and temperament to work out alone at home, in solitude and peace of mind, you are more than welcome to inculcate daily exercise  in your daily routine, preferably early morning. Kick start your day with positive vibes and see the results for yourself. Buy yourself a chic pair of fitness apparel that makes you look curvy and picture yourself in perfect shape ready to take the world by storm.

You could always start up your own boot camp and pair up with like-minded people and set up a time to stretch yourselves in the open air. Nothing’s better than connecting to nature, trust me.

If you are passionate about a certain sport, go ahead and pursue it. Make an initiative to give your life direction and sense of purpose. Playing sports is not only fun, but will automatically   keep you in shape.

Technology can be a Blessing or a Curse

You can either use technology in your favour or let it destroy your health little by little, leaving you addicted to it unnecessarily. Do you realize the harm you are exposing your body too, by browsing on the internet for endless hours or getting hooked to your favourite television show. You can do just about that by keeping your exercise bike or treadmill in the living room. Furthermore, instead of wasting time playing mindless games you can download fitness apps just like every student has certain apps to budget out their day, because everybody knows how exhausting student life can be. They keep a track on your calorie intake and get you going. You can even resort to YouTube videos for yoga exercises and to keep you motivated.


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