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Fitness Goals: How to Keep Yourself on Track

by Greg Sellar(more info)

listed in exercise and fitness, originally published in issue 210 - November 2013

Starting something for those who aren’t easily motivated is hard enough. Sticking to that something can be even harder, particularly when the going gets tough. These simple tips may help you overcome any mental or physical barrier and get you one step closer to your ultimate fitness goals: 


1.         Set a realistic goal

Getting fit or losing weight is a snowball effect. Just a couple of weeks of hard work will yield results and once you see them, the more you will want. It’s important to be realistic as to what you want to achieve within a certain timeframe. Setting small goals such as “getting into my jeans more comfortably” or “being able to do ten full-body push-ups” will help highlight the fact that your hard effort is paying off. Once those smaller goals are achieved and you’re on your way, you can start working towards that 6-pack;

Exercises to help you achieve fat loss and strengthen muscle: high knee runs, full-body burpees, push-ups, jumping lunges, power squats


2.         Find something that motivates you

Whether it’s music or movies, pictures or quotes, everybody has triggers that will spur them into action - your job is to find yours. Music is a definite motivational winner for most and it’s easier than ever to create your ultimate workout mixes from your music library. Maybe a magazine subscription or internet site such as this one will give you the necessary push to create change (we hope so), or grab a photo of your ideal body shape and put it on the fridge to remind yourself of the journey ahead. You can do it!

Tunes with ‘grunt’: Firestarter (The Prodigy), Sex is on Fire (Kings of Leon), We Found Love (Rihanna), Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J), Runaway (Bruno Mars)


3.         Get a training partner

By committing to someone else that you’ll be in a certain place at a certain time means that you’re more likely to show up for a training session when your mind is saying stay at home. The thought of letting someone else down on their journey to fitness is hopefully enough of a motivation to keep you on track. Make the meeting social by planning a healthy eating meal around the session so you can work together with fitness and nutrition;

Ideal training partners: husband/wife, work colleague, brother/sister, friend

4.         Don’t punish yourself for slipping

Everyone has a blip or the occasional setback when training. You need to remember that you’re only one step away from getting back on track. It’s not over, you’re not finished and the goal won’t be further away just because you had a bad day, a less-than-ideal meal, or you’ve missed a training session. The main thing is that you put it in perspective and keep moving in the direction of your goal. The plan is flexible (within reason) and you are in charge.

Tip: Check out motivational quotes on   to help you regain your mojo if there is a motivational blip

Blast fx

5.         Allow adequate recovery

The ‘all or nothing’ principle should not apply to attaining your fitness goals. Fitness gains and maintenance of an ideal body shape is a constant process and one that requires dedication over the long haul. You will not get there if you adopt a fast-track mentality as it will result in burnout and ultimately see you drop out of the race. Start by making the promise to workout out every other day. As your fitness increases, you can increase the frequency and intensity of your sessions, but overtraining is as damaging as undertraining so listen to your body and don’t be afraid to take a day off.

Recovery exercises: Yoga sun salutations, foam rolling, meditation, nothing!


  1. Catherine Crawford said..

    I would agree with all these points. I lost 10kgs over 5 months and I made a list of the clothes I had and their sizes so that as I lost weight I ticked off the ones I could now wear. It was very satisfying! I've spoken with several people who feel that if they can't exercise several times a week, then they don't do it at all - I try to get them to try for less as even twice a week is better than nothing at all.

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