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Morgellon: The 'M' Word You've Never Heard of and Lesions that Persist

by Tammy Racicot(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 210 - November 2013

The “M” Word

Morgellon. Never heard of it! Until I was forced to find my own cause, prevention and possible control of the terrible lesions and more that were affecting my body since 2007. They never went away, they never healed and they are a constant torture.

Tammy – 1989
Tammy – 1989
Tammy - 2007
Tammy - 2007
Tammy - 2010
Tammy - 2010
Tammy - 2010
Tammy - 2011



Tammy Racicot

I sought medical professionals, special clinics, specialists and biopsies. Believe me, I was on this before I could even fathom what it was. No one told me what it was, what caused it. I heard a lot of “could be’s” and “unknown irritant”. I tried everything they told me to control or treat it; most treatments made things horribly worse. I was told it was my fault. I wasn’t taking the medication properly or self-mutilating myself. The most outrageous one yet; that every time I had an emotional reaction, there was a chemical reaction that would happen in my brain, and the lesions were the end result!


Scab from a horrible buttocks lesion

I will not accept these lame, condescending remarks or conclusions to a syndrome that was changing me, forcing me incapable of living a normal, healthy, productive life. As an Advanced Medical First Responder, First Aid Professional and Instructor, I am trained and taught how to treat and care for wounds, why are mine so different? Why won't mine heal after all the advice, treatments and time!!

My faith in the medical community shattered. I was left helpless, hopeless and dangling in an unknown, uncontrollable situation. They were forcing me to believe I was delusional or worse! What exactly is Morgellon? No doctor or specialist will or can tell you, they aren’t informed. It’s not properly researched so they don’t know. Licenses and grants can be at risk if they pursue the topic. They are told to try all kinds of treatments instead. Doctors follow the policy of the medical mandate, using every pharmaceutical resource available to them. There is no results long term. Medicine teaches treatment, not cure.

When all resources fail, and there is no other options as per the guidelines, it becomes the victims fault, not the practitioner’s expertise. A Morgellon Victim is forced to accept an assumed mental illness and prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. (How does that exactly stop material from coming up through the subcutaneous, epidermis and dermis, which would stop the lesion from forming, weakening the body further and inviting secondary (tertiary, quaternary) infections.)



To save myself, I started to research. I recognized the confusing secondary cross-infections from the signs and symptoms presented that prevent this from being a confirmed pandemic. The name we call Morgellon, turns out to be a word misinforming the public intended to hide groups of victims, with varying signs and symptoms, of unknown origin, defying traditional treatments. It should be called Techno-Hyper-toxicity syndrome. (Technologically induced hyper-toxicity syndrome).I saw sores like mine online, horrified at what I was learning and it directed me to more information.[1 a,b,c,d,e,f,g] [2-13]. I learned our biochemical/metabolism and our blood are changing. Our hypothalamus and thyroid is compromised and this is affecting hormones and autonomic brain function. Our livers are enlarging and the endocrine system is being overloaded. It hasn’t adapted to toxicity assaults and environmental pollutants. Morgellon: a Techno-hyper-toxicity reaction from the combination of many things. Presenting varying levels of affliction and symptoms, that mimic, other known diseases and illnesses, with a twist. It’s intentional. [14-39]

I am now recognizing that my own body is in a deteriorated state due to manipulated air, environment, food and most medication. It is recognizing and reacting to all the unnatural material forced into it. The advice I followed to keep healthy didn’t matter. I didn’t know, doctors didn’t know. Or did they?[40-43]



Tammy RFID Tammy RFID Tammy RFID oakville gel

Smart Dust: Nano-sized Particles, R.F.I.D Chips and Oakville Gel

Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic

Scab from a Lesion with Plastic Material like Threads

The committees, organizations, policies and strategies in place to ensure my safety and well-being, were ignoring facts. I was living in a false sense of security and my body is in the final throes of survival by expelling toxins, introduced Nano sized particles, R.F.I.D. Nano-chips, Chaff, organisms and more. [44-49]



forensic and scientific services

Forensic and Scientific Services Analytics Report

The telecom industry, the military and delegators, disregard the health impact on the public just as the tobacco company did. It is apparent that the powers that be are killing off our immune system, manipulating our bodies, the weather, the natural world. We have become living antennas in the advancement of Geo-engineering, Weather modifications, Communication-Cooperative Wireless, HAARP, TESLA Tech Array, ELF, VLF Pulse, Nano surveillance, Ionosphere manipulation, Plasma manipulation, Sun’s radiation. Global-warming. Bringing rain to Africa? Still waiting. Chemtrails, frequencies, pollutions, toxins, radiation, fraudulent vaccinations, GM/GMO food/seeds. WE are becoming biologically unstable. [50-63]

Chain of events initiating declining global health

Radio waves and frequencies are received by the brain as light, and interrupt the release of melatonin. The Pineal gland produces melatonin, which is only produced when the brain perceives no light. Melatonin is imperative to fighting free radicals; it’s the body’s natural wonder drug. Cell mitosis happens only at night, repairing cells and fighting free radicals that attack healthy cells. All the silent waves, frequencies and resonances we can’t hear, but interact with at a cellular level are interfering with us in a destructive way.

Our autonomic brain functions are malfunctioning because of these interferences. Our bodies are amazing machines; they fight for life in the most extreme cases.

When our body recognizes toxic elements in our system, it compresses the toxins into a solid, which causes less damage to the body’s cells. The body expels solids through the endocrine system, skin, sweat, urine, and stool. It compensates to overcome, repair and survive by design through millions of years of perfection, from the very first cell.

This interruption of the natural flow of biological functions initiates a chain reaction, which affects the blood cells, causing changes leading to illnesses, diseases and autoimmune issues, which leads to a systematic breakdown of the biological body, depending on the current state of one’s health, oxidation type, stage of stress, mineral ratio and other factors that affect and change the terrain of the individual.

Dark Matter

Pleo-morphism, cell theory[64-68] is a concept referenced in ancient European Homeopathy text, predating the Mono-morphism (germ theory) by thousands of years. Modern medicine uses germ theory (Béchamp/Pasteur), regardless that blood is the true indicator of biochemical and metabolic health issues. Universities taught the policies, mandates, curriculum and criteria of the germ theory and pharmaceuticals accumulated huge incomes. Scientists were producing ways of treatment by using chemicals and experimentation, which led the medical profession in the direction it is now, not truly understanding, how germs, organisms, parasites and other pathogens truly manifested evolved or adapted.

Medical professionals can't tell you, but will assume what caused any illness. They will treat it, control it, but not cure.

Wilhelm Reich; the importance and function of Orgone energy in the body: 

"If you assume that the material atom particle is the basic unit of the universe, including life, then you are also correct in assuming that the chemical compounds you find in a specific disease are building stones of that particular disease. "However, you are fundamentally wrong in concluding thus if it is conclusively shown that all subjects of chemistry are SECONDARY products of primary MASSFREE energy functions in the living organism. The chemical compound one may find in schizophrenia or cancer is not its "cause" or "sources of existence"; it is merely a by-product of the disease process. As a by-product, it may also contribute SECONDARILY to the development of the disease picture. "Arteriosclerosis, for example, shows hard deposits in the walls of the blood vessels. But these deposits are not the cause of arteriosclerosis. It is one of its secondary characteristics. To understand the disease process "arteriosclerosis" we must learn to know what kind of dysfunction in the PRIMAL ENERGY METABOLISM is responsible for the production of this deposit. Could it be that chronic contraction of blood vessels will necessarily change certain mass free PREATOMIC OR[orgone] functions - such as DOR into Melanor and then possibly into calcium mass? This opens the door for us to the functional, PRE-ATOMIC, bio-energetic aspect of disease."[69]

Understanding Truth

We have always been in synch with the planet, sun and moon, they experience changes, and we are affected. All things are magnetic by the reaction of protons and neutrons repelling and attracting. DNA uses electromagnetic frequencies to reproduce itself and the cells in our body communicate with each other using light frequencies.

The body's Aura or Orgone Energy [70-76] (life energy) and biophotons [77,78] and Somatids [79,80] surround everything. Cryptochrome cells [class of blue light-sensitive flavoproteins found in plants and animals] allow us to sense energy fields (instinctual warnings); it was millions of years a process we are just starting to comprehend as a society; this is such a huge function of who and what we really are.

We must keep and ensure the delicate balance or resonances because human health is linked with geophysical changes, and human biology including brain-waves evolved in response to these signals. Their manipulation is becoming obvious in the population.

Learning to Heal

With knowledge, I found hope, and made changes to heal with wonderful results. I don’t expect an instant fix, but I see progress.

Naturopathy, understanding my body and the effects from my environment, Organic eating, exemptions from medications. Avoidance of all frequency pollution to the best of my ability. The only thing I can’t control, my atmosphere.


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Hypothalamus; A group of structures forming part of the diencephalon, controlling visceral (internal organs, stomach, intestines, lungs, heart etc.) activities, regulating body temperature and many metabolic processes and influencing certain emotional states.

Thyroid Gland; An Endocrine gland situated in front of and on each side of the trachea and secreting thyroxin, important in the regulation of metabolism and body growth.

Autonomic nervous system; A plexus of nerves ganglia and fibers originating in the spinal column and acting to innervate and control the efferent (carrying impulses) functions of all body tissue and organs not subject to voluntary control, as the heart, blood vessels, smooth muscles, glands, stomach and intestines.

Endocrine (glands) System; Several ductless glands , as thyroid, pituitary, and suprarenal glands, whose secretions, released directly into the blood or lymph have critical importance in many phases of physiological activity.

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Free Radicals; An atom or group of atoms with at least one unpaired electron in the body, it is usually an oxygen molecule that has lost an electron and will stabilize itself by stealing an electron from a nearby molecule, in the body free radicals are high energy particles that ricochet wildly and damage cells.

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Primal Energy Metabolism; Original energy.

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Bio-energetic; Exhibiting energy: operating with force, vigour and effect: forcible,, powerful efficacious.

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Cryptichrone; A signalling protein found in a wide variety of plants and animals, and is highly homologous to DNA photolyase.

Resonances; A phenomenon in which a vibration or other cyclic process (such as tide cycles) of large amplitude is produced by smaller impulses, when the frequency of the external impulses is close to that of the natural cycling frequency of the process in that system.  A prolongation or increase of any sound, either by reflection, as in a cavern or apartment the walls of which are not distant enough to return a distinct echo, or by the production of vibrations in other bodies, as a sounding‑board, or the bodies of musical instruments.


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  1. Cheryl said..

    Thank you for sharing your story

  2. Tammy R said..

    Thank you, I truly hope you found it informative and helpful.

  3. Mardy Ross said..

    Fabulous article, Tammy, and I commend the leadership of positive health for including this type of information. Like you, I have a background in the 'lower levels' of conventional medicine (my degree is in occupational therapy, I have long joked that I got out of college to realize I paid a lot of money and put in a lot of time to be on one of the lowest rungs on the ladder of conventional medicine and didn't realize it. Eventually I created a model that puts the patient in the middle and encourages the consumer (patient) to think of it as hiring staff or advisors the same as you'd have an accountant and lawyer and etc. I created a website about it six years ago (which wasn't completed until spring of 2009) and when I became aware of geoengineering, I learned enough to get some things for our You-sers (grins) to follow out to and will definitely be providing this as a resource as well as other topics here related to geoengineering at the very least.

    What's interesting is that I didn't want to have my judgment influenced about what was on the Internet when I created my business plan in 2007, so the similarities that exist from the UK site and the US site (mine) are coincidental. And I love those kinds of coincidences. I learned of this article from Ann Fillmore who provided an equally wonderful resource related to geoengineering here. Thanks to her and ALL who are into getting this type of information out, it does not come without risks and consequences.

  4. Dina Noe said..

    Thank you so much Tammy for this most informative article. I empathize with you completely. When I first contracted this in early spring of 2009, I was told by a doctor that I just needed to go home and take regular baths or showers (I was bathing about 3 times a day at that point). She told me that I needed to hire a house cleaner because, obviousely, I didn't know how to clean my house properly or I wouldn't have bugs. Lastly, she told me that I needed to get myself into rehab and start attending NA meetings (I had been clean and sober for appx. 20 yrs at that point). I was totally devastated. I was treated like vermon by the rest of the doctors I saw after her. They told me pretty much the same thing until ultimately, one put me in the nut house where they forced a bunch of "anti" everything type drugs into my system. I'm so angry at this medical system and no longer trust the medical community. Like yourself, I'm much better now through a long, slow process of better eating, nutritional supplements and meticulas care of whatever enviroment I do have some control over.

  5. Tammy R said..

    Thank you ladies for your comments and sharing your thoughts. :)

  6. Nate said..

    Hi Tammy, are you able to share what has helped you the most and what else you have been able to find and put together since then?. Thanks.

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