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Living Water

by Grahame Whitehead(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 50 - March 2000

Aqua Vivens (Living Water – water of life) is a term which is seldom fully understood in Western healing modalities today. It refers to the most important substance for life on this planet, but most people understand water to be the lifeless chemical composition H2O. This is wrong because water is a living energy. Few people give much thought to where used water goes and even fewer people give any conscious consideration to the fact that nowadays much of our drinking water is recycled. The water companies' continued allegiance to building new recycling 'loop systems' was outlined at the May 1999 International Water and Textiles Conference which took place at Huddersfield University. Peter Mathews (President of CIWEM and Deputy Manager of Anglian Water) confirmed that recycling water was the future.

Research investigation into the microstructure and memory capability of water to store a very wide spectrum of vibrational imprinting lets us see photographically just how damaged chemically treated water is (see photos below). The water they intend to recycle is dead and toxic, without life force. Maybe water authorities are not aware that water is a living energy and supply only dead water to their customers.

The systems and methods of orthodox water management, the construction of artificial straight water courses and chemical treatments combine to lessen the energy in water. Compulsory fluoridation, chlorine, acid rain contamination, high levels of agricultural pesticides, nitrates, fertilisers, lead and trihalomethanes turn this dead water into a highly toxic cocktail.

What has happened? All the water is dead or comatose. This has evolved from a wrong turn made by scientists. The effects of that wrong turn have killed or turned off the life force in water. This happens because water is a living energy and when poisoned with chemicals, the life force leaves. (see photos in side bar)

Viktor Shauberger

Viktor was born on 30th June 1885 in Austria into a family who had been foresters for over 400 years. Viktor was happy to continue his family tradition as a "forest warden like my father, grandfather, great grandfather and his father before him" (p18 Living Water by Olof Alexandersson). From this background, Viktor learnt to trust his observations and intuitive awareness, as had his father and grandfather. He learnt from them that water in shaded mountain areas produced plants and vegetation at their richest, and that fields irrigated by water transported to them at night yielded greater harvests than neighbouring meadows and fields. From his research in adult life Viktor was able to explain the significance of water's properties and he devised various methods for promoting and maintaining water at its optimum level of purity and vitality. This was because he understood water as a living energy.

Viktor Shauberger began to perceive water as the lifeblood of the earth and surmised that it must be allowed to follow its own course to keep its energy. Viktor saw that a natural water course is shaped by winding curves and shaded banks to protect itself from direct sunlight and that its low temperature and natural flow were the conditions necessary for water to preserve its supportive and carrying strength, or its 'energy'. Viktor concluded that continued world wide deforestation had a drastic effect upon the availability of good drinking water and today, we see the effects as frequent landslides and flooding.

His main truth about water is that it is a living energy. The truth today is that almost all water consumed in our 'civilised' world is not good for you because it has no life force and has been damaged by chemicals. Only water that has been naturally filtered by percolation deep into the earth, maybe 8 or 10,000 feet, heated under pressure to super steam at the mantle and re-imprinted by the clays, gravels and minerals that it passes by on its way to the surface at 4° C is fully mature and full of light. Victor did not have access to today's hi-tech cameras to show this light but he clearly understood it at an intuitive and reality level.

Viktor Shauberger's observations led him to become a prolific writer and inventor. He designed and patented many amazing subtle energy devices, including a vortex implosion energiser machine for restoring the life force to water. This is what makes Viktor's work so important – water can be resuscitated and brought back to full life using the vortex and resonance. This technology is centripetal and the lesser goes to the greater despite the second law of physics. The taste of most tap water changes from tangy to smooth when energised with the subtle energy or life force.

The image with the light in the photo above right is energised water; the bio-photons* shine and Viktor would call this Living Water. It should be said that there are the same amount of bio-photons in both images, but there is no prana or life force in the black, while the light shows the prana turning the bio-photons on again. Victor was one of many researchers into subtle energy in the last century of the millennium. Other famous names include Tesla and Reich. They all had devices that work with free energy. Mainstream science and industry ignored them because controlling the energy supply is hugely profitable.

The current disaster with our water urgently requires remedial action as a social imperative. This is because the water is so bad that it tastes horrible, nobody drinks water and therefore, almost everybody is dehydrated. The people who do not drink tap water will bathe in this nasty mix of chemical imprints and because they are dehydrated, they will absorb some water and toxins through the skin. Any rash is then treated with petrochemical skin creams to suppress the symptoms of dehydration. These drugs dehydrate even further and the cause of the problem is ignored. University medicine is way behind in its awareness of water's amazing life-giving properties. Chemical drugs do not fix the causes of the problem; they only add another layer of problem because they turn the light off and chase the prana away from the water in our bodies. This is an emergency!

Chronic Dehydration

Good quality water plays a very important role in all bodily functions, but the vast majority of the Western population is suffering from the effects of both current and chronic long-term dehydration. Your brain is 90% water and your body is 75%, or at least it wants to be if you are about 6 foot tall, 11 stone in weight and middle aged. This is not the case, however, and most people just do not drink any water at all.

Dr F Batmanghelidj states that the human body requires between 3 and 6 pints of good, high-energy water on a daily basis to maintain optimum function and that all pain signals within the body are a result of internal water shortage. He continues to describe how obesity, excess body weight, asthma, allergies, hiatus hernia, diabetes, dyspepsia, rheumatoid arthritis, backache, headaches, stress, depression, hypertension and high cholesterol can all be treated by increased water intake.

Most of us are drinking tea, coffee and alcohol which are all diuretics that actively dehydrate the body. We are also drinking minerals and sodas instead of the pure, unadulterated water which our body desperately needs for optimum function. The above book contains much new, highly detailed information on water regulation and histamine activity within the body. This model is in sharp contrast to mainstream, established medical understanding. Dr F Batmanghelidj advises anyone who wishes to know if they are currently dehydrated to check the colour of their urine. If it is light or pale yellow you are well hydrated, if not, your body is in need of water. Many therapists using homoeopathy and other types of vibrational medicine experience faster and better results with their fully hydrated patients. It is well known that it is very difficult to vibrate a dry body.

Influencing Subtle Energy: The Key to Future Science

The vortex shape is found everywhere in nature from seashells and plants to goats' horns and is always the natural path of least resistance that free-flowing water takes in order to keep itself healthy and energetic. It is also by the same motion that energy flows into the chakras and pranic tube of the human body. The best examples are tornados and bathwater. This is the motion in which subtle energy likes to flow. Water acts like a liquid tape-recorder; it stores frequency as magnetic imprinting within its microstructure from each and every substance and element with which it comes into contact. During the water's journey through the earth, the inharmonious negative imprinting is wiped as the water is naturally imploded under pressure and heat. It is like wiping the tape clean then re-recording over with harmonious natural earth frequencies for life. Nature provides high-energy water at 4° C healing wells, but not everyone has access to a well like this. The next best thing is an energiser to put the light back into your tap water. Then you can wash in the light, cook in the light and drink in the light.

The Living Water Workshop runs training workshops at the weekend just before full moon in Ireland. The technology we use is based on the vortex and resonance, the centripetal movement of subtle energy, the consciousness and memory in water and the awareness that water is a living energy that we need for total health. When water is full of light with bio-photon emissions then it is full of prana or life force; you can learn to measure this and drink the light in living water. The immune body depends on this subtle energy and this means drinking enough living water daily. If this article encourages increased intake of water, it should be gradual; expect 'healing crises' as success indicators.

What are Biophotons?

Bio-photons or somatids are tiny energy bodies that are found in the life fluids of all living things. Antoine Bechamp of France, Dr Enderlein of Germany and Gaston Naessens of Canada have all reported the observation of bio-photons or somatids in blood and other life fluids. Gaston Naessens believes that somatids are a solidification of pure light energy. It is also theorised that somatids may be precursors to DNA. Bio-photons have a negative electrical charge. Microscopic observation of bio-photons has shown that microscopic clusters tend to stimulate or activate bio-photons. The microscopic cluster’s delivery system then helps to transport this pure light energy directly into the cells of the body.

Further Information

For more information on 'Vortex Energisers' and 'Water Workshops', please send a SAE to: Grahame Whitehead, The Living Water Workshop, 9 Kilmacrannell, Castlebalfour, Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh, N Ireland. Tel/Fax: 013657 22902.

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* Developed by the Centre for Implosion Research


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About Grahame Whitehead

Grahame Whitehead is a Reiki Master, a bio-energy therapist, a lay herbalist and a member of the Irish Council of Vibrational Medicine. For the last two years, he has been studying the energetic properties of water in relation to healing and jointly presents this information with Conn Connor and Ciaran Graham as ‘The Living Water Workshop’


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