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Health and Societal Consequences of Geoengineering

by Ann Fillmore PhD(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 210 - November 2013

"We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed, few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."

J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1965 NBC interview on the decision to drop the bomb for the Trinity Explosion

Anyone who is outdoors at all has come to the correct conclusion that a science fiction horror is going on above us. It is absolutely essential you go outside and look up. Now. Today. Leave the office or your house for a moment and take your camera with you.

A world-wide program is underway to control the weather since the mid-90s. It is being done without your consent. It is called GEOENGINEERING or SRM (Solar Radiation Management) and originally: chemtrailing. (Ananda)

New years Lines

Looking ENE  towards inland Oregon.  1/1/13
We awoke on New Year's Day, 2013 with hundreds of straight lines sprayed off the coast during the night and slowly drifting ENE. By evening the sky had become a murky white with a pink-grey tinge. Photo by Ann Fillmore

Tanker aircraft fly day and night, spraying long, long chemically filled trails usually in tic-tac-toe patterns, or in wide lines and sometimes ‘bombing’ the sky with strings of faux-clouds filled with chemicals: aluminium, barium and strontium are the basic ones. And because our skies are full of nanobits of metal, at least eighteen high energy installations are being used to push weather systems around. (What is HAARP?†  Http://wakeupcallnews.blogspot.AU )


HARPED storm cloud
25/06/12 early evening Oregon coast, looking NW. Before a storm comes in, there is always heavy chem trailing and 'bombing' which puts a lot of nanobits of metal (aluminium, barium, strontium) into the clouds. Then the clouds are shot with high energy to either evaporate them, if rain is not wanted, or to move them to another geographic location. You can tell the clouds are HAARPed because of the crenellations and microwaved appearance. Photo by Ann Fillmore  

This may be all too much at once to grasp for some readers. Sounds like something a science-fiction writer may have concocted for a bad movie script. But no, it is real. For those of you readers who need to start at the beginning, watch these three excellent videos:

Look Up (2013)

What in the World Are They Spraying? (2011)

Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2012)

Okay, you’ve watched the videos as I recommended and you see we are in an absolutely Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - HGTHG - Doug Adam’s scenario of impending death and total destruction, only it’s not some alien race building a space-freeway on-ramp. For those of you who didn’t watch the videos: Here’s what is happening, briefly - as a last parting gift, after helping to invent the atom bomb, Edward Teller, just before his death, proposed that “While scientists continue research into any global climatic effects of greenhouse gases, we ought to study ways to offset any possible ill effects. Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach.”

The US military had been working for years on control of weather and in the mid-90s, the mechanical techniques were developed enough to begin world-wide applications. Many governments and several powerful corporations are now engaged in an attempt to stop what they’ve led us to believe is global warming due to a rise in CO2 from human activities. In actuality, their project of Geoengineering or Solar Radiation Management is warming the planet by creating a Venus effect.[Ananda, Rubin]

On that cheery note, I’ll get on with the article. We have a world to save, folks.

I live on the Oregon coast which is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Green and lush and wild. Sasquatch country. We are as far west as you can go in the USA. The giant storms of the Pacific hit us first. Oregonians joke that we don’t tan, we rust. Even the local Indian tribes had jokes about how wet it was and warned the explorers Lewis and Clark to prepare for monsoons.

Because weather hits us first, we are a 24/7 target of Geoengineering weather modification. As are western Great Britain, Hawaii and Australia for the same reason. Chemtrails and the new chembombs full of aluminium, barium and strontium nanobits are laid by tanker jets in front of and in the storms so they can be directed - for example, to make tornadoes in the mid-west US, or Great Britain, or ‘straight-line’ killer snow storms in Ohio or floods in Italy.

tanker chem spraying

4/9/13  Ohio, USA. The jet tanker is obviously spraying a trail which is chemically fixed so it persists and spreads into the mess seen behind. Photo by Keith King.


Australia giant chemtrails
20/8/2013 Australia. Giant chem trails laid in straight lines and, at this point, dispersing into 'popcorn' cloud-lets. Photo by Chantelle Catto

Chem haze disperses into our offshore fog. Months go by that we cannot awake, even one day, without feeling like death dug up and not even warmed over.

Short Term Health Effects

Until two months ago. It is July-August 2013 as I write this article and for months we have had no rain. Instead we’ve had dry heat, drought and afternoon electric, high pressure winds. Never before has such weather occurred in Oregon. All the offshore storms are being broken apart. Forest fires are so bad along the west coast of the US that emergency conditions are in effect almost everywhere. You can watch all this on the satellite imagery. But, blessedly, during these two months, we’ve also had little direct chem spray. Then last Monday a storm came north through California from New Mexico. Which, in the earth’s natural weather system with the powerful east flowing jet stream, is impossible, but because the jet stream has been interfered with, there it was. To keep the storm aimed north, at about 1pm in the afternoon, a giant string of toxic chembombs, probably 500miles long, was laid by one big tanker jet in a straight line overhead. I caught it on a satellite image. They were what we call highly persistent, holding shape - like an ugly grey contorted string of monster pearls in the sky - far into the night and dispersing only slowly into the usual chem haze that turns the sky white. The poison in them began falling around 5pm.

chem bombs
Satellite image of chem bombs laid moments before, Oregon - 10 miles south of my home. 22/7/2013 - about 1pm. NOAA public domain
chem bombs
Line of chem bombs, looking west
Looking SWW towards the ocean, mid-Oregon coast, 22/7/13. The row of chem 'bombs' coming in from the coast, as seen in the satellite image. Each 'bomb' has an exact same configuration. Note the grey lines coming down from each. The bombs will persist and keep their line even after they begin to disperse. Photo by Ann Fillmore
bombs ring
Looking directly up into one of the chem 'bombs'. Notice the chem 'bow' or 'halo'. Photo by Ann Filmore
bombs east
15 minutes later, looking east Looking East into Oregon 22/7/13. About 1/2 hr after the original photo, this is what the chem 'bombs' become. The grey lines begin to 'drip' and each 'bomb' slowly begins to disperse. But the line holds its form as it moves east in a straight line, one after the other. Photo by Ann Fillmore


Of course by Tuesday morning, we were experiencing chem flu, the body’s reaction to the aluminium, barium, strontium and other nanobits of chemicals reaching the ground. Chem flu (Horowitz) differs somewhat from person to person as our immune systems react according to the individual’s tolerance, but usually the symptoms start with nausea, ‘wooziness’ (intense dizziness and disorientation - like being on a ship in high seas), burning sinus pain, often asthma attacks and sometimes bloody nose, piercing joint pain and muscle weakness. Men begin to have chest pain, women will have gripping PMS or their menses. This progresses over the next few days to extreme exhaustion, sore throat, fungal infections, and finally, if you haven’t been doing rigorous detoxifying - a full-blown ‘flu’. For some unlucky individuals, if you have other bad habits such as eating GMO/fast foods, drinking too much soda pop, smoking, or the like, after constant chem flu assault, if you’re a man who’s out of shape physically, you can almost count on a heart attack. For women, if you’re susceptible, because of the highly oestrogenic effects of the nanobits of aluminium, your chance of breast cancer rises dramatically. And it appears as if overnight.

Long Term Health Effects

We want to look at the long term health effects of concentrated day and night spraying of aluminium, barium, strontium and other metals and chemicals - sulphur has been suggested, into our skies. (Scott)

Waikiri NZ

Waikari, New Zealand, prism effect in a cloud showing chemicals 8/2013. An excellent example of the chemical structure of the spray. The sun gives the cloud a prism effect which allows us to see that this is NOT H20 (a 'rain' bow), but the chemicals aluminium, barium and strontium and perhaps some other metals. Taken by Marian Sutherland  

First and foremost is the instant effect on breathing. Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) rates have climbed off the charts. The asthma that strikes after a heavy spray day can put children, especially, into the emergency room. It involves not just the allergic or flu reaction that asthma used to exhibit, but inflammation of the entire bronchial system and of the sinuses and eyes and even the inner ears causing severe vertigo, which produces intense nausea. Very few ER doctors are aware of the correlation between a heavy spray day and extreme asthma attacks. Often the precipitant cause will not be the nanochemicals themselves but the surge of fungi which seems to be a by-product of the effects of aluminium and barium on the environment or another theory is that these unusual fungi (Smallstorm) and other bacteria which normally live in the upper atmosphere fall to earth with the sprayed nanobits (Carnicom). A third theory is that the fungi are man-made and are included deliberately in the spray, as are other bacteria-Morgellon’s fibres (Morgellons Research Group). However the fungi originate, test after test of rain after a heavy spray day show multiple exotic strains of fungi, often unusual forms of chlamydia.

A new condition called costochrondritus can also strike along with asthma and chem flu. It is an inflammation of the ligaments of the rib cage and is very painful, and like the other ‘new’ conditions the doctor shakes his head and says it’s “of unknown aetiology”. They link it to the other condition of unknown aetiology - fibromyalgia.  Sadly, most medical personnel don’t leave their offices, in the UK their surgeries, to observe the sky and thus, they neglect, even refuse to test for heavy metals in the body or acknowledge the fungal attacks. In the USA, you have to ask for a heavy metal test and pay for it yourself, and often doctors will decline to sign off on it. In the USA, it is not uncommon for laboratories to refuse to give the results for aluminium.


When you breathe in aluminium so fine that it goes directly into your blood and into your brain, it’s going to give you long term effects. This is not new knowledge. Long before the skies were being filled with aluminium particulates, medical professionals knew the dangers. Notice the results of this study from the early ‘80s: “The normal and the lethally toxic brain levels of Al3+ are well documented and differ only by a factor of 3-10. ... Al3+ taken up by the brain cannot be eliminated and is therefore accumulated. The possibility that Al3+ may cause or contribute to some specific diseases, most of them related to ageing, is discussed with the proposed metabolic picture in mind.”(Ganrot)

Even Wikipedia has an extensive discussion of the seriously harmful effects of aluminium - here is a portion: “Studies... aluminium increases oestrogen-related gene expression in human breast cancer cells cultured in the laboratory.[75] The oestrogen-like effects of these salts have led to their classification as a metalloestrogen. Some toxicity can be traced to deposition in bone and the central nervous system, which is particularly increased in patients with reduced renal function. Because aluminium competes with calcium for absorption, increased amounts of dietary aluminium may contribute to the reduced skeletal mineralization (osteopenia) observed in preterm infants and infants with growth retardation. In very high doses, aluminium can cause neurotoxicity, and is associated with altered function of the blood - brain barrier.”

And a recent study by Darbre on the effects of aluminium salts on breast cancer, although the scientist assumed the salts were from antiperspirant, found a direct correlation:

“The last part of this group of experiments demonstrated that aluminium, whether in the form of Al chloride or Al chlorhydrate, acts in the same manner as other oestrogen-mimicking metals by increasing oestrogen-regulated reporter gene expression, both in and out of oestradiol’s presence.” (Stevenson)


Because barium is used extensively in medicine, the side-effects are well known. One, of many recent papers on the subject, outlines with many references exactly what toxicity produces.  

According to Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey, classic signs of barium toxicity include low blood potassium, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal dysfunction, paralysis, muscle twitching, and elevated blood pressure. Severe barium toxicity can lead to kidney damage, respiratory failure, and death. Regular barium exposure has even been fingered as a potential contributor in the development of neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis. (Group, 3/2013) If any of those symptoms sound familiar, go back to the description of chem-flu.


Let me be clear here that many materials have been found in residues of aerial chem spray. For example, there is evidence that titanium and sulphur are being added to some trails, along with instances of human dried blood cells and lab manufactured fungi. I am looking at only the three basic ingredients and the third one is strontium. It is so refractive that a compound, strontium barium niobate is used for outdoors holographic displays. The yellowish tinge often seen in the chem haze is strontium reacting to exposure to air and moisture, the brilliant orange-red in some chem sprayed sunrises/ sunsets could also be the pyrophoric effect of strontium as it is highly volatile at room temperature - strontium is used to make flares and in fireworks. (Wikipedia)


Chemical laden sunrise, Oregon 18/10/12 looking directly east as the sun rises over Oregon. The bright orange and yellow show the chemicals laid by the numerous chem trails, seen on the horizon. Photo by Ann Fillmore

Health Care Systems

Over a decade of constant spraying of heavy metals into our atmosphere has had dramatic effects on all health care systems. Such a startling increase in the percentage of very ill individuals should alarm health authorities. This does not seem to be the case, or if it has, there are no public pronouncements At least in the USA where illness is big business. Reputedly, every medically diagnosed case of cancer is worth around $300,000 in treatment costs.

Specialized cancer treatment centres are rising like Brigadoon in the most unlikely locations throughout the US, by which I mean, in small, waning towns whose population is much diminished. For example, Coquille, Oregon has a brand new special care hospital. Coquille has a population of 3,865 and is 15 miles from the nearest large town, which has its own hospital and there is no public transportation to the place. Treatment centres for Alzheimer’s are similarly in the works, which is no surprise as the rate for Alzheimer’s is soaring. (Lloyd)

In countries with socialized medicine (e.g. Sweden) or one-payer systems (e.g. Israel), there is the added burden of these expensive to treat, long term care illnesses exploding in the population.

The general number given for neurologically disabled children (e.g.: Autism) is one in 54 boys in the US and one in 38 in the UK (Huff Post). Schools, under attack by private concerns and being slowly dismantled in favour of private charter facilities or the much cheaper online learning schemes, again private, have no way to handle special needs kids. Truth be told, we might already have lost an entire generation of babies who are ingesting and breathing poison from the womb onwards.

Societal Consequences

This is not a linear equation. The ecological effects of long term dumping of nanobits of metal on our planet will not be a long term experiment. We will soon reach a cataclysmic threshold. Any high school chemistry geek making a baking soda and vinegar volcano can tell you that everything seems calm in the beaker until the moment when the catalytic point is reached and then boom!           

I cannot express the dire consequences of this any better than Dane Wigington. To know the full scale of the danger, to have the updated statistics on methane release and also, on how the broken ionosphere is letting in extraordinary amounts of UV sunlight, watch one of his dramatic presentations:

Geoengineering: The Most Important Topic of our Time

The Rain Falls on Everyone

Why would anyone kill their own progeny and destroy the entire earth’s ecosystem? Those of us watching are not entirely certain. Whatever the reason, the sociopaths doing this must believe they are immune or can escape or we’re in a religious End of Days and we’re all going to either go to heaven or ... someplace else anyway. Perhaps it’s become a sort of a winner-takes-all pot.

Those engaged in wreaking havoc seem very smart about the process. First they set out to destroy all the beautiful and precious places and animals so the cries of the many who would save the earth are muted. If the Grand Canyon is opened to mining, then the lesser places such as Bryce and Yosemite would be easy to get. If the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is mined, so goes the rest of the ocean’s precious areas. When Jeju, the Island of Peace in Korea is destroyed for a naval base, other heritage sites are similarly vulnerable. And, if the magnificent wild predators - wolves, polar bears, lions and tigers are eliminated, the ecosystem around them is toast and open to exploitation by private ownership and predatory capitalism.

The Tragedy of the Commons and the Death of Gaia

The only recourse is for the populace to rise en masse against the predation. Garrett Hardin, in his essay on overpopulation: Tragedy of the Commons talks about how sharing the earth according to the needs of the earth is the only right course and why such behaviour is very difficult for us humans. Written in the 1960s, he eschews the use of ‘guilt’ and suggests using ‘mutual coercion’, a sort of town hall method of governing.

Anyone who has lived in a small town will tell you Miss Marple (Agatha Christie’s elderly detective) was wise to the ways of folk. A village is merely the miniature version of society at large. Coercion in and of itself demands the use of persuasion by calling upon conscience and there will end up being those who do the work and those who shirk and those who respond to a crisis such as a house burning down and those who stand around and watch, too afraid to act.

Moreover, there is the powerful drive in humans to have normalcy and routine. This is such a paramount need that almost all creatures - humans and animals, will do anything to maintain it.

Which is what makes the military and corporate use of the shock doctrine (Klein) dramatically effective. By wiping out the familiar and bringing in chaos, changes on behalf of the elite can be instituted overnight instead of years. By destroying wide swathes of land with drought or a monster tornado or cyclone, a people can be brought to their knees. They will obey any order, follow any directions in order to achieve stability again. Weather as a weapon is far more effective than war. It’s not nearly as expensive as war and doesn’t require vast armies. Sadly, to become immune to the shock doctrine takes two or three generations as we are seeing in some parts of South American, e.g.: Venezuela and Ecuador. But we don’t have three generations to rise against weather wars and environmental rape and pillage.

Ronald Reagan postulated in his speech to the United Nations (1987) that if the world governments faced an ET alien threat, they would band together for world peace. He was sadly mistaken. The wealthy and powerful would rather make deals with the devil to keep their positions than to care for the common good. We who are fighting to save the Gaia must grasp this. The elite do not care.

We must care and we must act or we lose not just our lives, but everything: Mozart, Marilyn Monroe, Waltzing Matilda, and jazz, Tai Chi, a hot dish of curry for dinner or chicken and dumplings, a bonfire on the beach, blackberry jam and walks in the woods with the dogs and kids.

We should not become disheartened. Anger is a good thing if it is constructive. Keeping hope alive is imperative. May I recommend, in closing, Thrive and the excellent video by Kimberly Gamble for suggestions of ways to become active:

Take photos and send them to your legislators.

Put a sign on your car.       

Join Skyderalert or Global Skywatch or any of the online activities bringing mass attention to the program.

Pass out flyers.       

Point out the sky to others - you'll be shocked at how few people look up.    

Every country on earth now has a dedicated group of folk working to stop SRM.

Help them. Help yourself. Help all of us.

real cl

Once upon a time, a real sky. Looking NNW towards the ocean. This was the most difficult photo to find as we almost never have a 'real' sky and 'real' clouds on the Oregon coast any more. It was taken several years ago, before the day in - day out weather modification was hitting us so hard. Photo by Ann Fillmore


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† High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)


  1. Tammy R said..

    Excellent EXCELLENT article Ann!! The pictures are extraordinary and totally drive the message home.
    So Glad you shared this important information :D

  2. Robert Walton said..

    I second Tammy's comment and add! The Aluminum nano-particles especially effect those with off-gassing Amalgam (50% mercury fillings)as mercury and aluminum are synergistic. Aluminum makes mercury 100's of times more damaging when it reacts at the molecular level. One microgram of aluminum effects 7 trillion molecular reactions within the human body! In animal studies, just less than 20 micrograms of aluminum effect neural processes. There is NO safe level of mercury as it is the second most toxic molecule to the human body and brain! Goodby brain!

  3. Robert Walton said..

    It should also be noted that under the current CDC scheduale adding up the vaccine inserts!)There is 4,925 micrograms of aluminum injected into a child by 18 months. The blood brain barrier is not fully formed until age 2!

    Add in the Chemtrail's and we have what is called genocide of our children and elderly and us!

  4. Mark Devlin said..

    This is an excellent well illustrated article Ann, Maybe a continuance to mention the aero spraying of our crops we buy in the store including our manufactured and processed foods which we buy at our markets, which are in turn also fed to our meat processing industries abroad the platform unless it is provided in a free range style of foraging. Maybe another mention would include the formulation and spread of the H1N1 virus and mad cow disease which was studied and concluded that it was the GMO feed in the livestock industry that seemed to reflect the symptoms that were contained in these animals which were also immunized with antibiotics used to contain the spread. Another might be the mention of how GE seems to have put a gag order on the employees the work for Tempco on the effects on going through Fukushima, Three Mile Island and others when things go aerie. Hopefully we can wake up people that are seeking the truth to get answers and the medical field will establish protocols that will incorporate holistic medicine as well as pushing the pharmaceutical's that are seemingly doing us so much harm with the side effects of the inflammation of our organs. As you mentioned harrp as an electromagnetic array, not just the one in Alaska but also the Eighteen Stations that are in place world wide that work in conjunction with our satellites and cell towers to create electromagnetic frequencies that are interfering with the wild life at sea and also land based creating what seems mass confusion in there natural sonar in terms blinding them in their quest to survive what man has created in terms of military infrastructure. There are patents on these devises that date back to the 1930's, the proven and historical testing on the public can be found in a search engine if curiosity strikes those interested in why they may be feeling under the weather so to speak. We can only hope to gain peace and prosperity, to strive through the natural world instead of being forced to except early death with out borders.

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