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EMF Protective Devices

by Dr Mark Atkinson(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 72 - January 2002

Many readers of Positive Health will be aware of the overwhelming evidence suggesting that the fields and radiations emitted by electric and electronic products have biological consequences that are detrimental to our health. Extensive media coverage and significant consumer awareness have led to an unprecedented flurry of EMF (electromagnetic field) devices claiming to protect the exposed public from the ill effects of electromagnetic fields. It's a comforting thought but do they really work?

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Back to Basics

Electromagnetic radiation, put simply, is energy consisting of electric and magnetic fields generated from charged moving particles. Electric fields are produced when voltage is fed to a given electrical appliance, even if the appliance is switched off. The further you are away from the appliance the weaker the field will be. Magnetic fields are produced when current flows along the wire to the appliance.

Planet Electric

Mankind has bathed in the earth's natural electromagnetic radiation for millions of years. The principal component of this protective electromagnetic radiation is the Schumann resonance, which has been found to resonate with the human brain frequencies (more specifically the hippocampus) and is believed to be responsible for maintaining a harmonic equilibrium within the body. This protective radiation has now been documented to have decreased by over 50% in the last 1,000 years.

In addition to this significant decline in protective radiation, the artificial electrification of our planet through communications and broadcasting networks, power lines and all electrical appliances means that our daily exposure is more than 1,000,000 times higher than the level of background electromagnetic radiation within which mankind has evolved up to the beginning of the 20th century. The human body has been unable to adapt to these monumental shifts in our energetic environment, particularly when we consider the conflict that exists between our bodies' direct current (DC) electromagnetic field, vibrating at a frequency of between 4 and 16 hertz, with that of our environment's alternating current (AC) electromagnetic field, vibrating at a frequency of 50Hz.

Body Electric

Quantum physics confirms what traditional Eastern philosophy has known for thousands of years, namely that all living matter is energy - a subatomic vibrational vortex of spinning energy, which generates its own characteristic weak electromagnetic fields. To illustrate this, imagine a pendulum that has been displaced from its position of equilibrium. As it moves backwards and forwards it produces what is known as synchronous oscillations until the energy stored is entirely exhausted. By means of a motor, spring or electromagnet it is possible to keep the motion of the pendulum at a constant amplitude. If the power is removed, the oscillations die down and it is necessary to reapply the power source.

This oscillation of the pendulum reproduces what happens in each of the 60 trillion living cells within our body. The motor is provided by a combination of the earth's own electromagnetic fields and cosmic energy. In health, our cells emit an oscillatory/vibratory signal with a characteristic frequency of 7.96 cycles per second (range 4-16Hz). This allows the smooth and co-ordinated flow of information/energy (interchangeable terms) at the subatomic level. If this electromagnetic frequency is altered as a result of electromagnetic stress, a slowing down occurs in the body's subatomic energetic communication system. Cells are then forced to expend more energy in delivering the same electrochemical messages, resulting in an increase in cellular fatigue. These electromagnetic stressors are believed to cause a range of symptoms in the short to medium term, which include fatigue, headache, dizziness and short-term memory. Longer periods of exposure and miscommunication at the cellular level lead eventually to altered gene expression, resulting in more serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease and birth defects.

EMF Protection

There is clearly an urgent need to offer the general public some form of protection against adverse EM field and radiation effects. One of the problems we are faced with as members of the general public is deciphering the claims made by manufacturers of the numerous EMF protection devices that have emerged on the marketplace. In my experience these devices range from those that are clinically effective and supported by peer-reviewed publications to devices that should be relegated to the depths of the waste bin.

For simplicity, I have divided EMF devices into two groups. Group One consists of devices that attempt to reduce EMF exposure by physically shielding against the radiation. Group Two represents an exciting development in EMF protection. These devices recognize that shielding from electromagnetic fields and radiations is often impractical and that counteracting these damaging radiations by strengthening the body's own electromagnetic field can be one of the most effective means of protecting from EMFs.

Group One: Reduction of Exposure

1. Mobile Phone Protection Cases

Examples: Microshield, Aegis Guard, Radiation Guard, Phone Shield, Anti Rad

This group is characterized by leather carrying cases containing shielding material inside the lining either with or without a shielded PVC screen. In order for the device to be effective it must address the antenna, as this is where most of the radiation emanates from, simply having a raised shield in front of the antenna is not effective as the radiation just 'swerves' around the shield. Some products involve wrapping a piece of shielding material around the mobile's antenna. Unfortunately the end result is that little or no signal can be obtained.

An ideal protection case would have an adjustable antenna guard to cater for variations in signal strength and the ability to absorb microwaves and extremely low frequencies, as they are both implicated in causing biological effects. The amount of evidence supporting each product's claim varies widely. Microshield probably has the most.

2. Mobile Phone Stick-on Discs

Examples: Wave Buster, WaveSaver, Era Easy, Phone X

These take the form of stick-on discs that contain supposed radiation-absorbing material. They are intended to be placed on either the antenna or the mobile's earpiece. Independent tests have suggested that they do not reduce radiation absorption.

3. Mobile Phone Hands-free Kits

The theory is that these devices reduce exposure to the head. Although this may be true, use of these kits does not provide a means of avoiding exposure altogether as the user is encouraged to place the phone on his/her belt. The UK testing house MCL has clearly demonstrated that this excessively increases the level of exposure to a number of organs not usually subjected to EMFs. The UK government has now withdrawn its advice to use these kits to reduce exposure, and in a Department of Health safety leaflet currently being circulated to mobile users they now state that the safety of these devices is uncertain.

4. Computer Protection

Example: EMF Bioshield

Consists of two plastic 'mini-bulbs' filled with concentrated solutions of rare-earth salts, which "react in a counter-phase mode as passive resonators to eliminate the harmful effects of TV and computer EMF emissions". They claim to eliminate the harmful biological effects of residual radiation emitted by computer and TV sets' cathode ray tubes. There are a number of scientific papers showing that they might have a positive effect on people's health.

5. Refraction of EMFs

Example: BioElectric Shield

The BioElectric Shield is composed of a matrix of crystals set in a pendant. It claims to refract the electromagnetic fields away from the wearer using the principles of physics developed in 1914 by the Nobel Prize winning physicist Max von Laue. He showed that X-rays could be reflected and redirected with a zinc-sulphide crystal, in much the same way that mirrors are used to redirect visible light. I am not aware of any research showing that this product protects from the detrimental effects of EMFs.

6. Demand Switches

A number of leading scientists agree that we need to protect ourselves from EMFs particularly at night-time, as this is the time when our bodies repair and rejuvenate. The bed we sleep in is literally surrounded by a cage of electrical and electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic stress eventually suppresses the immune system via altered secretion of the pineal gland hormone melatonin. One solution is to install a demand switch, which shuts off electricity at the fuse box when there is no demand, i.e. when there is no circuit actively demanding electricity. This is ideal, especially for night-time when the last light is turned off, creating an electrical radiation-free environment. Telephone: 01642 872610.

Group Two: Self-defence

Type A: Correctional Signals

These products work not by reducing radiation exposure, but by emitting a correctional signal. The electrical fields of the body's cells resonate with this signal. The signal acts as a tuning fork and keeps the body's electrical fields at peak functioning.

  • QLink contains a sympathetic resonance technology (SRT) that acts as a reference note for the body to tune to so that any external or internal radiation that tends to move the body to a different frequency is counteracted. Two respected experts, Dr Norman Shealy and Professor William Tiller, conducted a double-blind study using 30 subjects to investigate the effects of an EMF stressor and the QLink on the power spectra resting EEG (brain waves). This study found that, "Prior to these tests using the QLink, there had been no known approach for EMF sensitive individuals that allowed them to resist the effects of EMF on brain functions. These tests show the QLink's potential for helping to regulate these effects." Telephone: 0207 7274992.
  • Techno AO is a 1.2-inch long oscillator that is attached with a self-adhesive strip to a mobile phone or computer. It contains an electromagnetically charged solution that emits oscillating alpha waves in an extremely low range of frequencies between 7.5 and 13.5 hertz at low intensity. The technology has been validated by a number of university laboratories and teaching hospitals.
  • Empulse. Originally used as a treatment for migraine, the Empulse pendant contains a small microprocessor, which is programmed to produce small low frequency magnetic field impulses. It needs to be programmed by an experienced practitioner who will determine which missing brain frequencies should be used. I've heard of some positive results from patients using Empulse.
  • Medicur. Developed by Dr Ludwig, a German biophysicist, the Medicur consists of a small box that emits low frequency magnetic impulses at 3, 7.8 and 21 Hz (pulses per second). It does have some valid scientific research behind it and has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Type B: Increased Biophoton Capacity of Water

Biophysics has conclusively demonstrated that our DNA is composed of light and regulates cellular growth by emitting information in the form of biophotons (light) or electromagnetic waves. The medium through which DNA achieves this is water. Independent research by Professor Jacques Benveniste, Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, Professor David Schweitzer and others has shown that water can store and transmit this biophoton/electromagnetic information and does so due to water's dipolar structure. Furthermore, if there is an increase in the level of biophoton activity in the cellular environment it has been shown to strengthen naturally the electromagnetic field of the cell and consequently the overall biophysical or auric field of the body.

  • Equilibra Personal Enhancer The Equilibra energy enhancer products have been shown by independent testing to increase the biophoton absorption capacity in water, through a process called resonance. Each energy enhancer product is made up of a number of different vibrations of energy that act synergistically to create an overall frequency of light that strengthens the body's electromagnetic fields. I have witnessed some very encouraging clinical results with their products. Telephone: 01642 872610.
  • Personal Harmoniser The Personal Harmoniser is a flat, twin-spiral copper device that contains highly energized imploded water. Tests carried out by Coghill Research Laboratories investigated the effects of mobile phone radiation on samples energized with the Personal Harmoniser. These tests showed that the viability and number of lymphocytes in energized samples were significantly higher than those in non-energized samples. This suggests that the Personal Harmoniser has a protective effect on the immune system. Telephone: 01752 345552.


EMF pollution is here to stay and it's only going to get worse. We should all take measures to minimize our exposure to EMFs, for example by limiting the use of electronic equipment, distancing ourselves from equipment (by at least one metre) and by using demand switches, but by far the most effective strategy is to strengthen our bodies' protective resonances through the use of clinically proven devices as outlined in this article.

Recommended Reading

Becker Robert O. Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine. Jeremy P Tarcher. 1990.
Brodeur Simon. Currents of Death: Power Lines, Computer Terminals and the Attempt to Cover Up the Threat to Your Health. Simon & Schuster. 1989.
Narby Jeremy. The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Phoenix Press. 1999.


  1. Lenna Nichols said..

    I agree with the summary; we cannot neglect so much EMF pollution around us. It's not that easy to organize our lives in a way to avoid as much as possible being exposed to EMF radiation. When one really starts doing so, it takes a lot of planning and dedication actually. But still, I think it's something we have to do. I have reorganized my apartment to keep technology as far as I could from places where I spend the most time. And I did a long and dedicated research on what kind of EMF protection device should I try, and decided to buy it here
    Did some measuring of EMF radiation and I can say I did not regret it, the meter really shows decrease in EMF's values.

  2. Frank Albrecht said..

    Excellent article, show the differences in approach of the various products on the market. During the past 12 years I did intensive research in this field and published 2 websites: and The second website especially approaches businesses - I believe it is vital to protect oneself not just at home but also in the office. Besides, businesses can benefit greatly when implementing EMF and Geo stress protection in their premises. There is hardly any other employee wellness measure that could reap such benefits.
    Besides I want to mention the device that I found the most beneficial in years of testing houses and people for EMF exposure: the Feng Shui Power Disc 99, which is mentioned in my new book "Life Processes - the Science of Health and Longevity" (

  3. Pit said..

    You can protect yourself from EMF only by removing the source or by shielding. The highest shielding I found was on, and the prices are very competitive!

  4. susan ireland said..

    trying to find a device that actually works to protect me from radiation from wifi mobile phones etc - I am super sensitive toall of it - I cant excape them - I havea mobile phone - wifi comes through the wall of next door into my house etc etc - any helpful ideas please

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