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Electromagnetic Stress in the Home

by Jacqueline Beacon (deceased)(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 16 - December 1996

Scientists and members of the public are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects on mental, emotional and physical health of electro-magnetic fields emanating from power lines, mobile phones, computers and sub-stations, to name but a few devices that use and channel electricity.

Jacqueline Beacon from Issue 16

Electro-magnetic fields are invisible to the naked eye. However, their presence in homes, offices and factories, in strong forms, is increasingly being shown to be harmful to our health. American and Scandinavian research shows how electro-magnetic stress can contribute to insomnia, lethargy, depression, allergies, headaches, learning problems, aches and pains in the joints and more serious illnesses such as cancer and ME. Books and articles documenting such effects –- by respected scientific researchers such as Robert Becker, and leading investigative journalists like Paul Brodeur – grow monthly in number. (See further reading list.) It is not the aim of this article to delve deep into the research; our aim is simply to put it into the context of the work that we do and the experience we have had in this area and to make you aware of the interaction of man made frequencies and earth energies and the effects of this interaction on health. We also provide some suggestions on dealing with these energies.

It is our contention that not enough emphasis has been placed on the interaction between man made frequencies such as radio, microwave and electro-magnetic and the earth's natural magnetic and electric fields and the effects of this interaction on health. For example, underground water linked by magnetic fields to man made frequencies often causes harmful lines or forms. The underground water systems and natural earth magnetic grid lines are often termed geopathic. These phenomena, when distorted by the earth's crust buckling under stress causing faults, can cause stressful atmospheres for people to live and work in. We call this environmental stress. This stress, in our experience, can lead to ill-health.

As professional kinesiologists and dowsers we see clients with a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical health problems. About four years ago we realised that the underlying and common contributive factor to many of the illnesses we were seeing, was environmental stress. To combat it we developed procedures of investigation (remote dowsing) and products of application (Energy Mixing Beacons) that have helped clients all over the world. Our approach is one of harmonising the conflicting energies involved. We use the Beacons to mix the energies into a more harmonious whole. The principles of this approach are not new to mankind but based on ancient energy balancing techniques. Unfortunately space does not permit us to go into them here.

When contacted by a client, we dowse remotely (from our centre) using the property's full address, to ascertain the environmental problem. We also send a questionnaire asking about the positioning of the property with regard to external factors such as pylons, electric sub-stations, transformers, railways, radio masts etc. For simple cases we can inform the client of the nature of the problem, advise as to where to place the Beacons, and send the products by carrier. More complex cases require an on-site visit. In responding to the growing interest in this field, we also provide workshops for the lay person and professional practitioner, on how to create an optimum living and working environment. Some participants are interested in or apply Feng Shui to their homes. As a result of the importance of taking the whole environmental imbalance into consideration, we find that in many cases our work is complementary to Feng Shui. In fact some of our clients have come to us via recommendations from Feng Shui practitioners.

Our harmonisation work for every property also involves "geopsychic cleansing". We deal with negative thought patterns that get locked into the distorted frequencies. It has been our experience that if this procedure is not carried out, the resonances of elements and emotions from previous atmospheric situations continue to remain.

There are simple measures that can be taken in the home to reduce the electro-magnetic fields. It is advisable to remove all plugs from their sockets when electric machines are not in use. Our measuring instruments show that this is far more effective in reducing electro-magnetic fields than just turning off the socket switch on the wall. The bedroom is the most important area to be free of electro-magnetic bombardments. At night the body repairs its cells. However, if the body is being bombarded by electro-magnetic fields this function can be impaired.

It is therefore important not to use any plug sockets immediately behind the bed during the night owing to electro-magnetic fields being emitted. Electric blankets when not unplugged at the wall still emit a high level of electro-magnetic radiation even when the switch is in the off position. This means that the body is constantly getting a dose of electro-magnetic radiation all night which can impair sleep, cause a feeling of lethargy the next morning and can eventually affect the immune system and hormones in the body. Electric alarm clocks can also cause a wide band of electro-magnetic stress in the head area. These clocks are best moved to about four feet away from the bed or replaced by a battery only alarm clock. Similarly the bedroom television also needs to be about 6 feet away from the bed. Electrical installations on the wall immediately behind or next to the bed are also relevant here. Where there is a computer, for example, in the next room close to the bedroom wall this may well cause electro-magnetic fields to radiate through the wall to the bed area. Computers can also link with televisions and electrical kitchen equipment to cause distorted fields.

Another area of concern is the position of the electric meter and fuse box. We have seen that where this is placed in a bedroom, especially if the roof space is well insulated, there is a very high degree of electro-magnetic and electro-static radiation. We would strongly advise people to either shield the meter and fuse box or move them outside. Meters and fuse boxes need to be enclosed and well earthed. Magnetic fields are a problem to shield without using specialised and relatively expensive materials.

Below we very briefly outline four cases we have dealt with this year.

Case 1

A surveyor contacted us a few months ago as he could not sleep well since moving to a new home four months previously. We had harmonised his elderly parents' home the year before and his parents had felt better since our work. He had what we term "a sand gault". This means sand is sandwiched between the clay beneath his house. The sand becomes water logged owing to underground streams that find their way through the sand and these areas often meander for miles under tube lines, railway lines, electric sub-stations etc. Shafts of sand also run horizontally from the sand sandwich towards the surface linking with magnetic fields causing an induced current in the water below and distortion to the magnetic fields.

The client needed only one Energy Mixing Beacon and we were able to harmonise his home remotely without making an on-site visit. The next day he phoned to say not only had he had the first good night's sleep in four months but that, unknown to us, our work had corrected his compass bearings that he had been puzzling about in his home for the last four months. In certain parts of the home the bearings were up to 40 degrees out. Once the Energy Mixing Beacon was in place the compass bearings were all accurate. The improvement in his home has continued ever since.

Case 2

A judge near Dusseldorf had great difficulty sleeping and had an extremely bad sinus problem that necessitated a serious operation; the success of which could not be guaranteed. Her home had serious geopathic, man-made microwave and electro-magnetic stress problems. We visited the property, determined the sources of the problems, geopsychically cleansed the home and placed our Energy Mixing Beacons. Two weeks later the client phoned us to say that her sinuses are much better and that she was not going to have the operation. Her health has continued to improve.

Case 3

We have found severe environmental distorted fields in every home we have dowsed where the client has cancer or ME. We made an on-site visit to a home in South London where the client had leukaemia. Our client told us that within a few hundred metres he knew of six people with various sorts of cancer. We looked for the source of the major environmental problems. There were five electro-sub-stations which keyed into the underground water flowing under his home. Some of the beams of frequency were arching owing to the house being built on the side of a hill, so that the sub-station up hill linked with the telephone and computer on the first floor which had more severe environmental stress than the ground floor. After our harmonisation work there was a noticeable difference in the energy of the house; and the clients remarked how the house felt and looked lighter.

Case 4

An ME case in Epping had very positive results. The daughter had ME. We found both geopathic and electro-magnetic stress. The daughter was actually making a relatively good recovery before our on-site visit. Our harmonisation work together with placing the Energy Mixing Beacons appeared to boost this recovery further. Her parents noted a marked increase in recovery since the time of our visit.

With many cases of chronic ME the client does not appear to improve in health straight away. However, the family often feels better more immediately. We often hear the family say that they could not sleep and put that down to emotional worries but that since the harmonisation of their home their sleep and energy have improved. We believe that in the case of clients with ME, our harmonisation work gives them a chance to recover as their body is no longer being bombarded from the environmental stress.

We have also found in our work that couples and families often seem to get on better after harmonisation work. In fact, we have had two couples thinking of separating and are now still happily together. Environmental stress can cause depression in people which can obviously lead to poor relationships. If the home is harmonised, and if the depression was triggered by the environmental stress in the home, the depression often lifts and the family operates as a unit once more.

We all need to use electricity. Despite its problems, giving up this technology is not the answer. It is not even a reasonable suggestion. At the moment there seems to be two options available to us.

The first is to alter the current technology to make it less harmful to our health. This option is being resisted on commercial grounds. It will cost too much we are told, the share price and shareholders will not stand it. Yes it will be expensive, but what the company executives and shareholders forget or ignore, is that their children and families are also affected by this technology. Ultimately massive class actions against power companies and manufacturers of electrical products emitting strong e.m.f.s will force action. It will become too expensive, in monetary and public relations terms, to ignore. Recent press reports show that the snowball is already on the move. Governments will then have to step in and organise a review of the current technology. Consumers will not accept in-house reviews or company sponsorship of so called "independent research". Only an open, wide ranging review will be acceptable.

The second option is to complement the use of current technology with the research, development and use of new products and technologies that eliminate or harmonise its injurious elements. On commercial grounds this option may be viable in the short and long term. In the short term there are new products and technologies to be produced and sold to an existing enormous world-wide market. The financial revenue projections for such a new market should get any venture capitalist excited. In the long term the inevitable costs could be offset by such revenue. This option will satisfy the money men and shareholders by making money, governments by creating new employment and new taxable income and, last but not least the consumers, by safeguarding their health. Everybody wins.

If the second option is so attractive why is it being resisted so strongly? To answer this you need to read The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (University of Chicago Press 1970) by Thomas Kuhn. This brilliant book explains the stages of scientific change and revolution, the change of paradigms. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift now, from Newtonian classical physics to Einsteinian quantum physics. However, this shift in reality perspective has not been uniformly achieved and not just because, according to Kuhn, some will go to their graves resisting a new paradigm.

Physicists have been there for some time, but those in the medical field have hardly started to take on board the implications of this new perspective for health. The medical model is still disease and substance orientated rather than health and energy orientated. Many of the new products and technologies are based on the quantum perspective, that everything including our bodies is energy. Until medicine catches up with physics, sees and understands the effects of the various radiations involved on the mental, emotional and physical elements of the human energy system, companies are not going to take notice, unless of course forced to in the way described above.

We know from our work and experience that the second option outlined above can and does work. We can live healthy lives alongside the wonders of electrical technology. Of course, change is not going to come overnight, much support for it is needed, but the means for it are there. Electrical technology is the reward for our mental, emotional and physical efforts. Health however, is our birthright. It is time to reclaim it.


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