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AIR: All Encompassing – and Apocalyptic?

by Marion Eaton(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 257 - September 2019


Sunset by Marion Eaton

Image by Marion Eaton 

As I dozed in a chair drawn up close to my husband’s bed in the hospice, something changed. In an instant I was awake, but I had no idea what had woken me. Then I realized that his breathing had  altered. From a stertorous half-snore, he was breathing lightly, quietly, without effort.

His face had softened too, looking more peaceful, but he was burning up. I began to disentangle my hand from his, and felt his close briefly on mine. He still seemed fast asleep, sleeping peacefully now, as I moved to turn on the fan to cool him. I returned to my watchful position beside him and soon became aware that his skin was cooling rapidly. I turned off the fan and went back to his bedside, holding his hand, stroking his hair, whispering sweet nothings. A few minutes later, his breathing became so light it was almost non-existent.

Then it stopped. Quietly, silently. I simply waited, holding my own breath. He took another soft short breath. I waited a little longer, watching him, sure there would be one more. There was – a gentle sigh. And I knew he was dead. I kissed him, his skin already cool to the touch. Tears streaming down my face, I anointed him with a drop of frankincense.

Then I took a few deep breaths … and called the nurse.

My husband died four weeks ago. Air was all around him: perfumed with the scent of roses, carrying my words to him, moved by the fan to cool him, keeping his body alive until that last breath.

Of course, the breath is indivisibly connected with the Air around us. We know that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, but we often forget that the atmosphere of this planet is made up of numerous other gases, all of which we breathe in, and breathe out. The exhaled breath is warmer and more humid. The components of that lungful of air have changed slightly since the inhalation: the molecules that make up your out-breath dance around you; some may be part of the next breath, but nearly all ‘join the anonymous masses of the atmosphere and begin to spread around the globe’. The molecules of my out-breath intermingle with the molecules breathed out by every other person and living thing on Earth, so in my next breath I may breathe in some that formed the last (or first) breath taken by my husband, or even a historical figure such as Jesus, or Julius Caesar.

Ours is the only world in our solar system with liquid water on the surface, which gives it its blue-green colouring from space. According to Sam Keen in his book Caesar’s Last Breath, the current atmosphere is the third that has surrounded the Earth and we have volcanos to thank for it. All living things on this planet respire or absorb oxygen, including plants, animals and even fungi. Air is an essential part of the planet, the gaseous substance that surrounds us all our lives. Without air it would be impossible to exist.

Because we live our lives immersed in the stuff, we seldom think about it. We take our breath for granted. One of the biggest, existential fears is to stop breathing, or have something inimical in the air. This is why chemical gases are so reviled and feared as part of warfare, why the fate of the Jews in the Nazi gas chambers fills us with particular revulsion. It’s why water-boarding is such an effective technique for gaining information.

Image by JuergenPM from Pixabay

Image by JuergenPM from Pixabay

Air pollution has become a big story, with the incidence of lung disease and asthma becoming widespread. At last the toxicity of diesel fuel has been accepted – fact that has always been obvious to anyone following a diesel motored car. The particulates given off from that fuel are large enough to be seen with the naked eye, but we were still able to be convinced (by the powers that be) that it was a cleaner source of power than petrol.

In the past, we only had natural forces to consider in the quality of air. This has changed considerably with the advance of manufacturing. Now man-made gases and disregard for the environment have resulted in climate change – a fact now agreed from the United Nations to the man in the street. Extinction rebellion, a UK group made up of people from all walks of life and all  ages, but particularly schoolchildren, brought London almost completely to a stop in May 2019. It was campaigning, and continues to campaign, for urgent action to stop the existential threat to the whole planet, the whole of humanity, the whole of life.

This threat needs urgent action. According to the website of the World Health Organisation:

The evidence is overwhelming: climate change endangers human health. Solutions exist and we need to act decisively to change this trajectory."
      Dr Margaret Chan WHO Director-General

Exposure to air pollution causes 7 million deaths worldwide every year and costs an estimated US$5.11 trillion in welfare losses globally. In the 15 countries that emit the most greenhouse gas emissions, the health impacts of air pollution are estimated to cost more than 4% of their GDP. Actions to meet the Paris goals (Paris Agreement signed in 2016) would cost around 1% of global GDP. Sadly the United States has already withdrawn from this Agreement.

The evidence is clear that climate change is already having a serious impact on human lives and health. It threatens the basic elements we all need for good health – clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food supply and safe shelter – and will undermine decades of progress in global health. We can’t afford to delay action any further.”
      Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO.

However, climate change and pollution are just two of the effects of humans interfering with the Earth’s atmosphere. Another existential threat looms very close.

Air is connected with the idea of communication, which is not surprising since Air is a gas that carries sound. We know that sound passes through air to reach our eardrums and sometimes we confuse it with wind, which it is not; it is the energy of sound, passed from molecule to molecule, that we hear. Whether birdsong or the noise of heavy traffic, or even a subliminal sound, they all travel from molecule to molecule of air.

Again, according to Sam Keen,

when Krakatoa blew its stack in1883, the noise of the explosion destroyed the eardrums of several sailors well over a hundred miles from the blast, and the pressure waves created by the eruption continued to circle the Earth for five days. The noise wasn’t audible any longer, of course, but cities as distant as Toronto and London kept recording fluctuations in their barometers every thirty-four hours (thirty-four hours being the time it takes for sound to circle the globe).

Now, however, there is not only sound, but a previously unimagined proliferation of signals sent through the air, signals that our bodies and senses are not conditioned to cope with.

Who doesn’t carry a mobile phone in his/her pocket? And who reads and complies with the small print that comes with each device saying it should not be closer to the body than a minimum of one inch? Who presses a mobile phone to their ear the better to hear in a crowded or noisy place? Who uses a mobile phone as an alarm, or keeps it by the bed, turned on for emergencies?

Many studies have been done showing the danger of these microwaves, but little action has been taken.

Add to this the effect of widespread WiFi – where even in the country, one’s mobile phone shows a range of routers to which connection is possible – of devices such as Siri, Alexa, Hive products, wearable technology and now the ubiquitous smart meter, and the very air around us is already contaminated beyond most people’s imagination.[1]

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Worse than this is the race to 5G, which is being rolled out worldwide with practically no consultation. It is sold to us as a wonderful medium ‘the internet of things’, that will make all things digital work, better, faster, cleaner. [2]

However, a number of scientists, including Dr Debra Davis, Founding Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U S National Research Council, are now coming forward with warnings that this technology had not been tested and is likely to have very harmful effects on all living things. And as one commentator has said: ‘Make no mistake. 5G is a weapon.’[3]

We already know many of the risks with 4G which is non-ionising radiation with a long footprint currently broadcast at less than 2.5 megahertz.[4]

But 5G will be up to 15,000 times stronger than 4G and constantly pulsing.  What little research has been done shows that it will have a dangerous effect of animals, birds, insects and microbes, not to mention humans. There will be 120,000 satellites beaming it down (and sadly those satellites will be in the range of weather forecasting, meaning that our ability to forecast the weather, hurricanes included, will be sadly diminished). The human being, whose electro-magnetic sheath is an antenna, will be subjected to this continuously. The results will be devastating, as can be seen from the fact that soldiers who have not seen combat are reporting with record levels of PTSD. Why? The reason has been traced to the 5G battlefield technology they are using.

5G is short wave, and therefore cannot travel long distances, unlike 4G which gradually dissipates the further you go from the source. Small boxes will appear outside your window, in street lamps, self-driving cars or in the corner of your office building. There will be no escape.

Trees and solid objects get in the way of 5G, and trees with leaves, especially with rain, will block it. For this reason, already in the UK 100,000 mature trees have been cut down. Do you remember the outcry against this in Sheffield? Now the reason is clear. British Rail has plans to cut down eight and a half million trees that would interfere with networking in 5G.

Image by Marion Eaton

Image by Marion Eaton

Without trees, which clean the air around us and with which we live symbiotically in Nature, the atmosphere will become more polluted, less oxygenated. Thus in a vicious circle, climate change becomes inevitable. And more of us will have trouble breathing.

It is time to wake up.[5] In our race towards progress very little has been done to research the effect of the constant bombardment of microwaves that carry digital signals. In particular, research on the effects of living within the ambit of 5G is sparse, and seldom reflects the realities, since it is often financed by those with a financial interest in the outcome.

Those realities, according to PHIRE (Physicians’ Health Initiative Initiative for Radiation and the Environment[6] are:

  1. Radio-Frequency Radiation (RF) can cause serious biological effects: cancer, nervous system disruption, reproductive impairment and many more serious biological effects have been demonstrated from RF in peer-reviewed publications, below present safety levels;
  2. Children are more vulnerable, as are the elderly, pregnant, infirm and hypersensitive;
  3. Animals and plants can also be affected by RF induced biological damage;
  4. No informed consent to irradiation with RF has been generally given by the public;
  5. No Safety Limits are being used to protect against nonthermal effects in the UK;
  6. You can download a factsheet from here

We must not take the air around us for granted. We need to fight to keep it as clean as possible, free from all the money-driven desires of humans for faster and faster toys.

We need to take a deep breath, and then to speak out against what is happening on all these different levels. If we don’t, many of us, like our planet, will soon be dying, poisoned by the unseen  toxicity in the air around us.


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Retired from legal practice, and fascinated by the sea of energy in which we live and the many ways that we are affected by Nature and our environment, she teaches all levels of Reiki as well as workshops in other forms of energy healing. She has written two books about subtle energy: Refreshing Reiki – Usui Reiki 1: the light within - Available from Amazon Kindle and Lulu and Spinning into Form which includes meditations that are also available on CD and as mp3 downloads, Marion believes that we each have a unique path to wholeness, balance and harmony, but that ultimately our own healing is interlinked with that of our planet. Her websites are

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