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The EMF Balancing Technique

by Pamela Ann Sinclair(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 90 - July 2003

The EMF Balancing Technique® is a new energy work system from the USA that really is DIFFERENT! EMF is an abbreviation for Electromagnetic Field, the energy field that surrounds all living and non-living matter.

Human beings are electromagnetic in nature – an electromagnetic field encircles and permeates the human body. It can be seen under certain conditions and even photographed. It can be felt and it can be measured. This is known as our 'energy anatomy'.

Ken Grimm demonstrating EMF moves

Ken Grimm demonstrating EMF moves

Within our energy anatomy there are many systems. Many of us are already familiar with some of these, the meridians and the energy centres (chakras), for example. There are also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These are separate systems, but they are all interconnected and work together. So affecting one will have a knock-on effect on all the other systems. This is similar to the physical anatomy, which also has many interconnected systems, for example skeletal, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine and circulatory.

The Universal Calibration Lattice™ (UCL) is a newly-documented system within our energy anatomy. It consists of subtle energy fibres and contains patterns of light unique to each individual. The presence of the UCL within our energy anatomy represents a significant evolution for humanity, and is the result of the many years of work done by energy balancing light workers all over the world.

The EMF Balancing Technique is the first system of energy work designed to directly activate, balance and strengthen the Universal Calibration Lattice. It consists of simple, systematic procedures that anyone can learn.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the EMF Balancing Technique

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a pioneer in working with the new energy dynamics. She has spent the last 14 years documenting the UCL and developing the EMF Balancing Technique.

The technique utilizes the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field, and is described in her book, Elegant Empowerment – An Evolution of Consciousness, co-authored with Canadian Physicist David Lapierre.

Peggy practised this exciting new system for a number of years before introducing a practitioner training course in 1998. She now travels worldwide with her husband Steven Dubro teaching it to mixed groups of enthusiastic people. It is a new energy system designed to accelerate and enhance the integration of spirit and biology for personal and emotional growth. Many who attend the practitioner training courses are already practising other forms of energy work or practise other complementary modalities and want to add a new powerfully effective 21st century energy modality to their practice. The training courses also attract many others who want to have a profound new tool for increasing and accelerating their own self-development.

The Universal Calibration Lattice and the Cosmic Lattice

The Universal Calibration Lattice extends from the central core of the human body to a distance of about two feet out and around the body and is a network of interconnecting energy strands formed of golden fibres of light. It is this system which is our personal gateway to the energy of the cosmic lattice.

The cosmic lattice is the energy of the universe, which is sometimes now referred to simply as 'The Field'. It is everywhere; it is found throughout the universe, in all dimensions and is the common denominator of the unified energy source. It passes through all matter and is available at all times. The cosmic lattice holds unlimited energy and power. It responds to human consciousness and intent through a series of magnetic resonant frequencies.

As an energy being, our life quality is connected to how balanced our UCL is, and our capability to harness and integrate universal energy. Whenever there is disharmony in our personal lives, the UCL is affected, restricting and causing disharmony in the flow of life energy.

The UCL functions like a transformer, stepping down universal energy into a comfortable voltage for us to hold. It transfers energy from one circuit to another within our fields. This is why EMF Balancing Technique practitioners refer to the technique as "rewiring for the new energy".

In this way we can begin to receive and use more of the creative energy of the universe to co-create what we desire in our lives more effectively. With the UCL in place, activated and balanced, we can also begin to comfortably hold more and more of the higher vibrational frequencies that are now available to us.

I was introduced to the technique in 1999. After many years working with and acquiring, through study, research and scientific understanding, the practical knowledge of the effects and benefits of hands on (and more often, as is the practice with energy work, hands off) application, my own ability with energy balancing increased. I had been searching for a suitable and appropriate energy modality that incorporated the recent scientific understanding of energy work. Also, one that would allow me to simultaneously continue working with the Universal Energy method I already practised and had been teaching for a number of years, and would also enable me to broaden my field of energy therapies and techniques. I tried and experienced various other forms of energy work. They were all excellent and therapeutic, but as soon as I heard about the EMF Balancing Technique I knew this was the new system for me. It is a gentle, nurturing, deeply relaxing and powerful form of energy work that is as beneficial to give as to receive and – for me very importantly – it is compatible with all other forms of alternative and complementary vibrational energy work.

I booked and received all the sessions as soon as I could. This was partly because I wanted to receive the sessions and also because I reasoned it would help me to understand and explain the progression and effect of the work on clients coming for the first time. I was aware, however, that everyone is an individual and will experience the sessions in their own personal way.

Although for me the work was subtle and gentle, the sessions had a profound and self-empowering effect. This was more noticeable after the fourth session. I noticed a progressive improvement on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, which became more and more noticeable weeks and even months after the sessions had been completed. In my case, this has had a permanently emotionally stabilizing effect. One of the manifestations of this is a genuine sense of control over my life and an ability to calmly deal with situations that would have previously been upsetting or daunting.

An EMF Balancing Technique Session

The EMF Balancing Technique is a gentle, non-invasive, mostly hands-off the body form of energy work, given with the client lying fully-clothed on a therapy table or sitting in a chair.

There are many reasons for attending a session, either for an immediate need to relax and relieve stress or for a deeper need to heal. The energy of the technique is self-regulating and self-directing, according to the client's inner wisdom. This means that the outcome of each session is uniquely determined by the client's specific needs at that time. In this technique the practitioner is a facilitator, following a set pattern for each phase. There are no personal energy exchanges as the practitioner uses universal energy, not their own personal energy. The sessions can last from one to two hours, depending on the client and the session.

Phase one starts with a practitioner client connection phase. After introductions, and with client and practitioner comfortably settled, both client and practitioner fill in record sheets. Relevant questions are asked – name, address, how the client heard about the technique and any mental or physical conditions or allergies the client might have and feels the practitioner should know about. The practitioner then explains what to expect during the session, as certain words would be spoken and verbal responses expected from the client. Other than that, choosing which colour silk they will be draped in is all the client needs to do. During the session, the client often goes into a deeply relaxed state quickly, similar to meditation, just hearing the practitioner's voice in the distance. It isn't necessary to remember or even hear what is being said – the benefits are the same. The energy of the spoken words amplifies and magnifies the effect of the intents. This also allows the client to be actively involved in the calibration process. This is also empowering as, by being there and agreeing to receive the technique, they are already contributing to their present and future well-being. The session begins with the practitioner standing in the beginning stance, at the end of the table, facing the client's feet. All EMF technique would begin the same way – standing at the bottom of therapy table. The practitioner then performs a series of slow, graceful, complex Tai Chi like movements, tracing a different set pattern for each phase, moving around the therapy table while doing so, very gently, occasionally making hand contact, all the time keeping the client informed. Depending on the client's energetic needs, certain moves are repeated more often. This could be either because the trauma being cleared was a long established, deep rooted one and had become part of normal behaviour, or possibly because this is the client's first encounter with energy work. From my personal experience, all clients and anyone who hasn't previously experienced energy technique need attention for balancing mind (intellect) and heart (emotions).

After the session is completed the client is encouraged to drink some pure spring water or an organic herbal tea. All therapy work seems to increase our need for detoxifying water.

At my technique sessions I also offer flower and crystal essences of a particularly high vibrational frequency. I add these to the spring water after the sessions. This is not a required part of the EMF Balancing Technique sessions and some clients choose not to have the essences. From my experience, it helps the client if they have their chosen bottle of essence to add to their own water when practising the self empowering exercises and intents at home after the sessions.

The Universal Calibration Lattice

The Universal Calibration Lattice

When First Attending a Session

The Four Phases

There are currently four types of session (phases) available, with four more having been developed and becoming available at the end of this year. Each session lasts from an hour to an hour and half, depending on which phase.

Each phase has an overall intent that focuses on a different part of the UCL, and prepares you for the next phase. Once you have received all of the phases you can repeat any one of them at any time, as you feel the need. Repeating a phase increases and accelerates the personal well-being and growth process even more.

Phase 1 To balance the head and the heart. This creates an energetic balance between intellectual thought processes and emotional responses. This results in stress reduction and a sense of freedom, balance and well-being. From my experience with giving the technique, many people who just want to be able to relax and be able to sleep well find this phase effective. As it has an immediate effect of being deeply relaxing and de-stressing, this has a regenerating effect. Some clients remark on leaving the therapy room how re-energized they were feeling.

Phase 2 Gently releases cellular memories without the need to relive the original event – i.e. to release negative or emotional traumatic past experience without the need to talk about them. This discharges the energy of your history that may be holding you back, which gives a new sense of direction and confidence in life.

This is the phase that, also from my personal experience with clients, is the most effective session to deal with recent or past bereavement. People often unintentionally hold back from expressing themselves fully or don't allow themselves time to really grieve. This also applies after a divorce or a break up after a long relationship or even after a career change. Often these life changing events can have an equally devastating effect as losing a loved one, and generally not enough support or understanding is received. This session can also be of great benefit if recovering from any form of physical or mental abuse no matter how far back it goes. I emphasize here the non-verbal effectiveness of this technique as often, after childhood abuse, adults would rather not or can't talk about it. This is not to say the client shouldn't talk – they may feel the need to talk suddenly, after a session, as often consciously forgotten feelings and memories can emerge.

Phase 3 Awakens your spiritual intelligence and aligns your core energy. This encourages new understanding, increased self-worth and a sense of centredness and peace.

Many clients who are not usually sensitive to or don't usually feel energy within and around themselves know they are benefiting from the treatment they are receiving. This is the phase when they can actually feel the energy flowing, which brings about the most noticeable positive changes.

For myself this is one of the most gratifying aspects of giving the EMF technique – to see the surprises, delight and pleasure with which clients receive this receptive awareness. I hear clients remarking that they understood and were aware of the powerful effects of energy balancing therapies, but this was the first time they really understood and felt the connectedness of being part of the unified oneness with a deep inner knowing. One client remarked that they didn't think they would ever feel lonely again.

Sometimes as a lot of positive changes are going on on a spiritual, emotional and physical level I recommend that clients get plenty of rest and sleep after this session.

Phase 4 Moves you into your potential and helps you transcend any previous limitations. This empowers and energizes you to move forward in life. The first three phases of the technique prepare you for this session. Often the effects are immediate after this session and clients already appear more at peace with themselves and relaxed about who they are. They have a new sense of confidence and self worth and are now ready to bring about changes in their personal lives, make the most of their capabilities and develop their latent talents.

The effects of the technique are as individual as the results for each client.

The intent of all energy balancing work is to do exactly what it states – to bring the recipient to a balanced, harmonious state of equilibrium. Also, as each client comes with a specific need, that is where they will first feel the benefit. Other benefits or spontaneous effects can also be noticed. From my personal experience and working with clients, the benefits are two-fold. Firstly, the more obvious expected or superficial effect, then the deeper long lasting benefits begin to work. They influence, from then on in, all future activity, personal life, career, either to improve the present life situation or start a new life direction, to provide a deep core belief in yourself and to activate those latent talents you know you have.

Again from experience, clients with specific needs are drawn to a certain practitioner, possibly because the practitioner has an understanding or at some time went through a similar experience. For instance, I seem to attune to unspecified forgotten causes of sadness or an underlying grief and empathize with this.

It's also ideal for actors and performers or people who have to give talks or lectures or attend interviews and sometimes suffer from stage fright. It brings about a permanent deep seated sense of calm and ease to deal with these situations.

An EMF colleague who is happy treating children has had success with treating hyperactive children.

Again I stress the EMF Balancing Technique is not really for any one condition. It has a calming, balancing effect on expectant mothers and babies and is ideally suited to first time mothers-to-be as it gives such a sense of well-being and calm. The full sessions can be given while seated if preferred. This is better if you are pregnant or can't lie on your back or if you are in a wheelchair. Usually the four sessions may be enough to bring about positive changes, but it depends on the client.

After each session, the client receives an after session energy developing/meditation exercise to practise for each phase. After the full sessions are complete, a continuing self development guide is given. I always encourage clients to keep in touch and tell me of their progress. I'm always pleased to hear how the technique is benefiting them.


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About Pamela Ann Sinclair

Pamela Ann Sinclair is an Advanced practitioner of The EMF Balancing Technique, a Human & Universal Energy practitioner and gives creative meditation workshops and Indian Head and Face Massage. She has practices at home in Bishop's Stortford and at therapy centres in Hertford, Ware and Hitchin, as well as other venues in Hertfordshire and Essex. She can be contacted on Tel: 01279 324 230; Mobile: 07720 435 475;


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