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Magnetic Therapy Case Studies

by Marianne Tregoning(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 27 - April 1998

The application of magnetic fields as an aid to maintaining health and assisting the natural healing process (Magnotherapy) is not new. The therapeutic use of natural magnets goes back centuries, to Ancient Greece and Egypt.

Much research and double blind tests indicate that a specific magnetic field can have a positive effect on a number of disorders and complaints associated with blood circulation. The opinion of medical science is split. Purists argue that the evidence is not conclusive, whilst physiotherapists in most hospitals actively promote and use magnetic fields not only to help reduce pain but also to accelerate healing of muscular and osteo complaints. What can be confirmed is that many thousands of people have benefited from Magnotherapy and enjoy better life as a result. It particularly seems to help people with arthritis and migraine, but people with complaints as diverse as ME and MS have reported improvements, and one lady I know claims that it reduces her epilepsy by approximately 60%.

A natural, inexpensive pain reliever, with no contra-indications (except for those who have a pacemaker fitted), non-invasive, highly effective, ancient but scientifically sound treatment for a variety of ailments as diverse as rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, blood pressure, poor circulation, asthma and ME.

Sounds too good to be true!

Most of my information is anecdotal, coming from satisfied customers; as I am a distributor for Bioflow magnetic therapy products, not a therapist. I can, however, tell you my own story and that of clients close enough to me for me to have seen the results first hand. People in this country and in the USA are careful to label magnetic healing as ‘coincidental’ or anecdotal as they feel bound to encounter skepticism.

However, in Japan, Israel, Russia and 45 other countries, where therapeutic magnets are licensed medical devices used with documented high success rates for back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and many other inflammatory, orthopaedic and neurological problems.

It would seem these countries know something we don’t, and maybe in years to come magnetic therapy will be licensed medical devices in the UK too. But how do they work? We all know that our bodies require continual maintenance, and that one of the essentials to this maintenance is oxygen and the removal of waste products from our cells. It is believed that the positive effect of magnotherapy is attributable to the bloods ability, after passing through a specific magnetic field, to absorb and carry greater amounts of oxygen and nutrients as well as waste products. Healing can thus be accelerated and pain reduced by an improved circulation and supply of the blood’s requirements.

Wilhelm Reich said “All of us are merely a specially organised electric machine which is co-related with the energy of the cosmos”. Scientists have established that this invisible energy (magnetism) passes through all material matter affecting every living system on the planet. It is possible that many of our common
ailments are due to Magnetic Field Deficiency, brought about by a loss of exposure to the Earth’s own energy field. In todays modern living, the Earth’s own energy field is often blocked from us by metal vehicles and buildings, power lines, radio waves, computers, TVs etc. In fact electricity permeates our lives so completely now that is hard to realise that it is only a hundred years ago that Tesla perfected the concept of alternating current. Also, it was only last century that Faraday discovered that magnetism and electricity are inextricably linked.

There could be a third force, unrecognised by science, related to magnetism and electricity which causes the healing effect. This third force could be our own ‘lifeforce’ or Chi as the Chinese call it – or Prana – call it what you will. The use of the magnet close to the body must have electrical effects because the blood flowing past it contains electrically charged material. It is therefore possible that the magnet may either generate, control or stimulate the basic energy of life which is Chi. It is this manipulation of the basic lifeforce which has the beneficial healing effect. In other words magnetic therapy supports and promotes the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Now for a few anecdotes

I  had severe tennis elbow and a frozen shoulder, caused by my work with horses. I had this condition acutely for 8 months back in June 1997. It was sufficiently bad for me to not be able to sleep on my right side, nor could I hold my right arm up in the horizontal position. I could not lift or pull anything without suffering severe discomfort. My Doctor gave me a course of tablets, saying if these did not help she would have to give me an injection into the elbow joint. Needless to say the injection was necessary. We planned the injection for a Friday, so that I could completely rest the arm over the weekend. The injection straight into the joint was extremely painful. It improved the condition of my shoulder by 60% and that in the elbow by 40%. However, this improvement only lasted for 3 weeks, after which time the effects seemed to wear off. Within 6 weeks the percentage improvement had gone down to between 10% to 15%.

A friend of mine had tried the magnetic wristband for her arthritis and was overjoyed with the result. She had been unable to climb over a stile outside her house without lifting her leg over with her hands. Within four days of wearing the magnetic wristband she could walk over the stile unaided. She persuaded me to try a wristband for my condition. Within four days of wearing the band on the pulse of my wrist, I noticed a decided improvement – the pain in my shoulder had completely gone and my elbow was 60% better. Another two weeks and I was able to sleep on my right side for the first time in nine months, and the elbow had gone up to being 85% better and the shoulder still 100% better. 7 months later the improvement is still maintained. I was sufficiently impressed that I became an independent distributor for Bioflow (Ecoflow Ltd) in August 1997. It is not like a job, it is extremely satisfying, talking to people who have been relieved of their pain and have rediscovered quality of life.


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