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Gem Lamp Therapy for Health

by Angela Blaen, BA, Ph.D(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 61 - February 2001

Biological activity is directly related to temperature. Localized infections, injuries, burns, inflammations or sprains exhibit a higher temperature than corresponding unaffected parts of the body. This is obvious when we consider that the application of cold compresses can significantly reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and speed up the healing process. With a severe systemic infection, the biological activity and temperature can increase to levels at which the patient enters a coma and cold compresses on the head are used to preserve the patient's life. Many diseases and infections such as candida, influenza, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, oedema, ME, MS, diabetes, thrombosis, depression, senile dementia, cancers, hepatitis etc. involve malfunctions and imbalances of the patient's organs and glands. These can be measured and recorded with sensitive electronic sensors, which can discriminate biological energy imbalances down to one hundredth of a degree Centigrade (Figure 3). These have been devised by Dr Jon Whale of Whale Medical for use in conjunction with gem lamp therapy.

Readers of Positive Health will recall a set of four articles in 1996 and 1997 on the human assemblage point by Dr Jon Whale.[1-4] These articles explained that the human energy body has an epicentre whose position in the centre of the chest controls our psychological and physical well-being. The existence of the assemblage point has now been proved, and on 19 August 2000 I became the first person in the world to have the location of mine independently scientifically proved and measured[5] (see Figure 1). For it to be off-centre in any direction causes specific disease according to the location (see Figure 2). Dr Whale's new book, The Catalyst of Power: the Assemblage Point of Man,[6] contains his discoveries resulting from twenty years of clinical research into the locations and techniques for shifting the assemblage point. It also gives many case studies and demonstrates the effectiveness of electronic gem lamp therapy in both shifting the assemblage point and curing a wide spectrum of diseases without lengthy treatment (see Figures 4 and 5).

Figure1: Schematic diagram of apparatus used to confirm the Assemblage Point Location

Figure1: Schematic diagram of apparatus used to confirm the Assemblage Point Location


Figure 2: The 'Off Centre' map of symptoms relating to different Assemblage Point locations

Figure 2: The 'Off Centre' map of symptoms relating to different Assemblage Point locations

Figure 3: Differential Biological Energy Sensors are used to measure and compare the energy output of tissue, organs and glands

Figure 3: Differential Biological Energy Sensors are used to measure and compare the energy output of tissue, organs and glands

Figure 4: Diamond and carnelian treatment for asthma

Figure 4: Diamond and carnelian treatment for asthma

Figure 5: Caduceus Lux III – Automatic Electronic Gem Lamp Instrumentation

Figure 5: Caduceus Lux III – Automatic Electronic Gem Lamp Instrumentation

The use of gemstones in healing is not new. For over 5,000 years, various precious stones have been valued not only for their beauty or rarity but also for their medicinal properties.[7] Throughout Asia, medicines are, to this day, produced from finely powdered gemstones, which are prepared as pills or balms. The powders are microscopic crystals and, unlike all chemical medications, they do not dissolve in water and are not absorbed by the body but pass through and are eliminated by the digestive tract. Powdered gem medicines are extremely powerful and effective and they influence biological energy at the atomic level by dielectric resonance (inductance and capacitance) with the valence electrons of atoms that make up living cells. The blood circulating around the stomach and intestines is energised with the specific frequencies dictated by the colour of the gem powder. The blood then transports the energy to other parts of the body.

Gem medicines are perhaps the first truly non-chemical energy medicine to be invented by man. For instance, in traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine, diamond pills are the strongest, most stimulating and expensive medication and are said to be able to save the life of a dying person. Diamond is made of carbon and when it resonates it induces energy into the carbon atoms of living cells that are in close proximity. This is the reason why it is the most effective and valuable of all of medicinal gems. To receive the benefits of dielectric energy it is not necessary to ingest gem powders, which can be dangerous unless taken under very careful medical supervision. Wearing large gemstones close to the skin will have a safer and more subtle effect, but will be much more expensive and take far longer to work than gem lamp therapy. Caduceus Lux electronic gem therapy lamps (see Figures 4 and 5) pulse energy at various frequency rates through high quality gems, such as diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, thereby stimulating and greatly amplifying the inherent vibrational healing power of the stones. It must be emphasized that this is not mere colour or light therapy but a system many times more effective than either and the lamps are actually electronic gem transducers.

Infections, burns, contusions, sprains, pain, all new injuries, inflammation etc. all measure excessive levels of biological energy and require cooling, calming gem lamp therapy. In contrast, problems such as old injuries, old healed bone fractures, leg ulcers, blindness, thrombosis, oedema, asthma, allergies, circulation problems, strokes, paralysis, numbness etc. all measure low levels of biological energy and these diseases require stimulating and invigorating energy. Targeting the parts of the body with non-systemic electronic gem lamps can easily adjust these differences in energy levels and this is the reason for the success of the techniques. Measuring the patient's various energy levels before and after treatment and on successive visits provides the scientific proof of the effectiveness of the therapies. The gems typically used in the Caduceus Lux lamps are as follows:[6],[8]

Gem Colour and Frequency Healing Energy Properties
Ruby Red 625nm Hot, heating, drying, energizing, expanding
Carnelian Orange 610nm Cooling, moist, harmonizing, anti-allergic
Citrine Yellow 590nm Warm, enlivening, cleansing
Emerald Green 565nm Cold, unifying and solidifying, analgesic
Topaz Blue 470nm Cool, soft, satisfying, antiseptic
Diamond Indigo 485nm Stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, antiseptic, anti-depressant
Sapphire Violet 400nm Cool, tranquillizing, soothing, analgesic, sedative

Having seen which properties each gem possesses, it is easier to understand why the symptoms which a patient experiences, when suffering from the following common conditions, can be counteracted by particular gems:

Condition Gem(s)
Anxiety Sapphire
Alzheimer's disease Diamond + Carnelian
Asthma Diamond + Carnelian
Bronchitis Diamond + Carnelian
Blindness Diamond + Carnelian
Burns Emerald + Sapphire
Candida Diamond + Carnelian
Cystitis Emerald + Sapphire
Eczema Emerald + Sapphire
Influenza Emerald + Sapphire
Injuries Emerald + Sapphire
IBS Emerald + Sapphire
ME Diamond + Carnelian
Neuritis Sapphire
Oedema Diamond + Carnelian
Pain Emerald + Sapphire
Panic Sapphire
Paralysis Diamond + Carnelian
PMT Sapphire
Psoriasis Sapphire
Prolapsed disc Emerald + Sapphire
Repetitive strain injury Emerald + Sapphire
Senile Dementia Diamond + Carnelian
Sciatica Emerald + Sapphire
Stress Sapphire
Stroke Diamond + Carnelian

Only one or two treatments often cure even a persistent or chronic condition. Usually a much smaller number of visits is required than is needed for, say, acupuncture or homeopathy. This is powerful, effective energy medicine, healing by dielectric resonance and working on diseased cells at subatomic level. Unlike most systemic remedies, such as drugs, which affect the whole body, electronic gem lamp treatment can target a specific organ or area of the body. It is also possible to balance the energies of various parts, for instance, calming an overactive liver with emerald and sapphire, while at the same time energizing, say, the spleen (and therefore cleansing and energizing the whole of the blood) with diamond and carnelian. Whale Medical's differential biological energy sensors (Figure 1 and 3) can measure exactly the imbalances throughout the body and the lamps can then adjust the vibrational frequencies of cells as necessary. This in turn can realign the assemblage point to a central position, restoring health and a feeling of well-being and balance.

In Dr Whale's forthcoming book are many case studies but let me add my personal experience for the purpose of this article. For over ten years I had very severe asthma, taking two inhalers, salbutamol (a steroid) and ventolin, several times each day. During damp winter months I found climbing stairs, walking up hills and entering damp or smoky environments very difficult. Over the years I had tried a great many alternative therapies, such as herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, allergy testing, bio-resonance and aromatherapy, all to no avail. However, four 20-minute treatments of diamond and carnelian electronic gem lamp therapy to the spleen and lung area (Figures 4 and 5) over two months completely cured the asthma and I have remained free from any symptom – and the use of the inhalers – for ten months now. That is first-hand irrefutable evidence, which few researchers can provide so enthusiastically!

Readers should not confuse electronic gem lamp therapy with colour therapy, light therapy or crystal therapy – all of which are different and will produce very different results. Coloured light bulbs, for instance, will exacerbate most skin conditions and the heat emitted by them will dry the skin. Coloured light bulbs cannot be used to treat internal organs and there is a danger of injury, burns and electrocution from mains voltage coloured bulbs, which can spontaneously explode.

Further Information

Whale Medical can be contacted at PO Box 31, Seaton, Devon EX12 2YB, UK, tel/fax 01297 24288.
E-mail:; websites: and


1. Whale Jon. Surgery for the Electromagnetic Body. Positive Health. 15. 1996.
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3. Whale Jon. Shifting the Assemblage Point. Positive Health. 17. 1997.
4. Whale Jon. The Medical Power of Precious Gems. Positive Health. 19. 1997.
5. The historic scientific measuring of the assemblage point took place in the UK on 19 August 2000, using a WPA.ED20 electronic galvanometer and two porous body electrodes, designed and patented by RJ Trott, a British Physicist. The energy recorded from my assemblage point was 50 microvolts, in contrast to a reading of 10 or less on the surrounding skin.
6. Whale Jon. The Catalyst of Power: the Assemblage Point of Man. Findhorn Press. February 2001.
7. See, for example, the twelfth-century Lapidary of Alfonso X El Sabio (The Learned).
8. The Caduceus Lux Gem Therapy Operating Handbook. Whale Medical. 1995.

Burn Treatments
Burn Treatments
Burn Treatments
Burn Treatments

This set of four photographs show the treatment for burns (and other types of injuries) with Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy

The patient was given a single treatment of 30 minutes using a mixture of cooling emerald rays and pain killing blue sapphire rays

The accelerated healing results are seen in the bottom photograph taken 5 days later. The same treatment will work for any kind of injury, sprain, inflammation or irritation, acute or chronic



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