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Homeovitality - the Revolutionary Healthcare System

by Dr Peter Kay(more info)

listed in dna gene expression, originally published in issue 164 - November 2009

Homeovitality is a new super-health delivery system developed in Australia by the merging of scientific discovery, the biology of natural super-health and alternative healthcare technology.

Without chemical, pharmacological or physical intervention, changes in the biological phenotype, such as disease alleviation, are ultimately driven by ordered rearrangement of the expression profile of the genetic blueprint. So, it became clear to me that traditional healing practices were somehow able to interact with the genetic blueprint in an orderly and beneficial way.


All physiological or biological changes (unless trauma induced), such as disease development or return to health are brought about by an increase or decrease in the activity of one or more biomolecules that specify each of the different physiological or biological changes. In turn, variation in the activity of each biomolecule is brought about by changes in the expression of each of the genes, part of the genetic blueprint, which encode them.

There is considerable evidence that non-pharmacological mind/body interactive processes are able to induce beneficial changes in the expression profile of the genetic blueprint? In his book[1], Dr Rossi, one of the great pioneers in the field of mind/body medicine, cites a wealth of information showing that mind/body interactions such as hypnosis do have the capacity to reorganize the expression profile of the genetic blueprint. This biological process is well known and referred to as the psychobiological gene expression system. I then realized that homeopathic remediation, another successful alternative, non-pharmacological treatment modality must also have the capacity to interact favourably with the genetic blueprint.

The Delivery System

Most drugs work pharmacologically by interacting chemically with biologically active molecules that are involved in disease symptoms rather than the genetic blueprint. They also have adverse side effects. Fortunately, the safety of homeopathic remediation is assured, because it does not involve pharmacological intervention. So, how does homeopathy work?       

Some of the ways in which homeopathy is thought to work, including the water memory concept, have been detailed by Dr Kratz.[2] Another very real mechanistic possibility though, as indicated above, is that in contrast to pharmacologically based drugs, homeopathic treatments have the capacity somehow to reorganize the expression profile of the genetic blueprint. This possibility has been proven in the laboratory by Dr Sunili and colleagues. They demonstrated that highly diluted substances are indeed able to induce expression of specific targeted genes.[3] 

Interestingly, intensive research efforts by the pharmaceutical industry involving DNA microarray technology are underway to determine disease associated changes in the genetic blueprint's expression profile, with a view to developing a new range of future drugs aimed at chemically altering the expression of disease causing genes. Such drugs are decades away. Homeopathic remediation may already be doing that right now, quite safely and naturally.

Responses to homeopathic remediation are highly specific with respect to the molecular nature and structure of the diluted substances that are used to induce them. How specific?

Some molecules exist in different stereoisomeric forms. Stereoisomers have exactly the same atomic structure and biological specificity. They only differ from each other in a way similar to our left or right hands; they are mirror images and have different light rotational properties. Interestingly, studies have shown that the degree and remarkable specificity of biological responses (and associated rearrangements of the genetic blueprint's expression profile) to highly diluted molecules may even be affected by the 'handedness' of the molecules themselves.[4]

The beneficial properties of highly diluted DNA molecules with different sequences have been established; they are already being used successfully in homeopathic practice.[5] It follows then that highly diluted DNA molecules with different sequences would have the capacity to rearrange the expression profile of the genetic blueprint in a highly specific way.

DNA strand


Gene Discovery

In 2003, one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever, sequencing of human DNA, the genetic blueprint, was finally completed. Fortunately, President Clinton had earlier ordered that the DNA sequence of the human genetic blueprint could not be protected. As a consequence, results of the Human Genome Project are available to everyone. Since then, intensive scientific interrogation has revealed that the human genetic blueprint comprises a little over three billion nucleotides – the building blocks of DNA. 

It is now thought that the human genetic blueprint contains around 25-30,000 genes. All the genetic instructions that are required to produce proteins and other bioactive molecules that guide our development from conception to death is contained within them. 

What each of these genes does is known in only a few at present. It will take many decades before the function of all of them is determined. Thus far, it has been discovered that almost 3,000 of them are involved in foetal development, well over 100 of them are directed towards repairing DNA, because DNA is continually being damaged. Efficiency of DNA repair plays a very important role in guarding against cancer and slowing down the ageing process. Surprisingly, scientists have discovered that at least 100 of them do not seem to have any real purpose at all. Many more disease-causing genes have also been found. 

In recent years scientists have also discovered that some genes play a very important role in maintaining various mind and body functions in a healthy state by reducing the likelihood of developing diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis[6] and helping to suppress tumour formation,[7] for example. Some of them have now been shown to promote different forms of super-health naturally through the process of hybrid vigour. So, what is hybrid vigour?

Hybrid vigour
Hybrid vigour


Hybrid Vigour – Nature's Super-Health

Hybrid vigour, also known as heterosis, is a completely natural genetic phenomenon. It has evolved over millions of years to enable all creatures to become as healthy and fertile as possible.

Farmers have been taking advantage of hybrid vigour for thousands of years to develop today's superior food crops and animals. Application of hybrid vigour by cross-breeding remains by far the most important natural genetic manipulation that farmers and breeders can use to produce the healthiest and most productive food crops and animals.

Unfortunately, until now hybrid vigour could not be fully exploited in food crops and animals because scientists had been unable to find a way to determine which genes promoted hybrid vigour and how they did it. That problem is now solved because of the patented discovery by myself of how genes interact naturally to enable all creatures to become super-healthy.[8]

Recently, scientists have made one of the most important healthcare discoveries ever – hybrid vigour also occurs naturally in humans. They have shown that features of mind and body health involving the heart, immunity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, memory, intelligence and bone strength, for example can be improved  through application of different types of hybrid vigour. Also, it has been discovered that we are able to live longer, healthier lives due to a form of hybrid vigour.[9-12] These unprecedented advances in human health are associated with increased cross-breeding of human populations as a consequence of the revolution in world travel. 

Fortunately, unlike in plants and animals, some of the genes that promote hybrid vigour in humans are known, so hybrid vigour can be exploited immediately in humans by the targeting of relevant genes.

Health Spectrum

In light of the discovery that humans enjoy hybrid vigour, it now becomes possible to consider health in the form of a spectrum from ill-health (disease), to normal health (health) and through to super-health (hybrid vigour).

In contrast to homeopathy (and other forms of complementary medicine), Homeovitality is not designed to relieve suffering, it is not a pharmaceutical intervention. Instead, as indicated above, its purpose is to help everyone to achieve and maintain their highest health level possible. Consequently, instead of attaching the suffix '-pathy', which means disease, to 'homeo', '-vitality' has been added  because it describes a state of physical, mental and biological vigour associated with super-health.

Homeovitality Products

HoV-KLO (Super Heart) was developed to target the KLOTHO (KL) gene to help everyone to stay younger longer, live a longer healthier life, keep the heart and kidneys healthy and support the immune system. It is in fact referred to as an ageing suppressor gene.

Homeovitality products

What does KL Do?

KL is one of the most important health promoting genes ever discovered. It was first characterized by Dr Matsumara and his colleagues over a decade ago.[13] It encodes a novel beta-glucuronidase type-I membrane protein.

Since its discovery, scientists have confirmed that KL plays a very important role in slowing down the ageing process, helping to keep the heart and kidneys healthy and protecting against the development of many diseases.[10,14,15]

More recently, Dr Witkowski and co-workers demonstrated that, unfortunately, as we get older, there is a gradual decline in the amount of KL that our bodies make. They also showed that reduced KL activity is also associated with impaired cell mediated immunity and increased susceptibility to development of rheumatoid arthritis.[6]

KL may also help us fight cancer. Dr Wolf and his colleagues have discovered that increased KL activity suppresses the growth of breast cancer cells.[7] 

KL was also selected as a target gene because Dr Arking and colleagues[10] had shown that KL heterozygosity confers even greater longevity and even greater resistance to heart disease and stroke.

The KL Targeting Molecule

Because of Dr Matsumara's work[13] and completion of the Human Genome Project, the DNA sequence of the KL gene has been worked out. Therefore, to target the KL gene, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to prepare a DNA molecule that was identical in sequence to 273 base pairs of the coding region of everyone's KL gene. The KL targeting molecule was designed to be totally specific for the KL gene. The sequence of the KL targeting molecule is shown at  


HoV-LEP/ADP (Super Weight Loss) was developed to help people to lose weight more effectively as part of a typical diet/exercise based weight loss program, and to maintain weight loss thereafter.

What do our LEP and ADP Genes Do?

The LEPTIN gene (LEP) was first isolated by Zhang and associates.[16] It is located on human chromosome 7. It encodes a hormone that is mainly produced by adipocytes or fat cells. One of the properties of LEP is to suppress the appetite so that the urge to over-eat is lessened once an exercise/diet based weight control program has been started.

HoV-LEP/ADP is designed to target the LEP gene by inclusion of a 188-base pair identical copy of part of the coding region of everyone's LEP gene. It is completely specific for LEP. Its sequence is shown at  

HoV-LEP/ADP also contains a 220-base pair identical copy of the coding region of the ADP gene. The ADP gene is referred to as 'the anti-obesity gene' because it plays an important role in reducing fat accumulation.[17]

One of its functions is to increase energy expenditure so that food is converted into energy rather than stored in the body as fat.

The sequence of the ADP gene targeting molecule is included at  


HoV-CTR (Super Strong Bones) is designed to target the CTR gene to help protect people from fracturing their bones, especially post-menopausal woman.

What does CTR Do?

The gene that encodes the calcitonin receptor (CTR) was completely characterized by Gorn and colleagues.[18] It is located on human chromosome 7 and encodes a cell membrane component that acts as a receptor for the hormone calcitonin. The CTR gene plays an important role in bone formation.

Dr Taboulet and colleagues[9] discovered that post-menopausal women are less likely to fracture their bones through a form of hybrid vigour involving the CTR gene.

HoV-CTR has been designed to target the CTR gene by inclusion of a 228-base pair identical copy of the coding region of everyone's CTR gene. The sequence of the CTR gene targeting molecule is shown at  


HoV-CM2/S25 (Super Memory/IQ) is designed to target everyone's CHRM2 and SNAP-25 genes to help to improve IQ, memory and attentiveness.

What do our CHRM2 and SNAP-25 Genes Do?

The gene SNAP-25, located on human chromosome 20, was discovered by Dr Zhao and colleagues.[19] It is expressed in the brain and encodes synaptosomal-associated protein, 25kDa, a presynaptic plasma membrane protein involved in the regulation of neurotransmitter release.

Reduced SNAP-25 gene activity results in memory loss.[20]

Many different genetic forms of the SNAP-25 gene have been reported; therefore HoV-CM2/S25 has the potential to enhance memory even further, naturally, by a form of hybrid vigour.

HoV-CM2/S25 has been developed with a view to targeting the SNAP-25 gene by inclusion of a 144-base pair identical copy of part of the coding region of everyone's SNAP-25 gene.

HoV-CM2/S25 also contains a 165-base pair identical copy of part of the coding region of everyone's CHRM2 gene. The fine structure of the CHRM2 gene was determined by Dr Zhou and colleagues.[21] It encodes a cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2, that belongs to a larger family of G protein-coupled receptors. In contrast to SNAP-25, CHRM2 is located on chromosome 7.

CHRM2 has been proven to be a key promoter of intelligence.[22]

The sequences of the CHRM2 and SNAP-25 targeting DNA molecules are included at  

The Future of Homeovitality

In the years to come, newly discovered genetic systems will be incorporated into the Homeovitality product range as information about their potential to promote super-health and improve everyone's general health, well-being and happiness comes to hand. Two new products are currently being developed. One to help control hair loss and another which will target genes that play an important role in repairing damage to DNA. Damaged DNA results in cancer development and accelerated aging.    
Some of the  Homeovitality products were officially launched at the Organic Expo 2009 in late July; their benefits are already beginning to be enjoyed.


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Further Information

Homeovitality products are manufactured in Australia by The Pharmaceutical Plant Company Pty. Ltd. in compliance with standards set down by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company Pty. Ltd. is licensed by the Australian Department of Health, (TGA Licence No 50725) to produce herbal and homeopathic medicines to a GMP standard accepted by the World Health Organisation. For distribution enquiries, special offers for practitioners and online purchases, please contact the manufacturer at


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