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Fatigue Propelled Depression

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in depression, originally published in issue 129 - November 2006

The latest federal statistics in the USA declares that one in ten teenagers suffer from major depression, and that many use recreational drugs or alcohol to try relieving the stress. The number on prescription drugs is even higher, and over one million attempt suicide each year. Around 10,000 succeed in their suicidal attempt. It is obvious that anyone who is fatigued cannot think clearly. The more stress a person is under, the more drained they feel. A downward spiral often ends in fatal devastation.

Popping a pill, alcohol or cigarettes to relieve stress may be a quick fix solution for some people, but it does not take away the cause of the stress. Rather, it only masks the basic problems so that they multiply and return with greater force after the effects of the artificial stimulants dissipate.

Even well-educated, happily married, athletic, physically fit, successful adults can suffer from depression, and there is not a whole lot they can do about it with normal treatment. The general, so called established solutions, from medical and religious departments, may not aid their plight. A few years ago, a 44 year-old doctor, distinguished as one of the most outstanding in his field of expertise, hung himself in his garage on a sunny Sunday morning. He was receiving treatment from his own doctor, had been accepting psychiatric help, was under the support of his priest, but none could assist his afflicted, disorderly, negative mind-set. Across the Western affluent world, there are many similar cases. Therefore, what is the answer to unlock the imprisoned minds of so many people, so that the bright light of trustworthy meaning can penetrate the doom and gloom?

Both educated and unlearned people suffer from the same complaint of depression so no amount of counselling, advice, intellectual reasoning, and logical thinking may solve the problems. If modern methods do work, why have all the people died too soon in their life from melancholic induced accidents, suicides and illness? They all perished, and every moment that goes by, another person passes-on before their allotted time. What are the alternatives that can assist a troubled mind?

  • A good diet of wholesome foods, whole grains, fruit and vegetables will help;
  • Extra anti-oxidants will aid the body to overcome nutrition-depleted foods;
  • Regular exercise will improve overall health;
  • Sleeping soundly throughout the night will provide clearer thoughts;
  • Drinking ten glasses of water a day will help;
  • Deep breathing at selected points of the day will lessen tension;
  • Finding time for silent time-out for five minutes, three times a day will help;
  • Mediation will quiet the mind for a while;
  • Doing charitable work will take the focus off the self for a while.

However, none of the above is a lasting solution to an ongoing basis for re-occurring issues and unpleasant circumstances in any person’s life. There is only one answer, which will prove to be a sure-fire success in alleviating fatigue driven depression and negative, gloomy thoughts.

A complete overhaul of self-identification is required before any person can truly bring about a change in overall wellbeing and happiness.

A contented mind is a happy mind. It can only be content if it is free from thoughts and memories installed by other people’s ideas, beliefs and opinions from early childhood. If the reference points in the mind are continually playing themes that induce fear, hatred, jealousy, worry and depression, then no external aid will take that away. Only if a person realizes that all negative emotions are illusions can they tear themselves away from their ego’s persistent afflictions.

Moreover, my-oh-my, what a task they have to conquer, when almost every medical professional declares negative emotions are real. When every physiologist I have come across asserts stress is real and needs to be treated directly. What chance does any person stand when illusionary conditions are being treated by artificial academic means, which only treat the symptom and ignore the cause?

Academic thoughts, left to their own devices, will invent all manner of acceptable treatments that will become the normal practice over a period of time. It is acceptable for a mind to fill with academic knowledge, but it is only of significant advantage if it is used as a tool for creative thoughts. Creative thoughts expand the mind so that the outcome supports humanity to grow in a continuing authentic manner. To turn fatigue depressions into vital organic thought, a change in the ego’s illusions of negative emotion is required … A metamorphose into the reality of authentic love and joy is required, that emanates from the true identity of self, inherent in every person on earth from birth. Sorry academia, but there is no substitute for the real accomplishment of trustworthy thoughtfulness, served by a seemingly empty, nonetheless creative mind.

Every cell, molecule and atom of a human being is filled with intelligent energy that conveys serene tranquility, when fed the correct thoughts. When they are fed erroneous thoughts they rebel and formulate free radicals that destroy the mind and body, for they do not want to live in an erroneous decimating state of existence.

The essence of love and joy’s energy fills the apparent nothingness that connects each strand of the trillions of cells in the human framework. However, because science cannot identify the empty space in each cell does not mean nothing is going on. Just the opposite is true. In the empty nothingness of every cell exists the dance of primary life that organizes a wholesome being.

When we tune into the nothingness of each cell we can rejoice with their intrinsic delight. When this realization passes through from our subconscious to our conscious mind, it is impossible to feel anything other than love and joy, no matter what external circumstances are playing out their illusionary role-play. Changing the concept of who we believe we are is the only way to dissolve depression for good.


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About Michael Levy

Michael Levy is an international talk show host, philosopher, poet and author of 17 inspirational books which have never been marketed, for Levy feels authentic works will eventually find their place in humanity by word of mouth. His lack of education makes his philosophy unique in a modern world, where everything is analyzed and sophisticated by experts until all true meaning drains away. His works do not follow any past or present philosophers. Michael’s recent books  include That's Rich: Connect the Dots, also Well Well Well: Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well which is on healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living. Michael's poetry and essays enhance many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. Why not visit Michael's new website with 5 new Blogs and lots of inspiration insights:

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