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Sinusitis and Nasal Blockage

by M Amir(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 279 - June 2022

Originally Published Sinusitis and Nasal Blockage


Sinusitis is a common condition affecting millions all around the world. It affects the spaces in the skull bones, called paranasal sinuses, which are normally filled with air under healthy conditions. Inflammation, infection, overgrowth of tissues, and sometimes cysts or other pathology cause a blockage of the draining apertures which makes them feel blocked.

Nasal blockage is also caused by the lack of space in the nasal cavity for air to traverse freely.  The nose is very prone to get blocked if there is a drop in the oxygen saturation, especially during sleep. This results in mouth breathing and inappropriate tongue function leading to improper development of the upper jaw, the nasal cavity, and the paranasal sinuses. Such patients suffer from numerous problems.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Postnasal discharge;
  • Facial pain;
  • Persistent throat infections;
  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Decreased sensitivity to odours;
  • Pain in Maxillary posterior teeth;
  • Unrefreshed sleep;
  • Tiredness and fatigue;
  • Repeated common colds and flu-like symptoms;
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose due to nasal congestion;
  • Repeated waking during the night as the throat gets very dry due to mouth breathing;
  • Repeated throat infections and often blocked ears. These are made worse by mouthwash use and toothpaste;
  • An inability to filter and warm the air before entering the lungs;

There are many other symptoms that are attributable to the poor maxillary structure and are discussed elsewhere on this forum.

The Causes can be Numerous

Initially the main cause is the poor development of our jaws due to a change in our modern dietary habits which do not allow proper development of the facial structures. Please read the article on Dr Weston Price.This fundamental cause is further aggravated by:

  • Extraction orthodontics;
  • Loss of wisdom teeth;
  • Stuffy low oxygen environments;
  • Sleeping in insufficiently ventilated bedrooms;
  • Air-conditioned houses where the same air keeps recirculating in the house and the levels of oxygen drop, especially during the night.;
  • A high arched palate with narrow dental arches which do not allow sufficient space for the proper development of the nasal and sinus structures causes an almost permanent blocked nose and sinuses;
  • This also leads to deviated septums and deformed turbinates in the nasal cavity resulting in further blockages and discomfort;
  • A retrognathic maxilla and the lower jaws which cause a diminished breathing ability also aggravate the situation;
  • Poor or incorrect tongue function, swallowing and eating patterns that do not allow proper upper arch development. This often leads to recessive jaws, crowding of teeth, and poor development of the lower jaw.

Inadequate oxygen passing through the nasal passages results in bacteria taking hold. Oxygen is the biggest killer of bacteria which are difficult to dislodge as the capacity to oxygenate the area remains poor without orthodontically and/or surgically expanding the palatal arch and in turn the nasal cavity.


Fan + Neti + Sinex



  • Avoid stuffy environments;
  • Sleep in well-ventilated rooms – If you are prone to a blocked nose ensure air gets in and is able to get out of the bedroom. Install a ceiling fan to improve air circulation in the bedroom;
  • You may have to use Sinux nose drops to keep your nostrils clear; (Obtainable from boots)
  • Use a netipot to regularly rinse the nostrils with warm saltwater. (Obtainable from Ebay) Please ensure that the water is pre-boiled to kill any pathogens;
  • Narrow arches can often be expanded with removable or fixed dental appliances which can help a majority of such patients to enable them to nose breathe;
  • Many adult patients require surgical attention to uniformly expand and advance the upper arch. This usually takes care of the nasal irregularities apart from correcting many other issues with a patient's structure and organic function. The various procedures are explained elsewhere on this forum.

Surgical treatment to correct only deviated nasal septums or cleaning out the sinuses is an inadequate solution with poor long-term benefits.

PS Taking a stand against the existing paradigm of dental and medical care has turned out to be very costly. In spite of that, I must continue my journey to bring relief to thousands across the globe. My website has highlighted the practices of those who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate illness. This is obviously not acceptable to the power structure in control of our health. To continue to produce evidentiary articles on my website and this forum - which have enlightened thousands of patients and dentists all around the world, to keep my staff employed and my offices viable, we request a little help.

You may donate through a window that comes up at Mr. M. Amir. (Please note I am in the process of revising that website.)

The improvement or benefits identified in the testimonials and articles on this site are based on individual experiences which are dependent upon the patient’s unique health condition, jaw condition, occlusal position, medical history, and other individualised factors, and should not be considered representative of all treatment outcomes.


© M. Amir 2022. All rights reserved



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M Amir BDS MSc (U. London) Dental Surgeon was a dental surgeon practising holistic dentistry in London. He specialized in the treatment of patients with medical problems emanating from the dysfunction of the jaw joint. He took particular interest in the field of body symmetry and its relationship to health He may be contacted on Tel: 0208 780 3433 (secretary);

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