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Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 8 - October 1995

The controversy over amalgam fillings started with their use and is, after a century, now drawing to a slow conclusion with the gradual recognition of amalgam poisoning and slow withdrawal of amalgam fillings from dentistry. Britain does not lead the way in this controversy just as it does not in the fluoride controversy and other such issues. We often lag behind other countries, defended to the hilt, entrenched in old attitudes, beliefs and systems. (May God bless Britain with men of foresight and uprightness.)

Mercury, the most toxic metal in amalgam fillings, has a long history of use and an equally long history of known toxic effects. Despite man's efforts to use mercury, its poisonous nature has limited such use and where it has not, penalties in health and life itself have been exacted.

There is much documented and scientific evidence available on the absorption of mercury from dental amalgams into brain, jaw, kidneys and just about everywhere else. There is not so much documentation on the physiological effects of this poisonous infiltration into the human body. Neither is there much in the way of considering the interaction of mercury with vaccines, fluoride, pesticides, chemical food and water additives, the physiological state of mineral and vitamin depletion and intestinal dysbiosis. This sort of information could be accessed using bioelectrical/ energetic feedback mechanisms but probably unattainable using the type of standard laboratory test which would be suitable for measuring blood levels of haemoglobin, for example.

Our bodies resonate at certain frequencies. (For those who do not know this, a study of cymatics and vibrational medicine will be educational.) If these optimum frequencies are lowered, organisms which resonate at these different frequencies will find fertile soil. Basic body frequencies are interfered with by toxins and in my experience amalgam fillings are at the top of the list. An aggravation of this toxic state is the widespread chronic dehydration and lymphatic stagnation which is part of our 20th century culture. The result of toxic input and dehydration is the cause of much 'modern' disease. In a state of dehydration the body manufactures more cholesterol in an attempt to preserve further moisture loss and in this state of toxic dryness, sleep detoxification is inefficient. With lowered resonation and toxic dehydration, the body is ripe for 'bacterial/viral clean-up' and is lowered in energy level. Thyroid function, hormonal and enzyme systems are always affected to some degree by mercury poisoning and vitamins and minerals are imbalanced.

The basic procedure for reversal of amalgam poisoning must start with the removal of the amalgam fillings. Whilst there is resident poison in the system, corrections are slow and inefficient and in some people almost impossible. I have had patients who have resisted amalgam removal but been happy to receive other treatments and these people have not had the results obtained by those who started with amalgam removal. Once the constant imbibing of amalgam is terminated, amalgam detoxification using homeopathic remedies and vitamins and minerals is fairly unhindered and cost effective. At this point lymphatic drainage can be stimulated to efficiency because the daily burden of more amalgam leakage into the system has been removed. Some people have been led to believe that they may not be sensitive to mercury but once it is understood that mercury is not an allergen but a potent poison to all human beings, it is easy to see the need to get it removed. A homeopathic detox to mercury, whilst keeping amalgam fillings in situ, is only a temporary diminution of the amount of mercury at best. As soon as the detox is terminated the amalgam again is accumulating – I have not had evidence of any great reduction in toxicity using this method which would, by its nature, have to go on ad infinitum.

With the removal of amalgam fillings there is always an influx in mercury absorption. The use of the high speed drill guarantees this and the best safeguards to minimise such an influx are covering the eyes during drilling, having a good mouth wash and blowing one's nose after treatment, extra relevant nutritional supplements, raising the amalgam detox to maximum dose, and choosing a dentist who will ensure that no amalgam is swallowed and uses a good extraction technique. With all possible care taken, there will be mercury absorption but it will be minimised and this is far preferable to keeping the poison in situ. Once the amalgam filling is out, there will be no further leakage from it whatsoever. Detoxification can from then on eradicate all stored amalgam from the tissues and this takes, in general, between 12-18 months of treatment from the time of amalgam removal. The time taken depends on the efficiency of the lymphatic system and nutritional status. The importance of drinking 8 tumblers of clean (bottle/filter) water per day must be emphasised before embarking upon any detox program, The detoxes 'stir up' tissue toxins and the lymphatic system 'flushes' them out of the system, Without adequate water there is stagnation in the tissues and detoxification will not occur. Unseen amalgam leaks inwardly ('under the surface' filling and cores of crowns, amalgam root fillings, for example). If these hidden sources of amalgam are not removed, then amalgam removal is not complete and will still cause trouble from leakage. Invisible amalgam is as poisonous as visible amalgam.

Amalgam Removal Protocol


Rehydration is the first step to take. Start by drinking eight tumblers of bottle/filter water per day. This is not so difficult if one tumbler is drunk on waking, one on retiring and a large jug filled with the remaining six and drunk throughout the day. Any other drinks can be added as normal, but juice, tea, etc. is not counted as water.

Lymphatic System

Stimulating the lymphatic system is very useful and if one feels around the ribs, sternum, inside and outside of the leg from knee to hips, then painful spots are bound to be found. Rub gently for a couple of minutes until the pain diminishes. It will probably take a few days for some of the points to become pain free. For a proper lymphatic drainage massage, a practitioner would have to be found who does them or who would teach self help.

Homeopathic detoxes

I give my patients a series of detoxes to 'clean up' tissue. The primary and long term one is amalgam and metal detox. A shot of adrenalin in the local anaesthetic is unnecessary and detrimental to an already amalgam poisoned system. I recommend an adrenalin free local anaesthetic and a local anaesthetic detox after each treatment. I have always found dentists to be co-operative in this matter. As a one-off, other detoxes are given including water toxins, vaccines, drugs, bacterial, viral, fungal agents and specifically assessed individual detoxes. These are given one at a time so that the lymphatic system can cope and elimination does not cause a feeling of unwellness. A brisk scrub in a morning bath or shower on rising is most important in order to wash off eliminated toxins from the previous night's sleep. Toxins will not be reabsorbed through the skin during the day and a morning shower adds to a feeling of well being.

Amalgam removal

Once rehydration and detoxification are under way amalgam removal cannot be started on quickly enough. Usually dentists will replace two or three fillings at a time (in the same quarter) depending on the size of the fillings. It is important to get the right dentist for you and make it know that amalgam removal is not a cosmetic exercise. Every scrap of amalgam has to come out. Dental charges can vary enormously. One lady was quoted between over £900 and just under £200 for the same work. Another lady was told that two of her fillings were too large to replace and she would have to have two £200 crowns. She went to another dentist who readily replaced the two amalgam fillings with white ones as she asked. I am not imputing motives to the expensive dentist or the one who wanted to do two crowns. I am saying that it is wise to look around and find the right dentist for you. Some dentists do not approve of amalgam replacement but do what is requested anyway in the right way at the right price. What more can one ask?


Eating the right foods is a most important aspect of health. I have found that no one tolerates cow's milk as milk. (I can hear the objections, but that is my experience.) Butter, cheese, yoghurt, yes, but milk as milk (includes whey, caseinates, dried, evaporated, condensed etc) no. The improvement in health without amalgam and cow's milk can sometimes seem miraculous. I do not agree with exclusion diets or restricted diets. There are some sources of foods which are on my NO list but they are always replaced, not omitted. For example, cow's milk is a definite NO but goat's, sheep, soya and rice milks are fine. Occasionally someone will react to goat's milk but it is better to deal with and correct intolerances and not omit nutritious foods. There are items on my NO list which I consider to be non-foods. These include processed margarines, hydrogenated oils, mushrooms, shellfish, pork, offal, blood (blackpudding etc) and animal gelatin. I have my reasons which would take up too much space but I have had excellent results using this diet. All of the NOs have replacement foods and those who are vegetarians can simply omit the meat etc. There are wonderful replacements for all milk products, e.g. soya ice cream (some of it is utterly delicious), organic dark chocolate (Oxfam do a lovely one). There is no lack in variety and no dullness in the replacements available. A balanced diet must include wholesome foods and raw foods and have little in the way of non food additives and junk foods. It is well worth learning what is good for the human body and what is not. It takes only a little time and effort.

Digestive Enzyme Support

Amalgam poisoning has a profound effect on the stomach and its secretions. Digestive enzyme support is always necessary. There are different types of digestive enzymes and it is important to get the right combination and strength for you. Enzymes/HCI pepsin should be taken just prior to eating (virtually with the first mouthful of food) to give the enzymes optimum time to work. Taking digestive enzyme support with food can make a considerable difference to ileo-caecal valve (ICV) function. When the ICV malfunctions (which it invariably does with amalgam poisoning) a set of common symptoms manifests as wind, bloating, headaches, eye strain, shoulder blade pain, acidity, burbs and similar. There are acupressure points to correct ICV malfunction and certain massage. Giving an ICV correction chart and teaching self help has been one of the most useful things for people with tummy pain from ICV malfunction.

Replacement of right intestinal flora (gut bacteria)

Most people have had things detrimental to intestinal flora (antibiotics, pill, drugs, steroids, etc) and amalgam is no friend to right intestinal flora. I have found that the standard recommended doses of gut bacteria are far too small to be effective in recolonisation of the right bacteria and have little effect on candida and fungal infections etc. A large crash course in bacterial recolonisation has been useful to initiate the right intestinal environment and then the standard doses of the right bacteria are useful as a maintenance.

Vitamins and Minerals

Correction of the vitamin/rnineral profile is most important. The right ingredients and the right type of ingredients in the vitamins and minerals are essential for intracellular uptake. Important points to look for when considering what to take are: can it be used intracellularly – is it bioavailable and are the synergistic requirements available? All vitamins and minerals are synergistic – they work together. Items in isolation are out of context and cannot be used. A well rounded multi complex is, therefore, a base upon which to add specific vitamin/mineral extras which are needed. Most people are deficient in correct essential fatty acids and plentiful in toxic damaged fats. Mercury interferes with fat metabolism and so does a high temperature. Damage in this area has been implicated in diseases such as MS and ALS. Attending to correction of fatty acids could be most important and I have found it beneficial in the short term with circulatory problems. Thyroid support for amalgam toxicity is a necessary step to be considered in treatment. A subnormal temperature on waking is a good indication of a need in this area. Even a tiny subnormality could be significant. A knowledgeable practitioner will be able to advise here.

Emotional Stress Release

Emotional stresses from conception onwards (and some say even inherited ones) can affect our metabolic pathways. This is an important aspect not to be neglected even though it may appear that amalgam poisoning is purely a physical matter. Some people react to nutritious food and sound vitamins because the metabolic pathway is disturbed. This is correctable using a combination of intolerance correction and emotional stress release with the food in question. Other stresses relevant to amalgam removal are numerous but fear of the dentist could be something to be worked through to make amalgam removal less traumatic. There are books dealing with emotional stress release and courses. I teach my patients the elementary techniques as part of treatment and add on to that when they have mastered the previous instruction through practice. It gives people their own 'tool bags' to use at home and each visit adds to things at their own fingertips.

Each part of treatment is important and like part of the jigsaw of health. People have had dramatic results following the above protocol and taking responsibility for their own health. I am one of them.

Two years after the birth of my daughter I 'broke down' and was hospitalised with tachycardia. No cause was found. I looked pale and started having adrenalin rushes (something akin to panic attacks). I was energy-low and lost confidence. By a strange series of events I met a Dr. Fox who was on his way to America and he diagnosed me as mercury poisoned. I was so overjoyed that there was an explanation for what was going on. I immediately borrowed money and got all my amalgam fillings replaced with white ones. I knew nothing of the influx dangers or anything about homeopathy etc. My background was traditional nursing/midwifery years ago. However, I was very interested in health and started reading and going on courses all over the country. I trained in kinesiology, emotional stress release, nutrition, vega, holistic health (mixed bag of health subjects), cymatics, curative hypnotherapy (theory), complex homeopathy, and a few other things. I did a vast amount of reading (which is an ongoing way of life for me) and learned many things through books. The above protocol outline gradually evolved as I saw more people but no doubt will change somewhat as I learn more. I have not included everything because of space but the most important points are covered. I am very excited about courses I attend. I teach my daughter from home (my son is now at university after being home taught) and as she becomes more independent, I shall become more involved in the teaching side, where my heart really lies, I think. Since my own amalgam removals, the turning point in my health, I have never looked back. I am happy to help others turn their health problems around and share information on water filter supplies, books, contacts, etc.


  1. Sheryl Mccarthy said..

    I had all my mercury fillings (amalgams) taken out 3 years ago. My dentist just used a rubber dam. That's it. I knew the protocol for safe removal of amalgams but because i felt fine i continued for the next 6 weeks removing my very large amalagrams. Not til 2 1/2 months later did I see health issues. A panic attack going through car wash. Leaky gut. Food allergies...chronic fatigue and so on. I can't get help from my health practices. I'm going for a urine test for metal toxicity but my mercury is lodged in fat and has turned into gases. Will the urine test show tocicity? If not what test will work for me since it's been 3 years I've been trying to help myself. Thank you so much for your help!

  2. Viv said..

    Sheryl, I have only just seen your comments and do not know the date you submitted. There are several issues that need addressing. Firstly, why do you attribute panic attack, leaky gut, chronic fatigue and allergies to the absence of mercury in your teeth?. Was all of the mercury removed including roots and crown pegs? Most importantly, what material was used to replace the mercury? Was it white filling containing fluoride and aluminium?. Urine test will reveal only the amount of mercury excreted by the kidneys, it will not indicate resident tissue load which would be the significant factor. There could be other relevant issues not related to dental issues which would have some bearing on your current health issues and a full history would be needed to discern this. You would probably benefit from professional testing from an appropriate practitioner who Ymywould consider all relevant possibilities and not presume without evidence that current symptoms are purely from mercury removal alone.

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