We are dentists. Definitely not normal dentists. We realised over ten years ago that mercury from amalgam fillings could injure patients, so we became "Mercury Free". Now we are of the opinion that all metals have the possibility to injure patients, so now we are "Metal Free" as well. We use an American formaldehyde free composite and porcelain instead. The picture shows a white blood cell choked with metal, these cells are not capable of dealing with metal. We wrote about our treatment, Hall V-Tox Therapy, for Positive Health some years ago (Issue 11 April/May 1996 and Issue 12 May/June 1996). At that time we took out mercury amalgam fillings, gave vitamin C infusions with glutathione with excellent results. Experience over the years has shown us we knew only part of the picture then. A lot more of the picture is open to us now but the principle remains: prepare the patient – remove the toxic load – allow natural healing to occur. We realised that we cannot "Cure", we just set the stage for the patient to start their own healing processes. We will describe what we do and why we do it. We will give two graphic Case Studies to illustrate the point and why the patients call what we do their "Passport to Better Health". Patients come in four broad categories, Auto immune, Chronic fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Allergy.

Microscope photograph of an amalgam filling. The drops onthe surface are pure mercury
Microscope photograph of an amalgam filling. The drops onthe surface are pure mercury
A white blood cell full of metal
A white blood cell full of metal


It is not news that mercury leaks out of amalgam fillings. The picture shows pure mercury droplets on an amalgam filling. These droplets are inhaled and swallowed every time you eat, drink or brush your teeth. Within seconds of inhaling mercury it is lodged in the brain. Mercury is the most toxic metal naturally occurring on the planet, so the brain is not a good place for it to be. Neither is the gut. The science is clear about mercury and the damage it can do. But we found over the years that mercury is not alone in exerting its baleful influence on health. Patients would come to us having had their amalgams out and replaced with gold alloys and other metals and they were as ill, or worse than before treatment. This did not mean that metals were not behind their symptoms and that the problem was all in the patient's head as was claimed, but just the opposite. It meant that the patient's defences were so weakened that they could not cope with removing the amalgam and having a new metal placed in their teeth instead. We found palladium to be the worst culprit but had patients who reacted to gold, platinum indeed the whole range of metals used in dentistry. We came to the conclusion that "only robots need metal spare parts". Even worse was to come. Patients would come to us insisting that something was wrong with their root filled tooth, or something was in the bone where a tooth had been removed years previously. Testing of the root filled teeth showed them to be massively toxic, shedding organic poisons into the body. Similarly we found using CT scans holes in the bone where teeth had been extracted years before. These holes were full of organic poisons as well, they are now known as cavitations. These toxins came from bacteria "walled up" in the dead teeth or bone. The bacteria are anaerobic, that is they live without oxygen, and it is their metabolic by products that are the problem. To put it another way, they live inside a walled city protected from bodies defenders or immune system by the city wall. However, they throw their rubbish over the wall which poisons the environment and weakens the defenders. The body has no method of dealing with these toxins and they accumulate in the body over the years. Tests for these organic toxins are now available.

The lesson we learned was to listen to our patients and trust what they tell us. We ask them how they feel and do not rely absolutely on laboratory tests. Many a patient would come to us with files of laboratory results, all within the normal ranges, but still they were sick. It really means that we are at an early stage in the understanding of patients poisoned by heavy metals and organic toxins.

So imagine this, you are exposed to mercury from your fillings. It accumulates in the body over the years. The organic toxins from the bacteria accumulate over the years. Other metals and chemicals enter the body and accumulate for years. It is like taking a trip from the house and leaving a tap dripping in the sink. Eventually it will run over and cause damage. When it will cause damage depends on how big the sink is, (your resistance) and how fast the tap is dripping (your exposure to the toxins). You must turn off the tap (reduce toxin exposure) and pull out the plug from the sink (get rid of the accumulated toxins). Easy to say but hard to do. Perhaps you get back early enough from the trip to turn off the tap, empty the sink and prevent catastrophic damage. Or maybe you are too late, the water has overflowed, it has brought down the ceiling, ruined the carpets and soaked the walls. Then it becomes a lengthy job to get back to the state you were in before the trip, if indeed you can. Attacking the symptoms is not enough, you must sort out the tap and the sink or the symptoms will come back. This is a good analogy because on some people the carpets are damaged, on others the ceiling is down. The repairers of the ceilings and the carpet dealers may tell you the two are unrelated events but this is not so, it depends where the sink was placed, i.e. individual variation. It doesn't take Einstein to work it out, because experience of hundreds of patients over many years shows us that turning off the tap and emptying the sink will allow patients to recover.

What we do and why we do it

There is a strict timetable in what we do. This has to be followed, no short cuts or you are reducing the patient's chance of recovery or risking complications. The sink has to be prepared first for emptying, the leaks sealed and the drains open. This takes at least four weeks of diet modification and supplementation.

1 pH checked and controlled. The majority of patients are too acidic but alkaline patients are seen too. Modern diet, drugs, infections, chemicals and soft drinks all contribute to our acidic inner environment. pH is measured daily in saliva and urine. Potassium citrate or lemon juice will regulate over acidity, milk whey is good for alkaline patients. We want to see a urine pH of 6.5 minimum and 6.8 for saliva without the wild fluctuations commonly seen at the beginning of treatment. A good stable pH sets the stage for the rest of the cast we are going to call on.

2 Good gut bacteria. We use a patented living culture grown for us on an oat base in Sweden. Most gut bacteria are dried and prepared on a milk base. This makes them poorly tolerated by ill patients with lactose sensitivity. These bugs crowd out the baddies and start sealing up the intestine. Doing steps 1 and 2 corrects most Candida we see. Mercury plays havoc with bacteria because it is so toxic. Those bugs that can survive mercury poisoning become antibiotic resistant and upset the gut flora. Nearly all patients have digestive problems and/or food sensitivities. Constipation and/or diarrhoea as the most commonly seen symptoms.

The problem starts with the gut. The gut has to be addressed first. No exceptions. We give a whole range of supplements, essential fatty acids, fruitoligo-saccarrides, many different minerals and vitamins in two stages. We want to seal the intestine to prevent immune system and liver detoxification system overload. Do not even dream of putting a drill inside the mouth until the immune and liver detoxification systems are optimised. Patients have mineral imbalances due to diet and poor absorption. Just to give an example, we give magnesium in four different forms. We want magnesium to go to the outside and the inside of the cell wall, we want it inside the mitochondria which are the energy producers of the cell. The same applies to other minerals.

When we drill or do surgery we cause the patient stress. The better the patient is prepared to handle this stress, the quicker will be the end result. Now the sink is leak proof and the drains are open, time to turn the tap off. You cannot turn off the tap without first opening it, which is why it is essential to get the sink ready. The patient is exposed to the toxins when they are removed, so the risk of this must be reduced.

We take extreme measures to protect the patient. Drilling will release metal, cavitation surgery will release toxins, this release must be minimised.

Here are just some of the measures we take – they are worthy of an article in themselves. Around the patient the air is filtered and ionised. The patient has a separate oxygen breathing supply, personal ioniser, rubber dam around the teeth, cysteine rinses to bind the metals, distilled water in all the equipment. We do not want to spray chlorinated water over a wound site. Magnifying intraoral TV cameras to make sure every trace of metal is removed and for record keeping and that is only the beginning. The full International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology protocol is followed. You need to be slow, careful and thorough especially doing cavitations or you end up doing them again.

During the week of hands on treatment, the patient has infusions of intravenous vitamin C with the addition of reduced glutathione daily for five days. How much is infused depends on the weight and condition of the patient. 120 grams of vitamin C given IV daily is not unknown. It must be in Lactated Ringers Solution in a ratio of 4:1.

Saline solutions are not acceptable for high dose IV vitamin C. Many patients have problems due, we believe to electrolyte imbalance when saline is used. There are no problems if Lactated Ringers Solution is used. We only use glass bottles as the plastic infusion bottles are known to release phthalates from the plastic into the solution. Patients have enough chemicals inside them without us adding to the load unnecessarily. High dose vitamin C by mouth leads to bowel tolerance or flushing and is totally inadequate for most patients for detoxification or protection as well as being uncomfortable.

Laboratory testing has indicated large amounts of dental metals are released by the infusions into the stool. This is the way the body normally gets rid of metal, using the Glutathione Pathway via the bile into the stool. We can explain the biochemistry of how this works if anyone is interested. But it does work wonderfully well because we are supporting the bodies own detoxification mechanism not throwing chelation chemicals into the body.

Case Histories

Here are two nice case histories, one recent, the other from three years ago.

Ben H. rang us last year from America. A property tycoon in his fifties. He had been ill for ten years. Weight was slipping from him, 6 feet tall but only 60 kilos. He had difficulty breathing, especially at night, and was ultra sensitive to all chemicals especially diesel fumes (note that well!). He also suffered from all forms of gut trouble, mainly loose stool. Psychologically he was not as strong as he once was, was prone to panic attacks, his short term memory and concentration had gone to pot. His temperature regulation mechanism was failing with wide daily fluctuations. He had been everywhere on the conventional medicine route and was advised to go into Psychotherapy – "It's all in your head syndrome" again. We get tired of hearing that! He had bought a farm in the woods and if he stayed there eating 100% organic food, some supplements and took homoeopathic remedies, he could survive, but still the weight dropped slowly and remorselessly. Most supplements he could not tolerate. He had had every conventional and alternative test that is available. Thermography, Darkfield blood examination, Vega, Electroaccupunture and the others all diagnosed pathology but contradicted each other as to where and what the cause was. Materials testing indicated he reacted to all dental materials. Confusing to say the least.

DMPS testing (injections with a very potent chelator developed by the Russians for acute mercury poisoning) had made him very ill. Then he dropped the bombshell. As he began to feel ill, he thought mercury from his amalgam fillings could contribute to his symptoms. Five years previously he had all the amalgams removed and gold put in instead. He had IV-C at the amalgam removal. He began rapidly to go downhill. Within another two years he had a root treatment and the deterioration rate increased. He spent his time researching and came to us, as what we did seemed logical to him, not very invasive, had little or no side effects and good statistical results.

He could not travel but was lucky that our further education was done in America so we could arrange and supervise his treatment for him over there.

We have not found anyone yet who cannot take our programme, with adaptations, so he began on the supplements and gut bacteria. After six weeks we flew over and the metal fillings were removed as per our protocol and our composite in place of the metals. We just removed the metals and gave the five infusions with intra-musccular vitamin Bs.

That was in October. By December he had improved enough to fly for the first time in years so then we took out the root treated tooth and the four cavitation areas around his missing wisdom teeth, also under the protection of IV-C. His improvement has been rapid and continues daily, gut and lung are nearly normal, psychologically he is back to where he was, temperature regulation is normal, he is over 70 kilos now and slowly climbing up. If he sticks to the programme, experience has shown us he will be back to something like his old self by September this year.

He is and always will be sensitive to chemicals, especially airborne ones, but he can tolerate them better and longer than he could before.

His key was preparing the gut and liver before starting treatment. This is what they had not done five years before and most likely why he worsened after the amalgams came out. He was lucky, he had the time, resources and a considerable intellect to research his problem and he found us.

The second case is a lady, 30 years old, a journalist, very bright and very ill. Her amalgams were removed when she was 18 and palladium crowns and bridges put in. She had severe Neurodermatitis, Chronic fatigue, Candida, numerous allergies with multiple food and chemical sensitivities. Her career was threatened. She lived off corticosteroids tablets and creams in ever increasing doses and side effects.

Once more it was pH, gut and liver that were first on the list. Then we replaced all her metal-ceramic bridges with InCeram porcelain and gave the appropriate infusions. Within six months she was vastly improved and has been totally symptom free after eight months. She has stayed like this now for three years and is back to a normal stressful journalistic lifestyle, even drinking alcohol again after a many years of abstinence! We surveyed the last 110 patients we treated. 108 said they had improved after the Hall V-Tox Therapy and none had any side effects.

We do not use DMPS or DMSA for a variety of reasons but mainly because they remove metal only from the bloodstream and push it through the kidneys, which is not the way the body should get rid of metals.

Our laboratory results, statistics, scientific theory and a full background are available for a small administration fee.


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About Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

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Dr. Lilian Munro-Hall BDS graduated in 1988 from Lund University, Sweden, one of the leading research universities for state-of-the-art dental materials and techniques.

Together they developed Hall V-Tox Therapy – a method of removing toxins from the body using intravenous Vitamin C and have lectured world wide about the benefits of the Hall V-Tox Therapy, Amalgam, Mercury, Fluoride, Root Fillings, Cavitation Infections, Detoxification Methods and Protecting patients and staff. Their book Toxic Dentistry Exposed explores in detail the link between dentistry and chronic disease. They currently run a holistic, metal free dental practice together in rural Bedfordshire, with some residential places, set up to treat the sensitive and ill patient as well the more normal dental patients. The Clinic is as environmentally clean as possible and located at Munro-Hall Clinic, Rushey Ford Business Park, West End Road, Kempston Rural, Beds MK43 8RU. Tel: 01234 840099; Fax: 01234 855844. enquiries@munro-hallclinic.co.uk  & www.munro-hallclinic.co.uk

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