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ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Mercury Exhaustion?

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 182 - May 2011

Myalgic refers to muscle: Encephalic refer to brain and the connection between the two is neuronal 
(via the nervous system).

The symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), chronic fatigue syndome[1] (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM). all now recognized by orthodoxy after years of incredulous dismissal (and, interestingly, similar to the multiple symptoms of chronic dehydration), are all very similar to the complex and diverse symptoms of Mercury Exhaustion (i.e. muscular, nervous and endocrine exhaustion from mercury toxicity). Symptoms of the 'mercury toxicity exhaustion syndrome' are as individually complex as are the individuals suffering from it.

Mercury targets nervous tissue and disrupts the insulating fatty covering (myelin sheath) of the nerve axons preventing effective and efficient transfer of electrical impulses from source to destination, similar to the neurodegenerative diseases of multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease). It also targets brain and kidney tissue and interferes with the integrity of cell membrane ion exchange.

Mercury toxicity is not the only cause of muscular difficulties, of course, but is an underlying factor in most people because mercury is not an allergen affecting some people but an extremely toxic substance which is poisonous to ALL people, only the degree is variable depending upon inherited constitution, nutritional status, hydration, general health and potential emotional aspects.

Physically, people comprise a body, systems, organs and cells and therefore anything which compromises cell membrane integrity compromises potentially the whole body of a person as well as the interaction between the body, soul (mind) and spirit. This is one reason why the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are so all-encompassing in scope. They are as broad and specific as any individual with his/her genetic, environmental, emotional, physical and spiritual inheritance and acquisition.

Diagram of normal nerve cell terminating at a muscle
Diagram of normal nerve cell terminating at a muscle[2]

Diagram of nerve transmission disruption where myelin is damaged
Diagram of nerve transmission disruption where myelin is damaged[2]

Where mercury and cell tissue are integrated the immune system will attack both in attempts to eliminate toxicity. Where the immune system targets itself in this manner the potential for auto-immune disease is present.

Mercury from dental fillings, which is the major source of chronic mercury toxicity, is not just mercury but an amalgam[3] of other toxic elements. Injected mercury contained in vaccine sources is also combined with foreign proteins (hostile to human tissue) and chemicals which trigger immune reactions. The controversial Gulf War Syndrome[4] has been attributed by some authorities to the multiple vaccines administered to troops as well as to chemical and radiation exposure. Of course, those with commercially vested interests in vaccines are unlikely to attribute mischief to their own products but to other factors. However, there is plenty of available research data on all aspects for those who wish to investigate further.

Typical mercury amalgam 'silver' dental fillings
Typical mercury amalgam 'silver' dental fillings[5]

Mercury toxicity is not simply one issue but a complex of dehydration, malnutrition and toxicity. This is basically because toxicity disrupts water and nutritional uptake as well as toxic elimination and ion exchange across cell membranes between extra- and intra-cellular substances. Each of these aspects also involves movement (bodily to cellular) and potentially incorporates emotional components.

Metal toxicity also includes other toxic metals (including aluminium/fluoride 'anti-synergy' which transports the toxic complex across the blood-brain barrier which, along with mercury, is implicated in Alzheimer's disease). Heavy metal toxicity is well recognized by those who examine research (other than commercially vested research by big $£-multi-national companies) as capable of causing such a plethora of diverse symptoms which mimic the classically orthodox-diagnosed 'diseases' often for which there is no known cause and for which multiple drugs are prescribed. These orthodox diagnoses follow rigid tracks of symptomatic interpretation tightly linked to traditional drug prescription. Books like those in the additional reading section at the end of the article will shed some light on this aspect.

If mercury toxicity and its interference with normal physiology is a major undetected causal factor in many illnesses which are documented as having 'no recognisable cause' then it follows that the treatment will not be specific starting with amalgam removal and detoxification. The main goal of treatment will usually be symptom management by suppression using drugs. Even where attempts are made to improve diet, exercise and lifestyle, the results will be short term at best and even lead to discouragement if the cause of the problem is not addressed. Acupuncture, which might temporarily remove meridian energy blocks, can only be short term if the cause of the problem is not dealt with (i.e. whatever caused the energy blocks in the first place continues). In general, any treatment which is effective but has to be continued ad-infinitum could come into this class. Acupuncture used along with removal of the cause of the problem would be in a far more effective treatment category.

Mercury removal is essential so that it is no longer going into the body through lungs, intestines and directly through the mucus membranes/tooth roots. Only when the removal of this primary cause is complete can detoxification be fully effective and homeopathic and herbal remedies come into their own here. Most of those with amalgam fillings also have been vaccinated. Should those vaccinated not have had any fillings, root canals or crowns (almost unheard of) then detoxification would be the first step and this also requires movement in some form of lymphatic drainage and tissue movement. Cayenne pepper is an excellent herb in either capsule or tincture form to help with detoxification and circulatory enhancement. This compliments physical lymphatic drainage effected through massage, lymphasizing on a rebounder, swimming or appropriate physical exercise. Aerobic exercise or exercise on tight or imbalanced musculature (which produces stress or strain) is not going to produce the same results and could add to problems.

When the cause of physiological interference is removed then rehydration and nutrition will be able to traverse the cell membrane. To avoid the toxicity of some water sources (for example chlorine, fluoride, aluminium etc. in tap water) a good water source[6] (along with unrefined sea salt)[7] is essential. There are many nutritional supplements, dietary choices and herbs which have chelating properties such as chlorella and cilantro. Specific homeopathic detoxification remedies combine very well with all nutritional forms (i.e. appropriate foods, supplements, herbs) and contribute towards chelation of heavy metals. These can be used along with appropriate immune boosting nutrition and remedies. A sound dietary regime is also essential for the right nutritional profile. It is important to get the sequence in the right order for results. Putting the best compost on a dried out, nutritionally depleted plant is not going to produce results but if it is watered first, the compost can then be effective. First remove the toxic metal, rehydrate, detoxify and nourish.

With the main cause of fatigue removed, the brain, nervous system and musculature have the potential for recovery. Unless steps are taken to hasten elimination of the resident mercury load by way of homeopathic, herbal and nutritional means, recovery will be slower than it could be. The half-life of mercury is longer in nervous tissue than blood or soft tissue. There are many remedies on the market which chelate heavy metals, but the taking of any remedy for mercury removal has to be considered a long-term project because of its long half-life. However, some people still see very quick results after mercury removal and a few weeks of detoxification. Lifestyle, dietary choices, liver and kidney status and general state of health are all factors in the speed of recovery.

The encouragement of a support group is very beneficial at this point. Many people have been frustrated and at the point of despair at not knowing what is the matter with them and wondering if they will ever be anything other than exhausted and in pain. If there is not a local support group, consider starting one. There is ample information and support available to get one going in terms of knowing about relevant products, procedure protocols for mercury removal, lists of dentists who are aware of the dangers of mercury and its safe removal, and practitioners who can advise and possibly visit groups for teaching sessions.

1. A syndrome is a group of symptoms which lead to a medically accepted diagnosis. This is usually an orthodox-determined broad-based assessment (i.e. label) but constitution, genetic inheritance, propensities, environment and medical/social history are all individually determined factors which could mean that the same symptoms have drastically different causes. Syndromes are accepted collections of symptoms and do not usually consider factors such as causes.
2. Picture courtesy of
3. Mercury amalgam fillings are approximately half mercury and the remainder is made up of silver, tin, copper and zinc. As well as being made of toxic metals, amalgam fillings generate an electrical current in the mouth which is not physiologically natural and has been implicated in health problems.
4. Gulf War Syndrome is fairly well referenced. For those who wish to investigate, two such random internet sites are: and but one of the vital aspects of further investigation is an unbiased review of an all-encompassing sample of available data being aware of who carries out the research and who funds it and the politico-economic climate of the issue at hand.
5. Picture courtesy of
6. One of the best water sources is distilled with the addition of unrefined sea salt. Failing that a good bottled spring water or water filter which also removes fluoride.
7. See articles explaining the difference between life-giving Unrefined Sea Salt -v- toxic industrial grade sodium chloride

Additional Useful Reading:
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