Please refer to Hall V-Tox: Part I which was published in Issue 11.

Step one

is measurements of urine and saliva pH for 2 to 4 weeks. The vast majority of patients have a tendency towards anaemia. This is due to the modern diet, environmental pollutants exposure and chronic inflammatory conditions. The pH is either low or wildly erratic. This must be controlled as the very first step. Stabilising pH is critical. Enzyme systems efficiency is pH dependant. Glutathione peroxidase, for example, has only 10% of its efficiency in an acid environment. This is only one of the many reasons for stabilising pH, a much longer article would be necessary to detail the full reasons behind everything that we do, so we must be brief here for now.

The patient's pH is adjusted on an individual basis by supplementation.

Step two

is a diet excluding beef, pork, refined flour and sugar for two weeks. Raw food and vegetables are to be increased. Yoghurt, soft cheese, eggs and butter are encouraged. No butter substitutes, margarine or coffee creamers are allowed as these are massive oxidative stressors. Excessive tea and coffee consumption is curbed.

The reasoning behind this is to start repairing the leaky guts that most patients have[12]. Intestinal porosity has been indicated in a lot of degenerative diseases from Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns disease[13], Arthritis[14] and food allergies[15]. Unless the gut is repaired all that will happen when the detoxification systems are activated is that some of the toxins and metals will slide through the holes in the gut, effectively recycling them back into the body.

Symptom improvements in Hall V-Tox chart

The results on the graph were from a collection of patients who had on average their symptoms for 6 years. The results were taken 7 months after completion of V-Tox treatment. They were assessed by comparing readings on the MK form before and after treatment.
The graph illustrates the range of symptoms improved after V-Tox treatment and by how much. It shows an improvement in the psychological area of 63%. This area includes anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration, learning difficulty, confusion and memory loss.
The allergy area improved by 53%. This included symptoms from ear, nose throat and skin.
The digestive tract area improved by 44%. This included constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion and weight problems.
Headaches improved by 54%; Heart and Lung symptoms improved by 68% and Joints and Muscles symptoms improved by 53%.

At the same time as the diet, a vitamin and mineral powder we have formulated called HV-Tox P1 is given. This consists of N-acetyl cysteine, ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, potassium citrate, selenium, Q10, calcium and magnesium AEP and a special zinc complex. This mixture is modified on an individual basis to maintain a stable pH of 6.5 in urine and 7.0 in saliva. It is taken twice daily in fresh lemon juice/ apple juice mixture. Lemon/grape juice will work as well but the juices must be alive which means fresh, not heat treated.

Beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega 3 (flax oil), omega 6 (borage/blackcurrant oil), lecithin and B vitamins are also given. All are in high dosages and since they can interfere with each others absorption pattern the time and method they are taken by the patient is important.

Gut bacteria grown for us on an oatmeal base are also given. They are a vital part of the success of the treatment. The bacteria, a patented strain of human acidophilus, are alive, not dried, and are not grown on a milk base. This seems to make them very effective, indeed patients call them the "wunder mittel" here. These bacteria play a role in sealing the gut and they also reduce pathogenic organisms in the intestine. They compete for space with the pathogens and secrete anti-bacterial and antifungal agents to kill of the pathogenic competitors.

All these supplements and diet alterations play a role in sealing the gut. Not only that but the primary liver detoxification system, cytochrome P-450 is activated and made ready for the next step.

MercuryReleased by V-Tox - Table 1

Sex Age Disease Mercury
before V-Tox
after V-Tox
No of
Male 39 Peridontitis <110mcg/kg stool 155,000 mcg 11
6 month’sassessment – Massive improvement. A typical result
Male 34 Multiple Sclerosis 55 mcg 46,900 mcg 13
18 month assessment– Total alleviation of symptoms apart from some difficulty with hand writing
Female 47 Chronic Iritis 124 mcg 29,400 mcg 12
18 month assessment– Total alleviation of symptoms
Female 41 Allergies - Hypothyroidism 46 mcg 25,900 mcg 5
18 month assessment– Allergies reduced so no treatment or medication required. Thyroid functionincreased needing only 1/3 to ½ of previous dose of thyroxine.
Male 20 None <10 mcg 13 mcg 0
A control subject withno history of dental treatment (my son). Only exposure to mercury from food or living witha dentist in the family
Other metals released byV-Tox Notes
Metal Before V-Tox After V-Tox These are some typicalresults of
metal release from V-Tox patients.
V-Tox eliminates metal by the

stool not the urine.
DMPS and DMSA were not used

in any of these patients.
Palladium 14 mcg 200mcg
Silver <10 mcg 1850 mcg
Gold 60 mcg 270 mcg
Copper 5930 14800

Step three

is a continuation of the diet but the only animal protein allowed is yoghurt and butter. All other animal products are banned, tea and coffee are also reduced to an absolute minimum depending on the addiction of the patient. This is for two weeks as well. HV-Tox P2 powder is given which is similar to 1 but at higher dosages with the important addition of glutathione, cysteine, methionine and glutamic acid.

These amino acids are vital for the secondary liver detoxification systems, the conjugation systems. The primary system changes the toxins from fat to water soluble forms. These then must be wrapped up by the conjugating systems or they cannot be excreted in the bile salts. To just activate the cytochrome P-450 alone would leave the toxins in a potentially highly dangerous form to the body, hence this step by step approach safeguards the patient and promotes maximum detoxification ability of the patient.

At the end of this period, and only then, do we consider any dental treatment. The gut is starting to seal, a high level of anti-oxidants is circulating, the mineral levels are rising to optimum, the fatty acids are controlling the inflammatory cascades, the bacteria in the gut are friendly and only now are we ready for step four.

It should be noted at this point that the vast majority of our patients have chronic candida infections, usually of long standing. Nearly all have had unsuccessful anti-fungal treatment and, of course, a history of antibiotic use. We have found that this regime eliminates the problem of candida without any further medication being necessary. Candida is a weak pathogen, albeit with sometimes devastating consequences, the competition of good bacteria, the correct body pH and a high anti-oxidant level along with a good diet can control candida. Metal removal from the mouth is also a prerequisite for candida control, droplets of mercury from amalgam fillings, for example, alter gut bacteria which in turn allow candida to proliferate. Another significant finding is that allergy or sensitivity to foods is markedly reduced at the end of this step.

Laboratory results for asthma patient with 8 amalgam fillings

Patient P
Nr. 1
Mercury in stool    195 mcg/kg          <10.00

Nr. 2
Mercury in stool    71,700 mcg/kg    <10.00
Nr 3
Mercury in stool    <10 mcg/kg          <10.00

The results are controlled. Normal values for an amalgam free adult.

Nr 1 shows the high amount of mercury the patient is exposed to every day. This patient had 8 amalgam fillings.
Nr 2 shows how much mercury the V-Tox treatment released.
Nr 3 shows that mercury has been eliminated from the body.
This patient’s asthma symptoms disappeared after the V-Tox treatment.

Patient B-Br
Nr 1      Material, Gingiva or Gum tissue
Gold in tissue    450 mcg/kg
Palladium in tissue    115,000 mcg/kg

This shows that metal from crowns and bridges is deposited in large amounts in the gum tissue near the necks of the teeth.    

Step four

starts with the first infusion of sodium ascorbate. The dosage varies according to the condition and weight of the patient but seldom is less than 50 gm and can be over 100 gm ascorbate. We have worked out a table of dosages. At least three and sometimes five or more infusions are given in a daily basis. The infusion is pH neutral, in lactated Ringers solution with an osmolality of over 1200 mOsmol/litre. Naturally at this osmolality the rate of infusion must never be over 72 drops/minute so an infusion can last up to four hours. This osmolality is crucial for the success of the infusions.

The dental treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia in accordance with strict IAOMT metal removal protocols. The dental restorations are replaced either temporarily with a glasionomer cement or permanently with InCeram porcelain crowns and bridges and non BIS-GMA composite inlays. No metal is used, all metal posts are removed. We have independently analysed all our materials and found the least potentially toxic glasionomer is Chemfil by DeTrey and the only composites to recommend are Conquest and Charisma. They can be used for temporary crowns and bridges as well. If root treated teeth are to be kept then non metal carbon posts are used in the restoration. In most cases we recommend that root treated teeth are extracted.

Intravenous sodium ascorbate is a potent drug destroyer and has been used to combat Heroin, Cocaine and Barbiturate[16] poisoning successfully. It prevents local anaesthetic from working within two hours no matter how much anaesthetic is injected. This puts the dentist under time pressure so meticulous planning is an absolute requirement.

The healing rate of the patients even after major oral surgery is rapid and there is never any infections or post-operative swelling at all. If only these infusions were used routinely on all post-operative patients then the reduction of after effects of anaesthesia and surgery would be dramatic.

Step five

is the maintenance phase which means diet once again for one month and the supplementation as before but at a lower level. This supplementation along with the good gut bacteria we recommend for at least 6 months.

As can be seen from the laboratory results most patients are excreting high levels of mercury before any treatment is done. The amount of mercury released is very high as a result of this treatment. The exposure of the patient to the metals by the dental work will also activate specific metal detoxifying systems. Measuring mercury released in patients without infusions gave levels of between 400 and 5,000 mcg mercury, never approaching the levels found after the full Hall V-Tox treatment. We believe that the free electron on the ascorbate molecule is given to the metal ion, mercury, neutralising it electrically and allowing the body to eliminate the metal ion – provided the correct preparations have been done to activate the appropriate detoxification systems beforehand. Without this step by step procedure the treatment would not be so effective and may even be dangerous.

Sometimes we administer steroids in addition in step four for patients with serious auto-immune disease to prevent any exacerbation of symptoms that may occur.

Having over 100 cases under our belts we can say that the vast majority of our patients have experienced a total or partial elimination of symptoms, the effect is very quick and so far (after 36 months) seems to be permanent. It is a safe way of treating the ultra sensitive patient. The laboratory results of this treatment method are quite dramatic.


V-Tox Treatment Results

These V-Tox treatment results show:

1. The release of heavy metals stored in the body.
2. Symptoms for specific disease conditions improved.
3. Overall improvement of health.

Table I (above) shows the results of a group of patients at least one year after treatment. It is clear that very large amounts of mercury were released during the treatment. The symptoms began to ameliorate within days of the release of mercury.

Patient compliance with the instructions is essential for long term improvement.

The other metals released with the exception of copper do not belong in the body. Copper is a trace element and is essential for health but is toxic in relatively small amounts. All the other metals are extremely toxic, are injurious to health and should be removed.

The V-Tox treatment is the only way to safely remove all these toxic heavy metals.

Because this approach requires a lot of background knowledge not normally associated with a dental education it is only available with us in Germany. A booklet describing the Hall V-Tox treatment in more detail is available from the authors for £5 inclusive of postage at the following address: Hall & McDermott, Zahnarzte, Schadowstrasse 28, 40212 Düsseldorf. Tel: 0211-326905 Fax: 0211-133565.


12 Olaison G. et al. Scand J. Enterol. 2(3):127-132: 1988
13 Pearson A.D., Eastman E.J. Er. Med. J. 285(6334):20-21. 1982
14 Bjarnason I. Rheumatol. 17(20):38-41 1990
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16 Hwi K. et al. A study of the therapeutic effect of large dosage of IV-C on the depression of the C.N.S, in acute poisoning due to barbiturate. Acta Pharm. Sinvea (Peking) 121:762-5 1965.


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